Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Dec 2006 D.Q.Van Stop talking about suicide already. Why asking how to kill yourself ? ( don't make me laugh) . Under 13 ? What's the difference if you're 13, 26, 39 or older and you ended up killing yourself ? In the end, you're just one of those pieces of shit pretending that you're the unluckiest one, that there's no other fucking pains greater than yours. What are we ? Nothing but animals that making this world worst than it was. Who cares if you die ? There're countless people die every fucking day . Did you ask them whether they wanted to or not ? Did they really have a choice to choose ? You want to die ? Alright, go ahead and show me how stupid you are . I don't care how you're going to die ( sink yourself ? shoot yourself ? Or take some fucking pills ? ... you'll be dead, or else you'll be the poorest one when you found yourself alive ). It's your choice ! Listen to me : there's no GOD ( sorry to those who believe in him )! If there is god, why and how could he let people do such a thing ? If you can't help yourself ,there's no one elese could ! If you want to suicide, no one can stop you ! I was a coward. I was choosing the path that you're thinking of. Yet I'm still alive. Because I'm not a coward! I didn't choose to be born but I chose to face this fucking world ! It's a cruel world but I'll prove that I'm crueler than it by changing it, laugh at it and make it feel every fucking pain that it gave me. Since I've experienced how it was. I can tell you it's not a very good feeling. I stopped trying, and I didn't tell anyone about it. I feel ashamed, of being a coward. Here's my advice : do the right thing ! Just like I did...
I'm 17 now, almost 18. Experienced enough to tell someone at my age that he's a kid. I'm trying to change my fate . Somehow I did. Now I'm done with playing childish games.
To say something in English sure hard, since French is my mother tongue. Good luck to all of you! I'm sure you'll find your right path.
18 Dec 2006 skyler I say just drink the posin cut the wrist or jump off the clif...
18 Dec 2006 Yanek Suicide is a completely personal choice which has little effect on anything other than the people who you know, who don't have the right to force you to live a life that you dont like anyway. I think suicide should be made easier so that people who do not wish to be trapped inside this world can painlessly exit. I mean come on, enough of the "Just live to live" bullshit, we all know that life is shit. Just because it can be fun and love can happen does not mean that it is worth the pain. Just make sure to take care of all personal vendettas and say your goodbyes before you end your life. Ending your life does not mean anything. It is neither good nor bad. It is simply a body without life. If that is so offensive to you, then i don't really think i want to live in the same world as you. Who can live with these fuck faces called humans anyway? The brain is an instrument that thinks too much and must be silenced. The stomach will always be hungry again, and eating grows tedious. Theres no need to go on about it, and there is certainly no need to live. The world is fucked anyway.
18 Dec 2006 ~Not feelin so right~ It's like no matter how much you try it never seems to change and go to the most extreme lenghts to get better and just to be like everyone else and not to be so sad and depressed. It's so hard and I have had my far share of experiences and yes at stages of my life suicide was a huge option! But I have learnt during my time of depression that we might be sad but we will always get through it cause we were all born with wonderful hearts no matter how horrible we may feel inside so plz remember that!
17 Dec 2006 Tia Russell well im bac ....alot has happened i tried 2 commit suicide with an O.D. all it did was knock me out and i ened up in a mental institution was there 4 a while wasnt as bad as people say its not ....since then i didntr change i just told them i did 2 get the fuck out they gave me meds and shit but i dont take them unless i want 2 get a buzz thier good....anywaz i got a new email here it is .....
17 Dec 2006 Vivi Don't. There have been too many suicides/attempts in my life.
My best friend's friend committed suicide in a horribly graphic way that he won't tell me, he attempted it a week later by stabbing his thigh with a chef's knife, and his ex-girlfriend sliced her wrists, ending up never being able to use her left hand again. They were all under 13, and the first two were in 5th grade. If it doesn't work, you're scarred for life, if not physically, then emotionally. Suicide is not a joke. It's not fun. It's not something you need to have tips on how to do.
17 Dec 2006 RelliK LaireS< well i am terribly d pressed. i am thinking that suicide may be the only way out for me. i came online to search for way to kill myself. i found this site. it isnt very helpful. it made me wonder who has a more pathetic life me, the people who post here or the people who run this website. maybe we should just all get together and have one of those mass suicide things. i bet i am the only one not chicken. all the rest of you people are to scared to do it. i am going to do it. i just dont know how yet.
17 Dec 2006 Alli- Sumone who cares...a lot Okay. I went through the same thing. I wanted to kill myself. Then, that night when I was cutting myself, I was thinking why I wanted to do this. The reason is is because my parents were divorced, my dad drank and smoked, and now I've added a new thing, my step mom is a real bitch.

I've came to a conclusion though. (i know you guys are gonna send me nasty emails about what I say is'nt gonna work). My teacher read the class a book and it was called "The Richest Man in Town". In the book (it was a biography) the author told us about Marty(the main character a.k.a. the richest man in town) had important lessons in the Book
1. Relationships are nost important
2. Only YOU can make YOU happy (my most favorite lesson)
3. Give a little more
Relationships are most important: Dont kill yourself if you truly TRULY love somone. PLUS if you kill yourself, your most dearest family members are going to miss you SO much (even if you dont think so)

Only YOU can make YOU happay: Thats right, you, yourself and you. You are truly the only person that can make you happy. I know this message wont make an impact about how you feel about killing yourself, but I do hope it makes an indention. This is how I got out of thinking about commiting suicide, I thought about why i wanted to do it, and who would miss me. Now I'm a lot more happy and more grateful for not commiting it.

Give a little more: I'm not sure how thats going to help you, but thats what I'm doing right now. If you decide you are'nt going to commit suicide, do a little more and wright about why you shouldn't

And another reason is: My uncle killed him self and I never got to meet him. Plus no one knows why he did it.
17 Dec 2006 killer i want to die ive been trying since i was5 and im 13 almost 14 now email me at
17 Dec 2006 Kelly See any of you fuckers who say that people who are sucidal are messed up and are cheeky bastards about it then fuck off u have no fucking clue what it feels like. And the people that say ooo ur family cares. well what if one of them just hit u badly for asking a question then all the rest of the family blamed u 4 starting a fight and told u u desevre to get what happened to u? do they really care then? oyea and friends come and go yea they will be upset they will move on get boyfriends they dont have time 4 me anyway. ino ppl say that sucidide isnt alwayz the answer and to see a theripest or something but is a theripest going to make u not lonely anymore or make ur family not blame you all the! even tho i cannot bring myself to commit suuicde i feel like it all the time. if you dont have a real reson dont do it think about others. ino this blog may relaite do alot of people and i dont want you 2 kill yourself over what i have said im just trying 2 get the people who dont understand to reliate!! thanks

live life!
17 Dec 2006 Stephanie Kids...This is hard for me to talk about but I am 24 and I wish I was dead everyday. I ache inside myself. My once loving husband has just helped to literally egg my cronic depression on. I am not pretty, thin, and have no true friends. I suck at being a mom and wife.My dad went to prison when I was six for four counts of child molestation,and My mom left me for her child molesting husband when I was 14. I spent my teens in and out of mental wards. Because of that I now have a social anxiety disorder and absolutely no interpersonal skills. Oh, and to top it all off, i am so poor I can't afford a single gift or christmas tree for my babies. My husband is a drunk who vomits all over our bed and asks for "favors" even though he knows I was raped several times and molested my entire childhood. I was a heroin addict for 4 years and it gave me a cyst in my brain, and I have cervical cancer. Yeah, everyday I want to die. But as much as we can think it and want it we cant have it. GOD never gives us more than we can handle. This pain will only make us stronger. I have made it through 24 years of pain and terror. Things will get better if you let them. I was always bullied, I have a shitty life. But hey, I am still here and how will you know if it ever does get better if you off yourself? Give GOD a chance and I promise you won't regret it. Trust in him and it will all be okay. I honistly do promise. And one thing i've learned though my life, never make a promise you cant keep. And I don't, never will. I promise it will get better if you let it.
16 Dec 2006 Jeff I am thirteen years old and cannot get a Nintendo Wii due to my fathers old boss who owes him over 5000 dollars. We are almost in debt now and I cant stand this anymore, he expects me to wait another week after christmas for a nintendo wii. I feel like just hanging myself or shooting myself in the face.
I will buy a 360 controller cord and strangle myself or hang myself with it.
16 Dec 2006 mark hey guys... for those of you who are living in a world so painful you 've become numb... let me say this. At 12 I was lost/hurt/confused. I had no idea that i felt that way I just knew I had had enough. IF I had Of killed myself, I would have killed the wrong person, because that person was just the result of other peoples sick minds.

if you want out of where you are at and cant find a way... email me.
tell me where you are at and what you want out of. if you want a cup of tea and you just sit there wantin it and do nuthin, do you think you will get your cup of tea?

all my life i was a fuckup...all I ever wanted to be was happy... now I am happy. i can tell you how to get what you want in life. even if it is death.
15 Dec 2006   fall down the stairs!
15 Dec 2006 the arizona strangler suicide.
it is actually a thought. only people have it. not even monkeys.
it is actually a spirit. spirit of self murder. you dont need medicine if your suicidal. you need jesus.
u c demons come to you in your own mind and put thoughts in your mind. thats why i kill kittens. neways they sound just like you in your head. what a great disquise. that way the demons can deny they exist. then they can tell people that even god dosent exist. however demons are liars.
15 Dec 2006 looney path warm blood on my wrists.
shiver in my spine.
fear in my heart.
glass shards in my mind.
i close my eyes to sleep.
please god let no one infect my ear drums with hostility.
i know you dont love me.
if only i had a gun i could get to hell faster.
14 Dec 2006 Jinnks Suicide is never the answer. Alot of peopke think about it. And I have alot of times. But I still think of it alot. Over the years I have lived with an abusive father. He was abusive both verbaly and physically. I'll never forget the day that he had come home from the bar and grabbed my hair and dragged me down the steps into the yard. I can still feel my hair one by one poping out of my head. And my head hitting the wooden steps. And my back being scratched. And then his fist breaking my nose. I can still remember every day he would call me a fatass spoiled ugly bitch. and then the dy came when he basically kicked me out of his house because of the fact thta I am bisexual. The next day I was at my moms house on the computer and 3 of my friends had died. Dani, James, and Dustin. well maybe not.. the very next day. maybe in that one week. But it was still to much. I was so confused and so depressed. I had too much to live for. But then again I still had too much wrong. Too much to die for. So I still decided to live. and now things are getting better there is still alot of bumps and wrecks on this small road of mine. But I still have someone there to help me out. My one true love. And yes I know most of you have a bumpier road than mine. But If you actually look out there you will notice people who do love you. Each and every one of you have someone who loves you. Take my word for it.
14 Dec 2006 blah make sure you do get it overwith or else, well go and try then get caught so you can get put in a mental institution then sent to prison for like 10 years
13 Dec 2006 cody hey all my name is cody and i want to kill my self because i have cancer and i hate my life i have an older sister who is almost 18 and i have to get good grades like her and im so sick of it so do any of you know a web site that tells you to kill ur self because i i want it

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