Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Oct 2006 J.S.Gillott I suggest overdosing, because it is painless (some side effects eg vomiting) and you won't have a giant hole in your head. But if you can buy it without precription then your gonna need a hell of a lot of it.
07 Oct 2006 J.S.Gillott Well I am 14 and I thought why not just try and do something important with your life and then commit suicide. That way your life wasn't completely unless it doesn't need to be life changing just something simple like help a friend or i don't know.But don't be an ass and ruin other people lives, I am not supporting suicide but neither am I saying it wrong. But simple stuff is the best and I would stay away from bloody stuff because I would want my parents to remember me as a person not a corpse.
07 Oct 2006 Sangvina Every time I' m depressed and REALLY NEAR to suicide, I tell myself : It' s just temporary problem, It CAN be solved. Remember this, you are here, on this Earth only for a short time,but in heaven - hell / or wathever you believe you go after death/ you' ll be forever! So please, don' t kill yourself and think of this. Enjoy your life here...
06 Oct 2006 ned Pain The saddness of being alone in the world the felling of being unloved mixed with raw anger, the Emptiness a gaping void in a vast space like a thousand knives of pain death is pleaseant
06 Oct 2006 Currently_Nameless This Is my One year anniversary on this site....And I know some of you people would deem that "Pathetic" But, I feel some sort of accomplishment in it.....Seeing how I've made it another year in my life, So, No matter how many people say this site is sick, It's been REALLY helpful to me.
06 Oct 2006 t.i.'s girl i cant believe i'm posting here again ,but a lot of yall have been emailing me telling me your problems so i just want to say to everyone pray on it!
06 Oct 2006 fuck you this website is just fukin rong...mouchette doesnt even exist!!! its just a fuked up person fukin with kids mind..get out ya fukin nutter!!your a messed up shud be put in us all a favour fuck off and go suck on your gran.
06 Oct 2006 Emily your a fuck head who eva made this websight its not funny ive wanted to kill my self for so long can some one help me i have voices help please add me please im begging you
05 Oct 2006 ricardo CUTTING YOUR THROAT
05 Oct 2006 Rene ICV Hey! I'm back again, well probably if you're reading this page right now you don't feel very happy instead you're depresed and sad.... somehow it seems it's so hard that you don't wanna go on... I'm not here to blame anyone or preach you a lot... but! I'm here to hear you... to talk... to be a friend... maybe I can help...... I've gone trough this too... it's really painful and probably you feel really lonely then somebody who is there for you would be important.... remember
I'm here at msn messenger: and feel free to talk 2 me about anything...
Rene ICV
05 Oct 2006 Pokemaster Watch Pokemón. Every day. And don't eat.
04 Oct 2006 A.L. I play devil's advacate on this subject. I am a 23 black female attending a promiant university yet every night I cry myself to sleep and every morning I wake up disappointed to be alive.I really HATE life there is no HOPE for my future.I am never happy I just have moments of happy. Over my 23 years I have attempted suicide 4 times (2 by pills, 1 slitting my wrists ,1 getting hit by a car on my bike)and have been hospitalized 4 times yet instead of getting help the doctors pump you with medication which makes you crazier than you originally were. I wanted to die all those times but on one hand too afraid of the unknown of being dead.To me this is Hell on earth but what if it gets worse and not better by killing myself? I want someone to kill me so I can't be blamed for anything but I can get out of this Hellhole of a life.What really happens when we die? Remember once it's done there is no changing your mind. Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts.
04 Oct 2006 Lb Killing your self would be horrible. There are many ways to seek helo for thing that are killing you inside. My best friend just commited suicide 6 days ago. And that alone is killing me inside .. I thought about even commiting it myself. But to see how it affects your family members and your friends,...its just horrible. Now i live in pain everyday not knowing why and how this probley will never go away and its all because he killed himself so think twice
04 Oct 2006 david i've posted on here once before. 11 april the time, i had several suicide attempts behind me. i said in that post about how the only reason i could think of for living was hate. i got an email from that posting.and the advice really helped. i've sat both sides of the fence. im not going to tell you not to do it, because for all i know your life really isnt worth living, and i know what it's like to want to kill yourself. all i'm going to say is try to get help. turn to religion, the samaritans, your friends, whoever. just be sure you've tried everything, absolutly everything, before you resort to suicide. it should be an absolute last resort.
04 Oct 2006 have fun!! HELP! we are under attack from wasps!!!


copy an paste in google

real web page is:
03 Oct 2006 bitch slit my wrists
03 Oct 2006 chavs_sux well hello i h8 chavs so much dat now ive decided if dey botha me im not putting up wid it so da next tym i get so upset im going 2 get so shit faced and sit on a train track and wait for da fucking train 2 cum nd it will happen soon i garentee it xx sweet xx have a nice death
02 Oct 2006 joy At age 13, you don't really know what you are missing out on. dont let the intense emotions that you are feeling now stop you from experiencing all of lifes joys. when i was 13, i failed. at 14 i failed, and now at age 32, i have a wonderful life and two beautiful children.

remember that you are going through things and the main word is through. you will find love and happiness and find the wonderful thing that makes you special and unique. someone will complete adore that part of you.
02 Oct 2006 Shadow Skin I havent been on here in a long time but Iv fell back into my black hole. I keep trying to move on, I keep trying to be strong and a better person but I jus cant keep at it anymore!

I know I have so much to live for but I dont think I should live for it! Something in my head keeps telling me to do it! Something in my head keeps telling me that I deserve to die

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