Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Feb 2007 john nuttall do it now while your still young, Ive been chicken i guess, i am now 30 and i guess i always though if i hold out life will get better, maybe i didnt want to hurt my family of friends, THOSE ARE JUST COP OUTS!
if you have the courage to do it now, get it over with.LIFE ONLY GETS HARDER take it from someone who knows!.iThink about it every day............................
07 Feb 2007 shayn blevins ummmmm well over dose on ny uil like 2-3 bottles than go to sleep you wont wake up but if you are going to do it make sure you really want to.
07 Feb 2007 dead inside. "i find it kind of funny, i find it kind of sad, the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had."
07 Feb 2007 kt okay, i have thought about suicide when i was 13-15...i have read many helpful things and am sooo sooo thankful that the stuff i tried(over dose on drugs/alcohol, slitting wrists, suffication etc) didnt work. please please please feel free to email me anytime, i promise to write back and help you get over this thought, i lost 2 yearsr of my life thinking and plotting suicide, its not worth it, please my email is thank you, and i am praying for you all!
07 Feb 2007 kitty ya im now 13 but wen i turned 11 i got into alot of shit i had a cousin who melested me and my suposivly best friend melest me also and its even harder to deal with wen its a gurl i have never told a single soul and it gets built up inside and u get angrier and angrier and feel itss ur fualt plus on top of it id fight with my mom about everything to ware it get brutal she pushed me down that stairs and drag me by the hair and take me away from the wrld to ware i had noone to talk to it was aweful and i started gettin on the computer and talkn to ppl and i fell in love with a boy ody who made everything turn aaround i was happy but my mom found out and took it all away from me i thought noone in this wrld loved me and noone needed me soo i started cutting myself and hitting things like id sneek out at night and go down to the mail boxes and id ware big rings on eachfinger and punch the mail boxes soo hard id bleed and bruise soo badly to ware i have mny scars and id dent my walls but they r this ne way it may not be suicidal but id find neway to make myself feel as much pain as possible to make myself feel better inside this went on for 2yrs and ya now im 13 the whole thing that happend was my dad started sticking up 4 me and tellin my mom to bac off and then i started talkin to my mom and she got it threw her head wat she was cussingme to feel well now im homeschooled and have many friends whom i luv and care 4 plus i have an amazing boyfriend and i care 4 my mom even though she hurt me not only physicaly but mentaly but i relle am happy now i mean ya i have my days were i just wanna shoot myself but then i think that is stupid it relle is cuss u donot kno who cares 4 u and how much they do soo think twice b4 u decide ur gonna kill urself and talk to someone ok it might just help...
06 Feb 2007   my life is a living hell and i want out of it know
06 Feb 2007 Claire Quiet ways.
Lie down on the train tracks and wait. Put stones in your pockets, like Virginia Woolf, and walk into the river. Jump out of a high window.
There is no best method, but quietness is the best "way" to approach suicide.
06 Feb 2007 Jrylze Jrizel This will be last and final try. Before two times were also well planned and the tablets were enough to kill a horse, the room was locked from inside with bolts, etc., but fate didnt want it. The time has come for the last final attempt. But have to make some preparations first. So everyone will be happy afterwards. Dont want to make anyone unhappy. Want to help everyone.
05 Feb 2007 Kitty Hey Everyone,
Since I last posted very little has got better. I still feel like sh*t. I'm now being harassed and black mailed by a guy i don't even know via msn. The stuff he makes me do is so degrading. I'm also terrified that my half brother will come back. I feel lonelier then ever. You are the only people i can talk to about how i feel. My "friends" at college are more interested in their boyfriends to even notice how much I'm hurting inside. Why cant anyone see the pain in my eyes? I'm stuck in a dark hole and cant get out. There is no light at the top. Only cold, darkness that presses in on you. Making you feel enclosed and alone. You never get used to this darkness, you can never get rid of it. It will follow you where ever you go. Hanging over you. Waiting for you to let it in so it can eat away at your insides. Taking away every last bit of hope and happiness you have. Until there's only darkness left inside you. It begins to rule your life. You don't want to go out alone. Looking behind your shoulder every couple of steps. Jumping at every little sound. Waiting for him to come and get me. He's coming I know he is. It's just a matter of time. When he comes i know i cant protect myself. He will be too strong for me to resist. He will take me again. He wont be as 'gentle' as he was the first time. Maybe he wont even let me live. He could be too scared I'll go to the police. Would it be such a bad thing to be killed after being raped again? It would hurt but then again if I live the nightmares would get worse. I'd have flashbacks more often. I couldn't live with that. Better to die then to live through it over and over again every night for the rest of my life. He will never stop haunting me. He may never come back, but I will still be terrified of him. This fear destorys any relationships i have. As soon as i tell a guy about it he backs away like im dieseased. I just want to shout "THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH ME" Is being a rape victim so terrible. Makes you so God damn disgusting that your not allowed to be happy. This is how i felt till the light shone down on me. When i was found by a person that understands me. Wants to be with me and help me. No matter what i tell him he understands. I'm truly happy when im in his arms. Its thanks to Mouchette that he found me. Thank you Mouchette you have saved me and i hope you can save others. Theres a song i've been listening to that makes me feel hope again. Maybe others will find it helpful.
Shayne Ward- Your Not Alone
She's getting out of bed
At half past ten
She starts to comb her hair
Just an ordinary day
She looks at her reflection
Off the wall
Why do I care at all
Just an ordinary day
An ordinary day
That's hurting you
Don't hide out inside yourself
If you only let the sunshine on you
I promise you
You're not alone
When the lights go out at night
When you're feeling lost inside
You're not alone
You're not alone
When your world is falling down
I will be the one around
You're not alone
You're not alone
She's waiting for the bus it's 12.59
She's sitting on her own
Just an ordinary day
She's looking at the people
Passing her by
It could be you and I
They would never dream
Of slowing down
To see if she's alright
Don't hide out inside yourself
If you only let the sunshine on you
I promise you
You're not alone
When the lights go out at night
When you're feeling lost inside
You're not alone
You're not alone
When your world is falling down
I will be the one around
You're not alone
I'm hurting
She's hurting
I'm hurting, she's hurting
I'm so alone
When the lights go out at night
When you're feeling lost inside
You're not alone
I will be the one around

No one is ever alone, theres always someone who will be there for you. Email me and ill be there for you.
05 Feb 2007 angel with eyes and heart wide open "hello ....this is angel looking out for you...i apololgize if i said something please forgive me..
i clearly do not understand on why you
would want to promote suicide to kids under 13...tell me is life for you so
painful at this moment that you chose to
promote this type of game..i have no right to open my big mouth at something
that i just came across but it is very
painful to see you and other young kids
playing pretend...guess i'm just old school and care to see any and all of you kids think about suicide...guess because i was there once and i hated the way it made me a ugly
cancer just eating away at my soul..
you see i love life and i love kids and
i acted like an ass in my i do feel bad and i apologize to all of you kids out there in the world who feel
the pain or whatever emotions that you are going please to all...forgive this dumbass for being so lame before i knew what was going on..
and if i could only hold all of you in one big circle one day where you could feel the love that i have for all you kids out there whether i know you or not...i still love you all..and i do care...please write if any of you want to talk...please forgive ..i was wrong and i take total responsibility for my
own big mouth and i ask you all for your hugs and kisses and prayers are with you who secrectly try to be brave but yet cry when alone and the lights are out....but i hear you with my open your angel
05 Feb 2007 kat I keep having dreams about me killiing myself and im sick of the voices tellling me to kill myself. If any1 can help me get rid of the voices and bad dreams email me casue i wanna stay alive but its really hard for me to do rite now.
05 Feb 2007 Homerr or whatever u can imagine... I got just the right answer... Somethig I found by mistake...
05 Feb 2007 sergio bleed until get dry
04 Feb 2007 mother sister father sister mother ots ok now well here i am came across the site on google.
i typed what is tha fastest painless way to kill yourself well id really like to kno.
theres alot of dumasses at my school girls wanting bf's boys trying to be emo but cant. making up stories about dying realatives for attention.
and ive broken up with my bf like 3 times and now i think its truly over,
and im soo overanalyzing life.

i dunno if ya'll belive in religious shit, but this world is all an illusion the real world is the spiritual world,

whats life after death i couldnt tell you but when i know it'll be too late.
04 Feb 2007 pally Please don't do it. Everything will become alright. Find the strength to live
04 Feb 2007 Pallavi I want to die. I think Life has no meaning for me. I want to forget the past and live in the present, but I can't today. The shadows from the past keep lingering in my mind. I wish I could find an easy way to die
04 Feb 2007 Why? I have just come across this website and i have just read a few lines, and all i seem to see, is the F word. Why do people swear so much? do u think your point will be taken more seriously? I have selfharmed in the past and still do from time to time, and i also have been in hospital twice from trying to end my life, the second time i was very very close to it happening.

but my point is i really dont think people sure express there way on the internet on how they would like to end there life, u dont know who reads your posts and how old they will be.

be carefull,

if u think im talkin shit, fair enough, but its how i feel.
04 Feb 2007 wizard of oz kill yourself with kindness and love because you are worth the life that god gave you enjoy every smile that comes your way..write me anytime you'd like or need to heart and soul will
be open to you and any of you out there
who would like to name is "desi" from manhattan, kansas
04 Feb 2007 angel watching out for you the best way to kill yourself is so easy
to do....first try thanking god for everyday that you are alive....and enjoy
your life and time on this earth as you can because me....death will
certainly find you when your number is up...and then all your bitchin' and moanin' and groanin' will vanish like a
fart in the wind....because once you're
gone..people will...forget about you and
your efforts for suicide and if you do succeed....will all be in grow
some fuckin' balls and enjoy life you
selfish lil'shit...there are many dead
people who'd love to change lives with you....and be very..very..fuckin careful
of what you wish just may get it? if you don't it would be my pleasure to make you wish you had enjoyed life ..instead of ending up in hell with me...your friend...Mr. Lucifer
04 Feb 2007 no-expression To those who find this,
This is my plea.
Inside yourself, look
and from yourself flee;
Far from whence you came
and the lengths you spanned,
and greater things still
you dared, and planned.
Neither nor, either or
all of those and
none of these will do
you any good against the
undead dead you.
Foreign indeed, you are
Languages you speak
speak echoed, defeat. I
stop now, I
quit now, I
dont, wont,
just CANT
feel this way anymore.

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