Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jan 2007 Desires Death I want to die young, no matter how hard I try, im not able to kill myself, I tried pills, 2 times, and slashing my wrists, maybe its just because im a whimp, but I also don't want to leave my family a disfigured corpse... I love to cut myself, I love to see blood, "I'm only happy when it rains" (if you know that song by garbage) I get a satisfaction from hurting myself, and I don't know why. I know im partially insane, or fully, I see pictures and stuff in my head of me hurting people, stabbing them, or making them bleed, something like that, and I see me enjoying it, but I dont enjoy it, Sometimes I feel really happy, while other times I feel like I should cut or just kill myself, most of the time just for no reason, right now im 15 years old, and I want to die before 17 years old, I guess im just waiting for a moment, waiting for a plan of how to die, my plan right now is to light about 100 insense and just fall asleep in a closed space, but I rarely have enough time to do this stuff, maybe someone can tell me a good way to die? And I dont see why my family (my dad and sis) care so much, they'll die someday, but I also just dont get the point of life, death seems so much more... better, i mean if i was dead, i could possibly be with my mom b/c she died when i was 12, and she was my favorite person. I also wanted to be with this guy alex (yes im gay) and i dont know shit about him, except that hes just like no one, hes just attractive, but i hate everything else about him,anyway... I just want to die! well the reason i dont do anything is because i never want to end up in a mental hospital again, oh my fucking god! i was in a long term one, i was supposed to be in there for 6 months, but i was there for about 1 month because my dad got me out, i just dont know what to do anymore... should I just live everyday and suffer? I dont know why im suffering, i dont know... I have no reason to suffer, even though life just plain sucks, and im insane.
08 Jan 2007 angel i have just read through alot of the responses to this question and i cant belive alot of what i have seen. some of you dont know the meaning of real suffering. why would you want to kill yourself becos you didnt get a fuckin nintendo wii for xmas. spend a day in the life of ppl less fortunate then yourself. i am 21 now, i was sexually abused by my father from the age of SIX MONTHS, he tried to kill me, hav me put into care. got away with what he did to me. then my babysitter sexually assaulted me and my mums new husband tried 2 make me sleep with him wen i was 13. i watched my mum being beaten and almost killed every weekend ihave found out that my father was followin me, he tried to kill my mum. i had years and years if nightmares, panic and anxiety attacks, months of insomnia and depression. i have taken overdoses, slit my wrists, cut myself, tried 2 crash my car, been addicted to weed and coke. and at the end of the day even after all of this i an honestly say i am glad that i didnt succeed in any of the attempts. life does get better, dont get me wrong i still hav anxiety attacks and i still sleep with a huntin knife next to my bed but i would not give any of the ppl that hurt me the satisfaction of killing myself. if anyone wants to talk then my email is
im not one of these patronisin phsycotherapists. ive been there.
08 Jan 2007 Michael I'm 16 Need help i dont want to die..yet i feel its the only way out... 3 and a half weeks ago i've never think this migth think its stupid the way all of us thinks... but its just so many problems all at the same time... i thought my life was ok...but it all came out 3 weeks ago when the only person that cared for me (My GF) or at least i thought it cared for me told me that the real reason she was with me was 'pity' and so i've began to think..and think...and she was right my life = shit..she just was with beacuse of pity...made me so sad.. because im ugly as hell she was right no need to blame her... i still haven't forgot about her...but she's only the person that i actually care for and the person that made me see how shitty my life was and i had never realized that before..not in the 2 hole years she and i have been thogether...
i have absolutely no friends whatsoever
no even a person to talk to...yeah i haver family but they dont care at all..
if you think you can help me by either telling me how to do it painlessly or how to get out of this hellhole.. i would appreciate it...bye
07 Jan 2007 EmMa hi im emma (age 13) i cant take it any more pleaz help every 1 hates me i have no friens when i come home from sleepin all day at skool where every one teases e for bein different and willin 2 speak up i get straight on da pc or i go do drugs and shyt i hate it i dont give a flyin FUCK about life noone will go out wit i asked 1 guy out and he almost fuckin peed his pants 4 laughin god I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE (AND I HATE GOD DAMN THERIPISTS) HELP MEEEEEEE T__T email me wit help pleazzzzz and no god damn docters pleazzzzz ( ps im fuckin adicted wit myspace >_< damn it my life suxxxxxxxx
07 Jan 2007 Tom Unfortnatley I cant say as I've ever been greatly succesful in killing myself, otherwise I wouldnt be telling you, but if I had all the options available to me, I'd hang myself (with a drop big enough to break my neck), almost certain, almost instant, job done...
07 Jan 2007 Christine Dobreva I've already been here. Not once - explaining how my life is or something. Things change, boys and girls - tomorrow always comes - if you want it.
I was depressed, very down, very hurt.
I was out of order, I was slitting my wrists for months and months, over the healing scars, again and again. I was 17-18. 1,5 years later I am here - alive and partly happy. I say partly, just because getting rid of suicidal thoughts was VERY tough, very difficult. Now that almost everything is ok with me ( I am a student @ the University, I managed to somehow overcome my dad's death in 2006, I will get married soon ), I think that it's high time I offer my help to each one of you who feel they're stuck in the middle, that there's no way out. I can help those of you who feel lost and sad, depressed or want to attempt suicide. No matter how old you are. I am here to help you by making you believe that life is in front of you and that things do change - it's just a matter of time. I'm also working on a project in Social Psychology and my topic is: Suicidal actions by people aged 10-18.
Just click on my name and contact me. I will answer to each one of you.
Believe me, I've been through all this - I am ok and happy now. You can follow me, just have a little faith and trust those who have seen all this sadness and pain!
Bless you all!
07 Jan 2007 fat henry The best way to kill yourself is to live like you will be dead tommorow, so dont be healthy, eat like its your last meal everyday, burgers, fries, cakes and crisps, drink beer, smoke your till your little lungs are content! it wont be a fast death but atleast you'll enjoy yourself and get to die afew years before you would naturally

anyways take my advise and enjoy the simple pleasures in life which are killers but damn they are nice killers, dont take a shot gun to yourself...oh ok if you have to then ok i wont say a prayer for you as i dont think anyone will be listening. you people have it all so wrong and mixed up life is worth living you just have to find that out though but if you want to go and die then atleast make sure it will work and thankyou for cleaning up the earth its way to overcrowded as it is anyways atleast suicide is doing its bit for the world even if it isnt a huge bit it is still something so thanks! lol i doubt this will get mouchettes stamp of approval as a good way to top yourself but you never know
07 Jan 2007 Strength As a child I watched my mom and dad argue every night until I was about 13. It was completely terrifying. It feels like no one understands how I feel even though I know thats not true. Yet in a way it is true because its my world I am stuck in. This is my pain even if another person should want to stop the bullet from going any deeper its already through the skin. As a child I would scream in complete utter terror every single night and now... now I have absolutely nothing to show for my life. I do have a girlfriend who loves me though and when we met it didnt matter what I or she looked like or how much money we made in a year or anything else at all. Ive been with her for over 8 years now and Ill be 23 in May. I love her with all my heart and soul but that does not take the scars away. They are always there, demons, taunting me and laughing inside my head. Even when I make love they watch from behind the glass with empty faces, an entire legion, just watching. But I cant give up. Not because its justice. Not because my father deserves to die for physical abuse or because my mother egged him on enough to do it. Not because of my insane grandmother who took her frustrations out on everyone else and not for any of you. I will remain for that woman who is waiting for me to return to bed. You may not have a woman, or man, like that yet... but you will someday, if you want to. So anyway Im not going to tell you not to kill yourself. But to be perfectly honest with you its a lot more difficult to kill yourself than you may think. Most of the time its really painful and if you fail you can risk actually living through it with all the physical and mental deformities on top of whats already going on in your head. If you do it be sure you are successful. If you shoot yourself in the head make sure you hit the brain stem or you will live. If you hang yourself jump from above 8 stories or your neck wont snap. If you take a lot of pills realize your chances of dying are very slim and the only likely thing that will happen will youll piss blood for the rest of your life or some shit like that. Or you could stop fucking whining. Where is your confidence? Did they rape your soul from you too? If you accept your demise you were not raped... you were willingly fucked, and you are already dead!!! As you read this you are already fucking dead. Now what the fuck are you going to do about it? ANYTHING. Live on. Kill someone. Rob a bank. Speak out against your parents in ways never done before. Become artistic in your pain and let it run from your throat like the very fires of hell itself. They are not the monsters. They are nothing. YOU are the fucking monster.
06 Jan 2007 maanai1500 Do you know have you ever try to make a look for the life you, if you had done you will see that the life is like the gambling game either you make drop and it win or you lose everything in the life.
That what is happening to me from the moment I have born I was having some health problem that I cant live without the medicine after that I was bad treated from the teacher in the school that my family was traveling for a lot of places that had made me change a lot of school and new culture that is hard to begin study from the beginning.
When I join the university it was so nice in the first year but after that it was miserable a lot of enemy and a lot of study and little friend cause I was fat and as the people say stupid so I decide to become thin and loose some weight that may make me better that my was 150KG after the diet I had done I become 70KG so some how my life change and in the last year of the university I had meet some guys that had told me that they are friends but the things that was looking for from me is to fool me and to steel money from me and to make you more laugh I never had a girl friend in the university.
After that I had graduate as engineer and go to the work life find a job that was bad that I had look to become better but there was a lot of people who don’t want that and in my time in the work I had barn my face and hand but I am now ok nothing you can see from it after the surgery I had and cut my finger with three time car accident and one time in the jail because of a girl that had said that I had steal here and the end they discovered that she is layer and just they told me sorry without saying the money that I had lost in that time.
So I had decide to change my work so I join a company on Saudi Arabia to work with them after I had join them they take a project in the desert so they move me there with labors with no other people that at least smell good and I shall remain here to three years.
So isn’t my life is wonderful and must be end you tell me until now I hadn’t ever have girl friend and no such good friend and no good work and and and a lot so these days I am thinking to die and finish my life what do you think you tell me
Please tell me what shall I do and my e-mail is
06 Jan 2007 Kyu The best way to kill yourself is overdosing....always. If you are sad enough to kill yourself then you must have a lot of pills in your house, if you are lucky then you might also have something like mouse poison. Mine even had regular poison. Take them all, even if it is just advil, take the whole bottle(this is mosre effective on an empty stomach). Be sure to take any prescription meds you have too, especially if they are for depression. That way you can make sure the dumbass who sent you to therapy thinking it would make you better can feel really guilty. Wash everything down with cleaning products, windex always smells so good anyways. Go into your bathroom, lock the door, and sit in the bathtub. I also recomemd slitting your wrists, but that just might be cause im dramatic. If you dont have a bathtub hang yourself in your shower.
06 Jan 2007 no. People underestimate mental illness.

"if you're 13 why would you want to kill yourself"

for the same reasons anyone of any age would.

"why don't you get some help?"

I think probably 80%+ of these people have tried to get help. It just isn't that easy.

"you're all so selfish"

What else in the world can you call your own apart from your life? Yes suicide is selfish. Everything to do with yourself is selfish. I wonder though, if you would call someone who has no friends or family selfish for taking their own life? afterall it's not effecting anyone else. People only seem to be bothered by suicide if it effects someone else. theres a lot more wrong with suffering every day so that everyone you know won't have to be inconvinienced.

"just cheer up"

Won't you share how ? cheering up is a great way to overcome other diseases right?

"someone out there has it worse"

Ok so you're saying that you're not allowed to feel pain, because someone else is in more pain? I wonder what you'd say to the person in the world who is in the most pain? 'Cheer up... because.. everyone is better off then you!' 'your mum just died but don't you dare complain because someone somewhere just lost BOTH their parents you horrible horrible person'

"you obviously don't want to die because you're still here."

Consider this. It's very rare for anyone to WANT to die. They would much rather just be happy and have a good life - or get better from this crippling illness.
Trouble is, no one knows how to do that, how to advise to do that or how to help do that. Whats left when you've tried getting all the help there is avaliable and you still have nothing left?

I'd like you to all think about that.

I'd also like to say.. I'm not pro-suicide. I'm pro-choice. I will always advise against suicide and help in any way I can when someone is suffering. I view some suicides more as euthanasia. their suffering wasn't worth it. For example - someone is dying slowly over the next 3 months with no chance of recovery.. call it selfish on their part but I wouldn't wait either.

There is always an answer other then suicide but it's just so difficult to find. I'm still waiting to stop feeling like theres nothing left then death. I've been in the mental health services for 8 years. I wonder how much longer it will take before I wake up without regretting still being alive?

good luck to all of you, especially the ignorant people who react with anger rather then understanding. You will die one day aswell - it might even be your own fault. How could you do that to your family you horrible slefish worthless being? nice.
06 Jan 2007 Brittneey I care to much what people thinjk about mee,,
& lately its been getting to me.
I have no friends what so ever at school.
im always getting beat up , wether its at schoo lor by my mom.
but it will all be over tonight,,
06 Jan 2007 Stephen Cancer
By Stephen Lassa

Where did I go wrong?
I always thought I held stronge…
Did I drink too much?
Did I take for granted my wife’s sweat touch?

My thoughts, they feel so blurred
Is it to late for me to be cured?
Never have I before felt so much hate!
I wont let this be my fate!

As I realize the end is near,
I begin to feel the wet trickle of a tear.
My son is here, to watch me die…
How will I ever say good-bye?

Curse you God! I never sinned.
Now here I am, forever pinned…
Its time to go, I hear my calling,
Consumed in a black hole, forever falling…
06 Jan 2007 Stephen When Will It End?
By Stephen Lassa

Why do people constantly torture me?
What have I done?
Why cant they just let me be?
This isn’t fun…
They don’t know me. They don’t care
Why does life have to be so unfair...

No one can understand how I feel,
Does my life even matter?
They all just act like it’s no big deal.
Pretty soon I’m just going to shatter…
There’s nowhere left to turn,
Ill I want to do is burn..

I am haunted day and night,
Time no longer has meaning…
How much longer can I keep up this fight?
There is no way to stop the bleeding…
All there is left to do is die?
So why can I only cry?
05 Jan 2007 Stephen Lassa Sad Day: by Stephen Lassa
I can no longer take all this pain,
Has everything I have accomplished been in vein?
Its time to depart on this lonely train,
All I have left is my shame…
All people do is watch and stare,
While my parents act as if they care.
No one ever does hear my cries,
But I can see through all their lies…
The knife is as sharp as it will ever be,
Mom I’m scared, please don’t leave me!
With one thrust all is left amiss,
As I am thrown into an eternal abyss…
No longer can I feel the cold,
I never thought I could be so bold.
I can no longer see, it is much too bright,
My lungs, why do they feel so tight?
Now the time has come,
None of this can be undone!
Why’d I have to leave so fast?
Everything seems like a distant past…
05 Jan 2007 a fool you all wana know about hopelessness? if i'm actually lucky enough that i get 2 fall asleep then when i wake up i think oh shit, here we go again. i dont often get to sleep though. when i was six my older brother devised a game called the list. it was basically his way of getting to molest his baby sister. my parents let him get away with it. i'm 19 now not far from being 20 and although it was 13 years ago i still remember, and of course have never had the chance to talk about it with any1. since then i become a very sick and twisted person, i dont blame my brother, i probably would have been this way anyway. first of all i lie, i mak stuff up for sympathy, i dnt like lying but i cant seem to stop myself, but i'm not lying now cos i dnt need 2. none of you will eva know who i am. second of all, i hurt myself, i'm a fool like that. i dont have any1 anymore, and i never will have. i've dreamt about killing myself for as long as i can remember, i've tried a few times 2. i plan 2 try again, and this time i will suceed. i am of no use to this world. i am of no use to any1. why am i writing all this crap on here? well because my life is that lonely that i have no1 else to tell. to all of you out there who do plan on killing yourself, think first, because if you suceed then there is no turning back, and if you fail your life will be even more fucked up than it is now because people will know and will always know that you're another kid that tried to kill themself. please think. dont end up like me.
05 Jan 2007 suicide hi.....well u noe wat im soooooooo deppressed so upset and m feeling so faithless....i dun noe 4m where should i start my story......u noe wat iam a sucidal too but wanna honestly tell u one thing that I REALLY DUN WANNA DIE cox i also want to live ma life n also wanna enjoy......but enjoy....HUH......can sum budy tell me that how could a person enjoy while living in a poor family.......who has a heart patient mother a veryyy self fish father who only care about him self and earn alot of money just to spent on things he like.......well i think i should tell u about me not about ma fukin father u noe wat the only thought i have always in ma mind is that NO ONE LOVES ME i have two brothers both of them are elder 4m me and ma parents speacially my father only love them and hates me he really dun care about me and my brothers hates me too cox well i dun noe the reason but this really hurts me......i have no life no one who cares about me no one who loves me....but iam still alive with this hope that one day every thing will get better........dis world is so selfish the people in this world dun care about any one.....they only cares about them self......but still i have a best frnd who always makes me happy when ever i am sad best frnd is ma BLADE...i have so many scares on ma body which ma best frnd has given me.....well i still dun noe y m doing all dis but n this all is getting worse and worse..I HATE DIS WORLD.....BUT M STILL ALIVE ON THIS HOPE THAT SOON THIS ALL WILL BE OVER AND I WOULD HAVE A GUD LIFE LIKE MA FRNDS HAVE.......
05 Jan 2007 Dreaming Of Death This is my favourite website of all time. I can relate to all you suicidal people.
05 Jan 2007 OneUponTheFence I've read posts on this site for upwards of three years, and every time I feel awful, somehow it's cathartic to read posts of how comparably terrible others are feeling too.

Even though it would be simple for me to say that people need you and that you are loved and 'oh-my-god-dont-do-it-its-not-worth-it' there are so many others on this not-so-little blog ready and willing to say it besides me.

So I'll just say that no matter what, don't be afraid of getting the help that you need. Don't let others make you feel 'crazy' because everyone has a scruple that can't be changed, and sometimes that scruple is crippling depression.

The important thing is making it through to the next day. Anything that gets you through to another morning is important, and I have some huge scars on my arm to attest to that.

Everything in life is temporary.
04 Jan 2007 jak remember to lvoe forget to hate learn to forgive
nothin is worth death
no one is worth your life
find solitude in god if in doubt..and he will help you
find a place of your own where u can be who u r and think.. if u kill yourself.. that means that u r giving up and letting everyone win .. but u cant do that .. u r worth soemthign ..u r worth so much.. more than u cna even know.. u mean somethign to someone.. find that someone..and move on.. time flies by and one day all of your problems will be gone.. and u will be happy u were put on this earth.. so happy

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