Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Jul 2006 George I'm 13 turning 14 this year, July 2006. I can't take life anymore. People hate me and think, I'm a bad person. I have been abused verbaly and sexualy most of my life. I am trying overdose with painkillers or any sort of tablets. I am sick of people using me and 4 my body. I get bullied at school all the time. People telling me I'm gay, bad, im hated, they want me dead and keeps going on. I hate myself, I am depressed and just want to end it all here. People have told me that they reckon I'm not meant for this life and I believe them. All I believe now is that I'm not good enough for anyone and am worthless to the world.
21 Jul 2006 LiL P. Ok i've tryed to kill myself many different times! Ive ended up in the hospital all of the times! I O.Ded, alcohal poisoning 3 times, both at the same time, hit by cars and trucks, beaten with a baseball bat by 4 dudes, slit my rists way to many times and acheived it so many, ive shot my self 5 times i n the neck>chest>and been shot by a friend poind blank in the back and chest twice, jumped outta 6 storie hotel rom window, slit an artery, drove my car through a bridge wall and fell in the river, tied cement blocks around my legs and tryed to drowned my self but my dad was watchin me and i didnt know, drove my car head on into another car, ran my car off the road into the ditch and fliped it 14 times and died and was revived, stabed my self in the stomackand chest, and drank a quarter of a bottle of bleach with a hole bottle of sleeping pills! If you think your life is bad you have no idea im only 16 years old and ive died about 19 or more times already in my life! i slit my rists on monday and i went to the hospital in critical condition and just got released! my best friend just died 6 nights ago from shootin himself in the head with a twelve gadge shot gun! right in front of me! WTF! well all im saying you do it and succead! im proud of you and ill see you on the other side my friends!
21 Jul 2006 chris dont go and fuckin kill your self ur jst a retard if u do so if ur 13 or younger and ur tryin 2 die already im 14 n im doin skunk and pot it feels good seein lil pink fairys and outher lil magical creatures fly round me wen i get high and i drink as well n ive neva tryed 2 kill myself but i one of those people who cheat death every day ive been cheating death for the passed year ive nearly died so many time but i keep fight even if i was up agenst a bunch of pikeys or pycos in shitty mobile homes chasin me with knifes and the outher day i got hit buy a van (truck) and i got a brouse it hit me at 30 miles an hour and i jst got up and went sk8in with my friends and i fell of my friends motor bike and broke a couple o ribs and my ankle got caught under the wheel and the tyre was still spinnin but i got up and went to da hospital im 14 and ive cheated death so much at my age n ill nearly made my x gf commit suicide cos i dumped her and she loved me so much so if u want some advice ask me or i can give u some 1 who relli understnds ....... so add and im not a gangsta i jst put it in there to be funny cos if u knoe me in real life ull understand y .... lol bye
20 Jul 2006 ella fuking hell, we are on this web site becasue we wont to die, and the mother fukers telling us we cant, we shouldn't, that we should live our lyfs can all get fuked!
you dont know us, you dont know what shitt we go through, mother fukers y r u even on this site if its that bad.
we wont to die
thats why we are on it.
leave us the fuk alone!!!
20 Jul 2006 Angela Well I am 54 years and have run into some coruption and lost my life so now one more thing I have to get rid of my body then all the corrupt people are In Abbotsford are corrupt and WCB is so corrupt thay all drive in Big cars and I have only bills
20 Jul 2006 Jesse Best way is to get on with the presant and forget about the past trust me i was like u and find friends
20 Jul 2006 Poppy it all started on our 16th birthday, I woke up to my brother screaming, and calling out for mum and dad, i looked over to my twin sisters bed to ask her what was going on, only to find it was empty. i was still fucked off with her for going threw my diary. she had read that i wished i never had a twin to compete with. mum started screaming and i cud hear my brother faintly on the phone. i got out of bed my neck felt stiff, i walked down the hall way my mum was crumbled on the floor sobbing and my brother came running saying they were coming. what the fucks going on i yelled, no one replied and i had this sinking feeling in my stomach i walked in to the bathroom, my sister was suspended from the shower railing my dad and brother holding her up, i fell to the floor screaming crying, all i remember is the paramedics barging into the bath room and cutting her down and putting her on a stretcher and saying she was gone. my mother giving out a crying moan supported by my crying dad my brother was sitting on the side of the bath crying. i ran to our room looked the door and hoped into my sisters bed crying picturing her life list limp body hanging there, for days i cried and wen i was not crying i had drifted off to sleep. i can remember family members knocking on my door and asking me to come out all i replied with was a sob into my sisters pillow. I lay the staring then i noticed the letter my name was on it in my sis handwriting i ripped it open
Dear poppy
I love you lots sorry i read your dairy im you sisters you don’t need to compete with me i love you, do not think this is your fault i had to be set free and fly with the angels. im not your completion im your best friend and always will be, live your life for both us the world was to much for me but always remember your not alone im always with you
Love you always Shana
for 3 days i cried on the 3rd day i got up staring at a picture with me and my sister in it and got dressed tears rolling down my face i knew i had been the one to top her i was the last person to drive her to suicide. i walked down stairs the whole room looked at me the funeral was later today and the whole family was hear all swollen eyed from hours of crying my mother came over and hugged me more tears strayed from my eyes. every one cried at the funeral my whole body was numb everyone looked at me. back at the house people still steered it was to much for me i felt like i was going to be sick but hadn’t had any thing to eat and walked upstairs and a trance i locked the bedroom door and started going threw her stuff i found her diary something told me i had to read it. she rote about a boyfriend, true love with a guy only towards the end he was named James my ex boyfriend. i read the sentence with his name in it over and over again wishing she was still hear with me rather than dead the last page was worse it told a story of a girl being pregnant and being rapped by her brother and not knowing if her boyfriend was the father. my eyes filled with tears of hate the story was about her, her brother our brother rapped her she was pregnant and the father either him or james. i stormed out of my room and down to my brothers i barged open the door and found him sitting in bed, i walked up to him and slapped him tears running down my face he looked at me a whispered every things going to be alright i feel for her to its not your fault. my tears stoped my body full of rage you sick piece of fucking shit i said you were feeling her up more like it i know Sam but what you don’t know is that she was pregnant. his expression went blank you drove her to suicide and i walked out of the bedroom and down stairs right up to mum and dad both looing at me like i was a angel. i stared them in the eyes then a shot rang out from the floor above my parents ran up stair i knew what he had done screams from my mum was the last thing i herd. my body went into shock i fell and hit my head i was in a coma for 4 weeks i missed my brothers funeral. i woke up to my parents crying there pain in there eyes. they knew what had happen read the note the dairy and looked at me as to say please don’t. i went home 3 days later home was like hell now nothing was ever going to be the same i tried to top myself 6 times cut my wrists twice, over dose 3 times, hang my self, only to survive, my parents were always watching me scared i would follow my brother and sisters footsteps which was true am now im 18 and this is not my note of good bye or sympathy every day i get sympathy every day i am reminded of this nightmare every day i think of topping my self but my sisters there now pushing me not to after so many failed attempts my sister is a guardian angel. my seventh attempt is in plan mode and i only hope i fly like a angel with my sister
love Poppy
20 Jul 2006 Jessyca When I was 12, I first started slitting my wrists. I also had an eating disorder when made me even more depressed because I hated the way my body looked.. I thought I was fat but I only weighed like 110 pounds. I've had to get stitched once and the made me go to a psychiatrist so now I have to sew up my own wrist but it's numb now so it doesn't hurt. I'm 19 now and I'm still Bulimic and slitting my wrist and other parts of my body.
20 Jul 2006 ForeverPhoenix I have been looking at this website, and trying to think of a good answer to this question, and i have come up with this.
If you are having feelings like this at the age of thirteen there is obviously either
1) a deep upset in your life caused by trauma or abuse
2) OR (as in most cases) You aren't getting the attention you need and this is the only way to deal with it.

I have been a self harmer from the age of 15 (I'm now 20) and made a crappy attempt at cutting my wrist when my life just got too much.

Looking back, i can tell you how i feel.
You (myself included) cannot know what your whole life will be like according to your school days. It is a naive attitude, and for people who are so into their own mortality, quite narrow minded.

My best friend tried to kill herself unsuccessfully last year, and the night she went to hospital, part of our friendship was abliterated forever.


So people dont like the way you look?
Lots of hollywood movie stars were bullied at school for being 'ugly'
So your parents are shit to you?
I bet half of you are lucky enough to have parents that are still together.
AND! the worst reasoning i have seen

the boy at school doesnt like me / my boyfriend dumped me by text message.
Just. grow. up.

At the end of the day you may not be lucky enough to have faith in anything, but i know there is someone in your life you look to for support. Go to this person and seek whatever you need. Whether it be a quick cuddle, attention, or maybe just going for a walk to cool down.
If you havent any of these things, then ignore the self rightous people on this site that glorify suicide, and do me a favour.

Take the time to grow up a little bit.
Not only is it worth all the amazing things life can throw at you, getting married having kids, making friends, and numourous adventures with people you care about.

AND MAYBE, one day there will be another lost soul who found their way like me, who can look back and say..

How stupid was I?
20 Jul 2006 angel of darkness Life is such a disapointment how I want so badly just to die no one is worth living every guy I find turns out to be a total snob and they excpect me to start dressing in all pink for there bennefit I don't think so go any ideas feel free to enlighten me or is your a guy who is not a snob and your older than 16 feel free to email me anyway
20 Jul 2006 Gabriella the best way to kill yourself when your 13 is to not do it at all stick it out and stay strong i feel that way all the time but i would never kill myself because i see it as a big waste of time there are plenny other things out there that you could be doing with you time then killing yourself besides if you think about it there are probley some things that you would miss and you also have to think about who would be missing you im sure maybe some people dont care but its the ones that do care that really matter
20 Jul 2006 Fallen Angel under 13 huh? wow
now i could be like everyone else and tell you to shut the hell up you know nothing about pain But im not going to because the truth is everyone knows paing everybody feels pain because its something that you cannot avoid its life but pain goes away if you kill yourselves you running away giving up you life for something that in time will get better and you lose or you stay here and fight such selfesh things and be happy and win but if you choose to kill yourself you missing out on a lot and there will be nothing you can do after no way to change the mistake of death sure we all will die but in time nothing lasts forever or things wouldnt be any fun why do the same thing forever look at it that way just have fun Now while you can you kill yourself you got no chance
20 Jul 2006 Maxie Y I really don't think any of you should talk about killing yourselves things will get better for you IM sure you feel like you don't matter like things will keep getting worse and that no ones on your side and I know it hurts but pain is something unavoidable but it ends and then your happy again but if you kill yourself youll never get that chance to have good times and make new friends and do things you love to do dont you realize you dont just take away pain but you take away something you can never get back an trust me youll regret it and if you need a freind im free to talk
20 Jul 2006 person that agrees with 'p.w.h.i.p Well person who wrote something refering to themsef as 'person who hates innocent people' i just thought you should know that your words are utterly touching but you shouldve left an e-mail to bad we cant talk
20 Jul 2006 Spooky Penguin RIP 2004-2006 I swear to god this is the last post i'll ever make, i swear!

To Mouchette:

I hope your reading this. This will be the last time i will submit to you. I keep comming back to you for some lame, oddball, nerdy, waste of time reason. You've turned me in to a dreamer mouchette, i'll never forget that. I know that i'll never be a famous person or have my own spot on the site, but strilli feel like i'll he time i've wasted here, not having a life, has left enough of a mark. I hope some day i'll find you, I don't think i woudl say anything to you i would just wave. I hope you remember me from this stupid little internet world I've lived in. It's time for me to come out of the hole. i can't describe the connection i have with you, i 've never spoke to you nor known you yet it feels like i've know you for ever, call me nerd, fine, but 'm not the only one. I could go on for hours but it's like at night... and my eyes go tired. so all i must say is, I love you. Goodbye mouchette, I hope to meet you one day, somewhere over the rainbow.but for now i most go live in the real world again. Good Bye.

Oh, and for the record: I know your over thirteen because it's been over a year, mayebe to you have to be at least 14.
Thats all.

Signing Off.

Spooky Penguin
20 Jul 2006 alicea i am 13 and i've tried to commit suicide several times ... my first attempt was taking an overdose of paracetemol and washing them down with bleach and white spirits ... it didnt work just made me sick and unable to move for several days ... my second attempt was drowning ym self ... i took an overdose of sleeping pills and layed face down in the bath... my mum walked in on me... i have now realised suicide is not the answer to my problems ... however much i want to die ... i have to hold on ... im just going through a rough time ... with my abusive mum and sister, i get bullied at school, i know self harm like 20 times a day, i know this isnt the answer either but it helps ease my pain inside ... reflected by the pain i cause on the outside... if you like me and thinking about suicide, THINK AGAIN... THERS SO MUCH THINGS TO HOLD ON FRO, AND SO MANY THINGS HOLDING YOU BACK ... alicea xox
19 Jul 2006 Nitesh If you are 13 then it is too easy to commit suicide. You have less about your parents and may be don't have any boy friend/ girl friend, who can stop you.
You can go at the top of the buiding and jump from it.
But the best way is go in the front of a train, it is a definite step for death.
I am 21 male and professionally qualified, but I have no girl friend till now, so that I have decided to commit suicide.
Nitesh Sharma
19 Jul 2006 ant i am still a teen now like but when i woz like about the age of 10 i tryed 2 kill my self. i had a loveing famly and all that but the 1 thing that i cud not cope with woz what i woz goin on at school. i woz getin bulled by about 8%of the school. so after about 4 yr of this i try 2 hang my self by looki ma grandad came in as i woz about 2. he maned 2 talk me out of it all and he sed 2 me " ant ur goin 2 be lafin at all of them in 2 10 yrs when they r all bums" and just gim sayin that maed me feel so much beter. i am so glad that i did not do it no and forall u ppl that r thinkin ofdoin this just think of what u can have goin 4 u and all of the loved 1s that u r goin heart and now lookin bk at this i no i cuz no do this 2 the ppl that i love!
19 Jul 2006 Aye Hey people,
I'm eleven and I've been thinking of comiting suicide for the past 2 years. I tried out for travel soccer soccer and not made it, I've been involved in scandels, and much more! At one point I started to run away, but decided not to. And at another, I've tried to drown myself. Finally, I'm coming out realizing that I should live life a bit longer and see if it gets better, which it's begining to! Hope you make the right decision!
19 Jul 2006 Waiting for a better day There will b a better day every night i pary to god to stp the madness in my life but it semms he wants to put pain in my i have tried to commit suicide couple of times but after my brother fainted and nearly killed himself i saw the look on my mothers face scared but deep down i saw that the pain my brother had was in my mom i saw fear of death fear that her oldest boy was going to die !! There will be a better day i promise you!~

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