Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Nov 2006 Angel of Death!! Listen dude! if u want everyone to remember u after ur gone the do one thing- Call all ur loved one's to ur house, make them stand opposite u then pour kerosine over urself, sit on a chair look directly at them all, then start smiling this really physco smile with all the evil in you and then torch urself! then it's just a matter of time till u burn up. And they'll remember u alrite fr the rest of thier klives and beyond.
ps- it would be better if u could keep ur smile while ur burning!!
13 Nov 2006 Guro Hi!
Im a tv student making a documentary about people talking about suicides online. If anyone wants to share their stories please contact me! The film will not be broadcast but its good exercise for anyone how would want to tell their stories infront of a camera.
We dont judge anyone and all stories are welcome!
13 Nov 2006 *~*natz*~* TAKE A HAIRDRYER INTO THE BATH!!!!
13 Nov 2006 pop quiz ok. here is a pop quiz to see how much you know about mouchette.

is a waddlechic a...

a)young chicken with one short leg and one long leg.
b) a young prepubesent girl who has just been run thru with some very large man meat.
c)some stupid bitches thoughts where she babbles on about trivial bullshit for what seems to be an eternity.
d) all of the above
12 Nov 2006 leo If your under 13 there really is no reason to kill yourself. I am now 27 and have absolutely no friends. I am all alone with no family within 200 miles of me (one crazy uncle with MS that hates me). My dad already dead and i just have one brother i talk to about 4 times a year in philly. i have one other uncle who will die soon from alchaholism in Florida. i just have my fucking dog.I am beyond broke and will likely soon be evicted. I will commit suicide within a week or so. i will just shoot myself in the head but am looking on-line to see if the temple or in the mouth is the best place. The last thing i want is to be fucking retarded for the rest of my life because i didn't hit my cerebellum and botched my attempt. This isn't an attention ploy like most people who can't manage to kill themselves because they're fucking idiots.
I have asked god to kill me and curse him every day for lying to me. He lied (God is witness)to me and my whole life is fucked now.
i will stay up all night and if God does not give me an epiphany before dawn then... click
Let me know if the mouth or temple is the best place. If anyone tries to report me to some suicide prevention I will kill myself before they can do anything so fuck off.
12 Nov 2006 Still hopeful I don't think any person should try to commit suicide, especially if you are 13 and under. It makes me sad to read some of these entrys and see how many people are depressed these days. I think this site is really great though, it made me realize a lot. I'm not alone. I think that may be the main reason why people want to die. They have nobody to share life with. I really felt like I was the only person in the world with no friends, a broken heart, and no hope. Everybody I love lies to me. Everyone thinks I'm a joke. Nobody considers my feelings or thoughts anymore. I don't understand life. I just can't face it anymore. It's so hard when nobody's on your side and way harder when everyone's against you. I've tried to kill myself multiple times. When I was 16 I tried to kill myself with 3 bottles of some random pills, then when I was 17 I tried to hang myself with the cord of a blow dryer from my shower head, then I hit 18 and my life came together. I was happy, I had a job and my family. Then October hit and it went downhill from there... in June I jumped out of a moving vehicle going 40 (I wasn't driving). All I'm trying to say is that I've been you, whoever you are. I feel your pain, but I'm happy to be alive. Death is not the answer. All you have to do is realize you are not alone, if you really are like me accept it for what it is. And learn to be okay with yourself for a while, nothing is forever, things are always changing, be strong.
12 Nov 2006 Asja Today my friend commit suicide. He hung himself in a closet. A few months back another one of my friends commit suicide, he shot himself, and about 4 years ago a guy at the highschool I graduated from commit suicide he shot himself. My whole point is when ur sad and u think things cant get any worse ur wrong things almost always get worse b4 they get better. when u think somethin is good theres always better. suicide is not the answer its the easy way out. I been depressed before and have felt like commitin suicide on multiple occasions. But things change and life goes on u maybe in the dark a long time but the light will always come.
12 Nov 2006   everyone talks about the pain one will cause others by commiting suicide. How about the the pain the person is in? He feels more pain then others will ever feel due to his demise and that is why he is thinking about suicide. Is it really fair for him to live in misery rest of his life so others don't go through what he has been going through. Chances are he trried talking to others about his problems, but at that time no really cared he was left with no choice...if you knew someone who commited suicide, it will be painful for you , but think of the person who killed himself. his pain must have been 10 times worse then what you are going through
11 Nov 2006 Rae Hey Wats up. i'ts Rae... again. How are you doing? Still trying to kill yourself or have you given up on that? I'm pretty sure your not 13 any more. Thank you for the nifty websites you made fro me. they were quite funny. You obviously have a creative side. Why not use it? Your really good with computers I mean come on you have your own website. I stopped trying to kill myself for now. I'm a model and an actress and in that kind of business you need to stay alive. I wish I could meet you in person. Maybe I could help you. To all others that are commenting of this page and need help just come to me. I have a myspace and i'm pretty sure everybody has heard of myspace. it's
it's pretty cool. and i always check it so you can talk to me if you need to.
There is a reason we are all alive and i realize that now. I never really understood how important my life was until i almost lost it. dont make my mistake. stick through it. i mean if i hadent my dream wouldn't be comming true right now would it? watch for me in magzines and tv and movies. and i'm here to help.
11 Nov 2006 Beatriz Okay,
My name is Beatriz.
I let so many things affect me.
These are just a couple of the things that are wrong with my life...

1. When I was born, my father was off getting drunk.

2. My father tried to kill my Mother twice.

3. My Father has hit and abused my mother in front of me when i was young. He almost killed her

4. My father is a deppressed and an alcoholic.

5. My father is Dead. He died from alcohol poisoning.

6. The night before my father died I was angry at him because i knew he was off getting drunk. So I said if he dies i don't care. My mom even told me to stay awake and wait for him.

7. I am thousands of miles away from his grave. He was buried in Mexico.

8. I get beaten up by my mom and used to by my dad before he died.

9. My mother always tells me how she hates me, likes my siblings better, and how it’s my fault my father died.

10. My mother is having an affair with her manager. Who has a pregnant wife and a daughter that ran away.

11. My mother got an abortion because she said she felt like she was going to die if she had the baby

12. My mother is trying to get pregnant again.

13. I am depressed and suicidal.

14. I have tried to kill myself 10 times. And I have been very close to killing myself so many times that i lost count.

15. Exactly 9 months before my father died, we bought a new house, so now we are poor.

16. I am expected to feed myself and my little sister.

17. I always fight with my mother.

18. I see the dead

17. I am taken for granted by my Mother

I am Catholic but I am not going to try to rub my religion all over you like others do. I always fantasize about my death. But if you really think about it we don’t have it all that bad. Some people are starving to death and don’t want to die. But here we are well nourished (unless you have an eating disorder) and we want to die. That would just be a waste of life. My friend has so many problems, way more than me, her father has tried to kill her. Have your parents tried to kill you? And some kids here are sad because their friends commited suicide, it shows how much you know about your friends. They probably had crap going on in their lives, and there you are amazed and sad because they killed themselves. You were probably not a good friend to them, and now you want to kill yourself?! That’s the most stupid thing I have heard in years. Live with it! Its not you that had all the problems that they had. And I don’t think that they would like it if you killed yourself anyways. And people that say nobody loves you, someone has to. Your grandma, aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandpa, cousin, friend, dog, anything. My grandma and grandpa hate my family because they think that we did that to my father. My other grandparents are dead. I know someone that does love me. Its my cousin. My baby Cousin. He always is good to me. I love him back.
Someone must love you.
If you dont believe so or just want someone to talk to email me,
10 Nov 2006 Kiara hi i am 14 years old...and wen i was in 7th grade i used 2 b verii suicidal...i used to cut my arms nd wrists...i attempted to suffocate myself,starve myself, stab myself and even go and git hit by a car. i wuld pray that i died in my sleep every night. one day my school counselor found out nd everything got worse people made fun of the fact that i would cut myself. then i stopped and recently my boyfriend of 3 years died and i was the last person to find out nd it hurt alot nd i feel abandoned and alone...i never got to say bye or tell him that i love him...nd i reelii want to see him again and i cant wait any longer i now want to die again i want to spend forever with him the only way i can do that is if i die and im now going back to being suicidal again because i can't get over his death goodbye world hello Mike
10 Nov 2006 Vikki im Vikki, im 17 and i lost my moter wen i was 2 years old, not to suicide, my dad is an alcoholic and im havin a very very bad tym at the moment. I've been researching suicide for a week now n i think its the best way for me. i kno its selfish and alot of people rightly think tht. i dread to think of what it wud do to my family not to my dad rely but to my grandparents who have always treated me as well as ne1 can wish for. i am sori for all the families in the world tht have suffered at the hands of suicide but i dnt kno whre else to turn. i cnt tell ne1 this that i kno as i dnt think it is fair for me to warn them id rather jus go. i'm not sure how its goin to happen yet but it definately will. Good luck to all of u and i hope everything works out well for u, peace be with ur lost ones x x
10 Nov 2006 Chris I tried killing myself 2 times, first time with 300mg muscle relaxors, that didn't work, so I kicked it up a notch, I tried killing myself with 1360mg of oxycotton, my point is, don't use pills, they don't fucking work!
09 Nov 2006 tais fuck this world fuck this life i am killing myself tonite im shooting myself in the head watch the news you will see bye
09 Nov 2006 jon jump infront of a truck
09 Nov 2006 chris I want to die my life is crazy my teachers ate me and they want me to fail my mom is nice but she gets really strict sometimes i've tried jumping out my window choking myself and holding my breath with and without water. I just can't do it I even pray to God to just take me home i am crying as i write this but i guess i'll have to suffer all my life. The only people that care about me is my friends, I am an a low budget actor and I've always wwanted to be a star I've tried killing myself today but i heard a voice so f anyone reads this just tell me what you think I should do.
09 Nov 2006 kara sane hey, has anyone of you received email from mouchette telling you to commit suicidie? I copy pastes here what I have just found in my email box this week.
"that is why i have opened up this website. so young children can have a
place to go and talk so they wont kill themselves. however in nature
there is a balance. so i try to keep it balanced on this website. i save
one child from killing themselves. and then i choose another child to
try to convince them they should kill themselves. you are the child that
i have chosen to kill yourself. do not be ashamed or scared of the
pain. you will be doing this for the good of the human race. to keep the
balance in nature. so go ahead. find some razor blades and slice open
your wrists multiple times. it will all be better in a little while."

I answered her back that this is a freaking demented piece of email, an this is what she replied:
"no one told you to come to my website. why dont you do something with
your life other than being a self righteous spoiled little bitch. here
is an idea. you could commit suicide."

I just want to know what you think of it.
08 Nov 2006 Random I'm 21... I've never attempted suicide and the thought almost makes me sick to my stomach but these past few weeks it's sounded pretty damn good with one exception, I have a child. I'm so fed up with it all. I've moved about 10 times in the past 3 years and I'm just tired. After many previous attempts in getting my life together and failing in all the jobs I've had I'm just TIRED! I'm living with my mother and stepdad (stepdad hates me) and it's Wednesday... I've got until Friday to get out... I've got less than $50 to my name and nowhere to go... with a baby!
08 Nov 2006 Alexey I think, that you should die in a good old way! Get drown. You just need a good rope. And something heavy, like a big piece of metal, which can be found on a scrapward or I dunno, think of smth...
Or yeah and you'll need a river or a lake, I think. country pond will do. And one more thing - GET DRUNK! I dunno if it is hard for a person of an age of 13 to do that, but in my country it's easy like a pie. You just come neará holding a heavy object tired to your neck, close yer eyes and sploosh! Here you go - There is a little chance you survive! It's a lot better when you hit somethig with yer hea, when you fall. Yeah, another thing - make it at night, or in a place, where is few people around.
So, its like it!
What? No ponds in your area? Too bad!
Why am I so sure about this way of diing? - Believe me - I wouldn't recomend it to you, if i wasn't going to perfome such an act myself! And i will - next month. Just go to the one of the bridges in my BEAUTIFUL northebn city and -Sploosh! Solong - thilthy life! Sure sucks to be in this world!
Don't be influenced by that happy mood of mine - I'm an optimist - even in death ! This will happen later or erarlier, no needto make mistakes about it!
Well, how they say

Äî ñâèäèíèÿ è óäà÷è â Òâî¸ì íåë¸ãêîì äåëå!
08 Nov 2006 contimplating ermm well i came on here cuz ii was finkin bout suicide.. i dont think its right u should be tellin kids who are 13 tho kill themsleves they aint had any life experiance yet kids if u are being bullied please just tell somebody at you school or ypur parents anyone you know just tell them they can help...if ur parents are divorcing and you are scared dont think about killing yourself just tellsomebody they will be able to hlp you i came on here because i had doubts and this has certainly put me off this is sick and you could be messing with peoples lives here this is not a game it is life please please dont do it i have certainly thort twice now! i still depressed but im thinkin maybve one more session with a councellor is gonna get me out of this dark shit they call life!! my dad killed himself when he was 13 and it made me feel bad scared angry i hate him for it.. how can he says he loves me so please if there is anyone out there who you relly do love even a pet dog or ha,ster anything just please dont do it trust me x x x

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