Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Nov 2006 LoserChick4Life I've been thinking about killing myself for a while now but i'm too scared to do it. I've though about buying a gun from the local pawn shop and just ending it all. I'm a 23 yr old female from a small boring ass town. I'm ugly and stupid, i have no social skills at all. I struggle with Social Anxiety,Depression,and Biopolar 2. I'm on Zoloft right now but its not working at all, its making me feel worser. nobody loves me. My parents abondoned me when i was a little girl. I was teased and bullied all through school and i quit in the 11th grade. I don't even have my GED. I'm just lost. I have no Job or a car i just sit at home all day locked in my room. I tried to seek help for my problems but nothing as worked. Therapy was a waste of money and medicine makes you worser. God truly sucks. I don't think there is even a God because he wouldnt allow people to suffer like this. Why did he make some people Ugly and others Pretty and popular...i don't understand it. I believe we got put on the planet by aliens or some shit. God dont' exist. I just want to die because i see no future for me. I'm a waste to society. Nobody will care when i'm gone. Even if they do care it won't effect me because i'll be dead. They caused me alot of pain so i would love to watch them suffer from my grave. Payback will be a bicth to them. I hate my family and i hate myself. I wish my mom would have had an abortion. Nobody knows what some people are going through.

Can you walk into a Pawn Shop and buy a gun and bullets without registration and all that shit? What do you need?
27 Nov 2006 Joseph I wanna keep this short so someone will at least listen; I know it's probably the worst place to talk about this but...I dunno. In september, I believed this thing called "universal powers" it's not a religion, just a state of mind.

Anyways the saying goes like this, and it's from Richard Linklaters movie Waking Life " If life is but a dream, then anythings possible, but first we must let go of our expectations"

I did that back in sepetember, and my life changed instantly, girls started talking to me, going out with me, I started getting marks in the 90s, I even started making tons of friends. all because I said "why not?" ; I wasn't afraid anymore of doing what I thought was right.

But well, something happened, I can't say it here, but many of my friends still wonder what happened to me. I just tell them "it was just too hectic, I couldn't keep up" but now, looking back at the smile on their faces, I wonder what would've happened If I just stuck with it.

(I came here looking for a "how to commit suicide" faq, it's pretty funny; the fact that I thought I could find one, I guess the world isn't as crazy as I thought)
27 Nov 2006 S I N I attempted suicide once. I tried to take a lot of ibuprofen. I didn't die, but I did realize that I will always fail at suicide.
Feeling suicidal is a feeling of emptiness, misery and pain. It is a feeling of not having a future, a wish to destroy oneself, a feeling of endless hurt. Suicide is the end of a walking depression.
I felt suicidal once. Then I felt it all the time.
27 Nov 2006 S I N My head won't leave me alone.

One day I will make movies, make my promise to the world.

Until then, I will cut, smoke, drink, die, sleep.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. That's all I need. Then I'll wake up and work, work, work.

"Foob" by Sleepy is the greatest song you'll ever hear.
26 Nov 2006 Helping Hand I am a Pro in NE. I'm a good lisner. Anyone wants to takl, drop me a line. I'll be here for you
26 Nov 2006 x Some people just don't understand. There are SO many reasons why people would want to kill themselves, so what may be easy for you to move on from, may be harder for others. I don't get why people think just yelling at the person would make them change their mind... does it ever occur to them that they're making matters worse? Dammit, I just want to tell the world to shut the fuck up. I want one day where there's a moment of silence. Just one day where everything just stops and be peaceful. I ask for one day.... whatever.
26 Nov 2006 nobody Jumping off a tall building crossed my mind many times. That way, I would get a thrill and a quick death. But at the same time, I just don't want my body to be found. I don't know why, maybe I'm just ashamed for somebody else being obligated to cleaning up my mess after me. I guess I would rather just disappear and no one would ever know what happened to me. Maybe take cyanide or something lethal that puts me to sleep. That way I could find a secret hidden place to die, so no one would find me.
25 Nov 2006 Fran Wer'e here for a good time, not a long time.... Remember that....
25 Nov 2006 Optomist-Metal To be honest, it makes no difference whether you are 10 or 30, its still stupid... what is there to gain, i mean i thought these questions a few years ago, i just sought counselling, changed schools, and accepted life, and became an optimist. It ISNT as easy as 1, 2, 3, but when its done, you are just happy that your life is going on around you, whatever happens

Ps my personal favorite is either the fast-unfold umbrella shoved up the anud, and then press the 'unfold' button...

pps next time you think of suicide, tell IT to go commit suicide, because it is a major negative side of life, one that really sucks.
25 Nov 2006 piper two bullets to the head
25 Nov 2006 Joanna Pass such a huge fart that it makes your insides explode. Yeah not funny.
24 Nov 2006 susan D. I,ve read alot of messages on this site, and they are so touching and profound. I just finished reading one about Eric, and I completely, understand. You have to try and get a moment of fun, here and there, when you can. It,s not to inspiring, but that is life. I,ve been suicidal off and on, nearly my whole life. My mother was from a third world country, when she married my dad, whom was also a foreginer, and they divorced when I was only five. There began the violent rages of my mother, towards my siblings, and me. She constantly yelled, and I do mean yelled, at us, hit us etc. etc. We were poor,had no car.lived in a trailer, were on welfare. I was never allowed to spend the night, or go over to my friends houses, hardly, or go to school dances, etc. I grew up shy , but also a bully. They can both be in one person. I use to bully my poor "sweet" brother mercifully, maybe because I felt so helpless, I had to make others feel the same.Because all this negativity I feel, was the reason he turned out "gay. He recently died of a massive heart attack, brought on by years of drinking himself to death. My sister is a prostitute drug addict, and now as an adult my life turned out a "little" better, in some aspects than theirs, but only by appearances, sake. I started prostituting when I was seventeen, and my stepmother didn,t even care enough, to stop me. In fact she encouraged me, then bad mouthed me to everyone. I wanted someone to love me,and say no, please don,t, but they never did. I would have stopped, if someone had cared enough, to say something to me. Even though I,ve met some of the most famous men, in the world doing that, really, you would never no it from who I am. I,m pretty, but makes no difference. My mother is getting old, and I am scared to death, when she will die. I,ll be all alone. I learned to understand, my mom as I got older. She,s my friend now, but what am I going to do when she dies. When I was a child, I was teasinbg a girl, that had a Caul, on her face,( that,s a mark that appears, on people that are born with psychic ability,) and anyways, after she had enough of me, she finally blurted out, that I was Going to kill myself. It seemed so bizarre, because at that age I had not ever thought or even knew what suicide was. I was about ten. I don,t want to think she,s right, but she just might be. I have know friends that live near me, to do things with, no "sweetie", I did though. I pray for all you people on this site, and don,t do it. You as well, as your family with suffer, immensely if you do. I,ve learned about that by studying metapsychics. Life is a hell on earth, and when you die naturally, you go home. If you kill yourself,from what i,ve read you won,t be reunite with your loved one,s. Hey! just that line that I wrote, made me wise up, at least for a moment. I want to see my "wonderful", brother again. We also, became friends,as I grew older. Love you all. Stay strong..... and have a bit of fun Love sue
24 Nov 2006 Stormie Hello Agian,
this is my 3rd time (i think) posting on this site. I just wanted to say that if suicide is what you want to do, You should do it. Im not one of those people that are going to tell you not to do it, Becouse in the end its your body, your life, Your choice, and the people who tell you not to or its a sin and shit like that. Tell them to fuck off they dont know what its like. They dont have to live your life.
So like iv said before if anyone here needs to talk im here, I wont tell you what to do. I wont try to change your mind. Ill just listen.
You can e-mail me at
or you can im me at Pinkskittle66
24 Nov 2006 Kevin My name iz Kevin and i am rite now on the verge of suicide and i want to die. no one loves me. mi mom iz alwayz out and im stuck in this fuckin big ass house by my self. im 12 rite now and i put a cut next to my rist 10 minites ago i got close to cut but i chickened out. i kno i sound like a fag cuz i chikend out but i need a way for help and i cant tell ani 1 that i cut myself i have 4 deep cuts and i say mi cat scratches me. if any 1 has an idea then post it on here DONT email me. tell me how u got through it w/ out rehab and counsiling i will read it i promise...
24 Nov 2006 Chris J. Hillier When I was 13, alot of people(Doctors, parents, friends, etc)... believed that I had some sort of mental problem. And "beating everyone to the end" seemed to be one of the only fantasies on my mind... In 7th grade, I've had 3 different experiences that have ultimately changed my life forever..

I've drowned in my own 5 ft. deep pool and lived to tell everyone how its like to be dead for a few minutes.

The second attempt came from a number of pills...and alcohol, and even a plastic bag over my head... Unfortunetely, the door to my room wasn't locked, and if my Dad hadn't ironically got off early from work, I wouldnt be writing this..

And of course, the 3rd attempt came from a pistol... Except this experience was probably the scariest few moments of my life... It of course being an extremely unsuccesful attempt, left me with a bullet in the calf of my left leg...

I'm almost 19 years old now, and to this day, contemplating suicide is breakfast...lunch...and dinner... For my mind... My future, is the most depressing thought I could possibly imagine... Because the only thing I can see, is the same pain I have felt since that time when I was young.

I am not like others... but like many people who have tried to "free themselves".. I too am trying to seek an understanding to all of this shit, and for once, someone who can understand my own self...

My answer lies not with God, because I do not seek salvation, only to be rejected into the rest of all reality... Positive and negative aspects of ANYTHING, will compete with eachother... no matter what... and it's hard for me to accept something like that.

The story of my life might as well be a fuckin book up to this point. But all I have nowadays to defend myself from...myself... is to try and appreciate this one thing(life), to cherish and love it... To do what I love, to lift myself from the grave I've tripped and fell into countless times.

But the scar reminds us.

All I can say... is that if you attempt to free your soul... make sure it makes it all way out of your body, Because there is a long unpredictable life ahead of you.
24 Nov 2006   dont kill your self .life can be crapy and can make u feel like bull shit.but trust me one fucken day it will be better .and no body should die .always think of the things that you have and other people wish 2 have or wana have
24 Nov 2006 Legna Jump! Take some poison! Go to Iraq! Before you know it, it will be over, but why would anyone kill themselves? This is a very interesting philosophical question and it may vary from person to person with no agreement. Life is beautiful. Struggles are part of life. As we toil on this beautiful Earth of ours, we sometimes wonder why there are struggles, but it is on fact these struggles that create life. You may wonder where all of these struggles will lead humanity, but there is a product in the end. if you struggle with out Lord Jesus Christ, your life will end with sucess. Even if you struggled with an addiction, starvation, povertyof any kind, the Lord is powerful and will save humanity in the end if it stays anchored to Him. If you want to commit suicide, I don't blame you, but there is more than one way to do this. Destroy your present life, and find one in Jesus. This is the best way to help heal the world and free it from its struggles. You want a suicide kit eh? Put the Holy Bible in a beautiful box and shut it.
24 Nov 2006 anonymous I do not feel like it's appropriate promote any suicide methods on the internet. I'm not going to, either. My reason to post is because I am suicidal myself and have been looking for methods that are both easy (I'm not going to use any kind of chemicals or drugs that are difficult to find and way too expensive)and pleasant (or neutral, as long as they don't involve any pain or unpleasant feelings). I feel as if everything is going wrong and that I'm simply a big failure. I have never found the courage nor the material to perform the best methods, but for the moment no one can convince to continue living. I hope to be dead by next week, or at least as soon as possible...
24 Nov 2006 beck hey im becki and im 12yrs old,u dnt need 2 no mi second name.
i have never tryd 2 kill myself but i have many a time wanted 2. two of my best m8z r goin theough shit @ home and 1 of them who i am just gunna call "E" has tryd to kill herself she has ovadost pills, slit her wrists alsorts nd its hard 4 her but it even harder 4 me nd teh other people because we have 2 live with it, we have 2 live noing what she could be doin, that she could b dead at this very momment! i would never b able 2 live with myself if she killed herself she is so close 2 me. the only resson she is still alive @ the momment is because of me she saidz...
when ever she needz me im always there 4 her i will always b her shoulder 2 cry on! and i will supprot her in what ever desition she makes because thats what friends are for!
things are even more harder 4 her because when she was 9...she was raped! so its even harder 4 her...she thinks that there is something wrong with her she feel unclean and unwanted! she doesnt no what she did 2 deserve a life like this and let me tell you she realy doesnt deserve it! no 1 does!
my other friend who im gunna call "K" is kinda the same...
a couple of months ago she said 2 me this weekend im goin to kill myself! she said that she would ring me befor she did it to say goodbye...i was crying my eyes out when she told me this i told her how could she even say that. i said how could u do that 2 every 1 who cares about u!?! i guess something i said must have sunk in because she didnt...well i think she tryd but didnt acturally have the corrage to do it. do u no y she was doing t do it? the resson y was her parents...all they did 24/7 was shout at each other...and when they wurnt shouting at each other they were shouting @ her and abusing her! they didnt do anything to her older brother or younger brother and waas just her...she thought that she must have done something to make them so angry she thought the sooner she was dead the better for every1! but do u no the sddest part about this...the fact that it still goes on...all the shouting,hitting,slapping still happens...but she has learnt 2 live with it! both of them have gone through so much shit u cant even imagion!
but i will try my best 2 help both of them through there problems no matter what!
so i just wanna say be4 you do anything 2 yourself think about the people who care about you ok! just think how they feel! what would u do if one of your closest m8s killd themselves? how would you feel?
look im no trying 2 forse you out of anything because its your dession but just think about the pain you will cause if u carry on!
much love
u r not alone!
24 Nov 2006 kirsten take a phone cord rapit around ur neck and tie it in 2 knots so u cant get it untied sit on the floor in ur room and just sit there and eventally u cant breathe say byebye 2 the world thats how i have tried it but i stopped my self and i live 2 day with my friends =o

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