Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Dec 2006 mark hey guys... for those of you who are living in a world so painful you 've become numb... let me say this. At 12 I was lost/hurt/confused. I had no idea that i felt that way I just knew I had had enough. IF I had Of killed myself, I would have killed the wrong person, because that person was just the result of other peoples sick minds.

if you want out of where you are at and cant find a way... email me.
tell me where you are at and what you want out of. if you want a cup of tea and you just sit there wantin it and do nuthin, do you think you will get your cup of tea?

all my life i was a fuckup...all I ever wanted to be was happy... now I am happy. i can tell you how to get what you want in life. even if it is death.
15 Dec 2006   fall down the stairs!
15 Dec 2006 the arizona strangler suicide.
it is actually a thought. only people have it. not even monkeys.
it is actually a spirit. spirit of self murder. you dont need medicine if your suicidal. you need jesus.
u c demons come to you in your own mind and put thoughts in your mind. thats why i kill kittens. neways they sound just like you in your head. what a great disquise. that way the demons can deny they exist. then they can tell people that even god dosent exist. however demons are liars.
15 Dec 2006 looney path warm blood on my wrists.
shiver in my spine.
fear in my heart.
glass shards in my mind.
i close my eyes to sleep.
please god let no one infect my ear drums with hostility.
i know you dont love me.
if only i had a gun i could get to hell faster.
14 Dec 2006 Jinnks Suicide is never the answer. Alot of peopke think about it. And I have alot of times. But I still think of it alot. Over the years I have lived with an abusive father. He was abusive both verbaly and physically. I'll never forget the day that he had come home from the bar and grabbed my hair and dragged me down the steps into the yard. I can still feel my hair one by one poping out of my head. And my head hitting the wooden steps. And my back being scratched. And then his fist breaking my nose. I can still remember every day he would call me a fatass spoiled ugly bitch. and then the dy came when he basically kicked me out of his house because of the fact thta I am bisexual. The next day I was at my moms house on the computer and 3 of my friends had died. Dani, James, and Dustin. well maybe not.. the very next day. maybe in that one week. But it was still to much. I was so confused and so depressed. I had too much to live for. But then again I still had too much wrong. Too much to die for. So I still decided to live. and now things are getting better there is still alot of bumps and wrecks on this small road of mine. But I still have someone there to help me out. My one true love. And yes I know most of you have a bumpier road than mine. But If you actually look out there you will notice people who do love you. Each and every one of you have someone who loves you. Take my word for it.
14 Dec 2006 blah make sure you do get it overwith or else, well go and try then get caught so you can get put in a mental institution then sent to prison for like 10 years
13 Dec 2006 cody hey all my name is cody and i want to kill my self because i have cancer and i hate my life i have an older sister who is almost 18 and i have to get good grades like her and im so sick of it so do any of you know a web site that tells you to kill ur self because i i want it
13 Dec 2006 Tabatha When you're under 13 you shouldnt be thinking of killing yourself and if you are please talk to someone, some people really do care feel free to post back.
13 Dec 2006 Zac choking yourself with a dirty sweaty sock.
13 Dec 2006 bruno drawning
12 Dec 2006 Auriel This is so wrong on so many levels. Children have no clue what life is all about, I was one once. I am 20 now, and my dad killed himself 4 monthes ago. If you care about your family and friends at all, you will seek professional help if you are contemplating suicide, nothing can heal the pain you put your family through if you end your own life, think about that!
12 Dec 2006 JUST A MUM I think when you put these type of children down you are adding to their downfall the more you degrade someone the more they will feel badly about themselves and others around them. I'm not religous and I've had a shit of a life like everyone here "minties moments". I just feel that these children are hurting for what ever reason to every individual it will be different and to them it is real. You Adults are no better if you can't say something nice FUCK OFF!!!!
12 Dec 2006 I forgot which name I used Iast time. =\ Mouchette!!!! How couId you! You never posted what I said I Iooked aII over this site!
12 Dec 2006 Kimberley Jordan Well, ive been made fun of at school by one boy from year 7 to 8, i thought it would be ok, i wouldnt hae to tell the teacher or anything, but then in drama, he called me a name and i started to cry and ran out of the room. He stillt teases and makes fun of me. Eer since i started year 8 ive wanted to kill myself not just because of this, i also look at other familys, how close they are, how much they loe each other. My mum says she loes me like once a year, but she doesnt show it most of the time, like other mothers. Ive thought of killing myself, telling online friends id run away from home and stuff, but im to afraid!
I dont know if what I have to say will help anyone but all I can do is hope. Where to begin? I'm a girl (as you can tell from my name) 25 years old and live in Canada. I hope that anyone who needs someone to talk to will contact me, as I have been through it and would like to help you. I wont go on about what exactly I have been through(its a little long to get into right now) and as you most likely have heard it before (but if you e-mail me and want to talk dont be shy im here), I doubt anything anyone is going through will shock me I truly understand how cruel and unforgiving the world can be. Dont get the wrong idea I dont mean that as an insult to how you feel, its just ive seen and been through lots.
There was a time in life (and yes it lasted verry long) when i couldnt see any reason to go on. I tried many many times to end it all, but for some unexplainable reason I am still here (and glad of it). I noticed that the older i got the worse things got for me (but it didnt end that way, at least not yet). When i was young the world seemed different and the older i got the more it changed and it is still changing (how to explain?). When i was very young i though that the world was a good place, that if you were a good persone then it would be good to you. The older i got the less i believed in this. I suppose it had to do with the fact that I was out there more and experiencing it the way it realy was (yes life can be a bitch). I got to see the world and humans as we are. the world is not perfect and no one in it can be.
It seems cliche for me to say this, but i wish i knew then what i know now (and it doesnt mater how ofter you are told, it will not change until you believe in it). When i was younger i though so many minor things matterd, like that i was different and didnt fit in or couldnt get a boyfriend, it would tear me up inside to be tormented and bullied (just to mention a few). The thing that I realised as I got older was that, life in school is very different from the real world(contact me if you want me to explain further).
It took me a long time to see other peoples pain and suffering and to stop and think. One has to realise that even though things seem bleak right now, that wont be the way they will stay for ever (i know its hard to believe this), even though you feel alone you realy arent. If you think about the amount of people in this world can you realy say that NOone else has been through what you have. Yeah perhaps there are some minor differences and perhaps they havent been through the same sequences of events you have, but there is deffinatly someone who knows what you are going through. I thought that I had it bad and would feel sorry for myself hating who i was and cursing the life that i was given. I can look back at this now and see that i was a fool.
All over the world people suffer, usualy worse than anything we could imagine (yes some people have it worse than you, i know you dont want to hear that right now but its true). Dont think that this is reason to give up, because all though there is great pain in life there is also a form of happiness and peace. I dont believe in god and i guess i dont believe in the after life (i think these things to be a comfort for some and that is why we have religions, and its ok with me if you do believe in these things, to each his own). For the longest time I thought I was a coward for not being able to even try to kill myself and then when i finaly tried i felt inadequate for not succeeding. How wrong i was, i see now how weak one has to be to go through with it. Yes its an easy end to it all but thats what it is an end. There are no faery tales in life and no magical place we can go to after we die where everyone is happy. We are the here and now, this is the life we have and it is precious. It takes a strong persone to look past ones pain and see the value in living. Remember that nothing is permanent, if you truly want your life to change you have to be willing to work hard at achieving your happiness and you have to work at it everyday. Life is the one true thing that is ours.
Know that even today i struggle with much pain in my life but it is the moments of happiness that i look forward to and cherish. Life is a sequence of passing moments. They help to shape who we are. Though things may be dark now never give up there is always light along side the darkness.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy entry. Remember to contact me if you would like to talk. All i can do is hope that in some way my words were of help or mildly comforting. Never forget you are not alone.
Cindy ( (sorry for any typos *smile*)
10 Dec 2006 Megan kill yourself. yer sure lets all try it. monday tomorro and im 12 sitting here crying when i read this sorta stuff its the only way to stop me crying. just aloud of people feeling cr*p wanting a easy way out. just like me. best way. just sit there tell the world to f*ck off and wait. lost in your own thoughts. yep this is the life.
10 Dec 2006 SIAN ite im sian n im 12 ma mum is freting to kick me out n evry time she ses it i just wont out she dnt no how much this is herting me i h8 it i wish it would end ... all i wont to do is kill ma selff but i h8 paine so i need to no the most paineless ways n i dnt need help i no wot i wont n it is to start my lyf all ova meen now m8s maybe even have a new family ....i dnt get it iff u no ur not gunna b a good mum then y brig a kide into it i h8 er so much n this time i meen it i have allready tould so off ma m8s that i aint gunna b at school tmoz i cant let umm dwn now coz it will just make things wors than thay arr so iff i aint dun it by tmoz dus any 1 no i warm place that a 12 ur old can sleep in marg8 kent me
10 Dec 2006 sick! you kids are sick and demented...suicide is a perminent answer for a temporary problem
09 Dec 2006 Coco hey kid plz dont kill your self I ? you! you can talk to a friend or a adult but plz there are ways that you can deal with this problem...

think of you'r family you'r friends
we all need you here and we all love you!
dont lesen to this fool

you have something better to do

so please do not do not do not do what she/he says

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