Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Sep 2006 ImsuchanEmo There is no best way to kill yourself..Why? Because if there was then it would be part of nature it would common sense...but neway I'm here to tell you my personal experience please read cause im not gonna judge u or tell u its completely wrong because then i wouldnt be respecting peoples opinions. When I was 14 I attempted suicide for the third time and landed in the hospital. This resulted in so far 2 years of friggin unnecessary therapy bcuz now they think im psycho. Im always asked if im thinking about something (suicide they mean). But im not suicidal anymore in fact i feel better now. I noe pain is something u dnt wanna feel bcuz wen ur suicidal u dnt wanna feel nethin bcuz pain seems to be the only thing there and its nagging and u feel hopeless.but wut we dnt stop to think is that we're feeling bad for ourselves. we're feeling sorry for ourselves. And I dnt think we should b like dat. Yes the whole world might hate us and we might not b loved by people but first we need to love ourselves bcuz b4 nethin is us. we need to take care of ourselves b4 we think of gettin into a relationship for those who think a bf or gf is the solution its not trust me..the guy i "fell in love" with screwed me over and took advantage of me.. told me he loved me wen he didnt and he took my virginity away bcuz i trusted him bcuz i thought he cared..he just took advantage of my situation and made it seem like he was the only good thing going in my it hurts me being so stupid like dat and it taught me a huge a lesson. I also wanna tell u guys that dnt always trust therapists or adult ppl..they'll go and tell sum1 that ur suicdal and u'll b stuck in the psych ward for God knows how me ive been there..they keep u in the psych ward they drug u to "numb" the pain wen theyre not doing nethin and they get more money out of u being there that long. if u dnt trust ne1 if u dnt have ne1 like my mother never did ( she was an abused child by her family) then take on a new hobbie like writing or drawning or photography bcuz wen u see ur pain on paper it feels so much better bcuz u read it and its just soo good..and yes i noe pain takes a long time to heal im sayin it cuz im living it rite brother was raped for a yr by a "close friend" and a guy i considered to b my brother and u could possibly imagine the pain i felt wen my brother told me " u think u have bad but u dnt even noe" and then he told me the rest. it gets me angry and i cry bcuz its so horrible to imagine them raping my lil brother wen he was 8 years old so sometimes i have murder on my mind...u just have to give pain time and u also have to help urself..always remember yourself b4 anyone..and if u wanna noe wut i did to be better well i started going to a christian church and i fell in love with me God does do miracles even if u dnt believe..and its not completely a matter of fate many people have personal experiences like my mom.. i almost my mom 5 years ago she died during the surgery but ws revived after 2 mins and i thank God for that everyday... if u wanna noe da rest of the story or talk to me about absolutely nethin trust me i wnt judge u cuz thats not the way and im no one to judge ne1 bcuz im not perfect either so email me at or instant message me at yayyitzme (aim) or ksexynena1023 youre never always alone u just have to look for sum1 God bless u and i hope u do start believing in urself to whoever here is planning suicide...
19 Sep 2006 Heather hey there Mouchette! whoa what a great name you have! I just found this site on google and well I'm just a really bored 13 year old looking for some fun. To tall the truth I am a bit weird. Okay i am MORE than a bit weird. I'm the geekiest girl in my grade at my school but i have some close friends.
Okay well to answer your question what is the best way to kill your self?
Don't mide me telling you this its just WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR SELF. okay I'm done with my outburst. But anyways why would you want to? I've had some thoughts but i mean nothing major and my life just got really fucked up. I mean my parents are getting divorced. May family is in a huge dept. Guys think I am the weirdest person on the planet. AND the main thing is most kids in my school ignore ME. Like i dont exist. Well i do the same thing to them too but .... yeah. I guess i dont really have anything to do suicide from....yet. But the way i'd choose to kill myself is... by....duh duh duh..*cough* *cough* here it comes....wait for it...wait for it......................................................


i would uh hang myself because i have access to a rope. yes and cutting myself would be to obvious.( did i spell that right?? oh well if i didn't) anyways i answered your questions Mouchette. (what an AWESOME name HOLY CRAP!!)


Heather x.o.x.o
19 Sep 2006 Kitana bah.. the only thing i want to comment about is that people actualy believe a GOD will help someone.. thats foolish.. believe in ureself.. dont believe in a god that works in *mysterious ways*
19 Sep 2006 life is a joke whats makes a peron want to give up on them selfs? lets look at the logic of things!

Whats makes a person in to a person they are today, Everyone as problems some more than others, I never had real friends to turn to while i was growing up, some lucky people have a friend or more to turn to when there times are rough, Some people can hear the comforting words of some one who cares an have a shoulder to cry on. Some people are even lucky to go as far as a relationship with someone who cares about them.Some people have more than just a family there for them!

There are many reasons that can happen to make anyone in to wanting to give up! To one person breaking up with a friend or relationship could be the end of the world, to another person the loss of money can be the end of the world or loseing more than that, these are reasons that turn a person in to a person they are now.All these can turn a person funny or make them think they have a tougher time than others. or just make people want to pass on away from it all! I have always have had people hurt me an my life an i always think noone likes me at all.Which is true noone will because i am so ugly to everyone.

But for me i never had friends or realtionships to turn to through my troubleing times, i had to turn to my self through every troubleing time i
had, Image being so ugly that no one likes you from the age of 11 years then on wards, I still am a loner now i am a adult. I have problems with trusting people now because i am so ugly to everyone still. Not so long ago i had enough with my life an everything that i just wanted to die, an i tried it an the plan back fired, i sort of got in trouble for it, an i am still alive, But now everyone is talking about it where i live,

Over more years i have become more an more ocd to things like germs, i hate touching things now as i am to scared to, because i am aloner, an i think i am crazy because i have self harmed over the years, an it makes me feel better, I am just different to people noone wants me around them but who will blame them i am a monstor looking sometimes.So what will happen to me over the years, if i am not wanted by people, will i end up on the streets going through dustbins for food?
I have nothing in my life to speak off because everyone hates me looks, i do not blame people after one look at me you will be sick. i swear. Also if you see me you will hate me too,

People always think they have a tough time, even they have friends relationship nice family there for them hot food, clothes, money a full time job, a plave of there own or parents who care about them, a roof over there to drive in bikes to ride, people to visit Nice looks an everthing you can ask for!
Not for me i have nothing much to live for,, all i have this this computer antill i get chucked out on the streets for being here to long.i hope i will because i dont want to live here on this planet anymore, So what i am up to is starving my self by not eating anything at all so i caan watch my weight go down to bones, if i get chucked out i will put my self in front of a car. i never have hated people i just hate my self for being born here i am a waste of space being here really.SOOOO UGLY I AM!

Even people in my family never liked me, i am ugly now i am a breaker i break everything in my path because i am angry, I think i will put my self out of my misery or ask some one to kill me they will gladly kill me for free once they see how i look.ha ha ha what a fuvking joke i am. i want no friends i just want to right this off my chest. I AM A LOSER HA HA HA I LAUGH AT MY SELF FOR BEING THIS WAY WHAT A FREAK I AM HA HA HA WHAT A FUCKING JOKE I AM HA HA HA. LAUGH WITH ME I AM A LOSER HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I am so strange i am awerido, i am sick an lonely in my head, I AM A JOKE SO LAUGH AT ME HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

This web site is my only friend thanks for being here i need this place.......

so just stay alive at least you are not a freak like me, please stay alive, your life is worth more than mine. you problerly have more to live for than my boring life. I HAVE NO LIFE BTW!

see what a loser i am!

hate me just hate me i am a ugly shit loser!

I wanna pass on soon i will.

keep up the ways to kill yourself guys i want a good way so they better be great ways.

Everyone else has friends but me i am a freak on line ha ha ha ha ha ha so why go on i will think of a good.


LATER>! noone else cares about me
19 Sep 2006 muhahahaha rondom thinking: everything you fear in life comes from the fear of death. eg: spiders, sharp things, the monster in your closet out to get you. but if the theary some religens follow, that there is life after dear, the under world, hell heaven what ever you want to call it you would still fear these things and you still fear these things although there is no reson to because your already dead and nothing can heat you you can even feel even in haven the abillity to feel the fresh breez and the clouds that jentaly hover under you like a blanket of air wouldnt exist wich would just cors an everlasting basicaly if these theries of the afterlife are corect wether we go to heaven or hell were scrude .

sorry if i confused you i dont even no what im on about.

personly i dont belive in the afterlife but i think it would be dotaly awsome to live in that underground place on that move "The Corps Bride.

sorry bout my spelling aswell
19 Sep 2006   throughout life people are going to put other people into stariotipical categorys based on what you were and the things they notice about you before they get to no you personaly. and im sure you do it to my point is that if someone don't realy no you then why get upset by the way they treat you or what they think about you because there've most probably got the wrong idear.
18 Sep 2006 Chelsea Hi, My name's Chelsea. I know some of you out there think that sucide is a way of getting rid of all your problems, but it's not. And if you need help or someone to talk to I'm here for you! I won't judge you at all, i'll listen to everything you have to say! I'm on the internet everyday and i can guarentee you 100% that i will do everything i can so i can help you!! Just please, when you start thinking you're life isn't worth it, just take a few minuites of your time and tell me your problems, i WANT to help every single one of you as much as i can!! You can e-mail me ANYTIME at , or LikeLightning33 (for AIM) PLEASE!! Just let me try and help you before you think your time is up! Because it's not!!

There is no point in hideing these subjects about people,
Before you tell me to get a life no one has never given me a chance to get a life so i have a reason to be this way. YES I have issues you proberly do as well that is why you searched then found this page of mine. people are one screwed up bunch.
ask your self this question why are you here looking at this hate page? do you have issues?

People suck you can not trust them! I used to be an open person caring, shareing, Being loyal an each time getting shafted. People are a bunch of idiots all people care about is them selfs. They never put them selfs in some one else shoes All people care about is money,Power,Possessions,and good looking people, the ugly ones get pushed aside left out bullied get screwed up or become ill for all they care. People are selfish an only think about them selfs.
Also I don't care if you hate ugly people i don't suppose they like you very much either.
Why are people like it i think it is a lack of dicipline these days. Everyone is scared to say anything that is wrong. People don't like things like the death pently because its cruel, everything should painful, I tell you people are becoming more wimps! Eveyone likes life to be funny I think life should miserble for everyone in general, because that is how life is,also cause humans are miserble aswell, then we have People who hate for no reason! whats that prove? hateing someone else for no reason if you have a reason you can hate, or grow up! you know what else people who never care about the homeless or third world when they have more stuff then others.
People are stupid jerks all people want is power over others on this planet, they think it gives them the right to treat someone else like rubbish when they have no right doing that at all!
Also Fashion Clons i just dont get it copying each other like sheep, monkeys if you can't think for your self thats fine with me brianless idiots, Then we have People who call some people whinners because there lifes are not all sun shine an happiness, Remember not everyone gets things as easy as other people on this planet, so no digging because it is childish.
People are becomeing more an more scared to stand up for what they beileve in these days,( WIMPS ) What i have noticed in life is the outcasts are the most trustworthy people on the planet the rest are stupid clones. who have no idea what they are doing. Parents let there children get away with far to much these days,what happend to the cane,
Children/Adults they disrepect anyone that will cramp there style. I am so glad i am anti socail to most of people Another thing is why are people so judgemental i mean it is stupid to label people in general at all, labels are for Soup cans not people.
We kill an harm animals for food, fur, clothes animals have rights to you know! I am aloner an proud loners rock Then we have the other type of people who never understand others, i mean get a eduaction on things will you.
Never tell me the reasons to be with people there are no good reasons to be with people, an there are people who think there better than others on this planet i mean why are they like that? just because someone is not up to someone else's standards just like that! again i will say lack of dicipline or copying there parents or stupid friends.
Life is rubbish with people on it, i mean look at what we have done to this beautiful planet, we have given the earth global warming, we treat other things on the planet like rubbish, kill animals, hurt other people, bully only care about money power possessions we have the people who only care about the good looking this is what people have turned the planet in to, one stupid planet, I am glad we have given earth global warming because i hope it will be the end of this planet soon,This is one screwed up planet we live on these days.
My life has been screwed up by people a for along time now, i will never will understand why people have to be so differcalt then make someone life a misery.I will never understand this human race. All people want in life is what they want for them selfs. People suck they are fakers, they pretend to be someones friend then they dump them an not really care for people at all, There just pretenders all the way. All people will do on this planet is screw it up more The more people on this planet the more screwed up it will be.
People can be rude for no reason, or people can be ask questions that have not got anything to do with them at all.Its people that are to scared to stand up for people, The truth is people are people they just do not care! All people want to do is belong somewhere is that to much to ask?
So what turns a person in to a hater, i think people are turned that way in life because of others. Everyone has problems but some more than others. So what makes a person in to the person they are today. I think the mosty outcasted people by others know the pain an how cruel this planet is. This planet is cruel, People treat animals like rubbish, It is cruel an nasty, People are the worset race in history in my eyes. Why can't there be a big ice age soon to wipe out everyone on this planet.People treat animals like rubbish , There nasty in general spiteful creatures humans.


You are idoitic human Number......... who knows!

you want to kill yuor self ok heres a good way...PILLS,will do it!
18 Sep 2006 Jane Cooper I dunno, I'm 15, 16 on feb next year, lol.

I wanna know jow to kill myself as I think I hjave become alot more religious, as I was depressed 2day. :........[

17 Sep 2006 Alex To tell you the truth i've attepmted suicide more times then i can count. No one even noticed. I still attempt it time to time, but everytime I cut, it never seems to go deep enough, or break the vain. I'm bi-polar or ADHD or something like that, i've got pills, that when i'm planning on cutting, i don't take my meds for about 4 days, then i take all of my meds, tylenol/advil/IBprofin, cold medicine, and my asthma meds, all at once so that maybe, they'll take me away for the beatings, the threats, all the hate this world holds, this country, this state, this city, my school, my family.... maybe it'll open their eyes and realize what they do to innocent people. I attemt suicide so that i can control the pain, no one else hurts me... no. I lay there, wrists bleeding for hours on end, in my bed, without not a fucking soul noticing that i'm bleeding, i'm slowly killing myself everyday. NO ONE FUCKING CARES.... and that causes more pain then any other damned thing in this world could. I'm not even fucking 15 yet, and i've got these problems, there is no so called god there to help me. There is no heaven that i'll go to once i finally succeed this. No. Of course not. Cause if there was i, and other kids wouldn't have to deal with mental and physical pain that their fathers cause to them... they wouldn't have to be scared if someone, andyone would understand what the fuck we were talking about. All we have is each other, and that isn't going to save anyone if you put a bunch of suicidal "freaks" together... it's going to help them succeed in their fucking deaths.... don't you understand that? Somebody has to understand..... THe only reason i'm so damn artistic is becuase that and cutting, and drugging are what keeps me from murdering the people who cause me pain... but i know i'd never be able to kill them anyway.... i love them too god-damn much... it's my fault they hate me, hit me, look down on me. that's what i've been taught. That's what i believe. My broken heart is screaming for a release form this hell. I want to answer it. And maybe someday i will.
16 Sep 2006 Raz Well where should I start from? Some of you might judge me and call me weak for doing this but I'd have to say "FUCK YOU". On this day 17th September Sunday 2006, I will commit an awesome suicide by taking an overdose of some random drugs..they could even tylenol...Im gonna take around 50 tabs so im sure i'll die. Don't wanna' get up in a hospital and hear my mom n dad bitchin' alll daaaay long. I feel like killing my brother with me. Fucking kike. My mom n dad think he's great just cus once in a while he talks about computer studies..Fucker is on anti psychotic drugs and still smokes weed everyday. I hate weed btw..made me all paranoid. So whoever reads this...ummmm What's up? We ll meet in heaven or hell...or Comedy Central. Im scared as hell though...cus i wanna make sure it goes well...ok adios
16 Sep 2006 lisa ok... so i wana kill myself, and im sat here wondering whose gona stop me? no one... cos if im to do it properly no one will no im doing it. until its too late until its ova... but will suicide end my pain, or will my tortured spirit watch my family and frends suffer the consequence of my death. therefore.. does pain eva end? or are we eternally punished? i read this once and it touched me... tell me what u think...

To stand on top of the highest cliff.
To feel the wind tearing at my clothes, the elements.
The only truth left in a world of lies and hypocrisy.
The beauty of the abyss.
The anticipation, like anticipating the greatest sex, an existential foreplay.
Looking down into oblivion and voidness.
The ground far, far away as it seems from here, but in reality only a couple of seconds away.
Standing there.
Feeling eternity in a restricted world.
Feeling a decision in a prefabricated existence.
To draw the final breath,
To make that little step,
To know, that for once a decision was made,
To feel one foot above the abyss,
To think for a split second you can float in the air like the cartoon characters on TV,
To feel losing balance,
To fall,
To gain speed,
To have the air tear at your hair and clothes,
To feel the cold wind violently caress you,
To see the ground coming closer,
To scream in orgiastic excitement,
To know what you have done,
To know that you have done something for once.
Maybe even: To doubt,
To regret,
To wish yourself back to the top of the peak that you are pacing away from.
To fly into annihilation,
To see the truth, whether it is a beautiful or an unbearable truth for the fraction of a second only.
Those 10 seconds would be - must be - will be much more revealing than 10 years of most other people,
Than the whole life of most other people. More true, essential, focused, divine. Purer. 70 years forced into seconds. Refined into pure knowledge and truth.
Those 10 seconds would be - must be - will be worth a lifetime.
A worthy payment for endless agony
No more endless, unbearable pain.
No more routine.
No more repetition.
No more
-- Peace.
To sleep, perchance to dream.
To give in to the tiredness.
To fall asleep.
To find solace.
No more agony.
To end.
The end.
16 Sep 2006 Danielle the Depressingly Melancholic Dancing Queen Death…
Whose cold abrupt stare holds us down
And forgives our impatience to achieve each moment
Who pushes us towards it by holding us in life
Death the unforgiving
The fearful sovereign who governs our lives
Who secures morality and destroys sanity

In truth does man need death to die?
We’d die of enough, die of each other.

Inside of me is the eventual death, it can live nowhere
But the body that lets it die, lest we are death.
16 Sep 2006 marie this is the only place that came to mind wer i cud come and say stuf since no one knows me. i ve always been a quiet and reserved person and tend to keep my problems bottled up inside nd try somehow to solve them myself and go through alot of pain which tears me up and make me see like a cold and evil person whereas Im a sensitive persons and I feel too much for ppl. lately i ve been feeling like pratically dirt and i cant take it anymore, i just dont want to live anymore and i know it sounds mediocre but its my truth and nobody elses. im a selfish person and I make people suffer and hurt just so I can just feel that bit of happiness that wears after a bit and im back to my old self. its so hard to explain how I feel.

Thers this guy who has been talking to me and he seems he wants to get to know me and more.. hes the only guy that I have ever liked but when he wants to meet I make up an excuse or somtin so that I dnt face him coz im shy and scared that things wot go well or that he wnt like me. I don’t feel normal but I really just wanna fit in and be really hpy for the first time in my life. It’s as if I don’t want to love someone coz im scared of being heart broken or ridiculed…. The latter has made me self conscious all my life. When I was sent to a new class I didn’t knw the ppl in it nd I went through hell all year round trying to get a friend but no one realy took any notice of me. So I just hung out by myself. I love my family with all my heart. They have no idea wot im going through and even if they knew they wud tell me that it will pass, that’s grls my age don’t have “serious” problems, that I ll feel better and its nt a big deal. My friends are not like extremely hapy wit their life (no one is) but I seem to be the worst one out of them. Im so depressed and death seems like the only solution : a) when I try I always get scared b) I love my family and I don’t want to see them hurt because of me.

Id really appreciate if you guys help me ….. pls I need it

p.s dont bother making fun of me coz i dont really give a shit right now


16 Sep 2006 Ashley McBride life has its up and downs just try the best to get thruogh and suicide does not do the job!! talking to someone can really help!! believe me. cuz cutting makes it worse!!! and talking to your bff or some one u trust can help too. so please contact me here for some help ill help in any way so that youll please stop!! i dont want to see you go thruogh this then not have anyone there to help i know i can help and i know if you trust me youll beable to stop so please stop and take a good look at what risk your taking!! and for all the people who are influencing this kids or teens to do it, your not any help contact me at
16 Sep 2006 Ashley McBride sorry i thought this was a help line but i think its really retared that your trying to screw your chance into living!!! cuttings not going to solve anything!
16 Sep 2006 Ashley McBride when i was 13 it was ether takeing an over dose on sleepin medicene or taking a knife to my arms and going really deep
16 Sep 2006 anon...x I didn't really get this til I realised you're not really a 13yr old wanting to commit suicide! I'd still like to give my opinion though.
I used to be a great person. But now I'm not. I know I could still be great, I could be anything...but I really cant be bothered,it's too much effort. I'm so happy being why bother being anything more.I don't want to be happier than I already am. In my head I'm as happy as Tom Cruise is! So I'm not jealous of him really! He may have more money etc,but I equal him in happiness (thats if he is happy I don't personally know him to ask).
I used to dwell on the past and think of how shit my life is, suicide crosses my mind everyday still! But I know I'd never do it!
If people want to commit suicide...and their lives are shit I say it's better to exist, even if your existence is going to be shitty and hard, than not exist at all.
I mean really, I'd rather be beaten up and feel the pain of punches than be 6feet under...who's gonna beat me up down there? There's nothing to be felt there!
Every feeling is beautiful because it's something. And something is always better than nothing to me. And even if you've got nothing thats still something! Nothing is a great thing to have because its not bad..its not negative. It's a starting point.
Mouchette I think i love you.ha.
This place is amazing. x
15 Sep 2006 Yizhe Wu I have posted a post that i'm going to help some times ago, but it was largely ignored. So again, I say here I do understand why people are suicidal and I will help you if you are...IM me at vivaitalia1989 or send an email :)
15 Sep 2006 harry holy shit man sum of you guys r a ctually thinkin of doin this i waz just searching for sumfin cus i waz bord but i hear about mental people and people hu do this to get bak at their parents. why? listen 2 music and think about love not h8 and dpression. listen 2 da beatles all there musics about love. nd if ur mental hang on to the very end and prove how strong u r 2 urself.hold on cus u will get better. and as 4 the people who just want to get bak at there parents think of all the things they hav dun 4 u your mom gave birth to you and this is how you repay her. dam u guys. both my uncles hav bin 2 mental homes so's ma nan and ma mum but they all found sumthin they loved and u will to. so dont be doin this crazy shit no more you hear keep the love nd stay happy.

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