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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Sep 2006 Been there I just saw this page on Google and will only offer the following comment. If you commit suicide, ultimately no one will care and you will soon be forgotten because you will not be around to keep yourself relevant. I suggest you adopt the attitude of most people and stop caring about others (not just about what they think - I mean only care about them to the degree that they are useful to you). Only then will you see how valuable your own life is. If you have physical pain and no hope of getting out of it, then I would recommend drowning. Outside of that simply wait until you are 18 and have the right to live independently before making a decision.
25 Sep 2006 winny hi my name is winny and i am 20 years old i am sick of my life i am 20 years old in new jersey i wanna know that on one hand god says earth is heaven on the other hand he send devils in human flesh so that we should not live peacefully why i wanna die and ask many questions to god which i know only god can answr me but i couldnt find the gun this is the big problem
25 Sep 2006 Sophie Well i tried to kill myself before and all my family have so i got used to it. The way my dad commited suicide was he jumped of a 50 story high block of flats. So i tried commiting suicide by jumping on to railway tracks that nearly worked for me, but i got caught
25 Sep 2006 Jay To all of you who has disorders, low self esteem and other bugs in their heads. I want to share my experience with you all so you know that there is way out. English isn't my first language so please give me a break on my grammar. I was born in Ukraine and that is one shitty place i can tell you. I had to attend boarding school because of my step father situation. Did my four years there. Yahoo! :( I came to Canada in 1999 with my parents... All this "No money", "No language", "No job" situation drove me to the point where life has not much of the meaning anymore...
I was very very sad guy. No interest in life, no friends, suicide thoughts... I woke up one blue morning and looked in the mirror. I saw 220 pounds ugly guy who lives in fucked up family situation. I hate my step father! I hate the way I look. I said to my self " I NEED WAY OUT" there should be an option. So found one. I started collecting on welfare so i could move out. I developed anorexia so i can loose weight... I used MDMA drug ( Ecstasy ) to raise my serotonin level. A year later I was HAPPIEST guy in the world. I lost 60 pounds. I was independent. I found OK job. Drugs kept me happy. I started getting interest from girls allot. My happiness continued for another year or so... Then everything crashed. I had liver problems, wasn't able to sleep, my weight was 150 pounds ( 6'1" Tall). My eating disorder escalated to the level that one day I was so weak that i couldn't stand up from my bed in the morning. I spent that week at home. I starved my self to the point that i had hallucinations. I literally almost died from starvation. My mother found me in this condition after she couldn't reach me for a while. My mothers opinion meant nothing to me and she knew that. What did I achieved for the past 2 years. Sick, skinny, lonely and ugly again. I rolled back to where I was but with health issues now.

One day I've met a person who I became friends with. He didn't care about my conditions and never mentioned or asked about abnormalities he witnessed during the time we spent together. We were talking about different thing including business opportunities and he complimented on several of my ideas. One day he offered me to join in the company he started. This was the first person in my life who was ready to trust me. I couldn't be live it. I want to implement your ideas in life He said. Can you imagine how it sounded to low self esteem person who scared of his own mirror reflection. Some people who knew about my condition approached my new business partner and warned him. I believe in him he replied to everybody. SOME ONE BELIEVED IN ME!!!

One year later (2005) business started to pick up. We were attending gym together on a regular basis, I've met my fiance and I bought my first apartment.

I'm 27 yo now. I'm happy successful guy still with few bugs in my head. My friend is like family now. My fiance supportive and understanding. I look good and I feel good. Trying to stay healthy and taking good care of my self. I'm not completely cured yet. I still have mood swings and minor disorders but I'm a happy guy now. I didn't fix my parents situation. God be with them I just let it go...

What I'm trying to tell you is that life can turn around, it can become great and full of new feelings and achievements.
You are all good people! You know pain you know hate. You know dark, let light to enter your life. Open up give others the chance to get to know you. Find your hidden talents. Acknowledge your minuses,
get rid of all negativity in your life. Do what ever it takes but please please don't harm your self. You can't fix everything but you can improve allot! Believe in your self, believe in others. You HAVE friends just give THEM a chance to call you a FRIEND.
It can be a parent, brother or school friend. People who care about you - are out there and they love you allot.
And I love you too and wish you the best.
25 Sep 2006 Angi yeah, wow. it's crazy how this site has turned into what it has. a simple question, and then all this complication, the stories of all these hurting people. i have no story to tell, no tragedies or testaments. i just sit here silently and read the posts. If anyone needs someone to talk to, other than the million other people who have offered help, e-mail me

oh yeah, and did mouchette actually make the kit, or is it still just an idea?
25 Sep 2006 anonymous. what is worng with u, u selfish people! some people live life to the fullest like steve irwin. he is sadly missed.LOOK! u can just live on and feel sorry 4 yourself and tell other people how depressed u r and make them feel sorry 4 u. well i have no sympathy 4 u sick people, if thats what u want!people r dying out there in the poor countrys because they have nothing 2 eat and all u want 2 do is sit back and kill urself.well go ahead if u uncle comitted sucide when he was 17.u people never think about anyone but yourself!who is going 2 cut u down from where u hung urself or who is going 2 scrape ur guts from the walls where u blew urself 2 bits.please, please think about what u r putting into peoples minds and how a sucide can impact on many lives. u could be making a difference in this world to people who want to live.please.think.there is help out there.if this has helped anyone, i am extremly greatful.
25 Sep 2006 seaninsoul please help me. I do't knowwhat I am doing anymore. Nothing is wrong...but I still feel this way...any help is appreciated...
24 Sep 2006 Allen It sounds like many of you are going through a lot. Let me tell you from my personal experience... THERE IS HOPE. Life can really be terrible sometimes, it can seem hopeless, but its not. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Things can get better. You may not realize it right now, but you have a purpose for being on this earth. You're not here by accident. I would love to talk more. Please email me. My name's Allen.

- Allen

PS. I highly recommend you talk with a professional about what you're feeling. You can call for free anytime a crisis hotline @ UK Suicide Crisis Helpline: 08457 909090 (UK) or in the US 1-800-273-TALK (8255). They have trained people who can help.

PPS. You might appreciate this website about God.
24 Sep 2006 paige i dno no but i have been goin through a lot of stress an i tryed to hang myself an just got saved by my boyfrind in the nick of time i even cut my rist i dno wat to do but naw i go classes an im tryin to sort my self out y dnt u do the same it much betta i swear
24 Sep 2006 Fucked Up I like suicide. I like the thought of suicide. It's like this.... way way back in the 1990's, I used to be suicidal. I felt very anxious, and depressed and shit. So I turned to suicidal thoughts, and self destructive thoughts and behaviour. I felt really crappy about it. Eventually though, the suicidal days passed and I haven't been suicidal for about 5 years....until now.

Now, I am even more depressed... so depressed that nothing in the world even gets me excited anymore. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!! I used to feel so guilty and confused about being suicidal, but now I don't care anymore. It's like, "yeah, I'm suicidal. I dont' give a shit". I am so numb to everything that I actually started LONGING for the exciting suicidal days of the past. I think back, and I enjoy that confused terror of thoughts of self destruction. So, I now indulge myself in terrible depressing thoughts, and bloody horrible things just so I can feel at least some excitement. I like death.

If I were ever to be confined to one of those mental insitutions, I would kill myself for sure. I cannot imagine being in one of those places, having all these fuckin people trying to convince me to live, and how life is valuable and shit. I would be like, "are you fucking serious? You have no idea how I am so far beyond caring." It would be ridiculous.
24 Sep 2006 life hater I dont know the best way but i certaintly can say that the worst way would be to take the advice on how to do it from a stanger off here who might hav inaccurate information to start with, find out yourself if you must kill yourself, i dont know go to the library an look in books for stuff on how it is certain that it would work dont just take a stab in the dark, rather do it right then get it wrong and be left scarred or disabled for life and maybe incapable of trying to do it again
24 Sep 2006 Nicole um my life has been very hard and i understand whatever pain u guys r goin through and i think people should listen. my dad is verbally abusive, my mom doesnt care, my friends are fake, and everyone ive loved has made fun of me. im socially challenged and cut myself every day. email me at
23 Sep 2006 The Angel Celia WHO RUNS THIS WEBSITE? I think its good that people here give advice and tell their stories of how they got over it. It's good to have someone to talk to and give you advice. Some posts seem like they should be in a support group website. But some posts that actually give advice on how to kill yourself is horrible! Anyone under 13 and even older is so vulnerable to suggestions and some people in this site could be causing or already caused someone to commit suicide. So please stop posting serious ieas on how to commit suicide and stop with this suicide kit. Please! This site can be soo much better as a support group site for those who want ot commit suicide. Please consider this.
23 Sep 2006 ImsuchanEmo This message is for all those IGNORANT IDIOTS saying that suicidal people are weak and stupid well FUCK YOU!!! You don't have the most minimal idea of how it is to feel this way!!! Yea sure Mouchette may not even be a real 13 yr old and she/he really does want kids to kill themselves I don't know why. But for people who come here for help Thats fantastic!!! As for those who think that Life is all blue skys and pretty roses you are The real IGNORANTS and you are the ones in denial of life's reality because life offers happiness at a cost, either at someone's else's expense or it'll be coming back for payback and then slap you with some sorrowful reality. Its the truth just hope this sinks into your brain "Happy people"
23 Sep 2006 lalala This is a twisted litle not act more fucked up than you are. I am a very unhappy person, i don't take meds.. And I am 25, I have lived in this life knowing that it does't have to be like this, do not force your unhappiness. so many things are good, boys, girls, money, success, cool people, there are so many fucking things to live for, all you have to do is take that in, realise what things make you a little less unhappy, and surround yourself in that, like me..I love cray people, and I find that helping crazy people (trust me, im not talking about you guys) gives me satisfaction in knowing people are crazier than others. it makes me feel sane. Life is not so bad if you make it. TRUST ME
22 Sep 2006   You don't need to kill your body to commit suicide. most people let there dreams die and then procceed to kill the dreams of those around them misery loves company if you want to committ suicide because you like it kill your personality and become someone else erasre all that connects you to yourself until you are forced to be someone new and become this new"i" completly . you can be anything you want to be isnt that what your teahcers always told even as they told you not to do certain things?
your identity is the greatest fomro of suicide it destroys pure being keeps it from coming out by putting a suffocating mask over it. be free be no one be everything
22 Sep 2006 jellyfishmachinist She wanted the porcleain to be spotless.
With the concetration of mental energies focused on the problem of entropy any action seemed futile against it.
Even the memory of purity was slowly fading a a dull grey husk like the leftover skin of a snake was all that remained of this ancient ideal.
The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white. The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white. The porcleain should be white.
No amount of cleaning would ever remove all the tiny bits of bacteria and any other defiling force.
And yet it looked pristine to the eye with its glistening appearance and soap smell but she knew yes this was a lie told to her by her faulty corrupted senses.Her eye was lying so it was impure and even if what she saw was completely pure her view of this object would be incomplete and sullied by the deceiptive quality of her own impurities.
Yes She thought i must accept my own impurity abnd realize this search is to be given up , Children were demons and flowers the genatalia of plants . the sky a barrier to the ultimate void . The intinct of animals upturned nature as some benign loving force.
All that was left was too corrupt things even without intention every act committed would corrupt self or other perhaps both and the tiny compoundings of this were evident in the manifestations of war, genocide, government corruption , new disease, famine, poverty , racial strife, consumerism , and the never ending search to sate physical needs.
All these hindrances to a spiritual life. unless one can negate everything but the divine including the corrupted ideal of the divine itself . Simply there is no escape from death and the promise of an afterlife a waste of the precious time as the entropy runs it course. There was no explanation for anything any more . No despair and no hope to cling to.
All these rational ways of telling stories to explain existence no longer could prevail over the absurdity and irrationality of it all . that being itself could never be understood with a label in any means and experience could never be sxplained waw all too clear to her now. The porcleain tub so white.
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
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so white
22 Sep 2006 Stormie I dont understiand why people try to change people's mind about suicide. In my opinon you should just do what you want,its your body so its your choice.
If you feel unhappy, You should do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Im not saying that you should kill yourself,But if that is the only thing that would make you happy then yea sure do it, But dont do it for an easy way out.
Iv been throught what most of you people have gone through.

Cutting,Molestion,Family problems. And let me tell you something it gets harder, but in the end things slow down and start to settel and you start to think hmm this is not that bad.
I started cutting when i was 12 im 16 now. My parents found out and sent me away to some treatment place that really dint do anything for me. I lied and pretnded that it was all okay.
My thyrapist used to tell me that she could not help me untill i wanted to be helped. She was right. You cant get better untill you want to get better.
All i needed was for someone to listen to me.
So if anyone ever wants to talk or whatever You can E-mail Me at Or IM Me Pinkskittle66.
I wont judge you in anyway, Im no better then you. I wont try to change your mind about anything. Ill just listen.
In the end its all up to you.
22 Sep 2006 Francio There's no point to sucide, not to me anyway. Sure I almost killed myself, but now I just don't see the point. And no, my life isn't great now; I just stopped caring. I'm probably a little crazy now, but not the "harmful to society" type of crazy--just the silent kind. My story? Eh, doesn't really matter. No one really cares, and that doesn't bother me. All I know is, I'm not here to uplift you, or tell you what to do or not to do. Hell I dont know why im even posting, I was actually doing a search on lyrics and this site came up for some reason. Back to the point, the one im not sure im trying to make: well, I'm not going to give up my life. Being me, I'd rather just sacrifice my life to someone; to something; give my life to a cause; a puprose; I dont know. I'm not lying when I say I hate almost everyone, even my own "friends," or rather just acquantences. Oh yeah I forgot, I have no friends. Short story: gave it all up for a chick who wouldn't give anything for anyone. Hope she dies. Half the things I say don't make sense, but I guess I'm not a very rational person so it doesn't really matter. Intepret this anyway you want: dont kill yourself, kill the pain.
22 Sep 2006 Sangvina Well, I tried to commit suicide by overdosing three days ago. I was desperate, miserable and depressed. I was just a wraith...My mates saved my life, even though I didn' t want to be found. It was that damn coincidence...otherwise I' d have been death by this time. But when I talked to psychologist and my parents, I realized how stupid I had been. I dunno what I wanted to tell by this story, maybe just get rid of that bad part of my life... Be strong and remember : NEVER try to overdose yourself by paracetamol - It takes a lot of time to be effective and earlier or later you ' ll be found by someone, still alive.

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