Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Jul 2006 Liam I am permanantly abused, ed by thugs who steal from me and i am mentally being killed.
I have been in a mental hospital for a time now and i want to die.
i have been relicd 1 month ago and i need to know the quickest, most silent you know.
31 Jul 2006 Slowbullet I am 13 years old and I've tried to kill myself a lot of times. I've been in a hospitable for sliting my wrists in the bathroom at school.I wanted to die so badly i couldn't wait to get home. I tried other thing like hanging myself and poppin pills.The closest I ever got was when I sliced my veins opend, and watched the blood poor out like running watter.If the blood didnt drip on the floor and no one saw it I would be dead right now.
31 Jul 2006 kayla Iam 15, and im thinking about suicied as i speak, I just cant stand living any more, i hate life, i cut myself but htat dosent work, i need a quiker way, please help me to!
31 Jul 2006 mary y do u need to kill your self
31 Jul 2006 emm i feel very sad for all you people that are thinking about killing yourself. at 13 you should not no anything aboutkilling yourself!

you have wrote your storys on here that shouts out to me that you need help this is your cry for help.go toyour local doctor get counselling!!
i am half way through to becoming A counsellor!
its good to talk your problems through and you will be heard and helped!!
30 Jul 2006 Whatever U want it to be There is no "Best" way to kill yourself when your under 13 or over 13. People post how much they hate life and want to end it. It's hard to think about what life would be like if you weren't alive, actually its impossible. So if you kill yourself because you want to eliminate the pain, who says your going somewhere better? You could say I have no room to talk in here, and that's fine, but even though Iv'e never put serious thought into killing myself, Iv'e lived with an older brother, whom I look up too a lot, who has. My brothers gotten into more trouble with the law than I can remember. From what I know, he used to slit his wrists and he's overdosed on pain killers. Probably not the worst thing possible, but hey, it's hard to deal with when your young. It's even harder when your friends tell you how much of a f*** up your brother is and how stupid they think he is. But back to the subject, I don't sleep anymore. I can't. I'm too worried about what he mite do to himself. I know what your thinking, focus on you and not him, you can only control one life, and that's your own. Believe me, Iv'e heard that before. It's not that easy. You have to be in that ersons position to actually feel what they do. My dad never says anything encouraging to him, all he says is that he'll be in jail sooner or later and he's also a f*** up..Nice encouragement dad..Anywho, All I'm trying to say is 2 things. 1). Don't do it, you may think your useless and you don't need to be living and that the world will be better off without you..But honestly, It wont. People may say how much they hate you and say critical things that hurt, but I don't think they'd be feeling that was at your funeral. People say things, a lot of things, its hard to shake them off, but its just what you gotta do, life will get better beleive it or not. And 2.) I need my own help as well...With the whole insecurity of sleeping and what not, so If anyone has maybe experienced it or has good advice, please E-Mail me.
30 Jul 2006 sunny go inside ur garage turn the car on close all da doors and fall alsleep youll die and u wont even know it
30 Jul 2006 michael why do you guys do this to your self?i know you are goin through hard times but instead of tryin to kill your selves just turn to jesus?he can solve it all for might not happen over night but it will eventuall happen if you pray on it regularly.and go ahead laugh at me or make smart remarks i dont care.but please just listen to what i am sayin.because by tryin to commit suicide you just let satin win allthese battles which will lead to him winning the war for you life and eventually you could be sent to hell which in my opinion could be the worst thing to ever happen to someone. and if you turn to jesus and just accept him in you life then you could live a everlasting life in heaven with jesus and have a perfect life with no pain. so now the choice is up to you. email me about anythin if you want
30 Jul 2006 kelly i have had a reali bad life but iam not going to go into ALL the bad things that has happend in my life because i just fink of it as 'there is always sum 1 in the world that has had a worse life than me'(u should fink the same)i 2 have wanted to die since i was about 9 and still do. (iam 17 now) wen i was that age i only used to say i want to die never reali did anything about it just useto sit bak and wach my mum slit her wrist and take overdoes's she always said she wanted to die and wen i was 12 she did she jumped of a bridge on to a busy road.
i have only tryed to kill my self twice by takin as many pills as i could, the last time i did it i realy fort i was goin to die i was lay in bed and fort i felt my self slippin away,i wasn't scared at all, but some how i woke up a hour later screaming 'i shud be dead' so now i have given up on tryin to kill my self, i just dont like pain.

so for every 1 out there i hope everyfin goes ok for you, and maybe 1 day some of u cud look bak and say iam glad i didnt do it but sum of u mite of aleady dun it #########
30 Jul 2006 LK Wrote this at a time of clarity, to capture that spirit. I just read it to myself when I’m feeling low. Take your time over it I know it’s long and a bit dramatic but just kick back and take a moment. It might be just what you need.

Carried by angels, I refuse to be dead weight. From a place of strength, courage, and safety (my mother) I was forced into the world by a blade (caesarean) my first struggle. This world enforced its bitter truths on me and made me a slave to them. And so, with the knowledge my life has so far blessed me with, I will be a happy slave. I will sing and dance to the songs of the oppressors of the world and make them my own. I will not call for the chariots to swing low, but for my guardians to carry me above it all. I will not let any weaken me, control me, oppress me, belittle me, or confuse me.

I see more clearly now. I was blind suffocated by the pain of my thoughts. I wished for escape, so drowned myself in tears, I was deceased. Thoughts and visions of death plagued my thoughts. But whilst I’ll still shed tears, I am now reborn Baptised by my tears, which are blessed, and should not be mis-used again. Now, I crawl above the reality which threatens me. Where there is no place for me I will create one. Hold my own. Never again will I let my kindness be taken for weakness. I can not stop others from under estimating me but I can stop underestimating myself. Instead I will stand tall in all I do. Proud and victorious, I refuse to lose. I refuse to be a victim of greed, jealousy, and envy. A slave to my own dark thoughts; no more.

And the snakes in the grass, those who’s mere negativity can bring out that sorrow; I will actively fight against. I will be a soldier, and my guardians or whatever is bigger than me in spirit, that lifting force that comes with things such as love will be my army. My mistakes will be blessings and I will embrace the lessons they teach me shamelessly in the knowledge that I have followed my heart for I know that it is good. It has been witness to my struggles and for that it is strong. It has loved and trusted many, and been hurt as a result, but no more. The scars my body bear are my strength. They document my life. All this will replace the hurt that once existed. I will be knocked again, and I will stand again, faster, and taller than I stood before.

I will live the dream, not dream the life. I will treat my body as my temple. My feet, my hands, my legs, my eyes, all that is me, for it is all that I have which I cannot lose without losing myself. Literally and figuratively. I realize this now. I have realized my worth and I will reflect this worth in all I do. In the things I say, in the people I choose to spend my precious time with. I want to be a blessing to those whose lives are entwined with my own.

I ask that spirit to help advise me, shield me, give me the strength and courage to achieve all that my heart desires. I write this not knowing what the future brings. But I presume little. But all presumptions aside, I can confidently say this; “I will not lose”.

30 Jul 2006 steven u people u say this site is sick and people who use / run it are sick wtf were u searching when u found it?
29 Jul 2006 iahveh uhm.... i don't think joking about selling suicide to teenagers is anything that should be allowed. And i totally agree that a great way to keep people from killing themselves is certainly to tell them they're "fucking sick". stumbling across this website is a bit scary because it shows the total disregard for the physical and emotional pain other people feel, and the absence of loving advice. people can hurt, and it's not always because they're self centered or dramatic. what about kids who have been abused, and feel like they'll never ammount to anything in life. that's a pain deep enough to spur someobody onto suicide. if anybody is reading this site for actual advice on how to die, try thinking about how you were loved when you were an infant. there was a real love around at one point, and killing yourself won't get it back, or stop the pain you're feeling now. not to write a book, but i admitt that i tried to kill myself by cutting my wrists with a butter knife, and only survived because the sheets helped stop the bleeding after i blacked out. find somebody who you think you could talk to, and ask them to spend some time supporting you.

all we need is love
29 Jul 2006 JessiMae Where 2 start? Well i'm 14...been on this site for a while now but this is my first life would seem pretty good compared 2 sum ppls on here i feel a bit selfish and stupid...But i want 2 die. Ive had an eating disorder for 2 long...ive lost my friends, my boyfriend, my looks and my body 2 anorexia. I feel alone and helpless. Every time i put on a bit of weight i feel guilty and over exercise or make myself throw up. Ive been thinking about suicde for a long time..But have not yet tried it. The first time i try i want it 2 work...I just want 2 go...Any tips?
28 Jul 2006 scors.b Love to you all. Take care, generally.

signed, me. (Still alive).
28 Jul 2006 LIFE IS SHIT!!! Life is shit
And it hurts
The pain is so unbelievably deep
That I don’t know how of rid my tears
Of what my heart is going through.

Life is shit
But I’ve been through it before
So why haven’t I learned
That I am no one’s somebody

He says don’t worry
You’re beautiful and that someone out there wants you
It’s just not me
But how does he know that
I’m not meant to be alone

Because it seems that I know that I’m not meant to be with someone
And what about her?
She would die if she knew I dreamt about her

Life is shit
Because I can’t make up my mind about who I am going to love
Though it should make no difference
Because no one loves me.

My life has been shit
Because he told me loved me then he turned around
Got on top of me and ruined my life
My life is shit
Because he took her away from me
The one person
Who I prayed to him about
The person
Who made me realize that I am someone special
He took her away
And now he wants to take everything away
My dignity, my loves that don’t exist
My life

But I’m not ready to die
But my heart is ready
And has been for some time
It has died so many times before
Why not again?
It’s not as if I did not expect to get hurt this summer
It was something that was destined to happen
I get hurt wherever I go
And I always find someone like you
Who just wants to turn me away
And you said you were always the one that was rejected
Well good for you
Now you get to do the rejecting
It must make you feel just great
But I know that it doesn’t
You told me that this also hurt you
But am I wrong to think that you could not possibly understand my pain in this situation?

Life is shit
Because it always gets you from behind and stabs you in the back

Life is not worth it
If I keep getting hurt

I always say
This time it’s different
This time he really does like me
But all those times and this time
They all end the same
He rejects
And turns away
I cry
He asks why
And I try to explain
That I have never been the one
To go to the movies
I’ve always been the class joke
The one to point at and laugh at
The one that people dared other people to ask out
I’ve been the class outcast
But I’ve never been the Eliza Doolittle
I’ve never been admired from afar, or from up close either
I’m no one
They told me before
Why didn’t I listen?
I didn’t listen because I had dreams
I had dreams of being chosen among all of them
I had dreams that I was beautiful
I had dreams that I didn’t know what it was to cry or to feel the pain
That can only be seen or felt by the edge a razor against my smooth skin
I've loved so many
And I’ll love many more
But they will never love me back
Why can’t I be adored just once in my life
Just once
It’s not really all that much to ask for

I could have loved him
I could have been loyal
I could have loved him even from so far away
But he could never have loved me
Not even just for a second
So why did I even dream that he could?

Life is shit
Because I could love her
But she
Could never love me

Life is shit
Who I love will lead me to trouble
My friends will leave
They will think I dream about them
What little they know about me.

Life is shit
Because I yearn to feel the blood drip down my arm again
I yearn to yell and scream at the world
Why is my life just one big nothing?
Why can’t I be loved too?
Why me?

I had dreams
You don’t think I didn’t dream of being a star
Of singing to the world
Or sharing my passions with the world
I guess not huh?

I wanted the money, the glory, and the spotlight
I wanted it all
What is it all?
Is it love, and trust and family
Well I don’t have that
One that supports me?
I have half of one
I did
You made me happy
I smiled so much
The first time in a long time
But you have taken that away now
And I don’t know how to get it back

Maybe I want to see you
And think of turning away
But you’ll stop me
And take me in you arms
And tell me that you do love me
Just not like that
You’ll hug me
And say that everything will be alright
You’ll still wave at me
And I will know that I can be happy again
But are those realistic dreams?
Are you a realistic friend?
One that I can always count on?
You say that you are
But I haven’t felt that warmth yet
That embrace
That seals the deal
Be there for me
When times
Are low
Even when
You’re far away
Be there
That way I’ll know that I can be happy again

Life is shit
Because I don’t trust myself to give this to you
So you will know how I feel
Because I don’t want to scare you off again
Because you are so important to me
And I know that I am nothing to you

Life is shit
Because after four pages of this poem
I still cry.
I cry tears that
I didn’t know existed
I cry tears that have been waiting for seventeen long and painful years

Life is shit
Because no one understands
The pressures that I feel
The stress
That goes along
With being
A semi closeted
Life is shit
Because I don’t even understand
The pressures and the stress that lay before me
Because of the lifestyle choice that I have maid

Life is shit
Because I never listen
I never give up
I always push too hard
I pushed too hard this time
And I pushed you away

They say don’t look back
But I know what lies ahead
And I would rather look back than look to a dreary future
I would rather fall in love thousands of times
And not be loved back than to not love at all

Life is shit
Because after five pages of this poem
I still cry.
And I still yell and I still want to be mad at you
But how could I ever be really mad at you
I don’t know how I ever was

Life is shit
Because I cant find another word
One that is more suitable
One that’s not so offensive
But life is offensive
And throws punches at you when you are not ready
So what do I do now?
Do I just go on with my life and pretend
That none of this happened?
Do I hide away my tears so no one sees them so you don’t see them
Or do I weep openly in you arms?
I’ve waited so long to find someone life you
And I can’t let you go
Even when I think that letting you go will let me off the hook with all this hurt and pain

Life sucks
Is that a better word
I don’t know
You tell me

Life sucks
Because it always has
And I don’t know how to get it to not

Life is life
It hands you what you need to be handed
But did I really need to be handed
Did I?

Well I don’t agree
I don’t think
That I had to have all of this hurt in my life
A little bit?
That’s ok
But this much
Over and over and over again?
No one should ever have to go through that
I shouldn't have had to go through that

Life is shit
Because after six pages
I cant seem to end this damn poem

Life is shit
Because after six pages
I still cry.
28 Jul 2006 anonymous i am 13 and i hate life too. i have been a "loner" in school all my life. i only have 1 good friend. && my family like cousins,uncles,aunts etc think i'm so weird and theres something wrong with me cuz i hardly talk. i dont get made fun of at school but like this one time our teacher let us check our grades so i went up and checked mine with everyone else and like EVERYBODY just looked at me weirdly. i felt bad. & my mom always yells at me. i hate school sooo much. i hate shopping for clothes to so i hardly do it and i always go to school wearing a lot of the same clothes. i hate life sometimes i want to commit suicide like right now. but i dont waant to feel the pain. i want to commit suicide painlessly.
28 Jul 2006 eddie dimbleby if you want to die and end a meaningless life painfully swallow 5 balloons and make sure they dont have holes in
28 Jul 2006 Girl from UK Im an english girl, aged 21. My close friend took alot of tablets the other day. It was totally unexpected. I knew she had issues and I tried to help but this? I was just searching on the net about how to deal with it and about depression and got onto this site. Iv been reading entries for the last 2 hours and the stories are truly heart wrenching. I know alot of you dont want sympathy you just want to be wanted etc. I wish I had the power to take all your pain away but thats not possible. Im no agony aunt but if ant of you want to speak to an english girl and you just want a chat email me. ps The entry that 'ugly girl' posted at the beginning of july was truly touching and you are very talented. I know the subject of which you are writing about isnt nice but you describe it so well and the poetry was amazing and im no grade A english student. anyway im off. Reading this has been such an eye opener and I hope you can all find some happiness in your life.
28 Jul 2006 meghan i know how this stuff works, right now im trying to kill my self but it just wont work! the love of my life just broke up with me and everyone hates me! i dont understand why but ive actually made a list of ways im gonna start trying to kill my self! i just cant talk life anymore! i mean whats the point of living if you dont feel alive! everyone just wnt understand my problems and i just can take life anymore

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