Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Oct 2006 Lb Killing your self would be horrible. There are many ways to seek helo for thing that are killing you inside. My best friend just commited suicide 6 days ago. And that alone is killing me inside .. I thought about even commiting it myself. But to see how it affects your family members and your friends,...its just horrible. Now i live in pain everyday not knowing why and how this probley will never go away and its all because he killed himself so think twice
04 Oct 2006 david i've posted on here once before. 11 april the time, i had several suicide attempts behind me. i said in that post about how the only reason i could think of for living was hate. i got an email from that posting.and the advice really helped. i've sat both sides of the fence. im not going to tell you not to do it, because for all i know your life really isnt worth living, and i know what it's like to want to kill yourself. all i'm going to say is try to get help. turn to religion, the samaritans, your friends, whoever. just be sure you've tried everything, absolutly everything, before you resort to suicide. it should be an absolute last resort.
04 Oct 2006 have fun!! HELP! we are under attack from wasps!!!


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03 Oct 2006 bitch slit my wrists
03 Oct 2006 chavs_sux well hello i h8 chavs so much dat now ive decided if dey botha me im not putting up wid it so da next tym i get so upset im going 2 get so shit faced and sit on a train track and wait for da fucking train 2 cum nd it will happen soon i garentee it xx sweet xx have a nice death
02 Oct 2006 joy At age 13, you don't really know what you are missing out on. dont let the intense emotions that you are feeling now stop you from experiencing all of lifes joys. when i was 13, i failed. at 14 i failed, and now at age 32, i have a wonderful life and two beautiful children.

remember that you are going through things and the main word is through. you will find love and happiness and find the wonderful thing that makes you special and unique. someone will complete adore that part of you.
02 Oct 2006 Shadow Skin I havent been on here in a long time but Iv fell back into my black hole. I keep trying to move on, I keep trying to be strong and a better person but I jus cant keep at it anymore!

I know I have so much to live for but I dont think I should live for it! Something in my head keeps telling me to do it! Something in my head keeps telling me that I deserve to die
01 Oct 2006 tasha heya im 17 and raped 11 months ago by my friends boyfrend who comooited suicide 3 days after raping me...he took my virgintity and he also got me pregnant now tell me what are the fucking odds on that!....and more even it was twins. two months ago i gae birth to my beautiful babies my girl keisha and my boy latina so thats for the namesincase any one just lettin all u peeps put there that need to here and i know what it feels like to be depressed...ive tried to commit suicide 3 here just email me.
01 Oct 2006 tushe by brooding on it
sitting endlessly mulling over it
meticulousness and attention to detail
paralysis to life and all that is to offer
numb from too much rapport and support
numb from nothingness and lack of nothing
by brooding on it day in out
all consuming and all conquering
eating your heart and soul from within
inch by inch the possession sets in
a self-fullfilling, all size fits approach to take-over and fullstop
01 Oct 2006 komplicataa im 20 and had a good life but i was extremly unlucky and got a nerve damage in my head whit incredible pain i have had it in 4 months now, nothing help, not even morfin.
I have a lovingly family and a dog, i know they will have a hard time after i have done it,, at least i have reason and thats a reson i cant yust drive away from.
I will do it whit my toxito and in the car whith my exost directed into the car, i sleep in.

thaks for making my share my thougths..
(im not from an english spoken country so i knoy my bad writing skills)
if any quastion feel free to mail me
01 Oct 2006 just yeah i was on this site before with issues. but now im just confused. lately i been fighting with friends and i allmost kicked them outta my life cause i was scared. i was also the victim of a mugging and i have trust issues if anyones got answers let me know please
01 Oct 2006 ozana stab a knife in your chest
01 Oct 2006 Bong The best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? My answer is I do not know. For a 19-year old guy like me who had been contemplating suicide in the past days, I am also currently under the confusion what's the best way to kill myself that's why I'm still alive at this moment.

I consider myself as an intelligent guy. In fact, many people around me would say that I really am. The past days had been the most-depressing-and-maddening moments in my ife that's why for several instance, I've been thinking of ending my life.

But do you know why I am still alive up to this moments? Let me share some of my pieces:

First, committing suicide is painful. I have not found a way to kill myself without feeling any pain. Besides, do I have the assurance that I would really be dead after attepting suicide? I might just suffer more in the end.

Second, I know that my depressions is just momentary. I know that the next time I would be dropping these pages, I would just explode in laughter thinking how stupid I am to contemplate of committing suicide.

Third, I know that the world is still beautiful. Besides, I can't just end my life, leaving my mom and my dad grieving to their non-sense son. I know many people would miss me if ever I'll depart. And I don't want to miss them also.

Fourth, I know it is a SIN to kill myself. If I can just commit suicide with the assurance that I would go to heaven, God, I would have committed suicide a long time ago. But then, we are all aware that it is really a sin. I'm still not ready to be fried in hell that's why I'm still alive now...

Lastly, I contemplated suicide for so many instance in the past days but I still wanted to fight. I am almost giving up but I don't want to give up for a wrong reason. I know suicidal is stupidity.

In the past days, several times, I have thought of ending my life. But then, I'm still not convinced to do it until this moment. It does not worth dying for, until I will find the best way how to kill myself without feeling pain, without missing the people I loved and without committing a sin...

Perhaps, there is really no best way in committing suicide because COMMITTING SUICIDE IS NEVER THE BEST WAY, it is WRONG...
01 Oct 2006 already dead. you people think this is a fucking joke?

i will show you people its not. just like mouchette did.

66 granite dr.
dayton oh 45415

by the time the cops or any of you show up i will be dead in the back room. i doubt anyone will show up or bother to call the cops and tell them so i will just be a corpse rotting away.
01 Oct 2006 Jacob I thought I should write another message as the one I wrote above seems to have mixed responses. I wrote that message in response to what i thought was bad advise from another person. The point is scaring people out of suicide is not the way. we are lonely and helpless... we need positivity, encouragement & support... not 'the afterlife is worse... or people will forget about you' that just makes us feel more helpless.... worse.
It is not my intention to encourage people to do it. I am alone but some people have taken the time to write me and are supportive... that's what we need. People who care and are happy to listen.
I am also very confused and my emotions and thoughts change daily.... on a forum (or whatever this is) that is titled 'What is the best way to kill yourself when your under 13' You can expect some pretty confused and messed up thoughts. The world is pretty confusing when your that age. I'm a lot older than 13 & if I can misread the intentions of this webpage.. I'm sure confused kids will also do the same.
But as i said before in the above post... you are too young to consider such a move. You cannot grasp the world until about 23-24... the brain is still developing until this point... You have to hang in there.. and I know you don't want to hear about school.. but I am learning now why I should have tried harder at school. When you hit 30 and don't have an education... that's when things REALLY start getting tough. And another thing I'd like to mention after reading a post above from a kid doing ecstacy.... I was right into the rave scene for many years... have done everything except Ice... You want to know why I can't control my depression?? Because I've fried my brain when I was too young...
I would give anything to be in the shoes of the kids posting on this forum and be able to start again and do things right. yes I understand the world is confusing.. and you have no freedom.. but you can still decide what your life will be like... you can still fullfill your dreams. When you hit your 20's... that 10 years of your life will be the best you've ever had & ever will have. So be strong... do the best you can at school (cos you only have one shot at it) don't be an idiot with drugs & don't touch them till your brain has finished developing.. and even then.. make sure you know what your doing... don't trust all those fucked up kids you meet at raves.. they're the ones who will all be in Psychiatric hospitals or homeless or dead in a few short years, believe me ... i went to the funerals. Keep your 'experimenting' recreational.
And finally take my advise on parenthood. Think very hard and carefully about having children... it can be a world of hopelessness and pain if you become a parent with the wrong partner, or at a time when you have not built a home and security.
As I said before I am hear to listen if anyone needs to share their thoughts. f you think your parents don't understand you.. give me a crack.. 'm sure I can put things in perspective for you.. I'm not a stiff like your oldies.

oh & my name is not really Jacob.. I wanted to be anonymous... if you write me I will tell you my real name.

01 Oct 2006 yamie If you are a emo : Write a suicide note and slitt down yout troat. If you are just a ordinary people, please stay on this terrible planet of earth and go to a psychiatrist
30 Sep 2006 blah... ok well most of u are really young. And i think this suicidal thing is a phase. When i was like 13 i was suicidal too. i use to cut myself and take anything i could find in the medicine cabnet, and no one even noticed...
but its a phase that most ppl will get over.
Although alot of ppl will stay deppresed and sucidal.
I myself am still depressed, and even tho its normal to be depressed every now and then, its not normal to be all the time after u get through that phase.
but many of my friend who were like me are no longer depressed pr suicidal.
so b4 doing anything give it sum time...
30 Sep 2006 jairo I have just lost my girlfriends of 6 years. my fault really. She was the only person keeping me in this world. I have always been depressed, always sad inside. I try so hard to show people i care, but its like i'm invisible.I have taken 30 co codamol tablets, 500mg. I am getting really tired, i've been sick. i know my time is nearly up. Its not the first time i have tried this, there have been several more attempts. Jumping infront of a car, slit wrists, drug overdoeses and now this. What have i done wrong to deserve how i get treated. I just want to be loved and understood. Now everyoe hates me and i've lostthe love of my life. Sh likes someone else, thats how much i've driven her away. I have nothing left to give, and nothing left to lose. I know my death wont be understood, just like my life. My biggest fear is being alone, now thats coming true. Goodbye.
30 Sep 2006 R.e.J.e.C.t.E.d hi im sorry bout my other post i just relised i let all my anger and pain out on well a site well it wasnt all my anger but i'd like to say sorry that i was complaining i had to well i didnt but you no sorry any way
30 Sep 2006 nothing im 12 and i cut my self all the time and i want to die what do i do i still have a whole life ahead of me !

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