Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 Mar 2007 em im 23 years old. my partner gassed himself in our car 5 months ago. i had a miscarriage a week after. 10 weeks before my uncle died in a motorbike accident. earlier in the year a good mate od off of pure adrenalin and inbetween my uncle and my man another mate had a dirt bike accident and broke his neck.

My partners 6 months is coming up in 3 weeks, which falls on the day after his birthday and 2 days after that is our 2 and a half year anniversary.

My time is up. i will be doin it on his 6 months cos i cant handle life without him anymore. Im at least doin the right thing and writing letters and catching up with everyone i give a shit about...
23 Mar 2007 rachelle you shouldn't kill yourself at any age. if you do you will break so many other peoples hearts!
22 Mar 2007 Carlos it is true we live in a fucked up world and its full of dispair and inequality but you have to think about this for every shitty thing there is going on your life a new day might come one day you will look back and say to yourself what a fuck was i thinking i could have lost all of this being poor is a reality im not rockefeller but i have worked in school to earn scholarships and educate my self and as for girls the only thing you need to do is get out there they sure as hell wont show up in your room asking for a quickie lol suicide is a thing i ve contemplated but the thing that stops me is what if there is no after life what if this the only shot we get what if there is no heaven or hell and when u die thats it nothing i rather live here than in nothingness

" dont ever leave a room without looking back"- Ian Curtis Joy Division
happiness is something you work for not something given remember that shit and check exitentialism out good stuff college is good for sorting things out and change damn you change i try to change the way i look and talk and write and live life every two years monotone creates boredom which creates the mundane and this fucks you up
22 Mar 2007 Melanie grow the fuck up!!!!!
22 Mar 2007 A Bitch Named Melanie what the hell! you guys are fucking dipshits!! what the hell would want to be all emo for?? you guys need to grow up and get over selves! why the fuck would you want to die?? im in no way going to tell you how to kill yourselves!!! you guys are hella stupid! lifes a bitch get over it!!
22 Mar 2007 nicole the bet way to kill urself when ur under 13 is take a handfull of mommys sleeping tablets then go sleepy byes in the bath tub
21 Mar 2007 Justin I have read damn near all of the stories on this site. For some, I feel very sorry for you, for others, I am glad that you offer help and the optimistic outlook on life. I am a 19 year old guy living in a shitty little town. Of course i have thought about suicide. And I can tell you right off, no matter what you think your problems are, killing yourself won't solve them. Every problem that you encounter in your life in only a temporary one. No problem will every stick with you forever. For all the women on here that are with the drug infested piece of shit boyfriend that beats them, and you don't leave his sorry ass, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?? The two answers that I get the most are "He loves me, I just screwed up," or "I know I can change him." You aren't going to change him. Killing yourself won't do it eitther. I have had a fairly rough life so far, I have dealt with It all and now I am better off than most 40 people in the world. I proved everybody in my life wrong. I have thousands of dollars, no debts, a house of my own, and have started my own business. If I can do all of this in three years, so can you. All I can say about suicide is the it is a permanant solution, to a temporary problem. And the best of luck to all of you out there
21 Mar 2007 mahala wherein front of everyone u care about so that they know its what you wanted
when: on any special occasion
how: knife through wrists,or gun to head
21 Mar 2007 I am krishnarook Are you serious? Did you make a suicide kit? Did you sell them. I notice that responses to your question were written in 2000. Are you still in this arena or have you forgotten about this site or something?
20 Mar 2007 no Mouchette where are you when I need you?
20 Mar 2007 lonely lonely emo luke my gf and i wer goin out 4 a month but we had ben friends 4 life anyway i wanted 2 kill myself but she stoped me over and over and over den i asked her 2 die wit me but she said no and i dumped her so she wouldent feel bad wen i died so den i was in my room wit a knife in my stomach wen she came in she called to my dad and i was brought to the hospital and 2 days l8er she came to viset me and i got up out of bed and beat her now its her turn in hospital but she was put in the same room as me and im gonna kill my self 2night any
20 Mar 2007 the menace Hey everyone! If you ever need someone to talk to whether to kill yourself and what is there that's actually worth living, email @ or AIM @ somnifere777 (aol messenger), ironical isn't it somnifere means sleeping pill in French, and I know a lot of you would LOVE to have that magical pill right now, to be able to drift into your own ideal world where your abusive past can be magically erased and that nothing and no one can and will ever be able to hurt you again. Well, unfortunately that place doesn't axist, but a simple communication between 2 ppl can sometime bridge that gap. I'm not a psychiatric so I can't recommand any meds to kill or make ur life better, just my thoughts and opinions. I won;t tell you that suicide is BAD and that it's not a reasonable excuse for you to escape when it comes to facing reality. I won't judge. I've read some of your heart retching stories and I have to say if I were in ur situation suicide does sounds like a paradise. I don't condone or support suicide. So what do I stand for then, right? IDK. I just don't know. I'm as confused about the world as u r. I a second year undergraduate, majoring in neuroscience. I want to understand about the brain. I want to know y a yr ago I felt like crap and constantly contemplating about ending my life. I haven't found the answer. My PSYCHO tells me it's the inbalance in my chemicals. Screw these ppl. They're just part of the government puppets to extort you for there "legal" drugs. The brain is amazing! It can heal itself. It doesn't need shitty pills to heal itself. It doesn't foreign agents to make it feel better. If you want to feel better, your brain can do that for you. A neurotransmitter known as endorphin can do that. Endorphin is opioid-related, like morphin. The quest that you have to do is to TELL you brain to release. YOu can do this by encouraging your brain not degrade it or feed it with government drugs. Message me or better yet AIM me, I'm use AIM more than email. Talk with, maybe you can help me too. I need help as much as you do. Since when do u hear a psychiatric (PSYCHO) tell you that. I'm only helping you b/c I think you can help me too. Despite all my reading on the brain I still feel so worthless. I nee your support as much as you're asking for one.
19 Mar 2007 trapped in a spiritual war in my mind is hate, rage, ...
a monster.
images pass in my mind.
stop! behave.
has anyone told you, the end is near?
things will only get worse.
why kill yourself if you are already going to hell just wait till ww3 and kill people.
19 Mar 2007 Ray Wait until your parents are asleep.. Slip in and still your Dads (or Moms) gun.. Handguns work best.. If your parents don't own a gun.. sleep over a friends house and still theirs.. then grab some rope.. find a climbable tree.. tie knot around tree and neck.. blow your brains on the lawn.. and fall dead.. Follow these steps just to be sure.. your life ain't shit because your 13 and your parents don't love.. So do this with class and display yourself for all to see your pain.. =D
19 Mar 2007 Nancy im so sick of life i dont even know why its this feeling that deep inside of me im always so tired and sad and i was never like this i was that girl that made everyone happy well why the fuck i am here i kno why im here for my girlfriend i love her soo much ive cut myself just bcuz she was ignoring me on the phone im a pussy i love her and im gay gah email me or something if wanna talk ok
19 Mar 2007 The Bitter End I've been accused of 'trolling' a lot recently. Trolling, lying, attention seeking and the such.
19 Mar 2007 bob mcsheely ok listen.
ur fucking 13.
chill geez.
there are so many other problems you will face in life later on
just calm urself and think for a while.
suicide is definitely not the answer.
and omg so many people have so many fucked up lives wut the fuck?????? thats so messed up.
live on muthafucka, u got da rest of yo life
19 Mar 2007 holly heya im 15 and i have thought about suicide all the time i don't know why i can't control my thoughts but this may soiund sad bu i have been readin all the messages and i have been thinking things in my life and comparin... my life id nothing like some peoples and for this i feel really selfish.but i can't help it. i have been to see people about how i feel and the doctor i showed her my wrist and in one i feel ashamed but in others it explains how i feel and i don't have to say a word. i don't think ill ever have the guts 2 top myself imd be 2 scred and what if it doesn't work. but on the other hand when i get angry and emotionally upset thet is the worst i start punching myself yes it sounds stupid but beleive me its scary and bloody hurts.i blame most of my head bein fucked by my dad he has hit me a few times and even strngled me infront of my best friend who knows the inside and outs of my life.but i the real reason i came on here i guess because i was curious i wanted to know that i am not the only one that hates their lives. i really hate mine nobodt truely knows this and i need 2 tell someone. i think i will become anerexic i look in the mirror and think yuck i hate my dads guts and his fat wife for that i want her die i hate her she changed my dad and now look at him he's a prick school is shit and i barely have a relationship with my mom so you know i haven't had the worst life but i keep it in atnd thats the worst thing to do... so tell someone tell anyone they will listern and care oh and before i go please do not slit your writs i mean what on earth is the fukin pioint it hurts trust me it really does and in summer its a fucker 2 cover up

look after yoyrdelf people...someone always loves out there even if you disagree :(:(:(
19 Mar 2007 Ohsay fkn ONE! Play kick the ball behind parled cars near an interstate/motorway/anywhere with fast cars.

take your mummys happy pills,
drink the juice under your sink,

any time you see a black guy shout,
(Note: i'm not racist, but seen is this is asking the dumbest fucking question ever im going to give answers that suit. =] )

tie a rope to the back of your mom/dads car, make sure its not seen take it to the car behind your parents and tie it to your neck.

fly out your window, and try an get hit with an aeroplane,

if you climb on something high. and do a swanton bomb, or backdrop, or any restling move ono a chalk drawing on the ground.. well i dont know wrestlers survive so you might..

phone the police say theres an armed robber in your house and he's shot your brother, and run out with your toy gun shouing BLAM BLAM


stupid kids.
18 Mar 2007 viboo I have gone through many problems and have attempted suicide when I was 16 and 17. But its so sad and also lucky that I didnt die..Any way if you really need to die to take revange dont die live to face all ur problems..coz by giving them ahard time you lose what u really need.. think spiritually all who did bad to u will suffer by being born in future face all ur problems cz then u wont have to be reborn in this world...
We live in a poor country and we are bond to religion and spirituallity... but people are all alike.So I too have been cheated and gone through harrasment ..etc.And our society is far mo backward to understand me.
Do not comit suicide cz i knw that u will be born again if u do that again in this territory

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