Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Jan 2007 Jackie go to the hardware store and buy a box full of those razors they sell....and slit you wrists all the way around and then halfway down your arm...


go parachuting with friends and jump and "forget" to put on your parachute
29 Jan 2007 Aqua Veen La mejor manera es esperar hasta los catorce, meterte en el cine con desconocidos de cuarenta y relajar los músculos. En sólo unas pocas sesiones estarás muerto/a. Yo lo hice y no sobreviví.
29 Jan 2007 Luke Hello! Its all you people who truly care and have feelings that this world needs. Always look up to someone and who you aspire to be, someone whos so brave and strong. This will help you, suicide is not always the answer, I have saved someone from suicide and they now thank me, things change in life and many times it improves. Small changes can have a big impact. The majority of us have thought and tried suicide. My most serious one was at 18, heart broken in a job i hated and i realised i only had 1 true friend. Turn to something that makes u feel good, music, writing. Dont kill the person you hate, change to someone you love! Learn to love yourself! People love you dont make them suffer
29 Jan 2007 m do you really think this sort of crap helps????? i suggest you get a life or get help your a parents nightmare. i suggest anyone on here who feels this way is to share it with someone or write your feelings down vistiting this sort of things will not help
28 Jan 2007 Az this sites bad man trust ,,, started off as a game or summat .... i feel for the people who have felt like commiting suicide ... and as for u people who make cruel comments to those who are feeling down n shit youre all sick .... just never forget that every teenager and every child who has ever commited suicide is on your conscience coz its psychos like u who make them feel that way ... just a quick message for those who need 2 tlk add me on
28 Jan 2007 angelicfruitcake why do u want to kill urself
????? i want to die.....
28 Jan 2007 Skye Well....I suppose I should tell my life story before I do this, well here goes (I`ll make it short).

Life happend to me one day, and I was sitting at the lunch tables in middle school. Her name? Storm. She gave me every reason to live and breath, never to take a last breath. By then I had gone through a divorce, an affair, and a years` worth of moving without a decent person to talk to, let alone pretend to be friends with.she had been through just as much crap as I have and some.One of the same.
Well as a couple of years had passed by she bacame suicidal...Not because she was attention seeking, but because of a health class that started a dangerous experiment with dieting, two months in a hospital and she was back. Things, by then, would never be the same ever again. She became my darkness at that moment in life,and I became her light. She took zoloft and I took Prozac. but now she won`t take her medicine no matter how much I bug her , and I don`t even have insurance to get medication. I`m starting to "think", acually we both are.She started to cut because she just went through shit the other day. But I`m trying to combat it, and I`m afraid of loosing. Now at this moment in life I have to be strong for Storm, my mother, and my sister. I know love,life,death is`nt all it`s crack up to be, but hey, I just want to know is that I`m not alone.....PLEASE....just tell me......I have no one here to embrass and understand.

So I won`t go and tell everybody that "death is`nt the answer" or say that "go ahead, screw all the people who say life will get better cus IT WON`T". But instead I`m just going to offer something to you, in return, I want compassion. I don`t weather you love the thrill of slicing or the beauty of life, all I want to know is that your compassionate about your ideas and beliefs. I don`t check my e-mail almost every day, don`t be afraid to be embarassed by one who will not jugde...
28 Jan 2007 dead inside. they'll never hurt me like you do.

28 Jan 2007 Bee...x Get lots of ink, run water, put the ink in the water, but put the plug in first so you can keep the water, get a glass, and drink the ink mixed with water, I'm doing it right now.
28 Jan 2007 Anna I want to die and i am 13 if anyone can help me please do so because i know im to young but i cant think of another way to solve my problems i need to talk to someone and not my parents
27 Jan 2007 Stephen Hmmm.. im not suicidal or trying to help anyone here. I don't know any of you and therefore don't care about any of you or what you do with your lives. Wether you chose to live or die it will have little to no effect on me. You can call me selfish, cruel, anything you'd like but your opinions mean nothing to me. I just somehow always end up comming back to this site when im really bored and need something to do.. maybe reading all the posts about how depressing and angering poeples lives are makes me feel better about myself, who knows.. I just don't understand why anybody would want to kill themselves no matter what the circumstances. You only have one shot at life so why not fight till the end? Are you just gonna give up that easily. Its not like there are do-overs here, I'm not religious and I have no opinion on life after death. Even if i knew there was no life after death and that was it, poof non-existent, I would still live each and every day in misery just to experience life and be alive.. to breathe, eat, and get every last second out of my life. Survival, its what we do, so maybe its not cake and ice cream all the time but life is a once in an eternity priveledge. If you truly wanna give that up then fine, I won't stop you. I find anyways that most people contemplating suicide just want some attention and our open about there feelings of wanting to die. They might start cutting themselves and showing there scars to friends at school looking for support, i find this more sickening than those actaully trying to kill themselves. And to be honest, I don't think one person who has posted on this site has committed suicide, and I doubt that anyone who posts in the future is going to. If your seriously considering suicide why fucking post your sad and lonely story on a site for the whole world to look at? Is it that are people trying to find a sense of fullfilment before they kill themselves. Does the thought of thousands reading your story and hoping they feel simpathy make you feel better about killing yourself? No, its all bullshit, just more people looking for attention, but this time on the computer where people can't form opinions on looks and behaviors alone.. only words on the screen with little to no emotion. Living is natural and it takes alot to actually "pull the trigger". The only situations i can see someone killing themselves is the noble ones. A soldier behind enemy lines with one bullet left shoots himself as to not get captured and tortured for information by the enemy. As you read your probably thinking that im too full of myself and that i think i know everything.. but my knowledge is dangerously lacking, I am only 17 years old and can only form opinions from the experience in the past 12 years(limit of my memory). Im not saying im right, but im not saying im wrong.. you have the right to agree or disagree...
27 Jan 2007 kooldood First off im not 13,im 18 and im thinking about taking my life,not because my parents abuse me or im depressed,its that human reality is so forced,I DO NOT WANT THIS REALITY its as simple as that.Of course im scared to die,Who isnt? we dont know wat happens when die,well actually theres 2 things that can happen cease to exist(that would suck but i wouldnt know)2.something happens(that would be pretty sweet,but anyway ive tried 2 times before but i pussied out,but i think im gonna do it the plastic bag over the head stlye,nice, peaceful.I do think about how many people would be sad,and how much people would miss me but,im not built for the way this world works.Its not set in stone that im gonna take my own life but its definatly looking that way
27 Jan 2007 ROB od on CANDY
27 Jan 2007 liz od on flintstone vitamins
27 Jan 2007 damonkeyking my parents shout at eachother every night im failing school, iv tryed 2 kill myself once before, im goin 2 a phycologest buyt he doesnt hlep i know this is nothing next to alot of u guys/girls stories but i think i got something wrong in my head and help would be appreciated
27 Jan 2007 suicidal.hate u know there are a lot of ways to kill your self . but the one way that i like to do is by geting that razor blade to my wrist . i like to make it go deep in first then i would pull it . i like to feel the pain that the way i like to get my strees out . i dont think im normal i dont think i will never been normal . so what am i ?

add my to msn if you want to chat ....
27 Jan 2007 dead inside. don't quit.
don't quit.
don't quit.
don't quit.
don't quit.

keep fighting.
27 Jan 2007 suicide....cant do this hiya........well m not sad today but still not happy too........i decided to left doin all that cuts n every thing but today i really wanna do those things again.......i really wanna tell u one thing that the reason of ma sadness is that..........well guys evan i dun noe the reason...i am sad bcox...i dun noe.i really wanna cry.but cant as i've promise ma self that i wont cry..........:( i even dun wanna commite suicide............OH GOD.....wat shuld i do........well m goin now....plz i really want gud frnds....plz add me..on
26 Jan 2007 here you shouldn't be thinking of suicide

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