Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Jan 2007 Lisa The best way to kill yourself is to give up. Humanity has worked hard, and not without screwups. I am 42 years old with 2 children. I contemplate suicide but then I realize that I have nothing to lose but live until I die.
23 Jan 2007 Monica Please, don't do it. Please take this website down. You have no idea how much damage you are doing in people's young lives! This is horrible!

Suicide is never the answer. I know that we all go through trials in our lives where we feel hopeless, unloved and unwanted. But, believe me (from experience) there is more to life if you just live it. But especially if you PRAY and ask God to help you! Ask God to help you with your pain, with your problems, for Him to give you guidance in your life. That's the only reason why I was saved, b/c there was a time in my life where I thought that I could not go on, that I could not endure the pain and suffering and emptiness, and that if I was no longer here, that it would not make a difference. You see those are all LIES! They are lies that the devil wants you to think and believe so that you can fall into the hole of emptiness and desperate attempts to “end it all” But there is a light at the end of the tunnel in this world, there are solutions to problems and there is love. God loves us all, that is the reason that He created us, that is the reason why He sent his only son, Jesus Christ to pay for our sins! That is the good news, if you believe in Him, and pray, you will live such a wonderful life, full of love, b/c God loves you! He loves each and every one of us. When we need someone to talk to, He is there, weather you believe that he is or isn’t (just try, pray and talk to Him) Sometimes people just choose to ignore Him  But God has a plan for each and every one of us, a beautiful plan with great meaning. So you do mean a lot to Him, our Heavenly Father and creator, and you do have a purpose in life, just pray and ask God what it is. Don’t get tricked by the devil otherwise, b/c he wants you to fail, he wants you to end it all..that is just what he does. You are a very special person, you are loved by the most important being in this world, God the all mighty himself. I know if you are not a believer, that this many sound a bit weird, but believe me, if it were not for God, I would not be here. He helped me be strong (I prayed for that) He helped me regain my confidence and strength (I prayed) He helped to guide me in being a better person, in being a better daughter, in feeling better about myself (I prayed for that too) and I know if you speak to Him, He will listen! And He will guide you to where you need to be and give you the strength to endure whatever situation that you may be in. Please, pray, I will pray for you too. And if for any reason you need to talk to me, please email me and I will try my hardest to email back soon (

Remember that God loves you! May God Bless you!
23 Jan 2007 isayhi01 What is very sad is telling someone considering suicide that they are stupid or selfish. They feel as if there is no hope and all you have in your heart is to reaffirm their feelings, that is sad.
23 Jan 2007 lisa I am a mom of a dead son, he took his life on Oct 17, 2006. He claims he did because he was pissed off at his dad. Life sucks and now I am picking up the pieces for his sister. my life sucked too and tried many times to kill myself, now i see what the dead person leaves behind. could life be any worse?
23 Jan 2007 sharmini achari why must one kill himself? no one has the right to kill himself or others except GOD. let me share a tru experience of losing a fren of mine. one saturday, i woke up from sleep and had a short conversation with my fren. we always sleep together with her room mate who is my gud fren too. i left her in her room at about 10.30am and went to mine. we decided to go out. and so, i was getting ready.....she called me up and asked for a rope. i said i don have and a joke out of it. she was just fine at that time. after getting things ready, i went to her rum. i knocked the door but no answer... i searched for her all over the hostel and finally after i return to front of her door again, something triggered me to get the spare key of her room. i quickly ran down and got the master key from the hostel warden. and i opened the door.... she hung herself..!!!!! come on frenz... y must u kill urself? until this very second, im feeling really guilty for losing a gud fren of mine. please do not let ur loved ones suffer by losing u.... the world might not turn and look at u but remember there is always someone who might be thinking u as his/her world!!!! disappointments are for sure in life but never be too serious with it!!!!! i love all of u.... v r all the child of god!!!!! life is for once.... live to the max...and make ur best of it!!!!!

need a fren to talk to:???? contact me!!!!!
22 Jan 2007 kat I just wanna die rite now. All i do is here voices telling me to kill myself and i see showdoes shaped as rats(which im terrifired off).I am a totle loser with no communication skills so ppl find me boring. I have to go to a new skool this yr cause ill just get bullied again. If any1 can make me a bit happier about myself email me and plz no therispt
22 Jan 2007 I just want to live I'm almost 14 now, and I've thought about suicide twice. The first time was when I was in 6th grade, I was having problems with my friends and was was irrational. I felt like I would never be happy again. The second time I was serious was about 15 minutes ago, when I looked up this website. After reading some on these comments I calmed down and realized that ANYONE UNDER 30 YEARS OLD IS TO YOUNG TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER SUICIDE! Suicide is a serious thing and if you ever think that it is your only answer you should calm down before you do anything to hurt yourself, a 13 y.o. Is to young and irrational to be thinking of suicide, no matter what you think there are at leaat 5 good things about your life, and that is reason enough to keep going. Even if its as little as "I look nice today" or "at least I'm trying" its worth it.
22 Jan 2007 sad my best friend is 12 and i am 13.she has attempted to commit suicide everyday..her mom lives in florida and her dad lives in massachuessets...zhe called me and she said she was drunk(age 12) and tried to kill herself..shes my neighbor and i ran to her house and took her in...her dad is never home...and she(if she moved in with her mom) would live with a girl who lost her virginity to a guy when he was 17 and she was 12....

now my bf(well dead bf) killed himself because he though no one loved him...

tonight i am going to kill myself...the best way to do it is to drink rubbing alchol...the reoson im am doing it is because i was beaten by both my parents..and still am...and raped by my soccer coach...
22 Jan 2007 Mandee I hate myself, for loving him
21 Jan 2007 Mien Jr its me again on my psp im probably posting on the wrong place but i might be dead in a few..... people who live on will die eventually but worst then suicide all you cowards who say your fine now i bet its just an excuse to avoid pain i can forgive u all since u dont know my story but for those who r sad for those africans dying its their own fault their own stupidity like every other race wat u can blame is religion because of it the world became corrupt fear developed espectially any form of christiani
21 Jan 2007 Scors-b Today I'm Dreaming
Today I'm Dreaming
Today I'm Dreaming

I'm Dreaming of a brighter day, a day where there is no fear, where there is no fear, where there is no fear.
I'm dreaming to be one of those people who only come to places like this once in their life.
I'm dreaming of a day where I look back on this past and realise that this was all a dream
A day where I'm with people who know my past, but also do not question the fact that it no longer troubles me.
And it's good.
It's good because my body is healthy. And it is no longer destroying itself.
And I can run, jump, and swim, and not feel scared.
Oh lord, how this disease no longer stays with me. How I cast my gaze over the rivers and the mountains,
And can see how there is so much beauty,
So much beauty,
So much beauty...

But alas, for it is just a dream.


If you saw something special in that, send me an email. Maybe we can be friends.
21 Jan 2007 remember to feel real. There was a typo in my last post. Where it says "and i know that sometimes it hurts to wake up everyone"
the everyone is suppose to be "everyday".


Sorry about that.
21 Jan 2007 just a guy Hi. I'm a 20 year old guy. I tried to kill myself 2 years ago. Things were hard at school.. I didn't have any good friends. I had a lot of pressure from school work as well. If you want to tell me your story, I am here to listen. And I hope you will listen to mine too. I don't mind whatever age you are. Please email me. (I have MSN too.)
21 Jan 2007 Andre Fortin This is a nice art project; you have to think outside the box these days to be original.
Bravo maintenant je t'aime encore plus

Digitally yours
21 Jan 2007 pran HIII ..i am pran..i am 16..well i have tried tylenol pills but they realy dont work..i am frm india and i juz molved 2 USA..ders noone here..ppl juz hate me..nobody wants me..i have never been soo freakin life suckz..juz wanna end dis pain..i have even tried suffocating myself but i juz cant do it man..sumthin juz stops me
21 Jan 2007 MoOnShiNe Have your best friend tie you up for shits and giggles after you've decided to indulge heavily in mass quantities of BaRbS, LuDeS, NarCs, and sLEEperS....Your sick friend is now going to cut your eye lids off and put them in his soup...
21 Jan 2007 laura Dont make this kit I beg u because when u become aware of how mind frequencys work u will be unhappy with what u have done. My ex husband killed himself and two of my best friends this is not a subject you want into the hands of anyone.
20 Jan 2007 sharon heyy ima not a suicidal person or anything & i anit here to tell ya'll tht u need help but i wanted to know if anyone would care enough to lik add meh up and tell meh some ways to help mi friend. we alredi saw a conceler but things got realli screwwed todaii and idk how to handle it all and i aniit gonan go call da cops cuz ive had enough of them.. well if ya can help or if u just wanna help meh deal wif da whole issue add :
20 Jan 2007 Ashley Before killing yourself, ask why you want to. Everyone has at least one person that cares for them. Don't you think that that person would miss you so much that they'd kill themselves. If you love that person, dont you care about their feelings.

If you say you dont have any friends and have been bullied all your life then thats too bad. Don't you want to experience your life to the fullest. If everything is going bad for you then why don't you stop thinking about killing yourself. Think about a way to make your life better.

Thinking about suicide is not all unhealthly. I've been molested and still have rough times but I can still get through my days.

I used to been an outcast, but i found someone that cared about me and i grew out of the phase.

Each and everyone of you should rethink about committing suicide. Give yourself a second chance to redeem yourself.

I'm a very good listener and if you want come see me.
20 Jan 2007 Mien Jr im on my psp so this is very hard.... as i grew older i learned that life itself is pretty meaningless. soon everything will eventually die due to mankinds stupidity. all religions created in this world is meaningless. the past does not repeat itself for the future is already fortold we are just a bunch of walking deads. this is who i am: age 15 suicide attempts 3 knife hanging and bomb very athletic soccer tennis bball hobbies crip walking breakdancing popularity well known or very popular theres more

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