Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Nov 2006 Chris I tried killing myself 2 times, first time with 300mg muscle relaxors, that didn't work, so I kicked it up a notch, I tried killing myself with 1360mg of oxycotton, my point is, don't use pills, they don't fucking work!
09 Nov 2006 tais fuck this world fuck this life i am killing myself tonite im shooting myself in the head watch the news you will see bye
09 Nov 2006 jon jump infront of a truck
09 Nov 2006 chris I want to die my life is crazy my teachers ate me and they want me to fail my mom is nice but she gets really strict sometimes i've tried jumping out my window choking myself and holding my breath with and without water. I just can't do it I even pray to God to just take me home i am crying as i write this but i guess i'll have to suffer all my life. The only people that care about me is my friends, I am an a low budget actor and I've always wwanted to be a star I've tried killing myself today but i heard a voice so f anyone reads this just tell me what you think I should do.
09 Nov 2006 kara sane hey, has anyone of you received email from mouchette telling you to commit suicidie? I copy pastes here what I have just found in my email box this week.
"that is why i have opened up this website. so young children can have a
place to go and talk so they wont kill themselves. however in nature
there is a balance. so i try to keep it balanced on this website. i save
one child from killing themselves. and then i choose another child to
try to convince them they should kill themselves. you are the child that
i have chosen to kill yourself. do not be ashamed or scared of the
pain. you will be doing this for the good of the human race. to keep the
balance in nature. so go ahead. find some razor blades and slice open
your wrists multiple times. it will all be better in a little while."

I answered her back that this is a freaking demented piece of email, an this is what she replied:
"no one told you to come to my website. why dont you do something with
your life other than being a self righteous spoiled little bitch. here
is an idea. you could commit suicide."

I just want to know what you think of it.
08 Nov 2006 Random I'm 21... I've never attempted suicide and the thought almost makes me sick to my stomach but these past few weeks it's sounded pretty damn good with one exception, I have a child. I'm so fed up with it all. I've moved about 10 times in the past 3 years and I'm just tired. After many previous attempts in getting my life together and failing in all the jobs I've had I'm just TIRED! I'm living with my mother and stepdad (stepdad hates me) and it's Wednesday... I've got until Friday to get out... I've got less than $50 to my name and nowhere to go... with a baby!
08 Nov 2006 Alexey I think, that you should die in a good old way! Get drown. You just need a good rope. And something heavy, like a big piece of metal, which can be found on a scrapward or I dunno, think of smth...
Or yeah and you'll need a river or a lake, I think. country pond will do. And one more thing - GET DRUNK! I dunno if it is hard for a person of an age of 13 to do that, but in my country it's easy like a pie. You just come neará holding a heavy object tired to your neck, close yer eyes and sploosh! Here you go - There is a little chance you survive! It's a lot better when you hit somethig with yer hea, when you fall. Yeah, another thing - make it at night, or in a place, where is few people around.
So, its like it!
What? No ponds in your area? Too bad!
Why am I so sure about this way of diing? - Believe me - I wouldn't recomend it to you, if i wasn't going to perfome such an act myself! And i will - next month. Just go to the one of the bridges in my BEAUTIFUL northebn city and -Sploosh! Solong - thilthy life! Sure sucks to be in this world!
Don't be influenced by that happy mood of mine - I'm an optimist - even in death ! This will happen later or erarlier, no needto make mistakes about it!
Well, how they say

Äî ñâèäèíèÿ è óäà÷è â Òâî¸ì íåë¸ãêîì äåëå!
08 Nov 2006 contimplating ermm well i came on here cuz ii was finkin bout suicide.. i dont think its right u should be tellin kids who are 13 tho kill themsleves they aint had any life experiance yet kids if u are being bullied please just tell somebody at you school or ypur parents anyone you know just tell them they can help...if ur parents are divorcing and you are scared dont think about killing yourself just tellsomebody they will be able to hlp you i came on here because i had doubts and this has certainly put me off this is sick and you could be messing with peoples lives here this is not a game it is life please please dont do it i have certainly thort twice now! i still depressed but im thinkin maybve one more session with a councellor is gonna get me out of this dark shit they call life!! my dad killed himself when he was 13 and it made me feel bad scared angry i hate him for it.. how can he says he loves me so please if there is anyone out there who you relly do love even a pet dog or ha,ster anything just please dont do it trust me x x x
07 Nov 2006 Ass hole tell me about it... I am a fucking coward.. If I have the choice.. I will shoot myself .. jump off the bridge.. my baby left me.. stupid me..
07 Nov 2006 Ann READ:!!!! who ever reads this which i hope some do. you shouldn't even be on this site. i clicked it cuz i'm researcing suicide for a paper. reading some of these things got me thinking and well it just makes you more who are 13 and below shouldn't be reading this crap. and the sick fuck made the page needs to fucking go to hell. Why the FUCK would you WANT to help 13 year olds kill themselves. There should be a page that says "HELPING TEENS LIVE" So i pray to god that this page does not last, and the people on it realize that god gave you your life and you should live it. please get off and the person who made this please take it off...i beg you from the bottom of my heart.
07 Nov 2006 James Well me personally, I am a sychologists and, The best decision when you feel in the mood to kill yourself the first thing to do is to go on the computer and find a addicting game. I myself play a online game World of Warcraft because I had thought of Suicide in my younger years. So I am suggesting to find a very addicting game like runescape or something. Well the best for all of you.
07 Nov 2006 Kurtis Im an 18 yr old guy who has nothing to live for. Im a freshman in college and Im failing pretty much every class. I have no friends and I have a hard time to trust anyone at all because I have been so horribly mistreated through out my life. I have been through many friends but they all ended horribly wrong by either pranks they decided to play on my to hurt me or they just turned they’re backs on me. I even had my first girlfriend this yr and all went well intill I found out that our relationship was just a joke. She had planned with 1 of my good friends at the time to go out with me then after a month or so she’d dump my ass just to hurt me. Its hard to go through these things when im already suicidal and have no self-esteem. And that wasn’t the last prank they played on me. I stopped hanging with them and found out that it is so hard just to find 1 friend. I need someone to talk to but there is noone out there for me to talk to. I feel so alone. The only reason I have not attempted to kill myself yet is because of my parents. They put so much care into me and I couldn’t hurt them like that. But if they ever die, I wont be to far behind. Life is so depressing with the once in a blue moon happiness. My only joy in my life comes when I smoke a joint and watch some comedy. Sometimes I wish my parents would die so that I could just end my life. 18 yrs of suicidal depression is enough for me. I have no hope left. I don’t have any future and im a lost cause. I have no talents, Im a failure at life, and I have no future, I’ve already given up on myself. I have had such a hard life being beaten up be everyone at school as a child up intill grade 8 and there is no sign of any improvement. I’ve tried asking god for some kind of sign but it never came. All I get is false hope such as my joke of a girlfriend. If anyone wants to email me please feel free!!
07 Nov 2006 beri I just want to die because living is of no use.I am sick and can no longer put up with the gay advances i get from my uncle.I will die soon.
07 Nov 2006 françois Tu te coupe les pieds et suce tes moignons juqu'à les vider de leur sang
07 Nov 2006 loser a rope
07 Nov 2006 The Original Felicia The Great Mouchette Is Just A Blog Site

Whatever you may think, this is a blog site. There are volunteers on call reading these emails.

What's even scarier still is there are people who are hired to scan through blogs and billions of emails. Most of it is to scan for company secrets or subliminal messages.

I feel sorry for people who are on the verge of killing themselves though. This site once used to be a haven for us crazy people who want to kill ourselves. Now technology considers this to be a joke.
If you read closely, I have something to disclose to you.

Live the moment of truth and set yourself free from mindless jargon.

Open your heart to new beliefs. Don't limit yourself to one belief. You will lead a stagnant life if you do. But be sure to choose your belief's wisely.

Value your family and friends. Stay away from the wrong influences and cling to positive role models. I am not saying you shouldn't be yourself, but make the most of what you can become by helping others.

Engage in activities that are postitive. Steer clear from sexual immorality because it is tiring. It causes harm to your body and soul. Believe me. A double life is not all fun and games.

Understand that each day is the first day of the rest of your life.
06 Nov 2006 Kurtis Im 18 yr old guy and I have spent my entire life wanting to commit suicide. The only reason why I havent attempted to kill myself is because I dont want my parents to suffer through my loss. They are the only reason why I stay alive. My only joy in life comes when I smoke a joint and watch a movie or play my saxophone. I dont see myself having any future. I wish I could have someone to talk to other then my parents. I just need someone to talk to cause I cant seem to get out of my depression and I premuch drained my parents out. Every night I cry myself to sleep. There is no point in living anymore but i couldnt do that to my parents because they have already suffered alot because of me. I have no friends and it just seems to get harder and harder to get 1. I did have friends but it turns out all they really wanted was to play a bunch of pranks on me. I also broke up with my first girlfriend. The relationship was great intill I found out that she had planned a prank with 1 of my friends to go out with me, lead me on for a few months to get me attached then to break up just to see me suffer. My life just seems to be an endless cicle of problems that never get solved. I want to be a happy person but after 18 yrs of suicidal depression, going to several doctors and im no going on anti-depressents, i've almost lost all hope in life.
06 Nov 2006 Amy to ?????

Please don't do it. Have a little hope. If u need anyone to talk to, feel free to email me. Please don't do anything you'll regret....
06 Nov 2006 Mini u sick bastars u shoudnt kill urself talk bout a waste this website is sick well this part is go back a few pages u should try this website ull benifit frm it i tried to kill myself cuz my parents were hurting me i dnt meen they were hitting me but they upset me death is not the answer life is brillent people do care bout u so dnt upset them they probly dnt know wat their doing but if some 1 is ageriseve if ur parents are tell a member of thr police u cant leve them hit u.stick in their and keep on fighting its OK o yea im 11 LOVE mini
06 Nov 2006 Lolly Dont kill urself life is wonderful well its gonna be i wuz thinking bout suiced a while i wuz upset cuz no 1 seemed 2 care bout me feelings BUT if ur reading this i bet u thout this website would help u kill urself WELL it wnt if god wanted u hed have u but dnt come earlier than u can life is great tell ur friends wat ur feling if they care their ur friends stick wit them they care bout u it dosnt matter wat other people tink bout u its wat u tink bout urself just remember Jesus LOVES U!!!Nd GOOD luck ull be ok.if u tink bout it killing urself is pretty selfish tink wat ur family Or friends or the people round u would tink people DO care bout u NEVER forget it if u send an email nd i dnt get it im sorry my thingy is queer
love lolly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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