Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Jul 2006 sarah I have this condition called hyperacusis.. and its where every little sounds, and movements bug the hell out of me, its to the point where i just want to be locked in my room and have no life at all, i wonder if this is all even worth it, when i know im always gonna find something that will push me over the edge... right now i know that im killing my relationship with my family.. they cant even stand to be around me, i cant eat at the dinner-table with them, i cant watch tv with them, i cant be around them or my friends at all without lashing out, and walking away.. theres no treatment for this disorder.. i just feel so helpless, and like nobody understands what its really like.. i have thought about suicide for 2 years with it, i have obsessive thoughts about it, but i freak out when i try. if anybody else has hyperacusis, and wants to talk email me..
16 Jul 2006 Anna I would do anything to know.. well i'm only fourteen. The only easy, painless, fast way is a gun to your head but i have no access to a gun :( Maybe i'll come up with something else
16 Jul 2006 samantha this is a complete joke! i think u r disgusting, the way u play with young peoples minds.
16 Jul 2006 right mind selfish people wanting some attention!!!
16 Jul 2006 Ashima I dont know if I should feel depressed because I couldnt get the love of my life, and I feel it lack of love? Also, my physical appearance that skinny person, like a bag of bones..and wen every1 meets me, they jus stare at me, like am some kind of extinct animal found again, in a zoo..gosh, believe me, am jus frustrated, even my own family members do that with me..and I feel so inferior. I just wish I was never born :( But then, I say to myself: "c'mon, itz my life, am gonna make it fru, no matter wot hapens, even though nobody loves me, I have God, I hav my self-respect..I will live and make myself proud". Feel gud, nite nite.
15 Jul 2006 doctorevil007 I've been investigating ways to kill myself for sometime and it's a bitch. I was maimed by a black gang on Christmas Day in 1999 when I went out for a walk. I am a white male and I was mugged by three black males. One came up to me and pretended to know me. As I turned to leave he tackled me from behind and two of his buddies grinded my face into the pavement with their feet while they demanded money so they could go buy some crack. I gave them $20. Another black punk across the street who watched it happen followed me into a restaurant where I went to get help and he snuck up behind me and broke my jaw just for kicks. I have had three surgeries on my face and I can't eat, talk, or breathe properly anymore. I am in constant pain every second of my life. I have a pain specialist but no medication works. I want a quick painless death. I'm thinking of putting my neck on a train track. It sounds gruesome but actually it is the most humane way to die as consciousness is lost instantly.
15 Jul 2006 .. no, see I AM NOT SELFISH. i am suicidal how can you people all say we're selfish because we have stuff going on in our lives. YOU make me sick. just shut up and dont seasrch for this site next time god.
15 Jul 2006 lee STAND ON A TRAIN TRACK
15 Jul 2006 anonymous I am 14 years old. i tried to commit suicide a year ago. i got my moms car keys and went in the garage. i started the car and waited. i was found passed out. my mom rushed me strait to the hospital. and you want to know the funniest part. i still want to commit suicide. i have nothing to live for. my mom died 2 months ago. my dad left when he found out about me. my brother blamed me for my mom dying. he killed himself exactly 15 days after my mom died. i have to stay with my uncle now. hes a jerk. hes never here though so it doesn't matter. i want someone to give me one good reason why i should live. just one. i have been cutting my self. i also have been in a deep depression since i was 10. my uncle said that he is gonna get rid of me because i cost to much money. he told me that i can go live on the street for all he cares. i am not happy and i don't think that i ever will be. so i am open to suggestions. i don't want to go through with it yet but if i don't get some help i will.
15 Jul 2006 Dead More Than Three Times Hey Guyz, i know u r all upset and been abused in all wayz or mayb just cuz of ur parentz. But life is bound to get better and although i came here to see how i can kill myself, i realised that ppl out there r feeling worse than me and that life WILL definately get better for u sooner or later. i actually wanted to die, came so close to death but gave up cuz i didn't have the gutz. i dream about how peaceful it would be.... and the sorrow of the ppl i leave behind... and the happiness i'll feel when i'm there, but all those ppl who make u so angry into killing urself, they'll get something coming for them when they die.... and trust me.... u can laugh at there funeral.... and if u hate them so BLOODY much... u might as well dance on their coffin. So GUYZ, just relax, don't kill urself yet, and, plz just take it easy untill the ppl that hurtz u DIE!! don't be sad... but be happy at the fact that they r gonna go to help.... i'd be glad to help anyone who needs it so if u do need my help... email me at.... my hopez r with u.... believe in urself.... trust in ur heart.... Farewell....
15 Jul 2006 liz x When i was a teenager i tried to kill myself by slitting my wrists because i was an alcholic and i hated my life. I was sexually abused by my step father and made to believe it was my fault. I've never met my real dad which has flung me into depression like a yoyo all my life, and to top it off my boyfriend dumped me by txt msg! Looking back i cant believe i was so messed up that i was willing to let what other people have done to me make me risk my own life, to do so would be to let them win, but thats what drink does to you. when your drunk you become a different person and that person becomes addictive, you want to be that person all the time, so you drink some more.I was having suicidle thoughts anyway and i turned to drink to help me forget my tattered life, but it just made me dwell on my past and present situation even more. At my lowest ebb i also took an overdose as i felt i had nothing left to live for. But then one day i met my new boyfriend and he introduced me to Jesus. I know some of you are probably reading this and when you got to this part were realy dissapointed but please carry on reading, because for alot of us the thing we desire most that drives us to the brink of suicide is a desire and need for love. And i want to tell you about the greatest love there is. When i became a Christian my life was a huge mess but through prayer my heart has been healed. The self loathing i once felt for myself and the hate i felt for many others has gone and been replaced with a love that i have never experienced before. Its not just a family love though the church does become as a special family to you, its not a sexual love or any other kind of human love. Its a divine love that heals your mind body and soul and can pull you out of the deepest pitt in your life no matter what if you have faith that God loves you. Some of you might be sitting here thinking God could never love me because i'm a horrible person and not worthy of anyones love but your wrong! God loves you no matter what. God even loved adulf hitler! He hated what he did but as Robbie Williams says so wonderfully, "Hate the sin not the sinner" Please try and understand that Gods love is for everyone no matter what you've done, where you've been or who you are, and if you you want love and to be loved, then right now where your sitting look inside yourself and tell God what you see and what you dont want to see anymore. Ask him to show you his love for you, ask him to come into your life and heal it. I dont expect you to take my word for it so please ask God to prove it himself. Dont expect this to happen in a flash, for some it is a gradual process because you would'nt be able to handle the change in you that God will bring straight away and only God knows when you are ready and he will never rush you or speak angrilly to you. He is a God of love and only love.
If you want to know God tell him you are sorry for the bad things you have done and ask him to come into your life and help you change.When you pray ask of it in Jesus' name, and put amen at the end of course :o) Thankyou for reading my story if you let it i promise it will help.
14 Jul 2006 Alizea Stewart Drink Poison
14 Jul 2006 kirsten BBB uggh......
im fuckin fed up rite sick of this fuckin bull shit its fuckin over.....
if i had a fuckin fuckin shoot life is so gay i cant stand it......i hate ppl feeling srry for me....cuz it makes me seem so pathetic and i hate it.......i dnt feel srry for other yea.....get over that/....i have realized that i am compltetly lost in this wrold and have no clue which way to turn or who to ask for help......i hate it wen ppl ask how r u and u ay not so good and there like wats wrng.......and ur like o nuthin....and then they keep fuckin botherin ya......obviously i dont want to talk about it or else i would have said something....
i dot like to talk about my life to ppl.....i have...adn only to the pne person in my life that i love dearly and trust....Karla.......god how i miss life has been even more fucked up ever since i moved....
so yea.......but hey wat am i gonna do about it.....after all im only a kid u cud say.....but then again kids make a difference........
i am suicidal but i figure the only way i will kill myself is with a gun....yea i wat....i do it for control....and i like to watch it amuses me.......i like ro control my pain...jus tlike i like to control my eating.......yea.......i wouldnt say im anorexic.......but i kinda still fuckin fat.....but since about 4 months ago i lost like 40lbs frm not yea....rite now im jus so fuckin bored and depressed i c food but it sickens me........
well i g2g before my mom gets home and bitches at me and shit that im on the computer......wat else is new......BYE
14 Jul 2006   im 14 years old i have never tried to kill my self but i have heald the gun to my head on many ocasions but have never had the balls to pull the trigger sometimes i wish i could it would make everything so much easyer i think of all the people who would miss me there are about three people and the wouldent even care that much i have alot of friends and alot of famly but no one cares i am a drug adict and an alcaholic the only time i am really happy is when im so fucked up i cant think about my life the best way to kill your self is to overdose preferably on morphine, vikadin, heroin, pretty much any pain pill i have overdosed on alot of pills and it is painless u just black out u dont feel anything and if u wake up just do it again
14 Jul 2006 someone_on_here_antill_i die I will tell you something!
I have no friends, No relationships, And i dont have much of a job!,
My family dont want me there and i think i was never ment to be, never!
I am a total werido, I might become one soon werid and strange and then Ugly on the inside too.
I also have O.C.D and other effects of arseholes!
I am also ugly to, Noone wants me,
So why am i still alive, Well i don't know!
I guess i dont really have the guts to kill myself just yet!

But hopefully one day i will have the guts to kill my self.

I will see what will be the best way to do this!!!!

14 Jul 2006 Sam Im 15 ive been counciling now for years ive been suicidal for long i don't belive in quick answers or all that normal people bullshit they treat us like we're abnormal but we're not we the normal ones if u need help or just someone to chat bout how fucked up life is or answers to ure qeustions contact me
14 Jul 2006 Axel It's up to you. Don't wait for something to fall in your lap and instantly fix everything though-nothing will do this, not even religion. Happiness and self worth is something you choose.
No matter what position you are in you have the ability to make someone else feel like they're worth something though--a long time ago I thought "my life sucks, but maybe I can keep someone else from feeling this sad" and tried to be happy and giving for the sake of other people--whose lives still mattered to them. I surprised myself by discovering this made me happy, and was also surprised to find I could be of value to others. Try to find someway to help someone-and you'll find worth.
And what does life achieve? Joy
14 Jul 2006 Bezzly Horror all this talk of boobies and mouchettes
but what, what of the cliff jumping, wrist slitting and "to go down swingin'?"
screw it
lets all just stay posi!!
13 Jul 2006 dave i am 20 but i still want to die the love of my life tracey leaft me on are wedding day so evreything is over for me anyone any tips tried to slit me wrists hang meself but was stopped by me mum twice i so wanna die please help me having counsling but it dont sodding work
13 Jul 2006 LifeSux!!!!!!!!! I am gonna tie lots of weights to my hand and feet and then plunge into swimming pool at a deep enough ht and then take sleeping pills and then fall asleep and then die of will be painless cos i will be asleep while under water.And then i will REST I N PEACE.

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