Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Aug 2006 Anonymous I've been considering this question, and I think people that are under 13 lack the emotional maturity to make this decision. Hence, I think they should grow up, until psychological maturity (age 20-25) before deciding on this important issue.
14 Aug 2006 Herr und Meister WIR MUSSEN DIE JUDEN AUSROTTEN!
14 Aug 2006 MIKE the movie star. I have been thinking alot lately about what I call the suicide theory.
It goes like this:
My life sucks. The suckyness far exceeds that of my happiness. If i do kill myself I also kill my problems. I hate my problems and want to kill them. This is the only way I can get revenge on my problems. This theory dosent say i have to kill myself this way or that way. However, its inclusive of how suicide is better than murdering others. It also states how it is a service to the rest of the human race. If I go then my problems go to and everyone else will be able to enjoy a higher standard of life. Its a win win situation.
All I can say is last night i crawled onto the ledge on the bridge down the street from my house. I chickened out. Although I think I was just practicing for the real sha-bang-a-bang. I want to jump right before a large truck drives under me so if the fall dosent kill me the truck will run over me and surely kill me. If any of you have any better ideas on how i could kill myself please let me know. I know either way its gonna hurt real bad.

and please people quit posting on here saying how much this site is sick and twisted and wrong. People who want to die dont care about your morals. Trust me on this.
14 Aug 2006 emily someone please help me die
i cant do this anymore
ive tried and tried and theres nothing else i can do. if u can help me please do so but i think ive tried everything
my family is physically and verbaly abusive to me and when i ask them to stop the tell me they never say that
they drink almost every night
i have an anxiety disorder and this doesnt help at all im afraid of everything and i dont know what to do
pleassse someone help me i dont care who you are please help me
14 Aug 2006 Erica P. I don't really know what to say to people who want to shut down this site. They are obviously people who have not experienced the certain kind of pain that others come across. Instead, they want to direct their anger at a website they don't know the exact effects of. For me to read the stories of so many people (and i know that at least a small fraction of them is truthful) is to look at something completely beautiful. I have no power. I can't express what it really is i need to say. I just hope that people could look a bit deeper. . .
14 Aug 2006 kevorkian cuddly kittens purring you to death.
14 Aug 2006   There is another support board aswell.
Please visit for a look of you feel like

14 Aug 2006

is the best palce to go if you want help people.

Just copy an paste in google them ok an check them out.
14 Aug 2006   Please check out the support forums on line, like here too.

for people in the u.k check this out.

they deal with all kinds of illness an problems check them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 Aug 2006   To all you people who feel like dieing please check out these links for support.

Suicide Forum is a non commercial support forum for people in crisis
14 Aug 2006 NonExistant First off I must say. I think this site and every post on it that I have read, has got to be the most fucking stupid shit I will posibly ever read or witness. I don't think anyone should kill theirselfs, especially someone as young as pre 18. I almost felt sorry for some of you making these posts but you just sickin me now. The maker of this site deserves only death delt by another, not suicide. I can't believe Im even posting on this fucking site. I will say that I have pondered suicide for many years, Im now 26, and to wallow in ones suffering is far better than suicide. Don't be a fucking coward, embrace your pain and suffering, its part of life. Why just give up, your already here, your going to fucking die one day anyways. The whole suicide kit for children idea, If I could find out who you are... I would end you very slowly, using your fucking carcass as platform for the invention of tortures never known before. You are the scum of this pathetic race of humanity and your death should come soon and with violence.
14 Aug 2006 idiot_girl18 Well, I'm thinking about suicide not because I'm overwhelmed with pain, I simply cannot live this way no more. I have been socially secluded for all my teenage years. I do want to become socialy active, but I fear my mental disorder will make me do embarassing things. I have no faith or love for myself. I live at home in complete boredom. I have given up on life. I know so many people have so much better reasons to kill themselves, and I don't want to be selfish and think I am the most f******-up girl in the world. My biggest crime is being STUPID, and I just don't want to think about things no more, trying to figure out what's the right thing to do... I hope I will become complete with this concept of death that's being going around in my head for years, and will find the emotional oppurtonity that will give me the ultimate courage for the ultimate act. Being alive is bullsh!t. Your awarness is locked up in this bullsh!t of a body. GIVE YOURSELF FREEDOM
13 Aug 2006 PsychoGroupie Tell everyone you care about you love them then if you like it slow and painful maybe overdose on ibuprofen. Cut all over your body. If you like it quick take a gun to your head or smash your head really quick like in Final destination 3. Or if your a total fucking psycho and wierd cut off your leg and eat it while you bleed to death
13 Aug 2006   To all you people being bullied an you want to share you storys go to my yahoo group:
13 Aug 2006 mohmammed hi im 13!!!! ive bin wanted to kill myself fo ages!!!! ive jusd had enough of parents and al this fanily bullshit!!! im lik he only boy in ma family nd ive gt fou sisterz nd 1 lil bro!!! bt hes no use!!! wat i used 2 do is jump out of my balcony!!! nd hope 2 fall on the ground bt i alwayz end up on the grass!!! i have sufferered fom bain damage as i have dun this so many times !!!! newayz if u r my age nd liv anywere inside manchesta!!! thnkz
13 Aug 2006 sas deaR MOUCHETTE u r a very sick person in creatin this site but i do thank you for it. it is kinda like a help line for yung people that actualy works with us rather then trying to change us and our ways. this site has opened my mind and gave me a conection to people i dont even no. once again thank you

ps those who are sikened by this site one of the users brout up a very good point in one of there letters WHAT THE HELL WERE U SEACHING FOR WHEN YOU FOUND IT
12 Aug 2006 JJ(Jerry) well the best way to kill yourself would be to overdose or jump in front of a train. any way im 17, 18 in 3 days, My girlfriend left me the college im going fucked me over all my classes are closed so i dont know what i going to fucking do. I have no money in my bank account, i dont want to be stuck in this shithole of a town,(Im suppose to move to orange county to go to college) i feel so lonley, i just go another speeding ticket, my license might get taken away for 2 yrs. Im so depressed. The only person in the world ive ever loved or who has ever loved my left me, i hate being alone, i just want a partner in life, someone to share life with, this may sound petty but this is my life and its fucked up, i have friends but not any real ones, there all fake, fuck my life, i want to die, i want to escape this melancholy, this constant feeling of not being able to breath, feeling lonely, like theres noone out there. Fuck im gonna kill myself in the next few days by taking a bunch of painkillers and a little alcohol. Maybe slitting my wrists if im brave enough. My name is jerry and im from springville, good bye!
12 Aug 2006 lizzie- d pissed 1 hehe im reli drunk ryt now, i fort id get pissed the nyt b4 i killed myself just 2 celebrate. i cant wait 4 it 2 b ova, cos im fed up of all dis shit, i dnt belong newer, im prepared, iv written my suicide note and gt sum pills. but u no wat i dnt even wana die, its just a cry out 4 help, i used 2 cut myself, that was a cry out 4 help but no1 gave a fuck so im goin a lil further this tym, hopefulli i wont actuli die but o wel, not lyk il no about it if i actuli do die lol. life is just so pointless. wish me luck ppl just incase i do actuli die, ryt 2 me at, cos i myt not die, its a kinda 50/50 chance. i need a fag n sum mor bacardi, ooo n dis song needs 2 b turned ova, cya latas ppl!! p.s dnt kill urself its pointless, just fink u cud waste ur whole life on doin d craziest fukin fings n not givin a fuk bout ne1 else, sounds lyk fun, myt try it if i make it xxx

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