Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Sep 2006 Are You Depressed DEPRESSION TEST - ARE YOU DEPRESSED?
This depression test will help you understand if you are depressed and how bad your depression is. Take the test now!

Strange to admit but a couple of years ago I was depressed and didn't realize it. Answer these questions and for each yes give yourself one point (be honest!):

Do you:

Wake up early in the morning and find you can't go back to sleep?
Do you often feel extremely tired without apparent reason?
Do you lack self confidence and doubt yourself?
Do you feel lonely or withdrawn from the world?
Do you feel worthless?
Do you eat too much?
Do you drink too much?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate?
Do you find it difficult to think logically or make decisions?
Are you procrastinating or avoiding doing things?
Have you lost interest in sexual activity?
Are you apathetic and lacking in motivation?
Do you sometimes feel like crying?
Do you see no future for yourself?
Do you feel trapped?
Do you feel you can't cope?
Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
Do you feel life is not worth living?
Do you suffer from quick mood swings?
Depression Test Results:

less than 5 - low level depression or beginnings of depression

5 to 10 - moderate depression

11 plus - high level depression

Depression is serious and if you have moderate or high depression please see a doctor and consider some of the tools and courses I suggest on the courses and tools section of this website because after all's said and done it's up to you to heal yourself!

Depression Test Notes

Just a couple of the above may not be a problem but if you answer yes to say five or more of the above you are depressed.

There is a wide range of depression from low to high levels. If you answered yes to numbers 16, 18 or 19 you must do something now!

Please use the results as a springboard to take action. Please use all of the information contained in this website and check out the links for other resources
29 Sep 2006   eveything that goes wrong in this life is my fault i get the blame for everything!!!

i hate everything!

I think the best way to pass on will be eat mice!
29 Sep 2006   i want to pass on because life is shit for me, this is my story..noone likes me
I was only told i was ugly a few times alot of the other times i was looked at like i am really ugly!! so i get the best of both worlds, i have spoken to people they ignore me like there is something wrong with me, or maybe i am a ghost already!!! people take the piss out of me because i am aloner, they make fun of that, i am a joke...!! I have had people burp in my face an start there car up on me like i am gross! i have had people just not like me, i have tried to fit in a help other people to fit in an no one wants to know me. I just am giving up on my self because i feel life is not worth anything no more.
people in my family call me ugly as well, its pointless for me, people talk about me in a nasty way an they take the piss out of me whisle an call me a freak, that is why i am gonna give up trying to make any friends there is no point if no one wants to know me!! i even had someone stick there finger up at me an try to tip me off a table once, also i have had people laugh at me with out calling me ugly aswell!!!
i have never felt right with people after the treatment i have had of people i have had bullying because of my face,but that is anothe story,
I'm at the tail end of trying to convince myself that maybe I am not ugly. I give up. All my efforts at taking pictures and whatnot have failed. I am ugly and I have no hope. I don't think I should even leave the house. I tried doing things, but people do not like me. They reject me -- I believe it's because of my face. There's no hope, is there? Forget about it? Well, people remind me of it by the way they treat me...

I will look for a great way to pass on!!
29 Sep 2006 man I think alot of us suicidal people have learning difficulties because I have seen a lot of bad spelling mistakes
29 Sep 2006 x B3(KY x hiya , i am feeling really crap my life is crap . i c a nurse and i am on anti-depresants. i have overdosed loads of times but it dosnt work . i really dont want to be alive . bibi xxx
29 Sep 2006 Lawrence I don't know why i'm doing this to myself.. my life was a shit until now i think.
My mother don't like me so much and i don't like her.
My life was a horror time when i was a small child, it felt like no one cared about me.
but now when i am 16 years old i still think of suicide, i don't want to but my thoughts controle over me and i don't know what to do.
I often think of jumping down a high building or run infront of a fast car or something, i am not afraid to die.
It's like i wait for the time too come but it never happens.
But i still wait.
Believe me, i talk about my problems and i know what's right and wrong.

(I still wait)
29 Sep 2006 natas i killed myself when i was 13 and it wasn't fun. no-one will believe this, but i'm not around anymore.

you might find this difficult to believe, but we just got the Internet here in hell. might have noticed the spike in bestiality porn sites, and general spread of evil online. ;)

i'm sure my punishment for speaking out will be harsh. don't expect to hear from me again in this life time. we are not allowed to speak about being dead here, especially with the living.

i killed myself on a whim one day because i thought my life was horrible.'s been hell ever since.

i don't care what they do to me for saying this, but don't kill yourself. it's not worth it. take my word for it, you can't imagine how much worse things are here then they are there.

if you need to escape from your situation, try running away and seeking sanctuary. churches, half-way houses, government homes, ets. these places seem like heaven compared to where i am.

some things aren't what they seem. others are. don't kill yourself or you'll have hell to pay!
29 Sep 2006 Jake Without a doubt, the best way to kill yourself when you are under the age of thirteen is cover your whole body in a cocoon of plastic wrap, and have someone take a blowdrier to you.
29 Sep 2006 alison you all have everything to live for i felt exactly thr same when i was 10 my mother died and ever since my dad has been a alcoholic thats fucking seveb years now im more fucked up npw but i have to live on for the rest of my family and jacob your a good bloke dont commit suicide your daughter will need you in the future and you will be there if anything happens to your partner or maybe she is your ex partner but no matter what just do it for her stay stronge and you will make it?
29 Sep 2006 krissy my good friend thalia anthony commited suicide on the 12th of september and this is how she did it:
1)broke into her dads shed and stoll some rope
2)wrote a suicide note
3)said a prayer to god
4)tied the rope to the automatic garage door opener
5)stood on a chair
6)waited for her dad to come home
7)he came home and opened the door and hung thalia

i miss her so much i wish she never did it but now im going to kill myself aswell

my plans r locking myself in the drama room and tie the stage rope around my neak and get on a chair and tighten the rpe and jump off
oh to all those pplz that go to browns plains high dont go in the drama room on tuesday morning
28 Sep 2006 Tommy an over dose of insufflated pop rocks.
28 Sep 2006 devilish_she Be a Hero! try juming in front of a car to save someone, do extreme sports, trvel places where you fear getting lost.. do crzy things! it's a win-win situation. if you die, you dies, this is what you wanted. andif you don't, you'll win a lot of charm and popularity which will maybe take away that feeling of wanting to die. whatever you do, don't go lame (pills,wrist cutting...etc) GO BIG!
28 Sep 2006 Nix Listen I know what it feels like to be that way and want to kill yourself you feel like your useless and theres no point to life! well guess what I'm still fucking here and nothing is going to stop me think about it seriously what the fuck is so wrong in this god damn world that you need to be a chickenshit and take the easy way out? the answer is nothing, nothing in this world is so damn bad that you have to harm yourself.... I've been there I've done a million times all of it started when I was 11 I am now 19 and I've seen and done some fucked up shit I would slice myself something fierce and overdose like a maniac every single fucking day I would OD and there I was in a hospital get my stomach pumped... a couple times I should have been dead I knew I was dead and it's actually very scary the last thing you think of for as fucked up as you are is "fuck what did I do, why did I do this". I'm not trying to put anyone down I'm here to help because ya know what I do now for as bad as I was.. I now save peoples lives I am an EMT so trust me on this I know I'm a complete stranger but nothing in this world is worth it trust me nothing is worth taking your own life I went through 6 suicides in my life one was my best friends father and that destroyed every single one of my friends including myself we were very young way to young to even know what the fuck suicide is ... so think about it do you want to destroy your life along with your families and friends lives... you need to go out there and prove to every motherfucker that ever put you down or told you would never amount to anything including your family who think your out of your damn mind.... trust me on this one you turn around prove to them that your strong and your not afraid and that's when your going to get a mad amount of respect and I can promise their opinion about you is going to change very quickly.. that's just a lil bit of advice right now but if anyone needs to talk I'm here don't hesitate...
28 Sep 2006 random thought it's better to hav e loved and lost then to never have loved at all. BULLSHIT. love is when your in the eluson of total hapines and you expect everything within you relationship to be plesant and perfect and happy and when this isn't what you get(wich it wont be) you become a drama gueen. and when you brake up things dont go bak to normal you were happer then you'v ever been and now you will be as sad as you were happy so if you want a chance at life falling in love at a yung age is not the answer
27 Sep 2006 Flamer (Yes, he is back!!!!!!)  
27 Sep 2006 xxx___scaredxshitlesss so i want to do right?


i dont and if i did than seriously,
that would suck.

i got over my suicidal shit.
you can too.

if you need any further help.
or just want to talk,
feel free to email me.
26 Sep 2006 R.e.J.e.C.t.E.d my names unimportant
but i would like to say suicide is something that can never work for me
i've tried everything but with them comes weaknesses that i cant beat my fear of hights my fear of everything i tried im 14 i found this site 3yrs agoi think or 2 but whatever i am dumb and ugly i have nothing but my 3 dogs to live for as soon as there gone i will die either by hanging my self or overdoesing so yeah not like you will hear that im dead or anything because my dad drunk himself to death and he wasnt heard of he was my insperation befor he died when i was five now i just think of everything that could have been but isn't it's my fault his dead and thats the truth its not out of sympethy its the truth its my fault it was my sadness that made him sad so he just killed him self not knowing that his death ruined my lifeand made me more sad i dont see why some people act like everything is fine and nothing is wrong just to let everyone no yes i thought of suicide and yes i did cut but i stopped because as soon a word got around i was cutting everyone started and were like im so fucking emo i cut myself i got annoyed because i didnt need people to give me all this sympethy but thats all they wanted is people to say oh you poor person you must be so fucking sad so i just stopped because unlike those people some of us have real problems not just make belive stories some of us really feel pain not pathetic sympethy attention seeking pain and some of us really need to cut to deal with the stress and pain and everything we feel and others dont really feel
26 Sep 2006 buffy fall in love
26 Sep 2006 someone i want to die because all my family hate me
26 Sep 2006 Jacob This is for the dickhead named stay alive. Threatening us with the fear of the afterlife is no way to stop someone from committing suicide. Don't you think we're fucked up enough already... feeling that there is no way out.... Then you try to scare us MORE by telling us that the afterlife is worse... well FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. This is real... death might be the only way to escape and get some peace and some rest. I'm not 13.. in fact I'm a father, and i am in the situation where I am losing my baby girl (who for the record is the only thing that has ever been worth living for). I am a failed father and I have sacrificed my life for my child.. now I have nothing, I'm old... and alone. There is no point carrying on... there is only hard work and heartbreak ahead. I need to know that I will live in peace when I die. The alternative is just too much to think about.
And in regards to your comments about starving people in India... yes people live in poverty, in some terrible circumstances.... but suicide exists in all countries & in all cultures... these people are also killing themselves (and eachother). They have fewer means to do it, fewer options... and are less educated about it. But if you have a loving family who take care of you.. that's enough to survive even the toughest hardships... I know because I have lived in many countries like this.. and was starving myself.
One thing I do know is that you cannot really understand the world until you are about 23.... therefore you should not take your own life until you have lived away from your parents, made your own decisions... and had a crack at life for yourself. I know how hard & lonely it can be in that prison called your bedroom... the fear... the lonliness... the confusion... that will pass when you are old enough to leave home.
I myself am obviously considering suicide.... the thought of starting my life again now, with my broken & devastated heart... and old body is just too much.. I can't do it. I wish I could go home to my parents and cry in their arms and be taken care of... but I can't... I'm alone.
I am also prepared to listen to any of you kids who are thinking about suicide.. just send me an email...

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