Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Nov 2006 Erik Hello again. This is Erik. A couple of people commented on my October post and someone mentioned that I didn't provide an e-mail address. Well I set up a new e-mail address that you can use to contact me if you want. The user is "erik_the_loser" and the domain is "" (put 'em together with an "@" in the middle and you'll have an e-mail address).

Also one person brought up the subject of what your suicide would do to others and how their pain wouldn't compare to the pain you are going through yourself. Well, you are probably right, but I'm not sure that changes anything. Maybe someday our families and friends will realize that and learn to just let us go (did you ever see or read "The Martian Chronicles"?). But I doubt it. It's instinctual and not really their fault that they don't want to give us up. I once read an interesting obituary in the newspaper though. A man had committed suicide at the age of about 40. The man's father didn't call it a tragedy or anthing. He said that the poor guy just never was right for this world. Maybe it takes that many years for a parent to finally realize it.

What I really wish is that people would simply stop making babies. Maybe if everyone understood how we really feel, they would no longer want to make babies, and then all this would finally stop.

Look at the poor third-world countries. You see documentaries and commercials about them on late night TV. Millions of babies are starving. They do nothing but cry and starve in sickness all day and yet the people just keep making more babies. Just look at that for a while and use your brain. Do you really think humanity is headed somewhere good? How much sense does it take to figure out that adding babies is not going to turn things around? And why don't humans even have that much sense? (Hmm. Let's see . . . We have a million starving babies in our city and, hmm . . . no food. What should we do? Hmm . . . I dunno. Fuck it!) Why don't we all just stop making babies and try to feed the ones who are already here and starving. Then maybe we could at least go out on a high note.

I don't have anthing positive to say as usual. Well there is one thing I guess. The guy who answered the question of how to kill yourself with "Enroll at UC Berkeley and major in mathematics" -- he made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, if all you need is someone to listen to your story then you can send me an e-mail. But don't expect me to give you a reply with a bunch of "Oh things will get better and God has a purpose for your life" crap. I have no idea whether things will get better. But I'll read it and I won't judge you. Heh, I'm nobody to judge anybody.

21 Nov 2006 Sullen I dunno. .life is really shitty. I've commited some attempts many times, and it's rediculous that they've all failed. Overdosing doesn't really work so well . .but if anyone has suggestions, that would help. The best attempt i had was not consuming anything for days and then overdosing (About 50 pills), but that didn't work. Sadly. . that must have been the best attempt. I hear that when overdosing alcohol consumption helps, it should double the effects or so. (age 16)
21 Nov 2006 why the fuck do u wanna know wow u guys are fucken retarted.this use to be me.but i healed.why the fuck do u wanna kill urself???u're not even in the real world fuckheads.jeez....fucken morons!!!the only way u'll evr live and get through the day,is cry ur heart out and let someone know what's going on inside u before it's too late.if not...then too bad.guess u nvr gonna give GOD a chance to heal now are ya?if u think u dont exist in this world,well guess wat i can see.but u just dont know....hehe wow that was kewl!hey new flash: JUST DON'T DO IT
21 Nov 2006 xkillax under 13's shudnt bother.
being a teenager has its good points. when you get older and realise how bleak the world is feel free. but until then give it a chance.
21 Nov 2006 Emma there isnt one u just need to stop and think about things yes things might be hard but ur too young to end evrything what if you grow up and have a perfect life and some people dont even get the chance to do that you need to be strong and think of the good things youve got because most people have 1 good thing in there life if not maybe more and for all those who have nothing then try and make something of yourself and get on with life cos its too short people x x x
21 Nov 2006 Anna I tried to kill myself 3 times when I was 14 (wrists, paracetemol & tranquilisers) and 1 major attempt at 19 (24 sleeping pills and half a bottle of spirits). That one I woke up in hospital with some nurse telling me I was wasting everyone's time and using up a bed a sick person could have used.
Everyone said I would feel better as I got older but I haven't. I still wish I was dead all the time. I'm now 34, my ex has a new girlfriend, my mother has terminal cancer, my father died 7 years ago. My life is unbearable. I want it to end so much. I just want you guys to know that it doesn't get any easier as you get older. Life is shit. Period.
21 Nov 2006 Me sorry my other entry's were wrong this is the real thing
21 Nov 2006 Soon I will die I say get a gun illegally and intentionally miss when you try to shoot the police then drop your gun and say shoot me or i'll get the gun and shoot you. then if they dont shoot piup the gun and kill yourself. DO THIS AT NIGHT (10 P.M. to 5 A.M.)
21 Nov 2006 sarah After finding this site i discovered that many people jus fell upon it like i did. iwas not looking for this site but now i found it, i feel obligated to write something. Im not goin to come on here n tel u my life story because the point that im making is everybody has a sad story, everybody has problems. No matter what anybody says everybody has problems no matter how big or how small they all matter in this world. On my path to self- discovery (which im still on) i found this little peice of information that was useful, people have suicidal thoughts because the pain you deal with overtakes the resources you have to cope with it. For three long years i have dealt with many of things that people have sed on this site but that doesnt make me give up,that doesnt make me fall it jus makes me stronger. It makes me believe that when i get suicidal thoughts i will jus have to get a resource to cope with it, that can be family, friends, therapists, even a dog jus something to let everythin out.

At one stage i thought suicide was the best action i will ever do but what i ironically forgot was that it would be the last action i would ever take.. if you are suffering, lonely or even sad don't you believe that this is the end, don't you give up because i no that inside of you that little boy or girl that is crying will soon cheer up. But what do i no... im only 16 but one thing i no for sure is that ive lived for 16 years with no regrets even if i did try to kill myself, and ive got my whole future ahead of me.. dont chu wana feel dat too... believe me when i say that if you don't like the way life is going then say fukkk off n change it, u don't have to live with anything you don't like. To all the people out there suffering i send all my love..
20 Nov 2006 atmess I'm 52 yrs old and I'd like to know what is the granted way to commit suicide.
20 Nov 2006 j you don't
life is tough, and there isn't anything that says it will get better. but it may and you deserve better, just that fact, that you deserve better means that better exists, so hold out for it. claim it, strive for it, kick ass for it, and know in your own heart that you are worth doesn't always show itself in the way that you want...or expect. Everything sounds trite when you're deep in the dregs of wanting it to end. But wait until it doesn't matter either way, and then you'll know that you're worth something more, and that there is something more than ending it.
20 Nov 2006 Renee trust me there is no point to commit suicide when your under 13 you haven't even lived life yet. Dont worry bout the torments your getting from people or whom ever...thats why dere are helplines for you to tlk to people who will understand you. I really think people that consider suicide are not necessarily weak but in a sense scared of living their lives which u shouldnt be because thats why we have a chance to live, God will never put you in a situation you cant get ut of...and the best way to get through it is to live through it and learn...just beelieve in yourself...please
20 Nov 2006 Me A friend once told me to do it... I took their advice... here is my story...

When I was 12 I said I would do it to people for the attention and because i was depressed... or so i thought... the soul in me said it wanted out so i aggreed. I was in a childrens theatre group i was bkstge or backstage and my friend asked me who it was who waved to me ... rember he was just as unknowlegable as you at this point... I said it was the mom of the person who moved away she must have come to visit. then i said i would kill my self if she came back. Then he told someone else then he told someone else this was the start of the people asked me if i wanted to kill myself i thought that if i died i could end it all. This was the problem the next day the people told my guidance councler...(the Fing @%^*#).. she sent me to the mental place and i had to go to a phyco-person... who r cyco to be a cycoperson... but i d it and now there is probally no hope but... i could care less i have fun live day by day and hope for the best E-mail me please even if you insult me i could care less what it says but i need to see that i have more e mails thanks for trying to help with this never ending madness
20 Nov 2006 ashley ive tryed to kill myself quit a number of times now,and guess wat it didnt wrk. i am now 16 when i was 12 it was the worst time of my life i couldnt stand living in this shit world.when i was 12 i was rapped and sexual harrazd by my uncel and later on my parents got a divorce it was hard for me but the worst just started i lived with my mom she didnt give a shit bout me i went out wit friends smoke cigerettes,drank,smoke pot,and all tht shit. i was abused my my mother and she tryed to kill me more then once, once she bleeched my food and i ended up in the hospital for weeks,then she ran me over with a car except she acuallty hits me more then once, i hated my mother later she beat me and kicked me out of the house. i went to go live wit my uncel tht raped me i had no chocie, my dad left when i was 7, i never saw him since. the last thing he said to me was forget bout me ull hav more to face, and he was right i had alot my shit comin my way... at 13 i moved out of my uncels and moved in the with guy i fell in love wit, he cared too much i though i would never lose him,until i found out he cheated on me tht mintue i found out i was crush i took my stuff and left i lived on the streets for a couple of days, then one night a cop found me and took me to an orphanig, and after a year or 2 i went back wit my bitchy mom , she didnt change, i never talked to her i was always out cuz i couldnt stand seein her. i came home one day and she was just too mad i went to my room and cut like crazy next thing i woke up in a closet my mom locked me in ther wit nothin but a towel for my wrists i guess, and food on a plant i could tell she put summin in it so i left it i didnt knw wat time it was so i guess i was in there for a 2 or 3 days. when i finally got out i ran away when to my grama's in another town when i went there i finally saw my dad i was cryin on the ground, from tht point i lived wit them my mom still doesnt knw where i am and i dont thnk she even cares, ive gone through all the pain and the tears but i bet theres more comin, im just so happy to be there and those times i tryed to kill my self i happy the turned out the way they did, but it wasnt the end later on my dad got violent, he beat me i was in the car with him arguing and the last thing i said was now its my trun to leave.... and tht was tht i live live with my bf now and happy as can be i just hope it doesnt get to the point where i snap but suicide isint the best way to go so dont try and do it, it just leads u into more shit. try and fight it, xoxo
20 Nov 2006 Stef the best way to commit suicide when you are under 13...gass, definitely easy. or overdose of sleeping pills. but don't try it...unless you have a deadly disease bound to take you down slowly. there's no glory in suicide, just as there is no glory in dying of cancer...
19 Nov 2006 Katie Honey There is no best way to kill your self. I am a surviver of a sucide victim. You should talk to somebody. If you want to talk to me you are more than welcome to. JUST PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELF
19 Nov 2006 joe I hate this world, it is just not fair. How are we going to compete with others when your rich parents set you up for life? If my father is George Bush senior I am sure my life will not be as miserable as I am now. I want to prove myself to the world and trying not to fall into the traps of the world. In the beginning, I just look at other's happiness and pretend they will also be my own one day. Time flows, i never thought my hand could get so cold, so is my love for life and the world.

I want to see the world, yet I am hidding in the corner, just want to be along. My questions will never be solved... it is just not fair. Your riches parents sets you up for life, I only have one parent and she is not rich.

I think about a lot, if I want to break free, I have to try twice as hard, try to work, try to study, try to keep a relation, try to love, try to be sad, try to be happy... twice as hard. Three times as hard, four times as hard, even if I succed, it will not mean I will be better than you, but I have to work harder.

sometimes I think about people who are less fortunate than me, people who are getting killed in middle east, people who are starving in african. I find their soul resonate with mine. We don't have the perception of yellow, green, blue, red.. but we can only see the world as black and grey. Our hope will not last forever, but one day it will die like our body. It's not fair.

I hate this world, the only freedom I have is the freedom to kill myself. I wish time pass faster.

I wish you to know, we want to die not because we don't have the fighting spirit, not because we are weak, not because we are crazy. It is because of family, friends, the world took away our freedom to be who we are. I am tired of running a foot race against your father's fancy sports cars, I am tired of fighting a fist fight when you holding your mother's gun. fuck all of you, I am tired of life, tired of you.
17 Nov 2006 the ugly duckling well fuck me.
just fuck me.
my life is shit.
my dad calls me a fat slab of cow.
boys at my school laugh at me.
girls start fights with me.
i am ugly.
i am depressed.
i want to die.
life is such a fairy tale croc of shit.
16 Nov 2006 Amy I've been sending emails to people who have posted here that they are going to kill themselves. No one has replied. It breaks my heart to come to the realization that they might have actually killed themselves. I understand that sometimes it's hard to even think about living another day, but you need to hang on. You just need to. I've gone thru this site front to back. I wonder how many people who posted are now no longer with us? Oh god, kids don't do it.
If you feel alone and need someone to talk to I am more than willing to help. Or talk to someone else. Just don't quit. Please.

Leo, I hope you didn't pull the trigger.

I wish I could talk to each and every one of you, one on one and try my best to convince you not to give up.

Try getting help before you make any rash decisions.

I hope you all get thru these tough times.
16 Nov 2006 Chrismas Jones Okay. I have to be really carefull in the way I word this.( I want it to sound perfect ) ..but acualy, I don't even know what i'm writing. mouchette, your a fucking mystery. but simply i am atracted to this place... This website is NOT normal.(infact theres no other website that even compares to the things you find here.) the reason this website gets so many hits is because it is one of the first results you get on google, the worlds main search engine, for "suicide." this made the suicide kit the bigest peice of the huge puzzle witch is Also something i just wanted to add is how god damn hard it is to get into the section for your favorite posts, theres things from many months ago still on the front page.

I, myself have even had a couple in the favorites section, one of them is still on the front page is you scroll down enough. Yes, i used to be a frequint poster on this site,(seems nerdy huh?) but i never was put under the famous persons section, since i think you no longer update. i have been ecnolegedy by your mouchette, though, whitch is an honor. Mouchette i think after awhile you'll figure out who i am. But i must say i signed off, and i might never be here again but i felt the urge to make a late but final mark mouchette. I hope we meet some day. <3

p.s. Dear old readers, If you think you know who i am, (an x mouchette'r) look up my old posts and send me an email. I'd like to see what you people think. And i also would love ot get hate mail on how much you hate me! :D

A once spooky poster.

(Okay that was a big hint xD shit.)

Mouchette. <3

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