Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Oct 2006 Bunnie I have already died. I killed myselff, but when the hospital pumped out all of the things I took and did CPR I came back. My life isn't the same now. If you want to kill yourself just remember one thing not everyone gets a second chance.
22 Oct 2006 Rae Hey this is RAe again. you sent me an e-mail. here's my reply.
i was put into the hospital for attempted suicide. no fun. There all i wanted to do waz die. Their only care is that you don't die. they don't care if your hapy or not. But when i came out i found all my friends waiting for me. They all loved me so much. Sad to say though two days later i took a lot of sleeping pills and wishkey and tried yet again. that night my stomach hurt like shit and i threw up a million times. That didn't work. To anyone that is reading this. If you suicidal just think about it. what is there after death. will it be worse than this? if you need someone that you can talk to, someone who wont try and change your mind but will just listen then message me its
to the ones that make fun of sucicide victims calling us emo and shit. wow get a life. your not the only one living this one so don't be a bitch to the others.
the the girl that invented this site. do you really want to kill yourself or is this for a paper or a sick joke. anyway suicide is not something to kid about asking people how to kill yourself if your under 13 is not good. if your under 13 then u've haven't had life yet. wait it out. and see what happens.
22 Oct 2006 dic savant lucy cortina and your behemothly sized breasts, im in love with you! i've read your dirty tale, and i've heared of your fickle-tits, read between the lines and minded the gap... they are for me, i know it! it was mistress fate that sent me the inclination to find you on this website - still unsure as to my attraction to you and your gargantuan milk ducts, but i now know it is fate. and i simply have one question to ask you: CAN I MILK YOU?
21 Oct 2006 Chris Jump off a building. Im going to do it in a couple of days.
21 Oct 2006 The Bitter End I know the layout of this site like the inside of my head.

I enjoyed your post Erik. It's a shame you get so much spam. I've been known to contact those foolish enough to leave an email address.
21 Oct 2006 I don't care how you do it. Sometimes all I can think about is scraping the polish off my nails.

Sometimes I realise just what's going on, and what's going to happen, and how far away I might be able to get, and all that's left underneath it all, when you pull it away, is me.

And I know that'll never be enough.

Sometimes the futility of it all gets a bit too intense.

We keep moving. Day by day. We breathe.

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going forward is bringing it all back down to earth.

Underneath it all, it's still me.

Sometimes scraping the polish off my nails is just enough to ground me.

For now.
21 Oct 2006 Shawn Turner Hi. I am a 31 year old male, living in Ohio with a wife and 2 children. And I want to die. I simply do not care about this life, or any of the bullshit that comes with. This is deep seeded for me, for I am the suicidalist.

I have no family, no brothers, no sisters, no mom, no dad, nothing. Aside from my wife and 2 children.

My wife? She tells me to shut up and do it already.

My children? They are young and most likely will grow up to learn what a loser I am.

Whats stopping me? Nothing. I have currently in front of me enough muscle relaxers in front of me that will stop any and all activity in my body. For good measures, I also have sediatives that will peacefully place me in a sleep. Combo of both, and I will not wake up.

I just don't care. I see people talk of pain that will be cause upon someone's death, whether it be suicide, or "just their time". None of us live forever, not a single soul or being on this green earth. We all die, its life.

Selfish? Hardly. I rather think of it as beating the odds, and besides; whats it really all matter anyways?

Good luck in all you do and enjoy the sweetness of silence and overcoming darkness.

See ya.
21 Oct 2006 Up yours everyone How should I do it? Quick and painless of course. I do not want to suffer. Plus, I don't want to leave behind some greusome scene of violence for someone I care for to discover. I know! I'll go up into the mountains and find some cave or perhaps a sewer drain pipe.. Climb deep inside, and then blow my brains out. The body would have long decomposed to just a skeleton before it would be discovered. I could leave behind cryptic notes telling them that I went off to Nepal to meditate with the lamas. Yes, that's a good idea. Perhaps I'll go to Nepal and find the cave to off myself in there. That would be an ever better idea, methinks. Ah, to die. To fall asleep forever. I wonder if you dream when you're dead? Is the afterlife permanent dreamstate? One can only speculate. At any rate, life right now as it is here is far too unpleasant to possibly tolerate anymore. I mean, shit, day after day --- waking up, a hateful experience to be sure: being robbed of the only joy in my life, the blissful escapism of the dreamworld --- to a world where I must hastfuly pop out of bed, bathe, throw on some clothes and run as quick as I can, to nothing the sweet seclusion of my apartment place where I can dwell in misery on how lonely I am. I must beg the pardon of you, my esteemed reader, at this point. I have been behaving quite aloof lately and have made no efforts to reveal who in fact I am. I am your standard issued slightly-more-intelligent-than-the-average-shithead-in-public-school kid who grew up in suburban 70s and 80s Texas, a perfect example of public schooling, yet intelligent nonetheless to become quite good at computing as a hobby which started out as a mediocre shit. You know how it was back then ... how many of you people met your first real friend when you first started making that big dot-com money? And how many of you people are going through a breakup (if you'd been smart) or a divorce (or proceeding towards one currently) by now? We were unpopular kids, most of us, in high school... but then we went and started making the $$$. people started treating us a bit different then, didn't they! Well, I digress. I have made the decision to begin planning my own termination.
21 Oct 2006   I hate myself, I hate my life, I am unloveable, never will find happiness, and will die poor, miserable, cold, and alone -- unless I OFF MYSELF FIRST!!
21 Oct 2006 jenni Don't, Kid you haven't lived yet.
I'm 15 almost 16 and was badly abused as a child and became anorexic.
theres always another awnser.
good luck.
21 Oct 2006 ben hey man i know this dont seem big but im a christian in a very very non-christian school im getting more depressed each day because its so hard i dont want to commit suicide but im just in a real tuff situation its not that big to some people but im just so depressed can u help me??
21 Oct 2006   I don't know about the "best" but the easiest way is jumping down head first from a high place or if you're living in the USA just get your parents' gun and blow your head off.
21 Oct 2006 one two mic checka the age old question:
what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

well probably the best way to kill yourself when under 13 is the same best way to kill yourself when over 13. now this is where we get down to brass tacks. when you are 13 years and one day old are you over 13 or just plain old 13. having established that, we have a third category. plain old 13 year olds. is it for just one day or a whole year? and what is the best way to kill yourself when you are just plain old 13 years old? because the number 13 has significance. it signifies several things. mattias, the 13th disciple of Jesus Christ. it signifies a day known as friday the 13th which is where people who were accused of witchcraft where burned at the stake and some might have been witches but some where not and so until now 13 has been considered unlucky. which brings me to another point. you either believe in luck or fate. now if you believe in luck many people have tured 13 and not killed themselves. however many people have killed themselves and been 13 so i am not sure that has any relevance except to obviously point to the fact i do not believe in luck. luck is a word that comes from another language that means lucifer. now i do believe he exists but i also believe he is a liar and wants to see you kill yourself. which brings me to fate. and you are either going to kill yourself or you arent. and if someone who cannot tell the truth wants you to kill yourself then he is lying which means that even the most evil being dosent want you to kill yourself. 13 is also a number used by some mexican gangs. they usually have 13 rules they go by.
20 Oct 2006 jordan Hi i am jordan, i am a 19 year old woman from australia who has recently been reading the stories on this suicide site, i really feel for all of you who feel suicidal and or depressed,
i have been in the darkness of suicide,
i was sexually abused from the age of 6 to 14, my mother died when i was 16 and i became depressed, i had an eating disorder and began cutting myself, i went down hill quickly and attempted suicide twice but was put into hospital so i could not attempt it again, i hated anyone touching me, more so men most likley due to the sexual abuse, i realised that i was gay and that had a huge effect on me because my family are homophobic so i couldn't tell them and had no support in this area.
i never spoke to anyone about my problems, i wore long sleeved shirts so no one could see the scars on my wrists, i should have talked with someone, a proffessional, but i didn't because i didn't trust people, but that was a mistake, i should have asked for help because those are things that no one should have to deal with on their own.
so if anyone wants to talk about what they are feeling feel free to e-mail me and talk to me.
20 Oct 2006 hyawatha Whomever erected this web page is a small person alone in the world with out God - I feel pity for you. As for the answer to your question. Its best to wait until your 14.
20 Oct 2006 gods girl Read this childish fukkin forum - grow up ya buncha inbreds!!!
20 Oct 2006 Katerine play chess while you're being eated by my little dog. or play chess with a dead person, that should do it.
19 Oct 2006 Marianne jump out of a bridge og hanging
19 Oct 2006 emma im at college and doing a media representation and we have to create a series of adverts and i need a little help. My advert campaign is about being bullied it is a series of adverts that collate to make a story. Basically the end of the story is about someone comiting suicide. I have been researching bullying and suicide for the past few weeks now and i came across this site. The last of my adverts is going to be a suicide note written across the page but for my advert to be effective i need something meaningful that will stand out to an audience. Having tried numerous times to write a suicide note for my advert i have failed miserably as i have never been put in that situation of having to explain to someone why i have tried to take my own life. This is where i need help. I am hoping that someone with the experience of writing one will give me a few pointers or even go as far as to write me one. If i am asking too much i am sorry i just thought it was worth a shot. After reading some of peoples views and stories i am left feeling quite emotional. I am myself am happy with life...ok so it has its bad days as well but generally my life is great. I do however understand that life cannot be great and that some people do see killing themselves as a release and if any one wants to talk i am willing to listen!
19 Oct 2006 The Original Felicia The Great There is no such a thing as hogging space here Jacob. You are fine.

It is a post site you see. We all have the enjoyment of posting what we really feel, whether it be factious or non-fictitious.
It’s a site that we choose to lament, patronize, or vent upon. It is a people forum for suicidal folks of all ages, and for people who need entertainment, ideas to put on their twisted movie scripts and cartoons, a mosh pit for people in criticizing our uniqueness. I don’t condone destructive behavior and post full of mean slander.

Jacob, I also want to comment that I didn’t create this website. I had numerous complaint emails about, and some people accusing me of being the suicidal French chick, who gets a kick out of making questioning comments about thirteen year olds killing themselves and this kit thing.

Feel free to comment more often and no I am not picking up on you.

If you are a parent:

I urge the parents reading this site from their child’s add to favorites list, to keep an eye on their kids… get a nanny blocker and banish this site so your children can’t view it. But note that later down the road you can’t shelter your child forever. Seek counseling for them anyways and note that nobody gets over suicide.

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