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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Oct 2006 Phoenix I just wanted to make a correction to my previous statement regarding the mixture of ----. First of all it does not release a -------- gas, but instead releases a deadly gas that irritates the lungs, causing them to fill with fluid. In effect causing you to drown.

I imagine that a --- death is similar, whereas your body is deprived of oxygen by the destruction of the red blood cells... Either way you suffocate to death.

I don't know what I believe in as far as god goes, but since I last shared I went through a terrible depression and am feeling quite numb.

The endless drowning in emotional pain has subsided, I feel like I've been given an emotional novacain. I don't know if someone else read my plight and had me in their thoughts, or if just sharing helped to bleed the poison, or if my mind just had enough.

Anyway, I hope that whoever else is looking for answers can find them, or at least the peace of numbness until the pain passes.

DON'T DO DRUGS! Drugs are bad, m'kay..
27 Oct 2006 The Original Felicia The Great The Call To Jury Duty
(Note: Case will not be disclosed for the protection of the client.)

By The Original Felicia The Great

There I sat on the chair with boring novel in my hand, falling asleep between intervals and restless beyond belief. No iPods were allowed, all cell phones all turned off, the never ending urge to go pee but I couldn't. It took days to be picked as a Juror and finally it was the day.

There I was, poor innocent me, feeling a wee tinge nervous... I, The Original Felicia The Great.. .ready to decide the outcome of one's fate. I, the ninth juror, was the one to say GUILTY or NOT GUILTY.

It is sad to see the jurors, who were excused from the premises, and I was thinking...Oh dear God? Why wasn't it me? One juror,who was so excited to get picked was pardoned. Here I was, with miniscule mind asking that question over and over why I was picked. There I was to be sworn, to speak the truth, to speak the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.... SO HELP ME GOD.

Till next week, same bat time, same bat place, same bat channel.
26 Oct 2006 kelly i think 1st of all you should think long and hard about suicide it's a big step if you have and you still want to kill yourself you should then try and talk to someone about your problems sharing your problems helps alot....and i should know!!....but if your scared there's always a hotline you can fone and get advice about what to do next.
26 Oct 2006 cory thomas i fink the best way to die is in ur sleep, no lies ders been many times wer i wanted to kill myself bt i cant get the gutts to actualy do it, also i have a girlfriend dat i fink is goin to try an harm her self, bt i dnt want her to i love her so much, bt im torn between dis ,if she ever killed her self i dnt fink id b able to live wid it therfor i fink it wud make it much easier for me, den mayb dat way i cud be wid her for ever
26 Oct 2006 garrett DiVincenzo i am 15 and life is already fucked for me i kno i have no future i kno i have no life ahead of me and its sorta sick but i wanna put a hole throw my head just to see the next world well by wat i have siad so far i bet most of the people that r reading this think i am sick in the the head no i am not wen ur mom disowns u but not ur sisters u got time to think y did she do that i was only 3 i did nothing and wen ur da beats u soo badly wen u fight back he gets a bat then beats u agian wen the cops don't balieve u wen u have to call the emergency room every other night cuz ur not like ur sisters or wen if a teacher calls from school u go 2 weeks with out food or a bed and if u try running away u get cought cuz u got a fucking tracking device implanted in u cuz u decided to run away wen u were only 6. i would never write somthing online this personal or any thing only if one reason if i would kill my self. so in about 5 mins witch is 6:35 10/26/06 i will put a bullet in my head so i say this kids that think they r suicidel well guess wat im doing it in 3 mins so i hope u all don't turn out like me
26 Oct 2006 kristen this is horrbile;;
i had heard about things ike this but never really come across it until now ...

correct if im wrong ...
is this not a site where people like encourage you to kill yourself?

"What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?"
... what in the hell is worng with you people?!?!?!
how can you just sit there && lt this continue on?
you are encouraging children to kill themselves?!?!?!
that is the sickest thing i have EVER heard of ...
i mean belive me i know that life gets tough && seems to hard to bare;;
but there is alwayz hope;
there have been many times where i just felt like i couldnt go on ...
but i just couldnt bring myself to do it.

i mean once i thought about it ...
its sucha selfish thing to do !!
i mean think about your family, your friends ...
do you think life will be any easier for them??!?!?!

this really just hurts my heart ...

but if you need to talk to someone who is open-minded, will listen && can hopefully help you ...
email me,please
25 Oct 2006 grace my name is grace and i lost my best friend/bf when i was 12. he just left one day with out a goodbye. it took me forever to move on but i found someone who loved me more than i ever thought that anyone could love me. problem was that i was too wrapped up in my death to see this love. and now its too late. after 11 attempts and at least 9 hopsitalzations im still here. after addictions to e, lsd, pot, painkillers and sleeping pills. i just wait for a slow death from a destroyed liver. ive fought through a broken family, a broken heart, three major addictions, four car crashes, eleven attempts, nine hospitalizations and an eating disorder. why isnt god letting me just die?
25 Oct 2006 robert To Eric and anyone with similar problems:
Try something totally different. Leave everything that makes you feel the way you do behind and get out. Move to New York City. It's not as hard as it sounds. Take up a new hobby, like painting or writing. Go places, meet people, join clubs, whatever.
25 Oct 2006 Danni Ello ive tried 2 kill miself by taking an overdose. i find life really hard i have been bullied all my life and noone really likes me. No1 seems 2 understand that i dnt want to live... i h8 life. y iz it evry1 iz 2 faced and stabs you in the back. i feel like i cant trust any1 please help me x
25 Oct 2006 Chrissy I justed wanted to say dont give up.
I have felt really low of late and I know that I wont commit suicide it would be to devastating for my already long suffering family.

I for a long time saw myself as a joke, someone not worth two carrots.I wanted to prove something to the world and say that I had a right to be here and I left my home to go to university. It has been the hardest Thing I ever did. I become isolation cutting myself of from old friends who I saw as part of my problem of going nowhere in life.

Most of all I wanted respect but which could be gained in a way that made me something individual - I would join the un having been in a society at univeristy and wanting to help people I found the most pluristic and worldy body that could help me achieve this.

My lack of descent education has been my strongest barrier on this journey. My desire for the UN has waned as I believe I had recovered from my depression. However depression is an on going battle and can not be cured, that doenst mean to say you dont have a life it just means keeping an eye on things and getting to place where you can fucntion.

I found it very hard on my return to univeristy so many faces, so many opinions so many noises all out of my control, control had become a key word for me a key place to be to at least feel in control. Of course you cant control every utside influence the noisy drunks, the opinion of a rather annoying women in a lecture. Everthing seems to become subjective and if you find issue with someone or something which has seemingly no bearing on reality you are deemed to rude. However it does have a bearing on your reality and perhaps its impossible to friends or agree and have a nice day all the time thats for sure. What is important is the ability to get rid of yoru frustrations and feel like you are accept and at least ackoweledged within the working environment you dwell. I took lectures so serioulsy last year. I was competitive and wouldnt let soem things go, I felt intimidated by the younger members , the young bucks, ignored by the females and dealt with as a 'interesting case' by the lecturers.
I anaysled everything and everybody to even say hello became a life and death situation.The consequences of which could be catashopic to the world I was attempting to feel comfortable in.

And now I live with two guys, I dont know them and I feel unwilling to give enough of myself to ever feel comfortable with them. What happens if they something I dissaprove of ? what happens if they say something to offend me ? well they ahvent as of yet by I am obbessed about social dynamics and have been sicne sitting in my lecturers for the first time on this particular course.

Good luck and keep fighting
25 Oct 2006 colette im not under 13, but i am suicidal... Have been for a very long time. If i can remember correctly it started when i was 9. Reason is being molested by those who should have loved me. i truely hate myself. im 27 now. ive been raped as well. ive seen 5 or 6 shrinks in my lifetime. Therapy doesnt work. i cant talk. i just wish that i was dead... that i could die as quickly as possible. ive tried to kill mysell so many times. i cut myself a lot. i want to fucking die!!!
24 Oct 2006 Patrick Shoot yourself in the head and get it over with. Life sucks and it always will. I've been suicidal since I was 10, and now I'm 31 - pathetic. I've tried to enjoy life, I've tried to be happy, i've tried the pills...Life never gets better. I just haven't done it yet because it would destroy my parents. Now I'm just waiting for them to die naturally so i can kill myself.
24 Oct 2006 mirrorstage with an iPOD cord wrapped around your neck :)
24 Oct 2006 Sadie Giddings well for one thing i tried to commit suicide but my awesome boyfriend stopped me and now thats the farthest thing from my mind. but my choice would to be just not be to do it.
24 Oct 2006 Rudi Ever heard the story about a young boy named Jared High? ( Believe me this site is worth visiting! Ive been through a suicide attempt and its a nightmare! If you are visiting this site it means that you still have some doubt left in you about suicide and you are seeking help. And that is a very good sign. I wish you all of the best and good luck! Rudi
24 Oct 2006 karla hey guys. im not gonna say anything about the best way to kill urself under 13. Im 20, and all i know is that this has been going on forever. Its defiantly an odd feeling to have, because i have a perfect life. im in university and have a wicked family and a nice house and car. im just not happy. my parents dont understand that its not what i own materially, its whats in my head. i feel like im already dead inside and its just my body that continues to live. It hard because i do have so much to live for. I know all this and i really dont want to die. im not trying to feel like this and when i cut myslef i am a different person. the only one who understood was my boyfriend who said my shit was to heavy for him and tried to get me sent to a hospital behind my back. now he wont talk to me because he has his own issues and says he cant deal with mine anymore. counsellors keep putting me on different drugs and sending to other places because they cant help me. what am i suposed to do now. i have tried to get help and this just shows the system sucks dick, and no wonder kids commit suicide. i hate to say it, but this is how im gonna die. if i wasnt meant to die this way a door would have opened up for me because i have tried and i have looked. im sorry to all of you who have to deal with this because i know how you feel, its hard and no one will understand you. they say they do, but they dont. if they spent a day in my head they would see why it has to be this way. i wish you all the best in the future, and try to fight it. dont give up without a fight.
23 Oct 2006 nameless I was apprehensive of posting my opinion about anything at first because who wants to be responsible for someone else’s beliefs or actions, but then I stopped and thought about it, and I figure in the end, I'm not the one pushing the button, so I'll take a chance and voice what I'm thinking.

I find it interesting about how some people here are putting an age-limit to when a person should wait to commit suicide. I'm not going to say that younger people who want to commit suicide should wait or not, but it definitely seems like there's some level of maturity that a person should reach before they make such a huge decision. Then again, I'm 28 and I've wanted to die since I was 15. Waiting to live more life hasn't exactly changed my world perspective on things. So, now you're saying to yourself, "If you've been suicidal for so long, then why haven't you killed yourself at some point." Just to clarify, I said that I've wanted to die since I was 15, not that I've been suicidal since I was 15. Don't get me wrong. I've had plenty of suicidal bouts, but they tend to be short lived.

There’re two major reasons I don't off myself. One is the same reason a lot of the life-resenting people here haven't killed themselves yet either; this fear of hurting others. I know what it's like to pray to God that someone kills you or to die in some accident to alleviate yourself of responsibility of hurting those around you. Yeah, I hear ya. It’s a harsh thing to just wait to die. The second reason I’ll get to later. So, in the end, the reason I came across this site was because I’m finally getting to the point where I’m feeling real desperate. There’s this whole, “I really want to die,” thing going on, and this, “But I can’t hurt the people around me,” issue. So I’ll go ahead and explain my story (the religious ones will definitely love this story).

I don’t want to die because I’ve been abused. I don’t want to die because I’ve been hurt. I don’t want to die because I want to be with someone that’s passed on to the other side. I want to die because, like so many of you agree, life is meaningless. Here’s an interesting story; a true story. So it’s winter Feb. 18, 1988. I was nine years old, almost ten. I was getting ready to walk with my little sister to the bus stop to go to school, and I decide to slide on the ice at the end of my driveway. So, I slide on the ice, and meanwhile, the neighbor at the end of his street is driving his daughter to the bus stop. I look up and there’s the bumper of his Ford F150. At some point I blacked out, and I came to a minute later, and the front passenger tire of his truck is lying right along my rib-cage, but I’m not crushed. I think everyone has a single defining moment in their lives, and for me, it’s this, and I’ll explain why.

I’ve got a problem with surviving getting hit square-on by a truck like that and living. Hell, all I got was a scratch on my ankle. I remember later that year during the holiday season, my mom was like, “You should be thankful you’re alive.” I also remember not thinking much of it. I find it interesting how you’ll hear stories about how people will come close to dying, and they end up living and are like, “Thank God. I’m going to live every day to the fullest, I’m so thankful to be alive.” Not me. No. Five years later, I’m thinking about ways to kill myself and cutting myself up and shit like that. And so, I take a chance, and I swallow a bottle of sleeping pills, and I wake up eight hours later. And so, I take a gun, and point it at my head, and pull the trigger, but the damn thing misfires. (The second reason I don’t attempt suicide is because it seems like it just doesn’t work, at least for me). You see what I’m getting at here. I believe in God, but I’m not entirely happy with this situation, indeed I’m not.

You see, my perspective on all of this is that I’m cursed. I’ve come to the conclusion that God hates me, and that this “life” is punishment for some sin that I committed, but I have not idea what that sin was. I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually died that day I was hit by that truck. I’ve come to the conclusion that considering that fact that my attempts to end my own life have been futile, there’s no hope for escaping this “life”. And the thing that chaps my ass the most is that I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN, and that I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I DID to deserve this existence.

I live in this world where life is obviously worthless. I live in this world, where the fortunate piss away what advantages have been granted to them, and treat their own lives like they were meaningless by indulging in vice, “because they can,” and not doing anything to better themselves because, “they don’t need to.” I live in a world where people around me treat their neighbors’ lives as if they were worthless. People that have no problem threatening or hurting a person for their own gain. People that would lie cheat and steal with absolutely no regard for how it is that their actions affect the people around them. People who rape and abuse and kill. People who have no problem having prejudices against a certain demographic of people for whatever bullshit reason. People that are like, “I hate Jews,” or,”I hate blacks,” or, “I hate fags”, or,”I hate Muslims.” Kill’em all right? What horse-shit. And it’s these same fuckers that would dare to tell me that life is worth living. These ignorant, stupid sons o’ bitches that have the gall to treat each other and themselves the way they do, and to turn around and tell me that life is precious. Sorry, buddy, the way you lead your life reinforces the fact that life is worthless. And my punishment, MY PUSHISHMENT FROM GOD is to have to exist in this world with people like that.

And for all you God and Jesus fan-boys out there, I believe in God and Christ. Oh yeah. I believe. How could I not. Think about the ways that I’ve tried to kill myself and here I am. Oh yeah. It makes more sense to chalk it up to divine intervention than to sheer coincidence (that’s just my take on things). But you know that means. The worst part about living this life, the worst part about being “saved by God,” means only one thing. That God didn’t save me. Oh no. What it means is that God didn’t want me in His heaven. The perfect opportunity to die when I was an innocent nine year old and God didn’t want me then. And here I am, almost 20 years later, suffering this life (as a sinner no less) because I didn’t die that day. Here I am, having to witness this world, and having to know these people that live in it, and it’s definitely Hell. The reason I don’t attempt suicide is not because I’m afraid of eternal damnation, oh no. This is damnation. This is damnation because unlike most people, I KNOW God hates me. It’s the only thing that makes sense. And that’s the thing that hurts the worst. See, when I imagine a stereotypical Hell, I imagine these demons tearing at my flesh and burning my skin and the smell of sulfur. No. That’s nothing. That’s nothing compared to the hurt I feel believing in God, and knowing that the God that I love so very much will never reciprocate that love back to me, and in fact does quite the opposite.

Life is difficult to live. We have to work hard and be honest and make ends meet from day to day, and try to be good to others. It’s hard carrying that weight. And that’s how I try to live. But every time I try to have hope and every time I try to have dreams it’s quashed immediately. And I can’t help but think that this is all part of God’s punishment for me. I don’t pray anymore because I know that no matter how desperate I am for whatever it is that I’m asking God’s help with, it’ll never be answered. I’ve preyed too many times with the opposite thing of what I preyed for to have any faith in God answering my prayers in a positive way. In fact, I come to the conclusion that God answers my prayers by allowing things in my life to hurt me. So I’ve given up on praying because I think God’s getting tired of listening to my voice.

So frankly, I wish I would’ve died when I was a kid. I wish I didn’t believe in God. You see, if there was no God, I could die right now, and that’d be that. No heaven. No Hell. It wouldn’t matter. So don’t tell me that life’s precious. I have yet to meet someone the not only treats their own life as precious, but treats the lives of all those around them as precious too. Yeah, precious……bullshit. So don’t you tell me that all I have to do is find God. I already found God, and knowing God is the worst torture I’ll ever know. Honestly. All you non-believers have it pretty good. Frankly I’m jealous. I suppose that’s all I have to say about that. If you feel like emailing me, you’re more than welcome. Props to anyone that’d like to off my ass.
23 Oct 2006 Jacob My name is Jacob. I have been depressed with suicidal thoughts for 4 and a half years. im 14, 15 on the 18th of april. if you want me to give you some advice just email me -
23 Oct 2006 chelsea get it done quickly.. i am a 14 year old girl.. who suffers anerexica,, and was just diagonised with a brain tumour. life is fucking gay.. no one lives in total happiness.
23 Oct 2006 sam Its funny i thought i was out had enough of helping depressives like me but i guess im not im semi retired im 15 and im really good at listening mainly because im going through wot u r i may not be some proffesional with a PHD but im just one of us as i figure we got to stick together while we can

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