Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Dec 2006 A H First of all I have no idea why you are asking this question at all.By the way, im not one of those angry people that you mentioned, I just want to share my feelings. If any of you are thinking about sucide, dont. lol. I'm just saying (especially if you are under 13) it is kind of stupid either way. I mean, you might have a bad life and all but things can get better.
P.S. and isnt it better that you died of... lets say murder than suicide. People will remember you better that way. Just some thoughts.
05 Dec 2006 loukiane to fall down from a cliff
04 Dec 2006 random thought hmm im still trying to think of new reasons why we commit or want to commit suicide or self harm and i think one of the reasond may be that everyong one wants to make an impact on the worl. alot of us do this by being hard core other do it by being nice and caring andwe belive dieing will catch peoples attention not saying that we directly do it for attention but sub consiously we want to be noticed or something big. anyway i'm still thinking.
04 Dec 2006 random thought robin. what can i say i read your story was a real eye opener and i realy don't no what else to say but i just feel that that needed to be said. mostof the storys are very sad and emotional but this one in particular realy made me respect the story.
04 Dec 2006 don't quit Hang in there.
Do what it takes to live another day.
Keep fighting.
Don't Quit.
If you need someone to listen, I'm more that willing to do so.
Feel free to email me.
Just don't quit.
04 Dec 2006 been there done that overdose... no doubt the easiest. I've cut my wrist several times. I have one scar on my wrist so big you can still count how many stitiches were there (12). But one time, I took quite a bit of methadone and some xanax and woke up off life support. I didn't feel a thing. Actually, I felt good and don't even remember going to sleep. All I remember is waking up in the ER off life support with my mom and dad crying. Methadone and xanax is easy to come by. Almost ready to do it again.
04 Dec 2006 sandeep i want to suicide by drowning.i wanna know that is this the best painless way to suicide.pleasev tell me the planing bofore suicide
04 Dec 2006 Franky Get a vampire to bite you.
04 Dec 2006 alexandra i've tried to kill myself a couple of times. each time with pills and obviously each time without success. i've read a lot about people who try to commit suicide and fail and they say that it was the moment they realised they needed help... do you know what it made me realise? that i'm so much of a failure that i cant even kill myself properly. that was hard to handle. i havent had that much bad stuff happen to me. i come from a good, stable, well-off family. i wasnt abused by my parents. but i did get bullied a lot at school and i never told anyone the extent of it. also, my dad constantly put me down and still does. everyday i feel like somthing is missing. i cut myself a lot and it brings relief for a while. but im afraid that i'll never get rid of the feeling that im worthless. ... i know that doesnt answer the question at all but i really needed to get that off my thanks.
03 Dec 2006 Eric Well hanging isn't a good idea. I just tried that and face planted when my noose slipped.

But the shit you see before you die is crazy. If you want to do it right I'd say OD on some heroin. But if you're under 13.... just stuff your head in the toilet and drown yourself.

This headache is balls. Face planting sucks.

Feel free to drop a line on aim: Stein Of Metal

I have no idea about anything of anymore.
03 Dec 2006 Ryan I don't know.
03 Dec 2006 Rene C Hey! Well if you are here probably you're going through difficult times, maybe you've suffered always of depression or your life has been a struggle, some things leave a shadow in the memories, and sometimes is hard to forget, but! I'd like to talk to you before you do anything like commiting suicide, that means talking, maybe if I'm lucky would become your friend and if you want we can talk about how do you feel... you can add me to your hotmail messenger: my best.
Rene C.
03 Dec 2006 chocokat iv got no 1 except my parents who talk behind my back 247. Im not aloud knieves no more and all i wanna do is stab myself witha beauiful sharp knife. I hate my life and iv been suicidal all my life. and Im trying to get better but it isnt working
03 Dec 2006 hello Kevin This message is specifically for kevin but it may help others. I have been suicidal since i was 12 (now 24) and can remember thinking I should put a gun to my head as a child. I always felt like my parents didnt care about me enough. Its the classic story of the single mom the absent fater, poor, mom works 2 jobs and no one was around. Then as a teenager I wanted to kill myself over what I now think petty situations that I got through them. I tried twice as a early teenager. The first time I was 14 and tried to hang myself. I failed and went to bed. When I woke up I faced the world again. The next time was over my boyfriend at 15 he stood me up for my freshman homecoming and the next day I swallowed a half bottle of vicodin. I passed out and woke up in siezures followed by vommitting and more sezure or sezue like behaivor. No one was around as normal so no one could tell. The next week my mom found the empty bottle and took me out of school and took me to the hospital. I had and still do to a certain exten liver damage. Since then it has been thoughts but evertime I think of it I can hear my mom (who does and always has loved me she just couldnt be the mom I wanted because she worked her ass off to make sure I had a decent place to live and was taken care of) anyways my mom said if I ever killed myself she couldnt live with herself and would follow me to hell. Now I remember that and I even go to sites and still dwell on it but I love myself evough and my family to control my urges. Some people cope with the stresses of life well and some like us do not. I tried counciling and antidepresents and none have worked but taking deep breaths and remembering that even though you think no gives a damn if you live or not there is someone probably many that do give a damn and would be deeply hurt and impacted if you went through with it. Kevin you can email me if you want to set up an private account on yahoo or something. I prabably wont return to this site for a while because I ussually keep my emotions in check but if you want someome to talk to Im here. When upu email mention your name in the subject so I read it K. Hope to hear from you.
02 Dec 2006 random thought you no i was doing some thinking the last time i cut myself when i was pooshed over and had my tooth nocked out at a party for beliving i could be the one to split up a fight for some stupid simpethetic reason. and you no what i don't think i felf much as the razor sliced through my skin 4mm deep. i think that we like to think it herts cause it makes us feel beter when we belive we can actualy take pain although we cant. anyway i realy don't no. if anyone wants to chat i'm open. i've been tald alot that i'm realy good at d&m.
02 Dec 2006 sparkling Listen, 'GOD', just like most of people I'm here for support, receiving as well as giving.

But, see, I'm such a selfish little bitch and I don't give a fuck about kids in third world countries. People are dying everywhere, what can I do about it? I just want for my pain to cease. And suicide seems like the best way to do it. BUT, I don't really want to die so that's why I am here, you know, to seek help and hopefully help someone whom I CAN help.

So, if you don't have anything significant to share with us, why don't you kindly remove your sorry arse from this board and spare us, snot nosed teens and pussies, the doubtful pleasure of your company, huh?

If anyone wants to e-mail me, feel free. I won't solve your problems but I will read it and if possible offer some advice and support.

02 Dec 2006 im the guy who is now dead and you know what you added fuel to t this website is sick and twisted, your making a fucking joke out of suicide your just the same as those idiots who take the piss out of me at school cause i slit my wrists your not helping anyone you fucking cunt your just making it worse for us and if anyone deserves to die its you i hate you and i dont know who you are. I hope you can sleep at night knowing youve humiliated people who are really in pain...
02 Dec 2006 Devon When I was younger I didn't have a very good life. My dad cheated on my Mom throughout their entire marraige and almost didn't make it to my birth because he was cheating on her. As a baby, I got all my mom's attention so my sister got jealous. We still have home-movies of her attempting to kill me she hated me that much. When I was 4, and she was 8, my sister attempted to kill herself and ended up in the "nut house". I still have memories after that of my parents fighting and almost burning our house down because they were fighting when the toaster-oven caught on fire. When I turned 6 after my 3rd week in 1st grade, my parents got divorced. Me and my sister snuck downstairs to hear the fight and then he just walked out of our lives. After that things were never the same. My mom had been out of work for a few years, so we were financially unstable. I rememer never having one new outfit and having to use food stamps because we had no money. My sister and my Mom would fight alot and I mean verbally and physically. We were both hit by my Mom, but I loved her too much to care. I saw my dad once a month ater that but I didn't care, I hated him so much. I never went to sleepiovers as a kid and my Mom took a lot of perscription medicine so she would fall asleep early. When I turned 10 on March 1st, 2004 my Mom tried to kill herself by overdosing. My life was never the same. A year later my old house burned down, my Mom was lucky to survive. I live with my dad now and see my Mom every two weeks but trust me things are nto paradise. My Dad used to hit me more then my Mom ever did, and has left scars on me. In the last year I have thought about suicide many times. I just can't do it though. I've tried scratching (using objects with sharp edges to leave marks) and cutting. I still do scratch, but I'm trying my hardest to stop. I could never really kill myself, becuase I don't know what happens after you die. I'm 13 now and I want to know what life is like. Seriously people, don't commit suicide. It's not the answer.
02 Dec 2006 nathan dudes to all who read this stop and think what yoy are about to do and dont say you dont know how it feels cause im fourteen and now have seventeen scars on my arm !how do you think they will feel i had a girlfreind a life and freinds and i was on holidays and now im scarred for life ! i was lucky i was found in time others werent dont make the same mistake i did 1please
01 Dec 2006 shanice not to do it im 13 and i am haveing the worst year ever i hate it ive just been moved from my mom and sisters and closest mates but whats the point killing ya self when it will get better think about when your 20 you might fall in love have kids a good job and love life then ull think what was i doing going to kill myself so dont bye hope u read this cuz it ant bullshit

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