Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Aug 2006 Gab As I sit here in my room I reflect on how I have been raised. I live in a wealthy town during the summer (and where I was raised) and I go to a very expensive ski academy. My parents are still together. My family loves me. So you must ask "why the hell are you bothering us with your stupid complaints?" I wish I knew...I can't stand this life anymore. I'm beyond miserable. I'm about to go back to school in a few days and everytime I think about it I cry. I hate school, everything about it makes me sick. I've been depressed since I was probably 12 of 13. I'm 15 almost 16 now. I hate my life. I know the answer is not killing myself, but it feels necessary to me. I feel as if I have no other option. But going about suicide is the tough part. Early this year I took several sleep pills after I got a concussion earlier in the day...nothing happened...probably because by the time I got the 6th pill in my mouth I threw myself against the bathroom door and cried myself to sleep. If you have an advice...please email me @
30 Aug 2006   i read all the new mesages hat come onto this site and i love seeing everyones different point of view and the way u guys think some of you are realy deep and creative and others have been through some realyhart heatbraking times and then others have just suffered inside but watever it is there is always someone outthere listening on this site
30 Aug 2006 Dylan OK this is pathetic.
Do you people seriously have such a pathetic boring lif ethat you have to sit here and try to get children to kill themselves? Go smoke a bowl or something. there are better ways to degrade yourself.

and as for you who sit here going well i am suicidal and this is how you do it.
omg, espcially "person" on page 2. get a fucking life, if you're not even 12 you dont have any idea. you're most likly doing it for the attention. or you're just a fucking drama queen. you have no conseption of life, or the shitty things that come along with it. i mean fucking a, what good are you going to do if you do that? ooo, you'll be gone, people will no about you, people wont be assholes to you, and you wont have to worry about getting a gf/bf. Its pathetic.

with me, a previous cutter, and suicidal freak. Trust me,i know youll better off going through it. turn to drugs. just not meth. and have fun, life may suck at times, but there are many great things involved as well.

oh and btw: you can't fucking die from drinking a whole bottle of pepto you fucking retards.
29 Aug 2006 Whatever bizatch It's pretty cut and dry really. If you end up killing yourself, you usually will the first time around. Otherwise, you are doing it for the attention - on whatever level that may be. Please.

The fact of the matter is, whoever is giving advice on HOW to committ suicide may not be the best person to take advice from.

Your all retarded. Now get a life.

29 Aug 2006 tasha The Best Way To kill urself Is to (if U dnt wnt a Painfall death DNT KILL URSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have wnted to kill myself wot is the point my lil sis n brother mean the world to me my mum n dad are gna just b hurt they caused the reasobn i wna ill myself but i still care bout them u gotta change ur life dnt kill urself this is the most stupidest sit eva
29 Aug 2006 the things that go through my head i dreem about killin myself all the time. wenever something big or small gose wrong thats the thought that souths me and when i go to bed at night i fall asleep thinking about cuttind or killing myself and about onece a week i do cut myself but if it were up to me witch it is id shout myself in the head but my question to you is how do i get my hands on a loaded gun? if u have an answer email me on
28 Aug 2006 Patricia To: EVERYONE!

Though it is not a crime to talk about suicide I wonder if you feel for the people you are 'helping" I think about suicide as well as the rest of you and if someone asked me what the best way to do it is I would be wondering how can I truely help? Its a cry out. We all sit here typing and telling others our story yet someone is crying out and needs to talk about themselves. To many people out there just want to talk about how what you are saying or doing makes them feel but how do you feel? What is it that makes you think that this is it? I came to this site without know what it was and I sit here and weep for you. I honestly do. I feel like holding you when your world is falling down around you and I dont even know you. Though the cuts feel better the scars hurt forever. The scars stay to remind you of the hurt. Scars never fully heal! Do you not want to heal? I want to help you in anyway that I can. Please email me if you need a non-judgemental talk

Thank You,
28 Aug 2006 raquel hi my name is raquel and im 10 . i want to kill myself eveyday cuz my dumb sister , abusing mom , stepdad,and auntie hate me (i think cuz they torture me) and i always cry . i hate them but rite at this moment i would love to die.but im afraid . i know its not rite. i saw my friend put a knife almost through her heart . i hhate my self. i fell no one likes me . i think im dumb sometimes.people make me feel useless and im always sad. my mom cuses at me and yells at me sayin"BITCH I HOPE YOU DIE I WANNA KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKER" and i wanna cry so bad .but i guess i will go and think about this.
28 Aug 2006 mare find a high structur, clime on the op of it,stand on the edge, turn away close your eys and just lean back( make shure that the building is high) think before you jump if you are afride than prohaps you dont wont to die...good luck
28 Aug 2006 LoveR..... i LOVE YOU i hate my life....

why?? no point asking cuz nobody would seem to care. i am ugly all over because of what i THOUGHT i was. now im better. i had burns, cuts and scars on me. theyre gone now with some medicinal help and i am only 14. my life is great. im fairly good looking not like you need to know. but, i am just pointing out the fact that life (no matter how bad) will get better. i mean, people have to find out the harder way. but i am telling u. love ur life like u have never before. i hated mine and did the worst possible to me. not worth it. nobody cares.

the only thing that is true is that the worse your childhood is when you are younger, the better it will get when u r older. trust me.

dont die, dont try die, dont even think about it. if ur life gets bad. punch ur pillow, have a good cry, talk to your pillow (no matter how akward u feel doing it) and then if u want, talk to somebody (anybody). i pranked a number and told them my problem. i got comfort from most of my callers. my biggest, most sincerest thanks to Jan (shes a grandma). she talked me straight through my problems, told me hers and we became friends. i talked to her nearly everyday.

just when i thought life was getting as good as it could for me, she past away. i felt depressed and i went back to my trying to die ways. i phoned other people met another nice lady and became friends. sometimes it makes u feel dumb, but i know it helped me.

if u feel lonely, remember me. i tell u one thing. i do not hate u. i dont despise u for anything. i love you and you should love everything u have.


(look at them sidewayz)
28 Aug 2006 MR GIl>H hihowareyou?doyouwant tokillyousrelf?whydoyou wanttokillyourselfand youareunder13yearsold?ithinkitsbadto killyourself.youcanhavesome funatthisage...i think...
actuallyidont knowhow tokillyourself butitsnoteasy.




28 Aug 2006 MR GIl>H hey , how are you?(i dont care)
you feal like KILLing yourself ? problem its easy :
-Eat gums till your ASS get blocked. than you'll explose like a balloon!
-See mouchette's profile
-Go to school.
-Loose @:Supper Mario
-Try to live
-Kiss your ugly MOM
-Let your MOM watching you while playing with Your XXX <<<
-Steal your big brother's GF
-Read what MR <<< GIl>H >>> wrote
...........have fun by killing yourself.....lots of more ways to kill yourself....
If you need more help you can contact me @ : or send me your opinion .

27 Aug 2006 Rene I am feeling so helpless and lost. I suffer from Anorexic 2 years ago and I was at only 30kg standing at 160cm which is seriously underweight. Many people was then concern about me, they force me to eat and I did. But the problem is I didnt eat normally. Instead of eating, I binge everyday non-stop. And yes, I gain weight. When I reach my acceptable weight, I couldnt stop the habit of bingeing and I binged even more. Sometimes I will behave like bulimic, I will try to purge out the food I ate, but I cannot do that for long as my thoart hurts. I gain more than 20kgs after all the bingeing and I am still bingeing.I knew from my pyschologist that this is a vicious cycle. Anorexic people will start to binge after the long period of starving. I hate it. I see myself as fat and ugly and I lost all confidence in myself. I am scare of places that has a lot of people. I would juz lower my head and walk as fast as I could. I am afraid people would laugh at my size. I am so paranoid that I even quit school and although I am working now, I keep finding excuses to be abesent from work and I know my parents would scold me and I became so depress that I became suicidal. I thought if I leave the world things would be so much easier but I find out that I cannot bear to leave my family. I am really sad as I was the top student of my secondary school and my dream is to get into University but now that I have left my Junior College, I really feel I have no more aims, goals and motivation. I hate myself for being so fat, even my sisters are mocking at my size and the way I eat... My parents are asking me to see my pyschologist but I dont even dare to tell my pyschologist how I really feel. I dont want to use the word FAT. I am afraid she will mock at me too. I dont really want to die but I am seriously at a loss. Now that I am aimless, I juz want to stay at home forever and never go out.But my heart bleeds whenever I see ,y parents working so hard to keep the family going and how can I juz idle around at home. I am really lost. I am determine now to kill myself so as to lessen their burden.
27 Aug 2006 keith foster life is forever because the soal is forever. all you will do is come back again and again and again.I cut my wrists when I was nine because,sexually molested.parents died.twelve.stole a car two months ago and crashed it to a tree, when I die, I will come back, what the hell.
27 Aug 2006 Sarah Why has not one of you attempted suicide with a loaded gun ? It is bound to work. My mother killed herself when I was six years old, and my uncle (my moms brother) committeed suicide when I was fifteen, I am now seventeen and still greatly affected by their death. I cant stop you from hurting yourself, but im just asking you to think, think through every other option, over and over. It is never too late.
I am here to help. You can email me.
27 Aug 2006 THEMAN HEY , why the hell do u want to kill yourself under 13!?!? go play World of Warcraft & have some fun. u think if u killed yourself u'll get a better life; but NO! ull go to hell & live worst... & if you couldnt die , u'll have to go to the hospital & pay $$MONEY$$ to get healed. .. .

beleve me , have some fun & dont think about killing yourself ... ... ...
.. .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
26 Aug 2006 dennis "When a teen commits suicide, everyone is affected. Family members, friends, teammates, neighbors, and sometimes even those who didn't know the person well may experience feelings of grief, confusion, guilt - and the sense that if only they had done something differently, the suicide could have been prevented."

Thats what they say...
wat if u just dont have any1, huh? no friends or family or neighbour?
i guess then its no big problem, as the unwanted child is.
26 Aug 2006 loren.g Im thirteen and have suicidal thoughts practically
everyday. i think i have depression.
Alot of things have happened in my life and im always
thinking i dont deseve to live.
I once cut myself with a razor, and it felt really good.
but i didnt do it again. noone knows except the people reading this right now
Im glad that there are websites like this that people
like me can turn to and let it all out.
I will never actually talk about this but i will keep
typing on this website.
I know it will keep me going.
Keep me alive.
Because without something to aim for, i wouldnt
be here now.

26 Aug 2006 steph This is my story. Take it or leave it.

I tried to kill myself.I was gonna drink bleach. I knew it would be bloody painful but I knew it would be the last pain I would ever feel. Its said that it does a real number on your vital organs. And at the time I had no desire to live. I was gonna crawl under my bed drink it and feel myself scream violently as it hit my stomach.

But mom noticed my heavy depression and I was hospitalized and locked up for a couple of days.

I remember using some cherry blossom smelling shampoo, I loved, while I was hospitalized. But now that smell always reminds of that alwful place.

White rooms, people waking you up at 5 am, your still half asleep from the night of other patients screamin, and they're taking your blood sample harshly, you take a shower, and the rest of day mostly concerns you having to talk with strangers, other patients, in groups and about your problem your still not clear on.

Its been a while since then and now I see Therapists and doctors that treat me like a thing than more of person, it seems like. It much better just talkin to good friends and loved ones. But Now things seem better and I pretty much enjoy my life.

Why did I try to kill myself? I dont remember or either I dont know why.I have a good life, and people always told me I was creative, smart, unique and likeable. I love 60s music and animals. I'm pretty much a hippie chick. Sure, my parents got divorce when I was young and my highschool is full of assholes. But that never got to me. I think I was bored with my life, everday was pretty much get up, school, home. I did stuff like steal, and public harass people, make art, film places I'd go, watch endless amount of movies, smoke pot, chill and meet people a coffee shops. And started to think if there was much to life. I felt I'd pretty much got my kicks. What was next? Go to college, Get a good job, have a husband, kids, a fancy house filled with knick knacks and shit I dont need? sounds so planned out.

Perhaps I just wanted so badly to get away from some future I thought I'd have at the time. And maybe thats the only option I could think of in my confusion and depressing loss of my point of living.

I think I was scared of growing up. But you can hear me right now.

I never will. I'm just not scared anymore. I'm gonna have fun with life.
Fuck how life is said to be lived, the whole reason I wanted suicide was becuz life lost its interest to me. I was so wrong. I was terribley wrong to insult gods work as well. So I'm gonna make life interesting. And I've also decided for my career to be a pilot.

So whats the best way to kill yourself?
heh.... livin...livin like theres no tomorrow and lovin it.
25 Aug 2006 nikki i'm starting to feel suicidal again. i felt better for a long time because of my meds but now i dont think there working. all i want to do is die. im afraid to tell someone because i dont know if they would trust me anymore. i was going to tell my cousin today but i was too afraid to. so now i dont know what to do.

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