Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Nov 2006 Legna Jump! Take some poison! Go to Iraq! Before you know it, it will be over, but why would anyone kill themselves? This is a very interesting philosophical question and it may vary from person to person with no agreement. Life is beautiful. Struggles are part of life. As we toil on this beautiful Earth of ours, we sometimes wonder why there are struggles, but it is on fact these struggles that create life. You may wonder where all of these struggles will lead humanity, but there is a product in the end. if you struggle with out Lord Jesus Christ, your life will end with sucess. Even if you struggled with an addiction, starvation, povertyof any kind, the Lord is powerful and will save humanity in the end if it stays anchored to Him. If you want to commit suicide, I don't blame you, but there is more than one way to do this. Destroy your present life, and find one in Jesus. This is the best way to help heal the world and free it from its struggles. You want a suicide kit eh? Put the Holy Bible in a beautiful box and shut it.
24 Nov 2006 anonymous I do not feel like it's appropriate promote any suicide methods on the internet. I'm not going to, either. My reason to post is because I am suicidal myself and have been looking for methods that are both easy (I'm not going to use any kind of chemicals or drugs that are difficult to find and way too expensive)and pleasant (or neutral, as long as they don't involve any pain or unpleasant feelings). I feel as if everything is going wrong and that I'm simply a big failure. I have never found the courage nor the material to perform the best methods, but for the moment no one can convince to continue living. I hope to be dead by next week, or at least as soon as possible...
24 Nov 2006 beck hey im becki and im 12yrs old,u dnt need 2 no mi second name.
i have never tryd 2 kill myself but i have many a time wanted 2. two of my best m8z r goin theough shit @ home and 1 of them who i am just gunna call "E" has tryd to kill herself she has ovadost pills, slit her wrists alsorts nd its hard 4 her but it even harder 4 me nd teh other people because we have 2 live with it, we have 2 live noing what she could be doin, that she could b dead at this very momment! i would never b able 2 live with myself if she killed herself she is so close 2 me. the only resson she is still alive @ the momment is because of me she saidz...
when ever she needz me im always there 4 her i will always b her shoulder 2 cry on! and i will supprot her in what ever desition she makes because thats what friends are for!
things are even more harder 4 her because when she was 9...she was raped! so its even harder 4 her...she thinks that there is something wrong with her she feel unclean and unwanted! she doesnt no what she did 2 deserve a life like this and let me tell you she realy doesnt deserve it! no 1 does!
my other friend who im gunna call "K" is kinda the same...
a couple of months ago she said 2 me this weekend im goin to kill myself! she said that she would ring me befor she did it to say goodbye...i was crying my eyes out when she told me this i told her how could she even say that. i said how could u do that 2 every 1 who cares about u!?! i guess something i said must have sunk in because she didnt...well i think she tryd but didnt acturally have the corrage to do it. do u no y she was doing t do it? the resson y was her parents...all they did 24/7 was shout at each other...and when they wurnt shouting at each other they were shouting @ her and abusing her! they didnt do anything to her older brother or younger brother and waas just her...she thought that she must have done something to make them so angry she thought the sooner she was dead the better for every1! but do u no the sddest part about this...the fact that it still goes on...all the shouting,hitting,slapping still happens...but she has learnt 2 live with it! both of them have gone through so much shit u cant even imagion!
but i will try my best 2 help both of them through there problems no matter what!
so i just wanna say be4 you do anything 2 yourself think about the people who care about you ok! just think how they feel! what would u do if one of your closest m8s killd themselves? how would you feel?
look im no trying 2 forse you out of anything because its your dession but just think about the pain you will cause if u carry on!
much love
u r not alone!
24 Nov 2006 kirsten take a phone cord rapit around ur neck and tie it in 2 knots so u cant get it untied sit on the floor in ur room and just sit there and eventally u cant breathe say byebye 2 the world thats how i have tried it but i stopped my self and i live 2 day with my friends =o
24 Nov 2006 george OMFG you fucking retarded BITCH. WHAT the fuck do u think you are? btw if u were 13 when u started this page u will now probly about 20 yo . IF YOU WENERT SO FUCKING RETARDED U WOULDNT ENCOURAGE KIDS TO SUICIDE . YOU are SO FUCKING sick. you should (friendly) see a doc biotch cya in hell motherfucker
23 Nov 2006 Emily And Jemma The Best way to kill yourself when ur under 13 is..
Climb to the top of the eifel tower..Scream yes i made it then.."accidently" trip..and Splat..goodbye Mr/Mrs suicide..
23 Nov 2006 George Greece Let me tell ya this . I am 14 yo . I'm doing very well at school. I have been learning english since i was 7-8 yo. i got the lower and advance certificate at english and now i look forward to getting the proficiency. The thing is that my parents are pressuring to read and read... Now i am doing bad at school and my parents dont even know about it. I know that ill dissapoint them if they knew. I am very depressed about my grades at school and i want to suicide before my parents know.
23 Nov 2006 ..!sick of Life!... I'm so sick of life. Just want to die. To go asleep and never wake up again. I know it's selfish. I don't want to hurt my familiy, but I don't see another way! I'm a failure in everything I do. I keep hurting people by the decisions I make. I keep lying to people for no good reason, and I can't stop doing it. It would be best for every1 to make myself dissapear for good. Iv'e tried 2 time already to commit suicide, but I failed in that 2. So stupid,. PLEASEE,, help me: No friggin doctors and stuff...!!
I will do it.. By the end of this week, I'll be death..
22 Nov 2006 emotionz aka lisa well am 14 and i always wanted 2 kill my self i was rape by my brother and almost by 3 of my boyfrinds i ahte myslef my mother is always bitchin me over skool my dda a cheeater and i wanan kill myself but now i dunno am buddist and suffi ahve learned suffering is aprt of life and am NOT TRYIN TO LECTURE U BUT IF U WANNA TAKE IT THAT GOOD IF NOT IT STILL GOOD DA REASON WHY WE SUFFERING IS BEACUSE WE ARE THE ONES DAT MAKE OUR SELF SUFFER BUT IF WE CUT OUT ALL DAT DUMB SHIT WE CAN LIVE PEACFULL AND BUDDAH SAID HIMSELF SUFFERING IS APART OF LIFE AND PROVE THEM WRONG THOSE WHO THINK BAD OF U AND WELL MAKE IT AM TRYIN TO MAKE CUZ MY FRIEND GAVE E A BOSOT HER DAD BEATS HER WITH IRON PLATES CABLE AND BOTTLES BUT SHE AMKES IT THROUGH AND am make it throug
22 Nov 2006 pikezZz im going to kill myself,,,but for anyonewho thinks that killing themselve is going to prove something to say friends,family,people who hated you,,your problems,,well think about it,,your not going to be her to see their reactions!you aint gna see none of it!cos you'll be dead!!just think people,,get through the problems,just take life as it comes,im killing myself because i dont wanna be ashamed to talk to family cos i know im going to juvie,,i jus wanna end it tho,,so i can see no more,,,feel no more and not have anymore existance,,cant go wrong!and even so,,maybe if i fail in killing myself and get noticed,,id rather go to rehab than go to prison!
22 Nov 2006 ugly duckling I really wanna die. It really sucks I'm only 15 havent tried suicide yet but i just hate my life. i am teased by ppl each day in school beacuse i'm ugly it sucks and i dun have money for plastic sugerey
22 Nov 2006 hello goodbye Hello! Now i know this has nothing to do with the question "What is the best way to commit suicide when you're under 13?" but i just thought i'd post some more pointless crap.
i've been coming to this site for about a year now because i have felt depressed at times and there has been some helpfull stuff on here and it just feels good to know there are others out there who feel the same way.
life can be pretty crap and i think most of you on here know that but i do actually think there is hope. i have even found the hope! although it did not last very long i did actually find it! i think its just wether you can actually be bothered going through all the shit to get to the hope that makes the difference. who knows why we go through all this but there is a reason and i sure would like to know what that reason is because at times it seems nothing and no-one is worth going through all this.
I would like to "pass over" but not really kill myself as such, like slit my wrists or anything like that because i just could not do it, unfortunately. my suggestion is to at least try and get help...just try it and if not then oh well at least you tried. things are ment to happen for a reason and if you end up succesfully commiting suicide then obviously it was ment to happen as part of a lesson you or somebody else needed to learn. its all about lessons and learning shit for some weird reason. such as the shit your going through will either make or break you. you'll either come out of it stronger or you'll break and commit suicide or continue learning your lesson until you get it.
well thats just what i think anyways you yourself may have your own opinion
love light and hugs to everyone and i hope you get to where you need to get wether that be passed over or living life happily(if thats possible, which i think it may be)
21 Nov 2006 Erik Hello again. This is Erik. A couple of people commented on my October post and someone mentioned that I didn't provide an e-mail address. Well I set up a new e-mail address that you can use to contact me if you want. The user is "erik_the_loser" and the domain is "" (put 'em together with an "@" in the middle and you'll have an e-mail address).

Also one person brought up the subject of what your suicide would do to others and how their pain wouldn't compare to the pain you are going through yourself. Well, you are probably right, but I'm not sure that changes anything. Maybe someday our families and friends will realize that and learn to just let us go (did you ever see or read "The Martian Chronicles"?). But I doubt it. It's instinctual and not really their fault that they don't want to give us up. I once read an interesting obituary in the newspaper though. A man had committed suicide at the age of about 40. The man's father didn't call it a tragedy or anthing. He said that the poor guy just never was right for this world. Maybe it takes that many years for a parent to finally realize it.

What I really wish is that people would simply stop making babies. Maybe if everyone understood how we really feel, they would no longer want to make babies, and then all this would finally stop.

Look at the poor third-world countries. You see documentaries and commercials about them on late night TV. Millions of babies are starving. They do nothing but cry and starve in sickness all day and yet the people just keep making more babies. Just look at that for a while and use your brain. Do you really think humanity is headed somewhere good? How much sense does it take to figure out that adding babies is not going to turn things around? And why don't humans even have that much sense? (Hmm. Let's see . . . We have a million starving babies in our city and, hmm . . . no food. What should we do? Hmm . . . I dunno. Fuck it!) Why don't we all just stop making babies and try to feed the ones who are already here and starving. Then maybe we could at least go out on a high note.

I don't have anthing positive to say as usual. Well there is one thing I guess. The guy who answered the question of how to kill yourself with "Enroll at UC Berkeley and major in mathematics" -- he made me laugh out loud.

Anyway, if all you need is someone to listen to your story then you can send me an e-mail. But don't expect me to give you a reply with a bunch of "Oh things will get better and God has a purpose for your life" crap. I have no idea whether things will get better. But I'll read it and I won't judge you. Heh, I'm nobody to judge anybody.

21 Nov 2006 Sullen I dunno. .life is really shitty. I've commited some attempts many times, and it's rediculous that they've all failed. Overdosing doesn't really work so well . .but if anyone has suggestions, that would help. The best attempt i had was not consuming anything for days and then overdosing (About 50 pills), but that didn't work. Sadly. . that must have been the best attempt. I hear that when overdosing alcohol consumption helps, it should double the effects or so. (age 16)
21 Nov 2006 why the fuck do u wanna know wow u guys are fucken retarted.this use to be me.but i healed.why the fuck do u wanna kill urself???u're not even in the real world fuckheads.jeez....fucken morons!!!the only way u'll evr live and get through the day,is cry ur heart out and let someone know what's going on inside u before it's too late.if not...then too bad.guess u nvr gonna give GOD a chance to heal now are ya?if u think u dont exist in this world,well guess wat i can see.but u just dont know....hehe wow that was kewl!hey new flash: JUST DON'T DO IT
21 Nov 2006 xkillax under 13's shudnt bother.
being a teenager has its good points. when you get older and realise how bleak the world is feel free. but until then give it a chance.
21 Nov 2006 Emma there isnt one u just need to stop and think about things yes things might be hard but ur too young to end evrything what if you grow up and have a perfect life and some people dont even get the chance to do that you need to be strong and think of the good things youve got because most people have 1 good thing in there life if not maybe more and for all those who have nothing then try and make something of yourself and get on with life cos its too short people x x x
21 Nov 2006 Anna I tried to kill myself 3 times when I was 14 (wrists, paracetemol & tranquilisers) and 1 major attempt at 19 (24 sleeping pills and half a bottle of spirits). That one I woke up in hospital with some nurse telling me I was wasting everyone's time and using up a bed a sick person could have used.
Everyone said I would feel better as I got older but I haven't. I still wish I was dead all the time. I'm now 34, my ex has a new girlfriend, my mother has terminal cancer, my father died 7 years ago. My life is unbearable. I want it to end so much. I just want you guys to know that it doesn't get any easier as you get older. Life is shit. Period.
21 Nov 2006 Me sorry my other entry's were wrong this is the real thing
21 Nov 2006 Soon I will die I say get a gun illegally and intentionally miss when you try to shoot the police then drop your gun and say shoot me or i'll get the gun and shoot you. then if they dont shoot piup the gun and kill yourself. DO THIS AT NIGHT (10 P.M. to 5 A.M.)

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