Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Dec 2006 Hi sacks of sorrys! Why dont you people just help other people out there worse off then your self, Stop feeling sorry for your selfs will you an get the help you need..

why dont you give to charity or give for free!

You can give here for free, ( copy a paste in google....)

28 Dec 2006 Tim First of all your fucken crazy making a post on ways to tell kids under 13 to kill them selfs i dont see any way on how this is helping people first of all you have your people who complain about life and about ending there life and talking about all these ways they want to do it but in all truth they fear death more then anything and only are craving attention THE ONES who DO NOT TALK about killing them selfs and seem to have perfect life and act perfectly fine infront of there friends and family and show no sighs of depression are the ones you hear about on the news who have blown a hole in there head if you think killing your self is going to solve all your problems then I can call you a pussy there are kids and adults in other countrys who face problems that most kids cant even imagen kids who are straving to death as they watch there family members die of desiese and hunger and war but still fight to live the next day fight for one last breath even in all death and cause that surrounds them life is the best gift given to man its your desion on how you will live it by reflecting on the past or preasent problems or you can do something to change all that and make your LIFE better because most of you have that chance you just want to take the way that seems easy at that point in your life STOP being a PUSSY live your life untill the FUCKEN WHEELS FALL OFF!
28 Dec 2006 k's Plain and simple . . life sucks. But you only have one life . . there is no second chance. Once you're gone, you're gone. I have had my few shares of suicidal thoughts . . after having a sister die suddenly, abused by my father, bad breakups, had very crappy high school teachers that thought it was appropriate to pick on someone 30 years younger than they were . . blah blah blah . . I'm was at the point where I couldn't even breath anymore . . now that I'm a little older . . trust me . . once you get away from everyone that hurts you, you can actually find life worth while. You might have to wait 5 or 10 years but it's worth it. There is so much suffering in this world we can't have another human purposely taking their life. We need you. Trust me . . we do. There isn't enough people in this world that care, have feelings and feel pain . . people like you are the ones that make a difference in this world. Please stay.
28 Dec 2006 Kirvlas Ello. My name is Kirvlas. Sometimes, I want to kill myself. Like tonight. Especially tonight. I dont have many friends. Im 15 not 13 so I dont know if that matters or not. My problem is my whole life. Every day i get up and my family is very poor so i have to go milk the goat before we can eat breakfast. All the kids make fun of me. I want to die so bad. My parents are so mean. They make me work all the time and i never get to do anything. My life is awful.
28 Dec 2006 Chuck O dont do this to yourself..dont do iyou are so young, and have a whole life ahead of you
its just a guy..your first dont do this please.!!!!!!!
get some help from a doctor or your parents or somone one that you respect
believe me..i am much older than you...and i know what you are feeeling..loss of love...but there really is someone out there for you

most people never have lasting success with thier first love...please give it some time and look for someone else...and maybe he wont be the rite one..but will find the right are much too young to be involved seriously with a guy
i know it hurts...but think of someone in your family who would really miss you..i know there is someone
think how cruel it would be to kill yourself..and let that someone wonder why you didnt come to them, and ask for help??/

Please honey stop this and ask for help


my real name is Chuck Riling..i am an old man...and just happened to stumble across page on the net.

Hold on...dont do this!!
28 Dec 2006 Princess see this is very hard to even explain in writing to how stupid it would be to even think about committing suicide at 13.. fair enough.. im only 16, but ive had my first bad three years of teenage experience and have thought of suicide.. but come on now..! 13.. what is soo bad in your life that you want to die.! Loads of people are dying in this world everyday and you think that ONE person out of the whole of the world is the only person with a problem.. this is surely the wrong question you have asked.. !
27 Dec 2006 Angie none of you must read what it said it says whats the best way for someone who is UNDER 13 to commit suicide, not who is 13, so rephrase you comments.
27 Dec 2006 wannaouija ok, i'm not under 13, but have felt like i've been locked in that age due to some incidents in my life. In Jan 2006, I just couldn't take it anymore, so I took everything I had in my house, 75 ty sleepaids, 70 some darvacets, two bottles of eight ounce cough syrup, 40-50 pills for depression, I burned the evidence, I live by myself, didn't think anyone would find me in time, my sister had a fight with her boyfriend and about 40 min after i took it all she showed up, said she found me on the bed with a plastic bag on my head, don't remember that, she went to the main road to make a call on her cell phone because she couldn't find my house phone, said it was hidden, do remember one other sister being there asking me what i did, did i want her to call for help, the only thing i wanted was for her to leave me alone, i ended up being flown to a hospital and the guy on the chopper ride telling me before i passed out again that he overroad my dnr, they said i didn't attempt suicide, but succeded, they had to bring me back twice, i thought a dnr was going to help, but my sisters said they couldn't find it, my suggestion is to go somewhere no one knows you and make sure you won't be found for a couple of days.......i have to see a doctor once a week....i'm just waiting for my time now....
27 Dec 2006 kat i feel like no1 cares about me.I lost the only think keeping me alive so i have no I now. My bf wont talk tom me and i wish i was dead cause i h8 life im sick of been alone .Can u please add me
27 Dec 2006 it's me again ok, listen. wen we dy, who nos wat happens? mayb thats it, the end. i completely understand those who have suffered 2 much pain 2 live, but im discarding suicide now as an option. because then the bastards hav won. fair enough if u wanna leave the suffering behind, but am not gonna let them win. im gonna suffer, till im raw an numb, and only then will i really be ready to face the world, because, people, the world may be cruel, but humans r far crueler, and if u can survive the abuse, the pain, the suffering, thn u will be a survivior. i wanna be a survivor.

course, a suppose u could always just take a nose-dive out of a window - only definite thing a can think of, quick an painles.

but i still think u shouldnt do it. am no hypocrite, i KNOW wat abuse is, an how it feels just to want to let go... but i hang in there till the last. fite the pain, fite the bastards who try 2 bring u down, dont do there job 4 them! u think theyll greave ur death? u think theyll feel guilty? will they fuck! theyll laugh in ur cold, pale face and spit on your grave and joke about how they pushed u down.

wen life gets like this, u hav a choice. its more than life or death, its this: r u gonna be stronger? or r u gonna make those who hurt u an make u suffer stronger?
27 Dec 2006 fuck my life a dunno if this site is still runnin, but o well. i just wanna run away from my life. i am poor, but i still have everything i need, i guess. an a fukin hate it. i hurt everyone, im an ugly rek, all a can do is sing an act, but that goes 2 shit without money. ma family r great, but ma dad never stops swearin, i think he hates me, ma mum is a twisted alcoholic, an i cant trust anyone, but i dont giv a shit, i dont need anyone elses luv, a only need maself an a bit of luk. i just wanna get away from my home, from my frends who wouldnt notice or care if i just lay down an died, from the things that make my life just too easy. an it is TOO FUKING EASY!!! a wanna b tested, be a survivor, not sum pampered bitch who knows nothin about life an is too fukin shy...ok am NOT shy! soon, if nothin changes an i continue 2 see nothin but the same dam things every FUKIN DAY OF MY SHITTY LIFE am either gonna kill myself or run away. i came close 2 suicide a couple of times, but always stopped maself - a wondered, wat if tomorrow everything is better? an i always hang on one lasyt day..... but no any more. take me away from t he grey skies of scotland, or take me away from this binding, controlled life, where i feel as though they just put me in a straight jacket an left me in my padded cell for ever, hanging on yto that one last day, that brighter tomorrow that just never comes...
27 Dec 2006 treas my name is treas and im 13 just resently became 13 and non stop all i have got for years now is shit of my brother and sister. we would always get into big fites and then hate eachother for few days but it seems im always getting the blame, when it comes to 2 younger brother and sister who fite more than me wen it come to the 2 of them fiting at you, calling you names it just makes me feel like i cant live anymore in this earth,yet stil scared to end my life. i still love my mum, but i can not take the abuse of beeing called names or beeing hit at, i dont know what to do. and i know yes some people feel after writing somthing on the internet that you show the world you may feel guilty wen ur getting along again with the people who make you feel horrible, like you dont deserve to belong in this world, but......i would like some one to talk to me whos atleast 13, who knows what its like. i have good times with my brother and sister but sometimes the pain will never ease
26 Dec 2006 sam thats sick if yer under 13 then u shuldnt be thinking aboot suicide fuck this sick , sick site and get on with life and what ever sick person created this site needs locked up in a looney bin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
26 Dec 2006 Farrock Junquera Life is damn great ! but of course it was not gonna be good all along the time..I used to takes like more than 20pills.. mixed with chemical and poisonus drugs.. that was 7 years I live my life well.. lucky I'm still alive until today.. I made out a good life.. met a good gf which's going to be my wife soon.. and met lotsa people and i even managed to love and try to understand that to do self injury and suicide are only for stupid people..I was being stupid for attempting suicide before.. well.. if u guys still wanna go for suicide.. go ahead.. i dont care.. its yer fuckin life..and i understand that u guys are stupid and u cant think bout others.. ;)i think the best way is to ask someone to kill serial killer is much more better..other u could die and still can satisfied the feeling of the murderer..
25 Dec 2006 kat Iv got nothing to live for iv been depressed dor 7 yrs and suicidal for 3 yrs.Iv got no fueture cause iv got a learning problem and ill never grow up. and iv lost all my friends which suck. The only reason im on this dark little planet is cause of my family.I think satan is gowing to kill me and he even talks to me. If any1 can help me be happy email me
25 Dec 2006 Tulani i want to kill myself because when i was 12 i raped a baby, i am a girl and it was my baby brother actually. i know this is not a good defense, but i was sexually abused by my older brother, sister and cousin, i don't think that it is too bad, but, common on, it was a 9 month old baby, and i knew what i was doing was wrong. The baby is grown now and is a young boy, 10, and the other day i saw him looking at porn and i feel guilty , so i want to kill myself.
25 Dec 2006 Kelly Crutcher I've never heard about a suicide kit before I found your page. I'm not really sure about a permanent way. I was born in 1981; I'm a member of the Latter-Day Saint (mormon) church, I grew up in this faith and I have a strong faith in God and Christ, but there's been times when I've gotten so depressed that I've seriously thought about taking *my* life. I attempted suicide once in 2005 (I locked the bathroom door when I was taking a shower; closed the drain in the bathtub, let the water get deep enough and tried to drown myself; Grandma picked the lock, panicked when she saw me trying to do this and pulled me out)and once in 2006 (took an overdose of my seizure medication and went to bed, praying that I wouldn't wake up)
Recently, I thought about hooking a garden hose to the exhaust of Grandma's car and running the other end through a back window, getting in the car, turning the ignition on and waiting.

I'm afraid to tell anyone I know about this problem because they'll think I'm crazy, stick me in Circles of Care and treat me like a loony. I don't know what to do.
Please don't think I'm crazy; I'm just depressed over a lot of stuff in my life (my grandfather passed away in 2001; my parents got divorced, I suffer from grand-mal seizures and the medicine I'm currently taking for the seizures doesn't seem to be working; every time I have a seizure I chew my mouth and the side of my tongue and get bruised) and I don't know what to do about anything anymore.
25 Dec 2006 Déjanae Whoever on here needs someone to talk to, who are having thoughts of suicide, please message me, suicide isn't the answer, its not a way out. Trust me, there are people that love you. So send me a message.

Thank You,
25 Dec 2006 oriana umm i dont know the best way but if you dont want to hurt anyone else and you dont like pain you could simply drink shots of bleach or other poison mixed with alcohol or soft drink until you start to throw up then hope to god you dont survive cos if you do it will really suck by the way i might actually try this it sounds like sumthing worth doing but not tonight, tonight im going out with friends an getting drunk yay! im 14 and last nite i had sex with shaun then today is christmas and evry1 told me that shaun played me i really loved him this sux anyways if you must kill urself please dont kill sum1 else and then urself cos that is really mean ok luv ya xxx
24 Dec 2006 dead inside. "Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life."

Life isn't easy. Everyone is faced with problems. Everyone is faced with hardships. All you can do is get past them. Even when breathing becomes the hardest thing to do, you just have to keep going. I can't promise that it will get better, because I have no way of knowing for sure. You have to take that risk, and live another day. Keep moving along. Keep fighting. Get up everytime you fall down. Don't give up. Don't quit. Whether you 13 or 31 or 18 or 81, you just have to hold your head up, and fight thru. And when you feel that your all alone, and no one loves you, turn to God, let him love you. I don't mean get all preachy or anything. I know that I don't know you, but I still care. I want you all to be okay. Everytime I come here, I get chills. My heart bleeds for you all. If you are seriously suicidal, please reconsider.

"You said that you would die for me...
You must live for me too..."

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