Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Sep 2006 Odile toutes les méthodes qui mène au suicide sont nulles. mais si tu veux vraiment te suicider attend 10 milliard d'année pour savoir ce que tu aurait pu manquer.
09 Sep 2006 Kait Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! email me. I am here to help you. Please email me and let me listen to your story. Even if all you need is someone to listen to you... I AM HERE AND I DOOOOO CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!
09 Sep 2006 Nick <script>document.write("<h2>a")</script>
09 Sep 2006   Can O personally say 2 the people who think they come on this site and not want 2 commited suicide but 2 lecture us when we are all kids and adults who want 2 die cause we hate our lives and everything goes wtong in it. SO just leave us alone 4 FUCK SACK
09 Sep 2006 [[ALySSa]] well i just came across this site this verii second while lookiin on google. i have 2 saii these past 3 yrs i've suffered..probably not az u guyz but i've had my good dose of pain..well when i wuz in 7th grade i wuz with thiz not gonna mention a name but i loved hm sooooo much i gave hm everythin he wanted nd i actually felt happy he made me feel happy because before i met hm i didnt have a boyfriend at the time but i remember bein sad all da fuckiin time cuz my parents beat me..nd still do nd im afraid of callin a helpline or somethin cuz im afraid at the fact i might not c my friendz friendz r verii good ppl i love dem 2 death suprisingly im not emo or a goth but im ghetto pretti strange huh? i wuz born in harlem,NY diis might b a 1st a suicidal ghetto grl =/ but newayz bak 2 my boyfriend story..i found out dat he cheated on me wit a grl in my class i felt pretty stupid nd betrayed but i went home nd cried my eyez out i shudda listened 2 ma otha friendz cuz he iz a playa but i didnt listen..aftr that a few months past nd he asked me out again of course i sed yes cuz i love hm so much. but of course somethin HAS 2 happen a few weeks latr he dumped me 4 anotha grl nd i felt so sad nd realli stupid 2 believe hm again but it turns out me nd hm were on nd off dat whole year of 7th grade but i suffered so much wit him, my parents, school, nd DRAMA it wuz just 2 much i started starving myself cuz i wuz kinda scared at da fact of doing anythin more drastic..i ended up losing 10 pounds it may not seem lyk alot but it felt lyk it i fainted in school one time nd got sent 2 the office nd my principal kept askin me wht wuz wrong i nevr wud tell hr but she sed if i didnt eat she wud tell my parents. ma friendz were starting 2 worry so dey wud watch me eat @ lunch but i wud g2 da bathroom nd stick my finger down my throat nd start throwiin up errythin i ate. then finally summer came around o0o god my summerz r nothin but calm they're all just party,drama,sex,nd MORE DRAMA. GOD EVERY FUCKiiN SUMMER iZ LYK DAT =/ . but yeh dat summer wuz crazii every1 wuz hookin up with everyone so technically there wuz ALOT of fights nd drama. 6 ppl ended up losin there verginity dat summer nd im 1 of dem i lost it 2 ma ex of course dats how stupid i am ugh den he left me nd i just lost it...i started overdoin takiin pillz nd drinkin lyk crazii i came hungover 2 ma friendz bdaii partii nd every1 noticed nd tried 2 calm me down god dat summer wuz crazii. but 8th grade came rollin by nd it wuz awkward da 1st daii of skool cuz no1 wuz talkiin 2 eachother dats how bad da drama got we didnt even day hi or anythin we were all so caught up in summer drama but daiis past nd we all gradually started talkiin again 8th grade year wuz pretty good well 2 me newayz. me nd ma ex jus stayed friendz nd were pretty good friendz cuz we have alot in common nd laugh wit eachother 8th grade yr wuz drama but not 4 me thank god but ma parents still beat me nd there wuz a point where it got really bad nd i actually bled. i started cutting myself with razors nd needles nd i dunno y it just made me feel bettr even though it brought me more pain. i'd have 2 sai im pretty weird i dont lyk my friendz seein me down in da gutter, but 4 some reason im ALWAYZ happy wit dem i feel lyk a lil girl again da only time i wuz actually happy =]. months passed nd i stopped cuttin i onlii do it when im REALLY depressed dats rarely now cuz im alwayz hangin wit ma buds nd nevr home where my parents are (thank god). i still drink cuz i love bein drunk its jsut me i lyk 2 partii =] but my lyk went from bad to worse to hell to pretty damn good. im ok now pretty much still kinda deal wit ma parents but dats w.e i guess im a freshman now in high skool nd i lyk it in my skool im still in touch wit ma 8th grade buddiez of course but life iz gonna give me more obstacales nd i've learned 2 live threw iit. whoever iz readiin diis thing just member god lovez u nd ur family probably duz 2 no matter wht happenz try not 2 let thingz get 2 u thats wht i did i just stop caring on whts goin on around me nd started caring about myself try it sometime..look @ da person in da mirror nd jus say ya kno wht fuck da drama nd errythin else let dem c i dont care. dats wht i did nd im fine now i havetn cut myself in 6 months now..well dats my story...<3 much luv

ok well da question here is whats da best way 2 kill urself when your under 13?

well my response iz therez no way just dont commit suicide or even think about it cuz if u die ur leavin ur family nd friendz behind now im not sayiin im forcing u but just think about it =]
08 Sep 2006 Me I have no idea what a 'suicide kit' is and truth be told, I find the idea of one deeply disturbing. My message to those of you on this site who are contemplating suicide is - DON'T DO IT, SEEK HELP!! One of my oldest friends committed suicide two weeks ago and She left behind a little boy. She, like you, thought that there was no hope, that noone cared about her. They did. I will grieve for the rest of my life as will so many others. I will never get over the fact that she couldn't see any hope for the future - they was a lot of hope for her and and whole lifetime for her to live. There is always hope. It is very important to see a mental health professional to find out what the problem may be. I think my friend may have been bipolar. Never commit suicide - there is always hope and you will leave a trail of devastation. I will never recover from my friends death. I would mourn her every day for the rest of my life. And she thought that noone cared about her either. She was wrong.

08 Sep 2006 kaykay I came across this site last nite.... Whn I typed into yahoo.... The fastest way to commit suicide. I'm not 13.... I'm 18. Just entering college. I feel like my life is upside down. Most of my life I've felt alone.... No one understands me.... At times I don't even know who I am. I used to always think about killing myself but thought I love myself too much.... Thts not true. I put up a front and become the person people think I am.... Wht can I say my dad is a pedophile and a cheater and my mother is too far up his a** to notice. She worships the ground he walks on. She even shows jelousy of her kids relationship with him because he doesn't give her affection that she craves. Well I'm the middle child.... Its been said we have it the worst.... I'm strtin 2 think that its true. I used to be daddy's little girl.... Thought my dad was the greatest until I found out who he really was. I hate my father and my mother. My parents don't care about me. They just want me out of there house so that I don't corrupt my younger siblings. I been with my boyfriend for 8 months..... I love him so much. He makes life so much better and worth living..... I feel in me that he is my soulmate. I can say that he is my comfort.... The only one that cares but when we have our bad times I just want to die.... I feel I have nothing to live for. I've cutt my wrist 2 time but I'm still here.... I guess God has greater plans for me. I learned a lot from this site..... I think the next time I'm at the hieght of my depression and want to kill myself I probably will.
This is my cry my desprate cry for help....
I feel that no one cares about me....all I want is for someone to care.
My parents don't care. They are kickin me out there house.... My mother told me I have till next week to leave. She thinks I'm pregnant.... And I might be. I have no where to go.... Don't know how my life is going to be..... I don't know how to del with my problems so I usually put them to the back of my head and let it build up... I kno that's not healthy but I just don't kno wht else to do. I have a pain in me and it seems like it will never go away..... Thts why I wish I could just lay down and die because I know suicide is a sin.
07 Sep 2006 Dallas Hey everyone, my name is Dallas and I just got very suicideal this is no joke and im not here for attention im 13 and im going to overdose this weekend... But i need to find the right kind of pills anyone help me out?
07 Sep 2006 disgusted This is SICK and WRONG - You need to go to a dark , dank prison you filth.
07 Sep 2006 <<Soon 2 be a ghost of a boy>> If you know you hate yourself and are sad and depressed all the time like i am. I know we can't take shit but some people have power to overcome thier problems and others don't like myself thats why i am planning on overdosing next week.
07 Sep 2006 Sandra Grigg Hang in there !! Tomorrow is a new day!
my husband committed suicide on the 11/10/95 leaving a 1 year old boy behind! and I personally have been molested by my brother and put in a juvenile detention by my father and to this day I am very angry but I am alive and today my son is turning 11 !!
07 Sep 2006 Gregory walton i have previously died in 5 different ways each as enjoyabe as the first but the best were the killer butterflies, I warn you...never ever hit a butterfly, (unless you wanted to die like me)
07 Sep 2006 Mandy To Anyone Who Cares( Nobody)
i have been depressive and suicidal since i was in year 7. Now i'm in year9. All my life every single day something has to go wrong. For example i might have a good day at skool but get bashed by my brother. My whole life has been fuked up. My parents divorced, my grandfather died, i have no friends at skool, got bullied everyday at my old skool, best friend died of suicide, got expelled and i have never seen my dad in my whole entire life.He abused my mum and left to god knows where. What is there left to live for anymore? Nobody even knows i exist!! Also my suicide attempts are unknown becoz i have tried so much i can't count how many.I wagg skool just so i can escape reality by sleeping in. I think suicide is the only answer for me. I might as well run away from home where things are bad. The only thing i live for is for my mum. If u are going to commit suicide think carefully. Do u have any loving parents that are still together? Its the only reason i'm alive rite now. When she passes away i might as well join her in paradise. And a message for all my friends *cough cough* and my brother u can all just burn in hell whilst i watch and laugh!!!!x Mandy x
06 Sep 2006 Jailbait Fuck you. Your deffinatley not 13. and trying to fuck with kids minds. Remember asshole. KARMA
06 Sep 2006 tantan well i wuz in gr.7 and i tried 2 hang myself with my dogs leash and collar and then i didnt look @ the time and so jus when i got the collar on my neck my mom came in and the time before that i tried 2 starve myself 2 death but my dad found out cuz i started 2 faint and have really bad head achs and missed skool for 1 week and then i had 2 go c a counseler and then i guess i never tried it agian
06 Sep 2006 Kait I want to hold each and every one of you and make all of your pain go away. I know this sounds really dumb, but you're life will get better. Here's the only catch, you musn't dwell in your own self-pity forever. I was abused from the age 5-about 13. I no longer live with my father and it took me 2 years to stop thinking "my life's horrible". I stepped out of my self-pity and began to live again. My life has since changed so drastically and I'm finally happy again. I know that right now it feels like you have no choice, but you do. You can escape your pain and your hurt and even your guilt. I promise, we can do this together. If you want to talk to someone who knows how you feel and will HONESTLY help you, please email me. I won't tell you to kill yourself or do drugs or drink your issues away. I will tell you how to live again and try to help you. When life begins to crumble around you, I will help you pick up the peices.

I've been where you are. Trust me and let me help you!
06 Sep 2006 Mandy i can't wait till i die!! Then everybody in this fuked up world can go on with their own happy lives without having to worry about the problem in their lives (me). I have been abused and to this day forward still suffer in silence. Why did God even creating me? I'm such a waste of human flesh!! Can i just die now? I will be commiting suicide one of these days. Whats the point living with all the pain where u can just end it all? Why me? Why does all the bad things happen to me??? YEP I'M SOOO COMMITING SUICIDE!!!! Hope everyone in this whole world rots and burns in hell!! As for an answer for an easy way of suicide i'm thinking of jumping of a high building or just hanging urself.
05 Sep 2006 No point in living, in this holocaust ride i can't believe this.

Three months ago I firstly went to this site and swore i'd die before August. But now it's Sept and i am still alive. No, not at all. My soul has already died, waiting for my body to join it.
04 Sep 2006 someone i thought it was overdosing. but that didnt work. so i tried hanging myself. that didnt work either. if you have a gun just go for it.

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