Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Oct 2006 ANGELA My heart is breaking here, I just stumbled on your site by looking up the word committment, and I know that God has a reason that I found your site. I am a mother of a ten year old and as I read all of your notes of how you are so depressed and that no one cares I keep thinking of how I would feel if my son committed suicide and it breaks my heart thinking that somewhere out there are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and family that you guys aren't thinking of that do care, and I will tell you if they don't then you all have me, I do care, I do feel hurt as you speak of your deaths, it is breaking my heart. God has put you all here for a special reason and that is not to take your lives, no matter how hard it seems right now. Of course Satan is there laughing and hoping you all give into his plans. Please consider going to your counselor, to your parents, to a friend,to a suicide counselor, or to church that I know if you approach someone they will help. I know beyond any doubt there is someone that cares for you his name is Jesus, he is there for you just call out to him, please for my sake if no one elses.
18 Oct 2006 I Hate You Sicko! You Are Sick! Pretend To Kill Yourself? Who Do You Think You Are! And Under 13?
18 Oct 2006 Emily Hope Help please! I'm only 11 years old and my brother rapes me. My Dad stabs me and they're both drunks! ive tryed cutting myself but they just got the idea i like the pain they're giving me so they do it more and more now.I've tryed to run away. I found my sister that way, but my brother found me, so ive been thinking about suicide latly, but i dont want to. I want to someday meet someone and fall in love. but thats probally never going to happen. and I dont want to call child serveses again. I dont want a diffrent family...i love this one...please help..
17 Oct 2006 Rae Hey my name is Rae. i'm 18 years old. i tried commiting sucide several times. here are some nifty ideas. you could stop eating for 3 days and stop drinking water too. that will kill you. you could cut your wrists and you can die that way. or give your self a thousand paper cuts. any way possible i'm gonna be dead i hate life and it sucks.
17 Oct 2006 sara hey ive had a terrible life i hate it and thats all i can say im 14 and dont feel it can get any better but alot worse! my familt gives me everything i want and need but i am always depressed i feel like takin my life but just dont have the guts to do it. thinkin about my family if i was dead and how they feel makes me feel so bad for them. i had to go to a counciller when i was 12 as i dreamed about things a 12 year old shouldnt dream about such as my parents dying it was realy hard for me when i woke up cryin! also school is the worst times for me ive moved schools alot and just cant take it my secondary school i got bullied alot and its not like i cant stick up for my self its just im not the type of person that likes school and i left that school a couple of months ago as it got to much and had to move in with my dad leaving 3 sisters and one brother and mum and a step dad which was hard as ive never left them before expecially my mum as ive been with her all my life! its was very hard leaving my 4 year old sister and 2 year old brother as im realy close to them i finally settled down but had to get a new school i now do have a new one and im hating it as its a new school making new friends and its just not working people in year 10 seem to have their own friends own groups and so on i dont no wot to do and at this point in my life im thinkin about commiting suicide ive already cut my wrist and wrote death letters i dont no wot else to do please help im desperite!
16 Oct 2006 fuck this webbie what the shit is this u telling lil kids to killl themselves well i tell u what i'm 13 right now nd i would nver kill myself shur.. i have m ups nd downs but killing goes beyond the line!!there r days that i wish i was dead i still have family problems but maybe the next day it gets better i mean every problem has a sulution to it nd u dont have to go killing yourslef just cuz your mad i mean wait.... u will be oved eventually nd none of the reasons i read was worth losing a life for so young ppl take a stand killing yourself dosn't take u anywhere but hell!!! nd thos who r cristian nd chatholic nd do a sicide well screw u ppl cuz our riligions dosn't countain killing nd suiciding fuck thos who made this web site!! i'm gonne tell my dad (whos a cop) nd lets see what he can do about it.
16 Oct 2006 alex n i am 15 and i have tryed to kill myself about 12 times now. hoping 13 will be sucessfull. lol. anyway the other night i wrote a poem and i wanted people to read so here goes


When you’ve lost all your pride
and you have no reasons to survive

Inside your slowly dying
Outside you can’t stop crying

you might say suicide is bad
try living the life i had

you say you can cope
but really the answer to that question is nope
cuz u can't cope
if you can you must perminently be smoking dope

lifes a bitch
and suicide should be sucessfull and go without a hitch

when your feeling low
and you just burry your head in the pillow

there is no reason to get up in the morning
all you see is the pain that is dawning

When life is not worth living
And all you seem to be doing is giving

When all your hope is gone
And you feel like you don't belong
So you put on a sad song
and think about what went wrong

When everything feels wrong
And all your happiness has just gone

your emotions start sinking
so you start drinking

I just don’t wanna live anymore
So I’ll just walk out the door

All I wanna do is die
You’ll only see pain in my eyes

When your sick of all the bull
That trigger is all that you’ve gotta to pull

When all you feel is pain
You put a blade deeper through your vein

You watch it bleed
You feel the need to die
You just wanna die
All I wanna do is die

The only thing I do is cry
and wonder why
Oh I just wanna die

I put a knife though my through
Oh now lets see you gloat

Goodbye to you and your life
I cut deeper with my knife

When all you want is a bit of love
but It just fly’s away like the planes above

I put a gun up to my head
Bang bang, now I’m dead.
16 Oct 2006 Mike Jach To pretend to fly.
16 Oct 2006 Chris Im feeling the same, if anyone wants to talk then my email is please add me

16 Oct 2006 Binaya Neupane I have been through severe depression and frustation since one year? I want to get rid of this bladdy and miserable life.
15 Oct 2006 gyhtu personally i think overdoce it doesent hurt.. nd hoo care if u hurt ur paretns ur prob killing urself because those fuckers
15 Oct 2006 You know My Name Jump off a build with a note reading "I am now a fallen angel and will return back to God". That is what you call a beutiful and quite interesting death,
15 Oct 2006 vernon so you wanna kill yourself huh?
well ok. but before you do just think about one thing. while you still can. when you kill yourself someone will take your body and undress you. cut you open and take out your organs. sew your eye lids shut and put chemicals in your body. who knows they may even be a necro.
15 Oct 2006 Tania don't do it , i'm 13 i tried it , first by beconming so bulemic i threw up blood then by cutting myself , get help , fall in love . i need help myself so if any of you want to get a friend who has had a life that you couldn't possibly imagine both good and bad . write me . i grew up as a missionary to china with my parents there my life was really fucked up but ya know it can be worse and that is a thing that you can dwell on and it will help but please contact me if you need help
15 Oct 2006 john arrington enroll yourself at UC Berkeley and major in Mathematics
14 Oct 2006 Ami-lee im a 16 year old female, and have had depression for 3 years. I have tried so many ways of commiting suicide like gettin a towl and spraying body spray into it and inhaling, over dose on all types of drugs or injecting my arm with metho, slitting my wrists so deep my veins loose that much blood that i end up passing out, and the list goes on. But none of them wroked so then i tried talking to someone but they ended up back stabbing me, so now i dont talk to anyone. If u wanna commit suicide do it good and proper, dont fuk around and stop at the last minute, if your sick of life and you dont think its worth living do it. Dont listen to anyone, noone can tell u wat to do its none of their buisness wat u do to your body, but if u want to stay alive and live life dont even consider or think of the word ''suicide'', coz u obviously wanna live. Guys and chicks are nothing to commit suicide over they're a waste of time, i learnt that lesson along time ago. If your not quite sure on wat to do with your life and your confused email me at, and i'll try to help u in anyway possible
14 Oct 2006 Kristen Well, since I'm a Christian I have to live through the pain. If you're a Christian and you kill yourself you will go to hell. If you are feeling really bad, masterbate. I think if I were to kill myself I take an overdose of coeide or something simple like a poison.
14 Oct 2006 Frankie says relax well i AM 13 i AM suicidal and i AM saying that no1 should have to go through what i AM right now. And you, you sick cunt after reading everything people are saying i'm thinking maybe i'll put all my depression and rage into KILLING you you stupid motherfucking gobshite!!!! But please if you are 13 or under i AM highly depressed i AM trying to kill myself but i DO have friend here to stop me, so het friends nd tell them everything and tell them you're depressed instead of cutting yourself, i had to find that out the hard way my friend noticed my wrist and made me tell him everything, so don't go it alone and it's probably to late to save me but it's not too late to save yourselves so i'm begging you just remember what Frankie said and what i'm saying "relax don't do it
14 Oct 2006 KayK Hey everyone, I'm new here. I've been having a very tough week and things just aren't going my way. I've some really good frends who I know loves me dearly but can't understand y a sweet, intelligent, kind person wants to kill herself. I'm 17, 18 in a couple months, I live at home with my grandma, bro and aunt. l'm older than my bro, and he's there favourite (no I'm not jealous). My mom isnt with us and I have no idea where our father is. Ever since I can remember I've had family issues, everyone does. I've been called names that I try to forget, critized, blamed for things I didn't do; abused mostly mentally, that my self-esteem has past its negative mark. The first time I attempted suicide was at the age of 14. I overdosed with any pills in site, but it only made me sick. Life is always great once my aunt or uncle is around, but they don't live here. This week I tried to cut my wrist but something stops me everytime I try. I know y; God has a plan for my life. He didn't have it easy when he was on earth, its just human nature to lash out wat comes to mind. I've decided that I'll ride out my storm until He decides what happens after. I love my mom and I don't want to lose her. So, people when the going gets tough and all u see ahead of u are obstacles, pray, trust in God and wait on Him to do His work in Your life. Love u all and wish u all the happiness I know life can offer.

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