Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Feb 2007 Von$ i just wanna say, that you fucking kids are fucking dumb.. do you really think if you die it will make the world bettuh? yeah maybeh like no.. it wont. why don't yall stop being SELF FUCKING CENTERED PREMA FAGGOTS. and THINK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. yall are just consided bitches, that only care about yrself.. and yah dowit for z attention. NOT cause you hate yrself. cause in reality that is all "DEPRESSION" is.. BITCHES BASICALLY SAYING "LOOK AT ME I HATE MYSELF I JUST WANNA DIE CAUSE EVERYONE HATES ME" grow up. if you really hate yrself you don't tell you do the stuff you do. 'razors, rubberbands..ect' wuhtevuh and shut the fuck up. you want help? GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR. don't go to this comment bored shit and say what should i do?

YAHHH ALLL AREEE DUMB. grow up and think about what other people will say.. you wanna be remembered as a faggot drama king/queen that killed(ect..) them self for attention?

yah want help? come to muh fucking house and i'll fucking kill you! just ask i'm more than happy to help a dumbass. but then i'll prly store you in muh fridge and eat you. yeah ahahhahahahahahhahahahah i'm a Necrophiliac.
09 Jan 2007 They call me Jr. but im phil my names phil i went to shepperd prat for slitting my wrists, hanging myself, popin pills, smokin weed, hitting my parents and they hit me back, breaking and entering, cutting myself, drinking, driving underaged. when i was a baby my birth mom did drugs and my birth dad hit my mom and pushed her down the stair. no im not retarded from that and im not retarded at all. iv been suffering from anorexia and belimia. i waight 96 pounds my god brother is gay and i have a great gf hus makin me stop this all i drilled a hole in my knee and yes i am the same person a little bit down. i no its hypocritical but its nopt kool to try to commit suicide. i am also depressed alot.

my family hasnt gotten better im adopted cuz my birth family wasnt good enough to become parents my mom and dad( birth parents) are in jail. people can call me to talk cuz i want to help people stop ill give u the # later.......
iv died ya its not good. since the last time i wrote to this place i died 2 more times.
and what are people gonna say a bout all of u

wow u guys are weird or u have problems cuz u wanna die....
u nmo they cant accept us and that makes us worse

i got suspended and expelled from my last skul for fightin

im rich if u wanna put it like that but it sucks beiun rich

my parents think there so cool and they think they can get away with hitting me

my dad had to hold me back from hitting my mom.

well i have to go back to writing depressin stuff and idn i might go lay in a corner in my room all dark cu im depressed as hell

my screen name for AIM is candyshopper94

IM me like anytime

my # is 443-955-8504

call me

well off i go i gotta go grab a knife to keep my mom away

call or IM
24 Nov 2006 Legna Jump! Take some poison! Go to Iraq! Before you know it, it will be over, but why would anyone kill themselves? This is a very interesting philosophical question and it may vary from person to person with no agreement. Life is beautiful. Struggles are part of life. As we toil on this beautiful Earth of ours, we sometimes wonder why there are struggles, but it is on fact these struggles that create life. You may wonder where all of these struggles will lead humanity, but there is a product in the end. if you struggle with out Lord Jesus Christ, your life will end with sucess. Even if you struggled with an addiction, starvation, povertyof any kind, the Lord is powerful and will save humanity in the end if it stays anchored to Him. If you want to commit suicide, I don't blame you, but there is more than one way to do this. Destroy your present life, and find one in Jesus. This is the best way to help heal the world and free it from its struggles. You want a suicide kit eh? Put the Holy Bible in a beautiful box and shut it.
20 Nov 2006 Stef the best way to commit suicide when you are under 13...gass, definitely easy. or overdose of sleeping pills. but don't try it...unless you have a deadly disease bound to take you down slowly. there's no glory in suicide, just as there is no glory in dying of cancer...
12 Nov 2006 leo If your under 13 there really is no reason to kill yourself. I am now 27 and have absolutely no friends. I am all alone with no family within 200 miles of me (one crazy uncle with MS that hates me). My dad already dead and i just have one brother i talk to about 4 times a year in philly. i have one other uncle who will die soon from alchaholism in Florida. i just have my fucking dog.I am beyond broke and will likely soon be evicted. I will commit suicide within a week or so. i will just shoot myself in the head but am looking on-line to see if the temple or in the mouth is the best place. The last thing i want is to be fucking retarded for the rest of my life because i didn't hit my cerebellum and botched my attempt. This isn't an attention ploy like most people who can't manage to kill themselves because they're fucking idiots.
I have asked god to kill me and curse him every day for lying to me. He lied (God is witness)to me and my whole life is fucked now.
i will stay up all night and if God does not give me an epiphany before dawn then... click
Let me know if the mouth or temple is the best place. If anyone tries to report me to some suicide prevention I will kill myself before they can do anything so fuck off.
08 Sep 2006 kaykay I came across this site last nite.... Whn I typed into yahoo.... The fastest way to commit suicide. I'm not 13.... I'm 18. Just entering college. I feel like my life is upside down. Most of my life I've felt alone.... No one understands me.... At times I don't even know who I am. I used to always think about killing myself but thought I love myself too much.... Thts not true. I put up a front and become the person people think I am.... Wht can I say my dad is a pedophile and a cheater and my mother is too far up his a** to notice. She worships the ground he walks on. She even shows jelousy of her kids relationship with him because he doesn't give her affection that she craves. Well I'm the middle child.... Its been said we have it the worst.... I'm strtin 2 think that its true. I used to be daddy's little girl.... Thought my dad was the greatest until I found out who he really was. I hate my father and my mother. My parents don't care about me. They just want me out of there house so that I don't corrupt my younger siblings. I been with my boyfriend for 8 months..... I love him so much. He makes life so much better and worth living..... I feel in me that he is my soulmate. I can say that he is my comfort.... The only one that cares but when we have our bad times I just want to die.... I feel I have nothing to live for. I've cutt my wrist 2 time but I'm still here.... I guess God has greater plans for me. I learned a lot from this site..... I think the next time I'm at the hieght of my depression and want to kill myself I probably will.
This is my cry my desprate cry for help....
I feel that no one cares about me....all I want is for someone to care.
My parents don't care. They are kickin me out there house.... My mother told me I have till next week to leave. She thinks I'm pregnant.... And I might be. I have no where to go.... Don't know how my life is going to be..... I don't know how to del with my problems so I usually put them to the back of my head and let it build up... I kno that's not healthy but I just don't kno wht else to do. I have a pain in me and it seems like it will never go away..... Thts why I wish I could just lay down and die because I know suicide is a sin.
21 Aug 2006 Britt-LovesLife YEW FUCKING CUNT
05 Jun 2006 myerzev I don't know why you people even bother to come here and type your psuedo philosophical bull shit or lack there of. I am astonished to be even spending my time here! You people clearly have nothing better to do with your lives (besides typing your qualms or futile, pitifully weak pleas against suicide--all of this being my exact point) and just go kill your selves, because just as previously mentioned, you have nothing else better to do then waste your time here. So i highly recommend, from the bottom of my frozen heart, to go and fucking kill your selves. Have a happy time; and in the mean time...keep it kosher.
27 May 2006 Fuck weed Bash your head through a computer until
you die......!!!!!!!!!!!
23 May 2006 phil i am 12 years old and i have tried many ways to kill myself. i have jumped off of my house, slit my wrists, am anorexic, belimic, i have lit myself on fire, shot myself, smoked drugs, taken pills like benydrl over 90 super strength and got my stomic pumped. i have secsessfully hund myself. like other kids on this website i have died and came back. hell is not exactly the best place i have ever been. i havent stopped doing all of these but i have slowed down. i havent cut in 1 days but 10 days ago i went to the hospital and died but cam back. i have died and came back atlest 7 times. i drilled a hole in my knee because a girl said no when i rejected her. i use a mashedi to cut myself and sometimes over react. one of the times i died i went to heaven and saw my friends mom and my grandparents. just because i havent stoped doesnt mean that u should do it eather

people stop felling like ur fat because i have been thru the same thing
i started anerexia when i was only 98 pounds and though i was fat

stop doing this stuff to urself i slowed down because people said they loved me. i dont really think thats true
17 May 2006 not important TO JUST CALL ME SNOOPY
you aint from philippines too and in london right already a resident here and theres nothin i can do about it..cus all my family is already here,and i see no hope of coming back in the so hopeless and helpless and im thinking of doing it too..and i dunno,im not sure if youre reading this just email me or add me on yahoo..
16 May 2006 suky I cant take it anymore. I have nothing to live for. Why not just . . . Will anyone even notice that im gone?
14 May 2006 RCJ i've posted here a few times, i check in every once in a while, nothing ever changes. i've found that my philosophy is basically the Nihilistic view Nietzche hated but invented. i came to the conclusion that all existence is meaningless and couldn't possibly have any relevance. I'm probably not going to kill myself anytime soon, since if nothing matters it's the same alive or dead. i've asked people to dispute my claim that existence means nothing, but all i get are religites saying the bible told them so. that's really not useful, since all religions claim to be true yet not one provides more evidence than another. "The bible is infallible because the bible told me the bible is infallible" is circular logic, NOT evidence. i'm tired of writing the same few things over again, but i'm still hoping i might be wrong. even though that means i'm screwed since i've kind of squandered any potential with school and career. if i'm right, go me, if not, i don't really care. i want to be dead, or just sleep forever, and if dying is the only way to achieve death then so be it. unfortunately, my easiest methods would have to wait. i really hope i don't live past 12-2-06, when i can get a handgun. maybe sooner if i can get a car, or some decent poison. my bit of advice is cut an artery, it's not that hard : there are 2 in legs just around hip bones (femeral?), in arms above elbow(next to blood donating vein), and carotid in neck (if you cut up and down you won't have to slash windpipe). remember: the person who is happy everyday is crazier than the person who is depressed every day.
13 May 2006 yourgivingmeaheadachewhenyour.. What is out there... a universe of compelling characters just waiting to shake your hand and see you off into your own little corner of understanding?

People dont know. Your a faggot for being part of this race. I've got a funny secret. Its called philosophy and its true that if you were to ask 10 different people what they thought life was about, no one would have the same answer. You see, you live on a stage with puppets all around you, and you are the only one with a concious. You are the only one who can think. Now, imagine, how can you relate to these blocks of wood if your made of something more and the jibber they seem to speak to you is meaningless and undeniably a big lie?

Therapists. They're just top examples of these human ghosts. They understand you too well, dont you agree? Even I. I'm an anomaly to you,just another random. i dont even understand you. But to be a saint for a moment, you can understand yourself.

Pain is just an internal reaction to an external force. What your really feeling comes from an internal force with an internal reaction. If you want to be dead so bad, you'd already be dead and the real world, that which is made up of feelings and thoughts, wouldn't have stopped you.

12 May 2006 Suky Darkly her footsteps fall, so far away from the light. Consciousness is a dream, nothing to be afraid of. The real fear lies not within but without, as those bloodthirsty scavengers pick away at your soul.

Slipping in and out of the physical world; this is all that is left, an empty chalice, sound without thought, voice without mind. Meanwhile those deathly pale figure flit about, as those when one meets death, or when deluded by those nightmares as sleep overcomes you.

Am I making my point clear? Reality is something to be despised. Hide in your inner world that separates you from it. This is how I live every day.

Feel free to add me.
30 Apr 2006 just call me snoopy hi im one of the young ones who wnt 2 kill my self im only 13 the date 2day is april 30, 2006 my b-day is on may 2 so few days left im turning 14,,i wanted 2 commit sucide because of problems like selfishness my mom wont let me go bck 2 my country for just 1 yr she said u can go back but for only 1 month but i said how about my sisters my cousin my dad
. im so lonely here in london all my friends are al useless i can even talk 2 them about my problems and im telling u i h8 london i wnt 2 go bck 2 my country because its just me and my mom who lives 2gether the rest of my family in philippines and im just so sick of w8ting for almost a year before i can see them im just tired of everything,, an also one of my problems is my school,, my school is surrounded of 9yr old people even though theyre 13 yr old people keep on hurting my feelings and im just so fed up w/ it and my mom keep on saying dnt say ting slike that sh even said that its a good oppurtunity that im here in london because loads of people in my country desprately wnt 2 go here in london but they cant cause some of them dont have enough money but my poins is im just tired of everything makes me feel suicidle
25 Apr 2006 Melissa sky hi!!!i've posted something here b4 im melissa sky and let me tell u ya all just have 2 get a shrink it works i've got a shrink and im doing much better i do not want 2 die im seeing life 4 what it really is and it is not worth it dont do it u bolive it or not u have people that love u and will be soooooooo hurt if u do it just do aint notthing worth it nothing just talk 2 some 1 and if u were like me and didn't have i write 2 me my email addres is or DaTpHiLlYdImE@MSN.COM PLEASE HIT ME UP B4 U DO ANYTHING OKAY GOD LOVES AND SO DO I EVEN DO I DONT KNOW U OKAY PLEASE WRITE TO ME LOVE YA MELISSA SKY!!!
22 Apr 2006 Travis Why does everyone put themselves in pain? Hello a gun would be fast and painless? perhaps maybe?? mmm yea i think it would be..
21 Apr 2006 Travis Aww well im 16 soon to be 17, i can drive i thought of turning the wheel right into a 18 wheeler. but didnt couse i might still be alive. but one way i thought just today i was close from goin into the gun cabnet and grabing my 270 deer rifle and ending it all.. just like kurt i want to exape the truth and the reality of live and whats ahead of me. and also i just feel im no one i feel alone all the time. now im not what you would call ugly but im not "hot" either. some say i am i find it very flattering but i hate it. Fakes piss me off. BUSH AND HOW THIS WORLD IS GOIN DOWN THE SHITTER! hello where gunna die of bird flu sooner or later.. thats just my opinion.. and anit depressants dont work they make you worse.. trust me!
21 Apr 2006 philimene To The Bitter End - I wouldn't be offended if u added me and asked why I haven't killed myself yet. It would probably make for interesting conversation.

To Twaits: I think u have really summed up the essence of this website. I have wanted to commit suicide for at least 4 years, but have never talked to anyone apart from on this site.

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