Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Mar 2007 kitten i think the best way is to do it when your on your own on a street corner at night get a gun put it in your mouth and pray you hit your wind pipe or aim for your brain, but i think using a gun would be the easyest way i have thought bout it alot now ma x bf wants me dead and i want him to be happy.
07 Mar 2007 Hi Just wait
07 Mar 2007 dead inside. "Honey you are a rock
Upon which I stand
And I come here to talk
I hope you understand

That green eyes, yeah the spotlight, shines upon you
And how could, anybody, deny you

I came here with a load
And it feels so much lighter, now I’ve met you
And honey you should know, that I could never go on without you

Green eyes

Honey you are the sea
Upon which I float
And I came here to talk
I think you should know

That green eyes, you’re the one that I wanted to find
And anyone who, tried to deny you must be out of their mind

Cause I came here with a load
And it feels so much lighter, since I met you
Honey you should know, that I could never go on without you

Green eyes
Green eyes

Honey you are a rock
Upon which I stand."
07 Mar 2007 let me tell you the truth Mouchette is not suicidal at all. She loves life. I can tell. She made this site just for a laugh. I can imagine her laughing at all of you guys' answers.
07 Mar 2007 Cody Downey I posted because I'm suicidal and no one can help me. So I can help others, maybe not tell them not to do it but tell them how and they won't. Unless they are in pain like me, as we speak it could be my last words. I want help, but I cant go to my parents, I will not. I have been searching online for help as of then. But if this is my last words, remember this:

"You will always be there, you cant go into thin air and never comeback, to me that seems impossible. When you die you just lay down and sleep forever trapped in your own head, if you kill yourself you don't go to hell, nor heaven. You go no where."
---- Cody Downey, age 13.
06 Mar 2007 Your friend, and always here I just want to say if you judgemental people think this site is SO SICK and wrong then why the hell did you come on here in the first place???? How did you even find it???? I think the sad and pathetic one's here are those with no compassion or understanding to the pain other people are feeling! So if you dont like this site THEN LEAVE, because the people on here with problems and pain DO NOT NEED YOUR INPUT ANYWAY!!!!

For anyone who needs someone who has been there to talk to, my email is
Please feel free to contact me anytime

Take care all xoxo
06 Mar 2007 stephanie i wanted to kill myself. i had been sexually abused. i used to cut myself regularly. i was bullied at school. i hated it. i used to cut myself to gain some control. i felt empty and alone all of the time. i ended up with no friends and i took an overdose of ibuprofen + paracetamols + some other random tablets that were in the house. sadly i woke up. but since then my life has turned round. i went to college and met this amazin guy who makes me so happy. ive made friends because they see the real me. ive had hundreds of emails from people with problems like mine. i would like to say ive helped them all in some way or another in finding a solution to their problems. if you ever need someone to help, or someone who wont judge, or just someone to listen to you, email me or add me on msn i will answer every email i recieve and talk to every single person who adds me on msn. i just want to help people the way i was helped xx
06 Mar 2007 Carrie I'm 32 and I'm writing because I was suicidal when I was 13, but my life has gotten a lot lot better. I was raped by my father for many years. He also tried to kill my brother. I've had many friends die, as well. I had cancer, but it's gone now.

My point? I am extremely happy I didn't kill myself. I have a great life, I have great friends, I'm in love, and now my health is good. Even when I first left my parents' house, I still felt under their thumb. It took me some years to get over it, but now, I'm thrilled to have my own life, to be able to travel and be able to finally be myself.

Look for help first. Go to a teacher or another adult who you trust. If someone is abusing you, look for help-- seriously. It's not YOUR fault they're doing this to you, it's THEIR fault for being such horrible assholes. It's true, in everybody's life, people let them down, sometimes terribly. But there are also great people in the world, great days. Be brave. Don't let the assholes win.
06 Mar 2007 cackelfrack wtf? come on suicide ISNT the answer. Recently I lost my cousin, more like a brother, 5 days before christmas he shot himself, and yeah, thats not very pleasnt, why would some PIG make a website like this, like wtf?! this is so retarded, suicide sucks!! im only 13 years old, and yeah, i've hated my life at time expecially now!! so whatever if you cant get laid!! like come on, theres more important things in life, my cousin was only 16, and he just decided to blow his brains out, the thing is he lied to me, he told me that he was coming back here for christmas, but he didnt and he'll never be back here. I miss him like crazy and some nights i cant help but cry because he's gone, i get to thinking, why did he do it, and where will he end up? so anyway suicide sucks, and im not really willing to talk to anyone about this shit, but if there is a need to talk to someone, i'll read somthing.. man I feel like an idiot.
06 Mar 2007 Midnight Suicide I am nothin now but the waiting for death. I hate the part of me, the humanity of me, that stops me from endin it all. I want to rip it out so that I can mutilate and destroy myself. That is what I need.

No matter how happy I should be or sometimes are, death and darkness is constantly ther, at the back of my mind.

I will do it tho, one day. I will run the coll blade across my skin and press down and I will destory all that I am until I am no more. Death is the only way
06 Mar 2007 Sam kurzman there is no way of killing yourself before 13 wait until your 21 do good at school and your family and social life if your happy at 21 then keep living, im a new 22 year old and im in dept beyond the next 6 yaers through depts to friends and the banks/fines my job has gone nowhere and my social life has gone down to 3 people, my family does not talk to me although i live with my dad, i have no assets and now credit rating or trust from anyone to kickstart my life, i have never had a girlfrriend and have only paid for sex once, i have been told by women i am a really nice guy both nothing else, i am a big bloke but noone seems to enjoy my friendship except my 3 friends and somehow i think my dad respects me. i am sorry for my friends daniel, jayson and chris, you have been good to me and my dad ian thomasn kurzman you have tried to give me hop in the world but without the other family there is no hope. i hope you live your life to the fullest without me holding you back.
04 Mar 2007 Jacob STOP all this talk about seeking help. Why do You think we wnat to commit suicide, for fun ??????? People thinking of suicide are not able to get things going by themselves, and seeking help is NOT solving the problem, it just learns You to live with it. But some things catn just be placed on the "life experience" bookcase, it is too big to be kept down. So to all of You ref. to help, please take this seroius, and asnwer the question instread of talking bullshit. You loose Your boy/girlfrined ?, You get divorced ? You loose Your children ? This is deep shit serious, and cant just be fixed. Try to uderstand that.
04 Mar 2007 booboola_girl I dont know the best way to kill yourself when you are under 13, I dont even know the best way to kill yourself when you are 23, i know if i did kill myself when i was under 13, i wouldnt endured being sexually abused from age 12-17 by my neighbour with my family knowing about it, i wouldnt have lost my best friend at 15 from a brain tumor and my mum six weeks later from suicide. I woulnt have ended up in hospital for 2 weeks cause i didnt eat or even swallow my own saliva for 14 days, I wouldnt have been punched in the head by my grandfather when i was 17 and then kicked out of home. I definatly would not have become a drug addict and had to go to rehab for injecting crystal meth and having a dvt cause my veins clogged up. I would never have stollen thousands of dollars from my job to support my drug addictions and definatly wouldnt have moved to the city and witnessed a good friend over dose on a cocktail of zanax and heroin and die on my living room floor. Which wouldnt have sprialed in to me becoming addicted to zanax and endded up in jail for theft, and been shacken back into exsistance by my best friend (who on a regular occations beat me and stole from me)when i OD on 1000mg of zanax in an atemped to kill my self. I wouldnt today have been woken up with a letter to vacate my flat because they are knocking it down on the 6th of may and wouldnt be threatened by the taxation department and debt collecters to send me into bad credit and homelessness.

However i still would have been a heroin baby, so addicted to herion when i was born that i didnt feed for the first 3 weeks of life and went from 6 pounds to 4 pounds and probably sould have died. I did have to be taken away from my parents on my sixth bithday and not see them for years, and had people treating me like a burden in there life, shipped off to family member to family member and hated by most of them.

I didnt know how to kill my self then and, i really wish i could kill myself now but what would that achieve - id probably just end up in another life dealing with the same shite and wanting to kill myself again. I have had the worst lfe of anyone I know, but i know there are people far worse off than me.
04 Mar 2007 Cody You cant get a gun, knife, or pills. You cant choke yourself. The best way is to drown. Yes it hurts and u gasp, but it works. Try your leg to a weight and throw it into a pool.

P.S I need help lol.
04 Mar 2007 unknown im 15 years old i was rapped for the first time by my bf when i had just turned 14 i stayed with him though he also hit me once or twice thats when we broke up at the time i was being serverly bullied by people who where supposed to be my friends i had someone attempt to rape me several times i managed to get away each time though when i was around 6 i walked in on someone rapping someone else infront of my sister then he was about to do the same to my sister my mother was mentally and physically abused by her father i had someone try to kill me the year before last a couple of times i had a person i fucked just to feel something i tried to kill myself i drank and smoked alot i was pregnant at the time and it killed my baby. i acted as the dutiful daughter at home pretending everything was fine when i was sinking further and further into depression eventually i stopped trying to kill my self as we had no knifes sharp enough to penatrate my skin enough to kill me and overdoses didnt work as i was used to heavy medical doses after almost breaking my back so i started to sleep alot to get lost im my dreams as it seemed to be the only thing i could control. i was bulemic the only thing that made me do that instead of findin another way to kill myslef was cus after my mother found oout a few of the things and told our closest family and when i told my brother about the rape and the attempted rape they werent disgusted with me they tried to help me the still loved me and i have a little sister who adored and looked up to me and who i adored and i didnt ever want her to accidently find out. mental illnesses run in the family its usually our escapes i slowly stopped doing some of the stuff i was doing and now my life is back on track the point to this is no matter whats wrong you will always have one person who will always care for you, you just have to be willing to open up i felt much better after i told people my family has had its ups and downs but were in everything toogether and if you let people everyone of you who feel you have nothing can have that to your friends are the family you choose for yourself so if you have problems with your biological family make friends create a new family your real friends will stand by you no matter what so talk to them
04 Mar 2007 Proteus Please kill yourself immediately.
04 Mar 2007 royb the key to suicide is to make sure no one knows about it, so if you have to kill yourself, drive out to the desert or any large wilderness and find a really secluded spot. that way you spare the feelings of anyone who might care about you.
03 Mar 2007 beth if u miserable like me ill tell u a story and youll listen

Im an artist but im only 12 i only draw wierd art my family makes fun of me and hates me because of it my mom takes me to the local path ways and they give me shots and it hurts so bad but i love it i want more i think im addicted to drugs now thanks to them and thats why im suicidal idk slit ur wrists and drownd ur self of use a sword i tried u dont gotta listen but ya kno just sayin
03 Mar 2007 bethany miller i tried killing myself with my bothers katana in case you dident kno its a sword and i walked in front of a van and i jumped af a bridge and i tried drowning myself my mom tried putting me in the local pathways i hate going to the haspital it hurts getting there shots i think that the best way to kill yourself is taking a bath slit ur wrists and drwnd ur self im gonna go try now
-bethany miller

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