Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Sep 2006 Yizhe Wu I have posted a post that i'm going to help some times ago, but it was largely ignored. So again, I say here I do understand why people are suicidal and I will help you if you are...IM me at vivaitalia1989 or send an email :)
15 Sep 2006 harry holy shit man sum of you guys r a ctually thinkin of doin this i waz just searching for sumfin cus i waz bord but i hear about mental people and people hu do this to get bak at their parents. why? listen 2 music and think about love not h8 and dpression. listen 2 da beatles all there musics about love. nd if ur mental hang on to the very end and prove how strong u r 2 urself.hold on cus u will get better. and as 4 the people who just want to get bak at there parents think of all the things they hav dun 4 u your mom gave birth to you and this is how you repay her. dam u guys. both my uncles hav bin 2 mental homes so's ma nan and ma mum but they all found sumthin they loved and u will to. so dont be doin this crazy shit no more you hear keep the love nd stay happy.
15 Sep 2006 selina that's a hard one, guess pills are da best way. my life sucks really, i'm my sister's shadow. she's perfect. beatiful, smart, she does ballet,has an amazing voice. everybody loves her at school. me? I'm just da "dumb blond", the village bike everybody had a ride on.i won't deny the fact thatt i am pretty, but brain wise. my mom hits me all the time.sometimes my dad joins in. i don't know why dey do it,i don't understand what i have done. my sister? she doesn't care, she told me to "forget about it", how can i forget? i'm sick of lying to my friends and teachers everytime they see me coming wt a black eye or a gash.i am tired of being picked on all the time, being called "brain dead" or "whore". i know i am a big disapointment to all my family. and i know i have made so many mistakes. but what is done cannot be undone. i'm christian, but deep inside i doubt there is a god. if there really was, why does it hurt so much? why can't he help me? all of us? why make a 13 year old like urself want to kill herself? but truth is i'm scared of dying. scared of what's in the "other side". I will follow some of the advices and wait a little. but it's getting harder as years go by. i am know grounded, havebeen for 2 years. i haven't gon out with my friends for years. just studied, when i finally got the grades, my mom told me to work harder. what's higher than an A? when pleaded to go ou, just one miserable night, she beat me up pretty bad, my dad even arrived at the wrong momment. i will never forget what happened. i know my english teacher suspects something, i wonder if i should tell her. i've neverbeen close to teachers, unless i had a detention that is. ( not in that sense). infact i've never been close to anyone. but please, if someone is reading this, please say something, anything. i figured i might as well talk to someone that doesn't know me, it's better for all of us.
15 Sep 2006 tulip jump in front of a truck?
15 Sep 2006   i always hear about people dieing on the news, leaning about our histery and so on. all these things makeing me feel obliged to feel sad and sorry. but im not. not that i dont find it sad. it's always sad but it's non of my buisnes. i did'n no these people they had no more effect on me then anyone else in the world and if we shed a tear or brout a flower for every single person who dyes it would be a very pore and sad and lonly world.
eggsample: resantly steve erwin dyed and it was all over the place on the net on tv on peoples lips. it was hard to escape. some people through he desirved it others thought it wasnt right for such a legend to go down at such a yung age. but i think its not my place to say he was simply a mun you can make it sound realy complicated or simple but he was no more significant to some other mun who dyed that day so why aren't we crying for him. becouse you've never new why care........
15 Sep 2006 sask everyone tryes to look for answere and solution for life and sercumstanses and things in witch they dont even know the question to. but these things aren't simple enuph to give an over all, one and only, perfectly correct answer and although we know this we still don't or can't change our ways.
since and maths just dills into to our head that there is an answer to all that is and isn't. it drills it in so far, past our thoughts, past our mind it's just drilled into the way we work. slowly driving us to suicide
14 Sep 2006 Just another survivor The best way to kill yourself at any age would be whatever works best for you. Do you have access to large doses of prescription medication that can be fatal? Do you have any rope and the knowledge on how to make a noose to hang yourself? Do you have a blowdryer, bathtub, and running water in your house? There is no painless way to go. SO SUCK IT UP!!! If you want to die it will hurt. However, the bright side is in a few ticks the pain will cease. Now if I were you I wouldnt kill myself. Why? Because I am not weak like you. I understand that no one cares about you. I understand how life sucks and how life ages like milk instead of wine. And because i dont set myself up for failure. If you think it will get better you will get disappointed. Again and again and again. Do you know what hope is? Its a lie. Its a high pedestal with a crumbiling foundation. This is life. This is reality. Now you can accept this or live in denile (live a lie). If you accept this you will become stronger. If not you will remain weak and suicidal. And besides, if you dwell on your problems they will only become bigger. If you ignore them they wont go away BUT, you will have more time to concentrate on things in life that bring you happiness and then maybe life will seem more meaninful. Maybe you should get a hobbie. Because after all, if you were really going to kill yourself you wouldnt still be reading this. You would already have those wrists slit open so many times you couldnt even find fresh skin. If you think you got it bad why dont you go live in the woods? Why dont you go to a bad neighborhood and wait for someone to kill you. I bet when someone tries to kill you, you run like hornets are after you. Why? Becase you dont really want to die. You want someone to hug you and tell you they love you and its gonna be ok and this just isnt going to happen. All people will turn on you. Just remember one thing. You can have your feelings but your feelings cant have you. Thats why they are YOUR feelings. Are you your feelings? NO! You are bigger than your feelings. And if you want to kill yourself behind your feelings you are truly weak. Its ok. Now you realize it. Grow. Live. Learn. Everyone has a different perspective on life. What you are going thru is just how you will find your perspective. One day you will look back(if you dont kill yourself) and say this is who i freakin am. This is my life. And you will be proud to be you and have lived what you have lived. Because inside you know that you are a survivor. And no one will ever be able to take that away from you.
14 Sep 2006   Hi Guys,
I am an adult on this site. This is VERY scary. Don't kill yourself- when you are in your 30's and you have /will work your life out- you will feel satisfied to know you didn't kill yourself.
14 Sep 2006 Shane Not sure if my message made it in so i'm going to type my complaint/story again...I hate everyone on this site who thinks suicidal people are weak. You have absoulutly NO IDEA how hard it is. I'm 13 and I have extreme anxiety about anything i do in life. I"m terrified and paranioa'd of being sent back to a mental hospital. The town i moved to went well for about 4-6 months and NOW IT"S RELAPSE AGAIN FUCK...I avoid anything that freaks me out and panics me...I'm so scared of every day of my fucking life...I have tried pill overdoses and posions like acne treat crap and stuff alot of times...i always just end up vomiting my guts out... I'm going to keep trying different pill overdoses and maybe i'll get lucky...Before i break if im not dead im'm going to run away from home....NOW MY QUESTION...How do i tell my parents i need to move away from this town without them freaking and sending me to a mental hospital...I'm just so scared so scared...I just want to feel normal and no doctors or mental hospitals can do loosing the battle with myself...close to breaking...
14 Sep 2006 Shane I hate all of you bastards who get mad and call us weak for looking for ways to end our lives. You have no idea what I/Others go through. I have extreme anxiety about anything i do in life afraid to do something wrong. So i avoid people and places that freak me out and panic me. I've been to 2 mental hospitols and all they've done to me is given be extrememe paranoia about being sent back. I'm 13 and am either going to keep trying pill overdoses or run away from home.
14 Sep 2006 Nikkie well.... when i was younger i used to look in the mirror an see nothing, feel nothing and everyday i thought, why the hell am i really here, people used to put me down and everyday i would sit there with a blade to my wrists... but i couldnt do it..
and im pretty glad i didnt do it either.. u see 13?..ure only just growing up and all different emotions, hormones an feelings will b mixing with your head, making you think of these things when you get angry or upset...but wait until u turn 14, u'll be even more attractive thn u were wen u was 12 or 13..then when your 15 or 16... u look in the mirror, see how beautiful u are, not just your appearance but everyone has a beautiful person inside thm...all it takes for true happiness is to b strong and confident, find yourself a true love...thn u would loom bk on your life when your happy at 21 thinking " why the hell did i even think these things back thn"...everyone finds true hapiness one day but it just takes time and 16 now and the happiest i could ever be, and i used to think suicidal thoughts when i was under 13... but eventually it will come...strong people would try and tackle this problem themself but if you still cant bring yourself to stop thinking these thoughts...talking does help.. i hope this message reaches you all in
14 Sep 2006 Meghan PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!

I'm not here to say that your crazy or creapy, or anything, your a person just like all of us! And if you think that there's no way in hell that you cant live your life anymore, or that everything hurts so much, your wrong...very wrong!! I want to help you, even though that sounds so stupid, its true, I have been down that path once before, and I asure you that I can help. If you want to regain your life back, PLEASE im beggin you, please contact me!! I dont know how else to explaine it, but i want to help everyone, and I know that I cant, and it really hurts me that i know i cant, but if i can try and help as many people as posible.... I KNOW I CAN HELP ... its just the fact if you want help ...
14 Sep 2006 Stephen Whaley Metal in a a elecrical socket
13 Sep 2006 Mr williams the best way is to servive your family. If you maneged that, then you must have killed some part of your self.
12 Sep 2006 Javier ... Yea, i understand all your feelings. My names JAvier, you dont need my last name. Ive been arrested, gotten my ass kicked by my parents, and have smoked ciggarettes. Yea. i dont give a fuck, you know why, cause, ive tried suicide, i laid down on the train tracks down here in miami, got tired of waiting, then when it actually came, i realized i didnt have the balls to it. So, when im 17, im joining the Army. Not to die, to fight, to take all my pain out and little fucks that try making me and my whole fucking country weak! FUCK THAT! Im gonna live, and im gonna become a director. Yes, im suicidal, and.. well, im 13. Hey, if any of you weak, suicidal monkey people wanna talk to me about your feelings, feel free to AIM me, Undertaker9518. Thank you..
12 Sep 2006 Never Free My Point:
Vengeance. Is the only thing I think about. Words. The words I cant speak. The words I didn't speak that I pay for now. I look in the mirror at me. No it's not me it's her. She killed me and recreated me. She played God to many times.
Cut 0ne: Oxygen. It jerks out of my body as I fall to the floor.
Cut two: I scream. No it never leaves me.
Cut three: Blood. Red and milky.
Cut four: They never cared they never asked.
Cut five: I know inside it's the only way.
Cut Six: I lay there motinless nothing left. All the blood drained from my body. It's over from here.
12 Sep 2006 nouveau i've been to this site some years ago and i think it's very pretty. i'm surprised at the lack of change and the continued input from stupid people. i first began thinking of suicide when i was young as well. when i was ten years old i ate a bottle of pills but then i vomited them. i had a family then and it wasn't happy. i was only happy for a few months in 2003 and i think that was probably enough for me. i lost my job last week because i won't speak anymore and i haven't left my apartment since then. it's very dirty here. it's reflective of me. i've got some money left and i think tomorrow i might go to the ave and buy a lot of heroin. i don't know much about heroin but i'm scared to jump from the overpass. i want to see beauty, i want to feel like a child again and dream forever.
11 Sep 2006 Alexander Alvonellos You don't have to die... You can always talk to me at
11 Sep 2006 A random guy Today's supposed to be a day for rememberance since it's September 11th, but I just say Fuck it. There was supposed to be five-thousand people killed, tens of thousands die every day, So it really isn't such a big deal. People need to get over it. So, Happy 9/11 everyone.
11 Sep 2006 what my name?!? There is no best way!
go an get some therapy or counseling for your issues!

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