Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Dec 2006 emma hi im emma (age 13) i cant take it any more pleaz help every 1 hates me i have no friens when i come home from sleepin all day at skool where every one teases e for bein different and willin 2 speak up i get straight on da pc or i go do drugs and shyt i hate it i dont give a flyin FUCK about life noone will go out wit i asked 1 guy out and he almost fuckin peed his pants 4 laughin god I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE (AND I HATE GOD DAMN THERIPISTS) HELP MEEEEEEE T__T email me wit help pleazzzzz and no god damn docters pleazzzzz ( ps im fuckin adicted wit myspace >_< damn it my life suxxxxxxxx
07 Dec 2006 reese I don't think anyone chooses to think about suicide. suicide crosses a person's mind when to them there is absolutely no sign of hope or a solution. a suicidal person doesn't think of suicide as a quick solution but rather as the ONLY solution. It is because of how our mind thinks that we get depressed, sad or even happy. situations don't determine how we feel. it's how our mind interprets what happens to us that makes us "feel." some people see problems as just an obstacle, while others see it as a hundred foot wall. the hardest thing for a suicidal person is the thought that nobody out there understands what they are going through. because of this, they feel alone. and it makes their problem bigger. it doesn't help them at all when others say, "oh, suicide is a selfish act" or "its just a way to point fingers at peoople who you think have fucked up your life." when a person thinks about ending their life, they are saying that they are tired, and exhausted of living. the only way to stop a machine is to turn it off. our brain is a machine ; a machine that runs non stop until we die. they key word is DIE. our brain shuts off only in DEATH. drugs and alcohol help but not for long. so what's the best way to get out of hopeless situations? DEATH! think about it. no more sadness, no more LONELINESS. no more guilt. and really, who cares what people think when you kill yourself. your'e not there to hear about it! maybe it is selfish, but hey! the point is that you are not hurting anymore!!!

so why didn't i kill myself few years back? because of one thing: LOVE. what brought me hope was the thought that someone out there was ready to love me and be there for me. I may have met them already or i had yet to meet them. but it excites me to think that someone out there was ready to take me out of loneliness. i didn't want to leave the world not knowing who this person was. the loving hug of a soul mate is enough to erase a peron's problems away. love doesn't necessarily say it understands. it just says that when life hits you, YOUR ARE NOT ALONE.

We all have the same issues here. Lost love, Betrayal by a trusted person, neglect and all that fuckin stuff. but now i refuse to hurt myself because of someone elses fuckin stupidity. instead of hurting myself i'll get them back by becoming better than them. i've got nothing to lose....i already have nothing!
06 Dec 2006 Ashley Ok. So believe me, I've considered it all. My best friend, confidant and love just passed away. It's been ONE month. NEVER before have I had these kind of thoughts, but now....I do. I miss him. He was the love of my life and now I am left with only memories. It sucks and it hurts. But listen to me. Times will get hard. You will feel like giving up, cause it seems so easy. But don't be so selfish. No matter what you think, there is SOMEONE out there that cares. Someone that it will effect, I promise you. Trust me, I wanna give up everyday, but I can't be so death will only hurt many other people. Life is hard and unfair, no one said it would be easy. I promise, with time, the hurt you are feeling will slowly go away and you will feel more content. It is hard for me to get up every single day without him, but I do it...because I know he'd want me to. Be strong, it will all work out. No innocent lives are with it. You are stronger than that, and you have people standing behind you. talk to me...I will be here, promise.
06 Dec 2006 Natasha im i5 now, but when i was 14 i was having the shittiest life in the world. I had depression and all i would do when i got home was hit my head against my closet harder and harder and think of how i could get rid of it. The only thing i could think of was suicide. I ended up in hospital for one night, might not sound much but it changed me, the next week i accidently cut myself with a knife on my thumb. I saw the cut and burst into tears. I couldnt do it. I was scared of my own thoughts and actions.
What appnend was my parents set up an appointment with some counselor and it helped me a lot.

If my parents hadnt helped me through that time, i never want to think what to think would of happenend.

Im now 15, so much better, the best friends ever, the best parents ever and all of this was because my parents stuck with me til the end.

Some advice. The only thing i can say is dont do it. You may want to, but why take your life when all ur gunna do is cause more pain?
Thats all i got.
Just promise me you will stick with your friend, parent or whoever is thinking of suicide and if its you consider what it will do to others and you have to stick it out. Its painful i know, you will know what i mean though, thats my promise to you guys.
06 Dec 2006 April okay honestly i dont know.I am 15 and i have suffered from major depression,post-traumatic-stress diorder and biopolar disorder since i was 12 i tried to kill myself many times ..i was raped and mioltested many times in mylife bymy family members so dont give me taht" i know how it feels crap" bcuz u dont YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!
06 Dec 2006 maddie ok so
i don't want to die
i want my pain to be gone
it seems that my life was getting better and now all the happiness that i thought was going to end my depression suddenly is leaving me\i'm 15
and i want help i really do
i want to see a therapist
i dont want to HAVE to resort to death
but my parents they dont belive in shrinks and they think when im sad or i'm not cheery like my older sisters that im just being dramatic
so suicide is a resort here right?
i can't feel the embarassment of going to a help center
it''ll just make things worse
and nobody knows that i wanna die
but i do
so what is the most PAINLESS way?
i wanna do the car in the garage thing but my mom always has he car, no way that i could get away with that.
and im not up for sufficateing i mean i want to die, but i dont want m last moments to be in pain.
so how do i do it?
05 Dec 2006 A H OMG. I just looked on your blog and it said you did kill yourself when you were 13. I'm sorry to say, but I just dont think thats true, or if it is, some adult is making this site. Anyway, Kids dont listen to this site
Ps. You should add this message to your angry list
05 Dec 2006 babes This is a really bad way to die u should die the way ur life is planned out not this guesome way.
05 Dec 2006 A H It's me again. I just looked on your website mouchette. You live in Amsterdam and I'm guessing that you have a pretty hard life. I'm almost 13 too. (I turn it in March.) Just remember, theres something out there for everyone.
05 Dec 2006 A H First of all I have no idea why you are asking this question at all.By the way, im not one of those angry people that you mentioned, I just want to share my feelings. If any of you are thinking about sucide, dont. lol. I'm just saying (especially if you are under 13) it is kind of stupid either way. I mean, you might have a bad life and all but things can get better.
P.S. and isnt it better that you died of... lets say murder than suicide. People will remember you better that way. Just some thoughts.
05 Dec 2006 loukiane to fall down from a cliff
04 Dec 2006 random thought hmm im still trying to think of new reasons why we commit or want to commit suicide or self harm and i think one of the reasond may be that everyong one wants to make an impact on the worl. alot of us do this by being hard core other do it by being nice and caring andwe belive dieing will catch peoples attention not saying that we directly do it for attention but sub consiously we want to be noticed or something big. anyway i'm still thinking.
04 Dec 2006 random thought robin. what can i say i read your story was a real eye opener and i realy don't no what else to say but i just feel that that needed to be said. mostof the storys are very sad and emotional but this one in particular realy made me respect the story.
04 Dec 2006 don't quit Hang in there.
Do what it takes to live another day.
Keep fighting.
Don't Quit.
If you need someone to listen, I'm more that willing to do so.
Feel free to email me.
Just don't quit.
04 Dec 2006 been there done that overdose... no doubt the easiest. I've cut my wrist several times. I have one scar on my wrist so big you can still count how many stitiches were there (12). But one time, I took quite a bit of methadone and some xanax and woke up off life support. I didn't feel a thing. Actually, I felt good and don't even remember going to sleep. All I remember is waking up in the ER off life support with my mom and dad crying. Methadone and xanax is easy to come by. Almost ready to do it again.
04 Dec 2006 sandeep i want to suicide by drowning.i wanna know that is this the best painless way to suicide.pleasev tell me the planing bofore suicide
04 Dec 2006 Franky Get a vampire to bite you.
04 Dec 2006 alexandra i've tried to kill myself a couple of times. each time with pills and obviously each time without success. i've read a lot about people who try to commit suicide and fail and they say that it was the moment they realised they needed help... do you know what it made me realise? that i'm so much of a failure that i cant even kill myself properly. that was hard to handle. i havent had that much bad stuff happen to me. i come from a good, stable, well-off family. i wasnt abused by my parents. but i did get bullied a lot at school and i never told anyone the extent of it. also, my dad constantly put me down and still does. everyday i feel like somthing is missing. i cut myself a lot and it brings relief for a while. but im afraid that i'll never get rid of the feeling that im worthless. ... i know that doesnt answer the question at all but i really needed to get that off my thanks.
03 Dec 2006 Eric Well hanging isn't a good idea. I just tried that and face planted when my noose slipped.

But the shit you see before you die is crazy. If you want to do it right I'd say OD on some heroin. But if you're under 13.... just stuff your head in the toilet and drown yourself.

This headache is balls. Face planting sucks.

Feel free to drop a line on aim: Stein Of Metal

I have no idea about anything of anymore.
03 Dec 2006 Ryan I don't know.

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