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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Sep 2006   You don't need to kill your body to commit suicide. most people let there dreams die and then procceed to kill the dreams of those around them misery loves company if you want to committ suicide because you like it kill your personality and become someone else erasre all that connects you to yourself until you are forced to be someone new and become this new"i" completly . you can be anything you want to be isnt that what your teahcers always told even as they told you not to do certain things?
your identity is the greatest fomro of suicide it destroys pure being keeps it from coming out by putting a suffocating mask over it. be free be no one be everything
22 Sep 2006 jellyfishmachinist She wanted the porcleain to be spotless.
With the concetration of mental energies focused on the problem of entropy any action seemed futile against it.
Even the memory of purity was slowly fading a a dull grey husk like the leftover skin of a snake was all that remained of this ancient ideal.
The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white. The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white.
The porcleain should be white. The porcleain should be white.
No amount of cleaning would ever remove all the tiny bits of bacteria and any other defiling force.
And yet it looked pristine to the eye with its glistening appearance and soap smell but she knew yes this was a lie told to her by her faulty corrupted senses.Her eye was lying so it was impure and even if what she saw was completely pure her view of this object would be incomplete and sullied by the deceiptive quality of her own impurities.
Yes She thought i must accept my own impurity abnd realize this search is to be given up , Children were demons and flowers the genatalia of plants . the sky a barrier to the ultimate void . The intinct of animals upturned nature as some benign loving force.
All that was left was too corrupt things even without intention every act committed would corrupt self or other perhaps both and the tiny compoundings of this were evident in the manifestations of war, genocide, government corruption , new disease, famine, poverty , racial strife, consumerism , and the never ending search to sate physical needs.
All these hindrances to a spiritual life. unless one can negate everything but the divine including the corrupted ideal of the divine itself . Simply there is no escape from death and the promise of an afterlife a waste of the precious time as the entropy runs it course. There was no explanation for anything any more . No despair and no hope to cling to.
All these rational ways of telling stories to explain existence no longer could prevail over the absurdity and irrationality of it all . that being itself could never be understood with a label in any means and experience could never be sxplained waw all too clear to her now. The porcleain tub so white.
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
so white
22 Sep 2006 Stormie I dont understiand why people try to change people's mind about suicide. In my opinon you should just do what you want,its your body so its your choice.
If you feel unhappy, You should do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Im not saying that you should kill yourself,But if that is the only thing that would make you happy then yea sure do it, But dont do it for an easy way out.
Iv been throught what most of you people have gone through.

Cutting,Molestion,Family problems. And let me tell you something it gets harder, but in the end things slow down and start to settel and you start to think hmm this is not that bad.
I started cutting when i was 12 im 16 now. My parents found out and sent me away to some treatment place that really dint do anything for me. I lied and pretnded that it was all okay.
My thyrapist used to tell me that she could not help me untill i wanted to be helped. She was right. You cant get better untill you want to get better.
All i needed was for someone to listen to me.
So if anyone ever wants to talk or whatever You can E-mail Me at Or IM Me Pinkskittle66.
I wont judge you in anyway, Im no better then you. I wont try to change your mind about anything. Ill just listen.
In the end its all up to you.
22 Sep 2006 Francio There's no point to sucide, not to me anyway. Sure I almost killed myself, but now I just don't see the point. And no, my life isn't great now; I just stopped caring. I'm probably a little crazy now, but not the "harmful to society" type of crazy--just the silent kind. My story? Eh, doesn't really matter. No one really cares, and that doesn't bother me. All I know is, I'm not here to uplift you, or tell you what to do or not to do. Hell I dont know why im even posting, I was actually doing a search on lyrics and this site came up for some reason. Back to the point, the one im not sure im trying to make: well, I'm not going to give up my life. Being me, I'd rather just sacrifice my life to someone; to something; give my life to a cause; a puprose; I dont know. I'm not lying when I say I hate almost everyone, even my own "friends," or rather just acquantences. Oh yeah I forgot, I have no friends. Short story: gave it all up for a chick who wouldn't give anything for anyone. Hope she dies. Half the things I say don't make sense, but I guess I'm not a very rational person so it doesn't really matter. Intepret this anyway you want: dont kill yourself, kill the pain.
22 Sep 2006 Sangvina Well, I tried to commit suicide by overdosing three days ago. I was desperate, miserable and depressed. I was just a wraith...My mates saved my life, even though I didn' t want to be found. It was that damn coincidence...otherwise I' d have been death by this time. But when I talked to psychologist and my parents, I realized how stupid I had been. I dunno what I wanted to tell by this story, maybe just get rid of that bad part of my life... Be strong and remember : NEVER try to overdose yourself by paracetamol - It takes a lot of time to be effective and earlier or later you ' ll be found by someone, still alive.
22 Sep 2006 random thought our mind is one of the deepest most emotional things we will ever have it is so much that we find it hard to imagine other people have the same thing and its hard to think there actions are based on feelings and perposes as deep as your own and even as i know this myself i still can't imagin it. but just nowing this isnt good enuf for me personaly i still dont feel the same or equal although i know i am with all the logiqu i know but deep inside were these feelings are that nobody shows we all feel alone but it makes sence to feel alone deep inside yourself because you have to search that far in to find a hint of unsertanty and thats were all your personal feelings and belifes lay so its a personal place deep withyou u and personal things are kept to yourself so its ok to be alone deep inside you but your not alone on the outside there are people here who arent waiting for you but are there for you when your ready to find them
21 Sep 2006 random hi im some random who u dont need to no i to like all most all the other people here have tried to kill myself i lernt things on the way im 14 and i've been trying to kill myself since i was 10 jumping in front of cars eating/ drinking things that say dont eat cutting and chocking myself none of them worked for me chocking myself made me high all random and silly cutting was to slow and drinking/eating that shit just made me vomit my next attempt is to hang myself all i need is a strong rope and to go in my back yard to the tree then im gone but theres still one thing i need to do that is to wait, wait till im really sure theres nothing left to live for really there is no best way to kill yourself ............bye
21 Sep 2006 NiNi well,i just came 2 see some teqniques because i feel that im unappreciated in this world. when i do my best in school and get a B+ my momma says i can do better and plus my whole life is going down da drain at the age of thats y i want to kill my self and i figure some one will soon do the job 4 me anyway so y give somebody else the pleasure?...
20 Sep 2006   lifes to awesome to kill yourself. join a sports team. read books
20 Sep 2006 POST THESE POEMS people are twats they judge me all the time, I HATE YOU ALL FOR BEING A PRATT TO ME, Some fucking depressing poems to ruin your day written by me:

I dream of a friend,
I dream to have a friend,
I dream of a best friend,
I dream to be famous,
I dream to be wanted,
I dream to be loved,
I dream to be happy,
I dream I had someone,
I dream to have a boyfriend
I dream to better than what I am,
I dream not to be alone,
I dream I was great,
I dream I had a mate,
I''m depressed,
I want to cut my wrists,

I want to overdose,
I think to hang myself off the ceiling,
I am so depressed,
I''m sad,
I''m in pain,
my blood runs from my veins,
I''m not loved,
I''m sad,
I''m not really that bad,
I''m lost,
I''m frost,
that fades away,

Depressed and alone,
Eating disorder,
Parents don''t listen,
Room is isolation,
End life,
Suicide is great,
Stressed all the time,
On my own,
No friends.

I have no friends,
The person no one cares about,
The person no one loves,
My life is not a trend,
My life will come to an end,
My life is worth nothing,
I wish I was dead
They wish I was dead,
What am I an easy target?
I want to live
I want to give,
The reason am crying is
I am dying inside,

Alone with no friends,
On my own,
Cry myself to sleep,
No one to talk to,
I want to die,
I wish I was dead,
Have no friends,
Only in my head,
People push me,
People hate me,
People spit on me,
People just plain hate me,
I am not the prettiest thing,
I am not the greatest thing,
I am just a lonely thing,
I am alone and scared,
Chocking myself on fingers,
Stabbing at my flesh,
The hate might never ever leave,
Only wish I was stronger,
No fight left in me,
Trying to carry on,
Maybe my life will get better
Maybe my life will get worse
All that I know is I am alone, ugly, freaky, scared,
No friends; no nothing,
I just wish I could hate you as much as you hate me,
In a world where I don''t belong
Until something good comes along

i hate everyone period!!!!
20 Sep 2006   people are twats they judge me all the time, I HATE YOU ALL FOR BEING A PRATT TO ME, Some fucking depressing poems to ruin your day written by me:

I dream of a friend,
I dream to have a friend,
I dream of a best friend,
I dream to be famous,
I dream to be wanted,
I dream to be loved,
I dream to be happy,
I dream I had someone,
I dream to have a boyfriend
I dream to better than what I am,
I dream not to be alone,
I dream I was great,
I dream I had a mate,
20 Sep 2006 Fucking slit my throat and fucking bleed Why do I even commence 2 live? I am 13 years old my mom is going 2 prison for 5 years my life is falling apart. I have people who want 2 have sex with me and i dont want that shit happening and im really fucking scared i tryed cutting my wrists and i fucking tryed more shit but it doesnt work i try 2 smoke my problems away!
20 Sep 2006 stay alive You better hope that you know where you’re going before you pull the plug on life…Do you believe in an afterlife? I would sit down and give it some real good thought before I did something drastic, like end everything..
And don’t you think you’re being a little selfish? Do you honestly believe that not one person gives a damn about you? I have known AND loved people who decided that nobody gave a crap about them!
Pretty rotten thing to do if you ask me.. And what about your life is so hard that you can’t possibly go another day? What about the people in India who are living in trash heaps eating rotting garbage? Think about it…............All I can say is I sure hope you’re right about passing on , because you’re in for a BIG surprise if you end up wrong….
btw There is no quick way Nobody knows that answer btw!
19 Sep 2006 Here to help I won't tell you the best way to kill yourself. Yes I want to kill myself and I have tried many times but I always seemed to fail... obviously I mean I'm still here. If you want to commit suicide that's why you're on this site. This site is to "help" you commint your suicide attempt but I am here to really help you. If you ever, ever, ever want to talk about you're problems to someone who has been where you are or who at least knows what it is like to want to die I am here. I will talk to you whenever I can and whenever you may need me. So I might not be there 24/7 but I will be there whenever I can. Just so you all know I'm not an expert but I am here. Even if you know you are going to kill yourself you have me here before you go. I hope that I can help you and don't be afraid to contact me. IM me at underseasyco or email me. Hope I can help because if no one else cares in your life... I do.
19 Sep 2006 ImsuchanEmo There is no best way to kill yourself..Why? Because if there was then it would be part of nature it would common sense...but neway I'm here to tell you my personal experience please read cause im not gonna judge u or tell u its completely wrong because then i wouldnt be respecting peoples opinions. When I was 14 I attempted suicide for the third time and landed in the hospital. This resulted in so far 2 years of friggin unnecessary therapy bcuz now they think im psycho. Im always asked if im thinking about something (suicide they mean). But im not suicidal anymore in fact i feel better now. I noe pain is something u dnt wanna feel bcuz wen ur suicidal u dnt wanna feel nethin bcuz pain seems to be the only thing there and its nagging and u feel hopeless.but wut we dnt stop to think is that we're feeling bad for ourselves. we're feeling sorry for ourselves. And I dnt think we should b like dat. Yes the whole world might hate us and we might not b loved by people but first we need to love ourselves bcuz b4 nethin is us. we need to take care of ourselves b4 we think of gettin into a relationship for those who think a bf or gf is the solution its not trust me..the guy i "fell in love" with screwed me over and took advantage of me.. told me he loved me wen he didnt and he took my virginity away bcuz i trusted him bcuz i thought he cared..he just took advantage of my situation and made it seem like he was the only good thing going in my it hurts me being so stupid like dat and it taught me a huge a lesson. I also wanna tell u guys that dnt always trust therapists or adult ppl..they'll go and tell sum1 that ur suicdal and u'll b stuck in the psych ward for God knows how me ive been there..they keep u in the psych ward they drug u to "numb" the pain wen theyre not doing nethin and they get more money out of u being there that long. if u dnt trust ne1 if u dnt have ne1 like my mother never did ( she was an abused child by her family) then take on a new hobbie like writing or drawning or photography bcuz wen u see ur pain on paper it feels so much better bcuz u read it and its just soo good..and yes i noe pain takes a long time to heal im sayin it cuz im living it rite brother was raped for a yr by a "close friend" and a guy i considered to b my brother and u could possibly imagine the pain i felt wen my brother told me " u think u have bad but u dnt even noe" and then he told me the rest. it gets me angry and i cry bcuz its so horrible to imagine them raping my lil brother wen he was 8 years old so sometimes i have murder on my mind...u just have to give pain time and u also have to help urself..always remember yourself b4 anyone..and if u wanna noe wut i did to be better well i started going to a christian church and i fell in love with me God does do miracles even if u dnt believe..and its not completely a matter of fate many people have personal experiences like my mom.. i almost my mom 5 years ago she died during the surgery but ws revived after 2 mins and i thank God for that everyday... if u wanna noe da rest of the story or talk to me about absolutely nethin trust me i wnt judge u cuz thats not the way and im no one to judge ne1 bcuz im not perfect either so email me at or instant message me at yayyitzme (aim) or ksexynena1023 youre never always alone u just have to look for sum1 God bless u and i hope u do start believing in urself to whoever here is planning suicide...
19 Sep 2006 Heather hey there Mouchette! whoa what a great name you have! I just found this site on google and well I'm just a really bored 13 year old looking for some fun. To tall the truth I am a bit weird. Okay i am MORE than a bit weird. I'm the geekiest girl in my grade at my school but i have some close friends.
Okay well to answer your question what is the best way to kill your self?
Don't mide me telling you this its just WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR SELF. okay I'm done with my outburst. But anyways why would you want to? I've had some thoughts but i mean nothing major and my life just got really fucked up. I mean my parents are getting divorced. May family is in a huge dept. Guys think I am the weirdest person on the planet. AND the main thing is most kids in my school ignore ME. Like i dont exist. Well i do the same thing to them too but .... yeah. I guess i dont really have anything to do suicide from....yet. But the way i'd choose to kill myself is... by....duh duh duh..*cough* *cough* here it comes....wait for it...wait for it......................................................


i would uh hang myself because i have access to a rope. yes and cutting myself would be to obvious.( did i spell that right?? oh well if i didn't) anyways i answered your questions Mouchette. (what an AWESOME name HOLY CRAP!!)


Heather x.o.x.o
19 Sep 2006 Kitana bah.. the only thing i want to comment about is that people actualy believe a GOD will help someone.. thats foolish.. believe in ureself.. dont believe in a god that works in *mysterious ways*
19 Sep 2006 life is a joke whats makes a peron want to give up on them selfs? lets look at the logic of things!

Whats makes a person in to a person they are today, Everyone as problems some more than others, I never had real friends to turn to while i was growing up, some lucky people have a friend or more to turn to when there times are rough, Some people can hear the comforting words of some one who cares an have a shoulder to cry on. Some people are even lucky to go as far as a relationship with someone who cares about them.Some people have more than just a family there for them!

There are many reasons that can happen to make anyone in to wanting to give up! To one person breaking up with a friend or relationship could be the end of the world, to another person the loss of money can be the end of the world or loseing more than that, these are reasons that turn a person in to a person they are now.All these can turn a person funny or make them think they have a tougher time than others. or just make people want to pass on away from it all! I have always have had people hurt me an my life an i always think noone likes me at all.Which is true noone will because i am so ugly to everyone.

But for me i never had friends or realtionships to turn to through my troubleing times, i had to turn to my self through every troubleing time i
had, Image being so ugly that no one likes you from the age of 11 years then on wards, I still am a loner now i am a adult. I have problems with trusting people now because i am so ugly to everyone still. Not so long ago i had enough with my life an everything that i just wanted to die, an i tried it an the plan back fired, i sort of got in trouble for it, an i am still alive, But now everyone is talking about it where i live,

Over more years i have become more an more ocd to things like germs, i hate touching things now as i am to scared to, because i am aloner, an i think i am crazy because i have self harmed over the years, an it makes me feel better, I am just different to people noone wants me around them but who will blame them i am a monstor looking sometimes.So what will happen to me over the years, if i am not wanted by people, will i end up on the streets going through dustbins for food?
I have nothing in my life to speak off because everyone hates me looks, i do not blame people after one look at me you will be sick. i swear. Also if you see me you will hate me too,

People always think they have a tough time, even they have friends relationship nice family there for them hot food, clothes, money a full time job, a plave of there own or parents who care about them, a roof over there to drive in bikes to ride, people to visit Nice looks an everthing you can ask for!
Not for me i have nothing much to live for,, all i have this this computer antill i get chucked out on the streets for being here to long.i hope i will because i dont want to live here on this planet anymore, So what i am up to is starving my self by not eating anything at all so i caan watch my weight go down to bones, if i get chucked out i will put my self in front of a car. i never have hated people i just hate my self for being born here i am a waste of space being here really.SOOOO UGLY I AM!

Even people in my family never liked me, i am ugly now i am a breaker i break everything in my path because i am angry, I think i will put my self out of my misery or ask some one to kill me they will gladly kill me for free once they see how i look.ha ha ha what a fuvking joke i am. i want no friends i just want to right this off my chest. I AM A LOSER HA HA HA I LAUGH AT MY SELF FOR BEING THIS WAY WHAT A FREAK I AM HA HA HA WHAT A FUCKING JOKE I AM HA HA HA. LAUGH WITH ME I AM A LOSER HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I am so strange i am awerido, i am sick an lonely in my head, I AM A JOKE SO LAUGH AT ME HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

This web site is my only friend thanks for being here i need this place.......

so just stay alive at least you are not a freak like me, please stay alive, your life is worth more than mine. you problerly have more to live for than my boring life. I HAVE NO LIFE BTW!

see what a loser i am!

hate me just hate me i am a ugly shit loser!

I wanna pass on soon i will.

keep up the ways to kill yourself guys i want a good way so they better be great ways.

Everyone else has friends but me i am a freak on line ha ha ha ha ha ha so why go on i will think of a good.


LATER>! noone else cares about me
19 Sep 2006 muhahahaha rondom thinking: everything you fear in life comes from the fear of death. eg: spiders, sharp things, the monster in your closet out to get you. but if the theary some religens follow, that there is life after dear, the under world, hell heaven what ever you want to call it you would still fear these things and you still fear these things although there is no reson to because your already dead and nothing can heat you you can even feel even in haven the abillity to feel the fresh breez and the clouds that jentaly hover under you like a blanket of air wouldnt exist wich would just cors an everlasting basicaly if these theries of the afterlife are corect wether we go to heaven or hell were scrude .

sorry if i confused you i dont even no what im on about.

personly i dont belive in the afterlife but i think it would be dotaly awsome to live in that underground place on that move "The Corps Bride.

sorry bout my spelling aswell
19 Sep 2006   throughout life people are going to put other people into stariotipical categorys based on what you were and the things they notice about you before they get to no you personaly. and im sure you do it to my point is that if someone don't realy no you then why get upset by the way they treat you or what they think about you because there've most probably got the wrong idear.

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