Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Oct 2006 its me mom. you know who i am right? hello everyone.
i am writing this to say that i have decided to be pro-choice. yes i am going to end my life. i feel that no matter what i do it is just not worth it. uneventful. boring. and everyone is so selfish. i dont see the point in anything. it is like a gloomy cloud in my head. i mean i dont have problems like you people. i have what would be considered a good life. but its all so annoying and pointless. it doesnt really matter. soon i wont have to think about it anymore.
12 Oct 2006 Erik Hey A.L. I read about half the posts on this site during the past couple of hours but yours stood out to me. I am a 35-year-old white male whose life has sucked for the last 20 years. No, it never did "get better" as people told me it would when I was a teen-ager. I can't commit suicide because it would destroy the rest of my parents' lives. I always say to myself "no one deserves to live like this, not even a murderer", so certainly my parents don't. But that's what my suicide would do to them. So it's just living in this "Hellhole of a life", as A.L. put it, day after day, year after year. There's no other choice. The most twisted, ironic part of life for me is when someone tries to counsel me by saying "life is a gift". Heh, ain't that a kick in the arse! Who would want this gift? Another funny "joke on us" that is quite similar is in Christian scripture; it says if you ask your father for a piece of bread, will he give you a scorpion instead? (If that's not exactly right, the sentiment is still correct.) Well it's funny, my dad certainly would not hand me a scorpion, but that's what I got out of life! Another funny one that preachers tell is that "Jesus came to give us life in abundance". Yes! More please! Have you read all these posts? Yes, what we really all want is more of THIS. Something else that is funny: Dying quickly by jumping off a tall building is "selfish" but dying slowly, a little each day, during the course of 20 or 30 years, living a completely pointless, frustrating and miserable life, is acceptable and even honorable! Hey, and don't you just love those preachers who say "God wrote The Bible", or, "The Bible is God's letter to you." Heh. They are hilarious. Well, my dog wrote "God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater". You want to hear something even more hilarious? Once I was so desperate that I . . . Nope, no razor blade . . . Nope, no noose . . . Nope, no bottle of painkillers . . . Nope, not even my handgun . . . I was so desperate, I actually started giving money to one of those televangelists! Yes, it's true! I actually gave that son of a bitch more than $300 before I wised up. Now I can't even pay my rent! I have to borrow money from my parents to pay my rent! Talk about being a loser. The girls are all over my broke ass. Speaking of televangelists, they suck! Here is some news to some of you: human beings, imperfect just like you and me, wrote every book, including The Bible. Don't let some jerkoff tell you that if you pray for something and "believe" with all your might that it will happen for you. Odds are, it won't. The problem is, enough people will get lucky and then tell you about how their prayers were answered ("Oh God has blessed me SO MUCH") and it will just confuse you and make you wonder what you are doing wrong. (Why, you are sinning, of course! You idiot!) Do you know what it really means to "believe"? It means to take heed of a warning or follow some advice. For example, if someone says, don't walk on the subway rails or you'll be electrocuted, and you are a "believer", you won't walk on them. You won't need proof, you just won't walk on them for fear of being electrocuted. It's not some mental exercise, so stop "wishing" thinking that if you wish hard enough things will change. They probably won't. Here is something interesting. Have you ever read in the Christian scriptures about Jesus being "tempted in the woods"? Do you know what the writer meant when he said that "Satan" tempted Jesus by encouraging Jesus to hurl himself off a cliff? Bingo! It meant that the hero of the story was tempted with the very same horrible crap that is dragging us all down -- thoughts of ending the suffering of self. But trust me, there is no way of getting around the problem of hurting others with your suicide (I have studied on it a right good while), so it just won't work. We're stuck here in this "Hellhole of a life", as A.L. put it, and that's just the way it is. (The good news is, you don't have to worry about going to Hell, you're already here!) I guess, maybe, if your entire family and all your friends, if you all committed suicide together, and didn't leave anyone behind to suffer for it, then maybe it would work. But how can that work? There is always some friend somewhere who is going to be left out and left with the sadness that he or she doesn't deserve.

So then what is left for us to do as we suffer through this crap-o-rama in this sewer we call Earth? Did you ever see the film "Sling Blade" with Billy Bob Thornton? Well there is a scene where Billy Bob's character (an ex-mental patient and killer) is discussing with his new friend (a boy of maybe 10 or 12) the experience he once had of witnessing the body of an aborted baby (it may even have been his little brother). And he said of the girl who destroyed the baby, "She ought not to have done that. He woulda had fun sometimes." There is your answer. Fun. Try to save up enough money (or time or whatever resource it takes) so that you can go and have fun sometimes. Whenever you have fun you can almost escape for a few moments. I'm not saying that I agree with Billy Bob's character that a few moments of fun make a lifetime of hell worth it. But since we're already here, it's different for us.

Good luck A.L.

11 Oct 2006 Amber Beach I have tried to kill myself a dozen times and I have begun to believe one day God will save me and take me away from this place. It says you can't get into heaven if you commit suicide so I pray God can hear me & take me away. The best way to kill yourself is to wait. If its a tragedy its much better than people wondering why.
11 Oct 2006 Nick I just wanna die period
Im probably going back to jail within the next few days.And honestly, lifes not worth shit when youre in there,not at any point and time is it worth anything. So why not just end it, Maybe this really should be the end of it. Maybe right now is supposed to be my time to go. And i wanna go
10 Oct 2006 ti I'm 25 now, and let me tell you, life doesnt get any better. You still have to deal with assholes, pricks, and an entire social system full of ways to screw you over. If you think you have reached the bottom of the rope, think again, that thing drops down to the very bottom of hell.

I've wanted to kill myself since i was young, i still do, but im too much of a pussy to do it... i hope for the day i'm in the middle of some kind of robbery or something, so i can do something to get shot, hopfully in the head. Every time i walk across a street, i hope some drunk driver comes speeding around the corner and hits me.

I think the best way would be by train. Thats how i would... its guarenteed, instant, and doesnt take a whole lot of effort.

I've waited 10 years hoping this life will get better, but its just a downwards battle, and the deeper down you go, the harder it gets.

Maybe i'll get luckey and find some crazy asshole that wants to kill someone, and maybe we can make a deal.
10 Oct 2006 CiCi Like many of you on this site, I have too thought about suicide. About 5 years ago, I felt that I had nothing to live for. My father had just went to prison and me and my mother were staying in an apartment were she was struggling to pay all the bills. In school I was constantly picked at because of my looks and had no real friends because they too would pick at me. I absolutely hated life and everything about it. These feeling started to fade away when I got to high school and started getting attention from boys. But I found out that all most of them wanted was to use me for sex. Three years later and life is becoming what it use to be like. Whenever I feel suicidial, I just stop and think of the many things I can do in the future. I think of how my death would inpact my family and I wouldn't want to put all that stress on them and make their lives more miserable. I'm attending college next year and have decided to become a changed person. I don't have to live my life the way it use to be or think about it. I'm only 19 now, but I know for a fact that if you are under 13, then you need to live a little longer to find out if this is what you really want to do. Just think of the many people your death will impact. Good Luck
10 Oct 2006 bronny am sorry but people siting there saying how stupid it is and daft will not help the matter..all il say is before you do anything just go away on your own and sit and think...people maybe having a really shit time, but think of it like this 2months or feeling down...or about 50-70years of your like gone? i know that some people have got really bad problems, but have you ever fort about going to a counciller or something? its worth a try they may not be able to help, but at least you dont have to be on your own...just a little help..
10 Oct 2006 The Bitter End To the person who posted those, shall we say, "poems" on the 20th of September;

I''m depressed,
I want to cut my wrists,

I want to overdose,
I think to hang myself off the ceiling,
I am so depressed,
I''m sad,
I''m in pain,
my blood runs from my veins,
I''m not loved,
I''m sad,
I''m not really that bad,
I''m lost,
I''m frost,
that fades away,

What the fuck is that son?! Where's the syntax? Where's the imagery. Forget about the individual devices, you just skipped over the entire subsections of the English language.

And the double apostrophes? You're not abstract my friend. You're just bored.
10 Oct 2006 tushe stone statues are stone statues
they will not budge nor move
say and say and repeat and repel
but they will be rock hard
and a tight-ass to boot

do you think your silent cries
will appeal to that
do you think your helpless casts
will repeal the hapless

stone statues are stone statues
always in your way
but no sir hitting heads against.. is JUST too easy..

stone statues are stone statues
but there always a third way
a way around it..

and i recommend try it..
flex the muscles
tone the mindset
and skirt around the edges
and mayhap you hit the jackpot :)
10 Oct 2006 CURIOUS is this a SCAM ?
10 Oct 2006 mady no one loves me. no one even likes me. not my family or no one. i just want to die.
10 Oct 2006   you think you so fucking smart dont you bitch???

you think your website is anything more than a place to come and post up my hatred for you???

you stupid bitch.
10 Oct 2006 Alex Hi everyone!
I recently lost my job at a multinational company here in the UK. Since then I've ben struggling to find a job. The usual responses that I get is good qualifications but we decided to go withj others. Lately I've been having thoughts about ending my life as the torchure of being unemployed has hit for the second time in my life!! I am so embarassed to go out and see people, or ex-colleagues. I tried everything i came so close to get a job with Unilever but they chose the other person! I am really disappointed and frustrated with my life!
10 Oct 2006 Levi help me!!!
10 Oct 2006 Levi man, life is way hard...the only thing stopping me is the fact that i might go to hell and live a torturous life for enternity...but sometimes i feel that maybe if do pull that trigger that i will be doing everyone a friends fernando and ice and louis and kevo are my friends but they dont see my potentials that i have in committing this act...and i dont want to hurt my friends and make them cry but my homelife is pushing me over the is so difficult...i sometimes just want to do this and make my parents feel so guilty for the way they have treated me...i just dont know...i really dont
09 Oct 2006 Kris i am 18 years old an dim not sure what to do. im scared to kill myself but i came up with once its done its done and theres nothing you can to about it and that is fine for me i understand its a permenent situation so im really looking for a way to do it that will deff work and easy like shooting youself that would be perfect but i have no acess to a gun
09 Oct 2006 Emily Hey..Yea I Will Admit Im Pretty popular Always Have A Football Player As My Boi..But My Dad Died n i Couldnt Take it I Have Cutt My Self 76 Times Sine August..Last Week I Did It 22 Times N 1 Nite..N Every1 Who Nos Think I Should Stop But Hey..I Did try Killin Myself N Dont..Im Not Say U Should Cutt but Hell i Still Do It..
09 Oct 2006 fukin tithead! mouchette u fukin suck! my dad works with computers and i made him check out this site...there is no person behind this mouchete ...NOBODY!!...its a link website...everytime someone leaves there msn addy or hotmail or whatever on here it sends them a message...have you noticed everyone gets exactly the same message...and everyone gets given exactly the same site with your name on it...everyone on this website...SHE DONT FUKIN EXIST!!!!
09 Oct 2006 Jacob Hey'all. Me again. Sorry to hog all the space in this forum, but I thought i would share my recent experiences in the slightest chance that it may help someone.
When I first posted on this forum I was deep inside the whole suicidal manic depressive state and wrote to abuse someone who I thought was irresponsible about what he/she wrote. In my second post I tried to (more sensibly) explain in better detail what my point was, and not to send out the wrong message (as someone pointed out to me.)
I have since had a handful of people contact me, either to offer support, or to share their story with me. And to be honest, its made a massive difference to both me and them.
I was at the time of the first post taking sleeping pills (as i work at night & sleep in the day). I was warned by the pharmacist that the pills will make me depressed if I use them regularly.. I ignored him. But now I've stopped taking them & realise that those fucking things were only compounding my misery... & now I'm in better control of my feelings.
So i've been emailing a couple of people and it has occured to me that there are people worse off than me.. but they are also facinating people with a world of their own so different from mine, and still have a lot to offer this world.
I have been getting councelling for the first time in my life & to be honest although I like the councellor, it all just seems so obvious... & subsequently a bit pointless.. maybe I need to perservere. BUT, being able to offer my support to others has been the thing that has turned my own struggle around. Contacting someone anonymously over the internet and sharing your deepest most inner thoughts is definately a strange thing to do... but its safe. Some of us have no outlet for our thoughts & our grief. Kids may be too afraid to pick up the phone or talk with their parents.... and anonymous ear over the internet is a safe, anonymous & easily accessible option. I've tried the stupid chat rooms and they're so fast, competitive & stupid, its impossible to stop and really communicate with someone... but here.. there are lots of people, same as us, feeling lost, alone & with no-one to listen.
Well i can tell you from my experience, try it.... connect with someone from this forum, share your story, listen to theirs... you won't feel so alone.. it will make you realise we all suffer from time to time and if we can lean on eachothers shoulders we can make it through to the next great adventure.
Sounds a bit cliche.. but true... from my experience anyway...
09 Oct 2006 emo_star actually i just turned 18 and i hate my life. i hate everything- all i have ever thought about since the age of 6 is suicide. really!!! i dont think i have a bad life, i just dont want to live

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