Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Jan 2007 lou strangely i am quite experienced in this already..... even though i've failed so many times and know it's not worth it i still want to try again.
The best way is deffinatly alcohol poisoning, if you can find enough, after that it's hallucinagents and then any kind of medication/drug you can get.
from there it's whatever you want to try, cutting a main artery, hanging yourself, anything. it's wierd that i've just realised how much i've already tried to doeven though i'm only 15. councelling only helps for a couple of days and it's so easy to just pull the wool over everybodies eyes. maybe if it was harder to do i wouldn't know about this kind of thing but oh well, i still look forward for to the next attempt :)
10 Jan 2007 sam My whole life i have felt like i was worth nothing to anyone. my mom had an abortion before she had me and i was suppossed to be aborted but she changed her mind at the last minute. my parents are both divorced and now have mom has told me almost everyday how worthless i was and how much more happy her life would be if she would have gone through with the father is a drunk who doesnt give a shit. my life may seem ok to all my friends and everyone who knows me, but really, no one knows the truth. we may never be able to forgive the people in our lives for putting us through torture every day , but the one person you can forgive is yourself.
"... and if i am wrong whose it gonna hurt? you tell me im not strong, you put yourself first. but i am here to tell you that i've never shown, you who i really am."
10 Jan 2007 Rein H. H1 M4 n4M3 1z Rein. I 15! Cutt1N MuhSelF iz teH Ku-list t1ng I'v3 dun. N0t daT I doez iT 4 Atension or anYthang... jus.. I lyke da felin an' duh siTe of Bl0od jus mak3z me ORgazmic.
10 Jan 2007 bRANBON I am really depressed i am gonna hang myself tonite! life is for suckers!
10 Jan 2007 charley I think whoever the hell made this site, you are sick in the head, i accidently found this damn site and the lot of you are just attention seeking arse holes to be quite frank, so do it guys kill yourselves and spare the rest of us normal people from this bullshit my life is worse than yours story, cause my life was worse than any of yours, though im not gonna tell a bunch of random strangers about it, but its nowhere near as bad as other peoples, so next time you go on about how bad your lives are, thinking of starving children in africa, and all those men who are going out to war, risking their lives to save your sad fucking ass, get over yourselves, ha how to kill yourselves when your under 13, fuck me go out and be kids like your meant to be
10 Jan 2007 suicide well hi again....i hav never seen ma parents tawking wid each ov ma brother(now in usa) hates me sooo muxch that he never even ask abt me 4m ma mom whenever he call n even not on second bro....well i noe he would never trust me in his whole life i noe he hates me but just bcox of ma mom he never show that he hates me then cum ma father well he love his sons.....u noe wat m the only daughter of ma father but still he like ma two bros....N HATES ME......not only ma father but whole of his family his sisters his brothers like ma brothers n always underestimates me....they thinks that as iam a gurl thats y i should be treated badly n they never giv any importance to me u noe wat guys i cant even go out of ma house as iam living in suxch a suciety that dose not a gurl to go out 4m her home alone....but honestly tell me when ever u r upset u dun even wanna hav ur self wid u so how can u hav sumone 4m ur family....n from suxch an fukin family.....well iam not even allowed to go to ma frnd's house n even can not call ma frnds to ma home cox ma status....HUH....they r so rich n hav fantastic homes n they think that i must be having suxch an home like them but how can i tell them that iam notatall rich....i think i should leave now but still wanna tell u that i really dun wanna die but iam still doing all this cox i want to gain attentions of ma family member n wanna make them realise that all that they r doing is wrong....but is this the right way iam not at all seeking 4 help but iam thinking that what ever iam wrong but.......:(
10 Jan 2007 suicide well......i didnt write to this site so that sumone could help me but i wrote bcox i was quiet upset that day n had no one to tell suxch things cox ma frnds think that iam very rich and i have a wonderfull life....HUH......well but really wanna tell u one thing that thinking of committing suicide is very easy but when u attempt it and when u see the face of death u really realise that u hav done sumthing wrong.........i hav tried it but still m unhappy wid ma life n always thinking abt how to gain attention of ma parents.......
09 Jan 2007 Starr I'm 13 and under a lot of stress. I am constantly think about killing myself. I've tried poisoning myself, suffocating... But I could never do it because I am a pansy. Some day I will die, hopefully at an early age. I beleive I have these thoughts because suicide runs in my family. Every couple of generations, somebody kills themself. Maybe it's my turn.
09 Jan 2007 Shiloh Whichever way you choose, make sure you do it now. You don't want to ask this question at 21. Or 51. Die young--leave a beautiful corpse.

Either jump out of a window, like in "The Virgin Suicides", or find a shotgun. Real women die from bullet wounds.
09 Jan 2007 carlos la mejor forma de suicidarte cuando tienes trece años.
Pon mucha, mucha atencion...

Nada màs dèjate. Acuèstate en tu cama boja arriba.

Escucha a Nico (todo lo que quieras)

No hagas nada, no hay que hacer nada
solamente devemos ponernos asì
llega un momento en que
De verdad!!!!
no escuchas nada ni sientes nada
(ya lo he experimentado)

Ya despuès te debes levantar
(nunca ocurre otra cosa, siempre te levantas)
y pues consumir cualquier medicamento
09 Jan 2007 They call me Jr. but im phil my names phil i went to shepperd prat for slitting my wrists, hanging myself, popin pills, smokin weed, hitting my parents and they hit me back, breaking and entering, cutting myself, drinking, driving underaged. when i was a baby my birth mom did drugs and my birth dad hit my mom and pushed her down the stair. no im not retarded from that and im not retarded at all. iv been suffering from anorexia and belimia. i waight 96 pounds my god brother is gay and i have a great gf hus makin me stop this all i drilled a hole in my knee and yes i am the same person a little bit down. i no its hypocritical but its nopt kool to try to commit suicide. i am also depressed alot.

my family hasnt gotten better im adopted cuz my birth family wasnt good enough to become parents my mom and dad( birth parents) are in jail. people can call me to talk cuz i want to help people stop ill give u the # later.......
iv died ya its not good. since the last time i wrote to this place i died 2 more times.
and what are people gonna say a bout all of u

wow u guys are weird or u have problems cuz u wanna die....
u nmo they cant accept us and that makes us worse

i got suspended and expelled from my last skul for fightin

im rich if u wanna put it like that but it sucks beiun rich

my parents think there so cool and they think they can get away with hitting me

my dad had to hold me back from hitting my mom.

well i have to go back to writing depressin stuff and idn i might go lay in a corner in my room all dark cu im depressed as hell

my screen name for AIM is candyshopper94

IM me like anytime

my # is 443-955-8504

call me

well off i go i gotta go grab a knife to keep my mom away

call or IM
09 Jan 2007 Yasmin I am 16 I have had a really good childhood, everything has gone right to me. I mean I am not living on the street I am not poor, I haven't really had any physical abuse or anything like that. Yet for some reason I try almost everyday to kill myself, so it isn't always bad things that spur you to do it, for I just have it in my mind constantly, something involuntary for me like breathing. No-one will believe me, because I am always smiling and I am always happy. But sometimes I just snap, grab things and just try and kill myself basically. I will tell you now pills definitely does not work, I have tried countless times with them, neither does jumping off stairs. I have also tried stabbing myself, but paracetamol does not ease the pain, not one bit. And whilst doing all of this my mother hasn't noticed my stab wounds or me trying to cut my arm off or anything, that's how discreet I am and how unlikely it is for a happy girl like me to do it, but I do.
09 Jan 2007 annonymoes Drink liters of hairspray or other things that burn. then put a roman candle in your mouth and let it burn.
I tried once but I didnt drink enough
08 Jan 2007 Desires Death I want to die young, no matter how hard I try, im not able to kill myself, I tried pills, 2 times, and slashing my wrists, maybe its just because im a whimp, but I also don't want to leave my family a disfigured corpse... I love to cut myself, I love to see blood, "I'm only happy when it rains" (if you know that song by garbage) I get a satisfaction from hurting myself, and I don't know why. I know im partially insane, or fully, I see pictures and stuff in my head of me hurting people, stabbing them, or making them bleed, something like that, and I see me enjoying it, but I dont enjoy it, Sometimes I feel really happy, while other times I feel like I should cut or just kill myself, most of the time just for no reason, right now im 15 years old, and I want to die before 17 years old, I guess im just waiting for a moment, waiting for a plan of how to die, my plan right now is to light about 100 insense and just fall asleep in a closed space, but I rarely have enough time to do this stuff, maybe someone can tell me a good way to die? And I dont see why my family (my dad and sis) care so much, they'll die someday, but I also just dont get the point of life, death seems so much more... better, i mean if i was dead, i could possibly be with my mom b/c she died when i was 12, and she was my favorite person. I also wanted to be with this guy alex (yes im gay) and i dont know shit about him, except that hes just like no one, hes just attractive, but i hate everything else about him,anyway... I just want to die! well the reason i dont do anything is because i never want to end up in a mental hospital again, oh my fucking god! i was in a long term one, i was supposed to be in there for 6 months, but i was there for about 1 month because my dad got me out, i just dont know what to do anymore... should I just live everyday and suffer? I dont know why im suffering, i dont know... I have no reason to suffer, even though life just plain sucks, and im insane.
08 Jan 2007 angel i have just read through alot of the responses to this question and i cant belive alot of what i have seen. some of you dont know the meaning of real suffering. why would you want to kill yourself becos you didnt get a fuckin nintendo wii for xmas. spend a day in the life of ppl less fortunate then yourself. i am 21 now, i was sexually abused by my father from the age of SIX MONTHS, he tried to kill me, hav me put into care. got away with what he did to me. then my babysitter sexually assaulted me and my mums new husband tried 2 make me sleep with him wen i was 13. i watched my mum being beaten and almost killed every weekend ihave found out that my father was followin me, he tried to kill my mum. i had years and years if nightmares, panic and anxiety attacks, months of insomnia and depression. i have taken overdoses, slit my wrists, cut myself, tried 2 crash my car, been addicted to weed and coke. and at the end of the day even after all of this i an honestly say i am glad that i didnt succeed in any of the attempts. life does get better, dont get me wrong i still hav anxiety attacks and i still sleep with a huntin knife next to my bed but i would not give any of the ppl that hurt me the satisfaction of killing myself. if anyone wants to talk then my email is
im not one of these patronisin phsycotherapists. ive been there.
08 Jan 2007 Michael I'm 16 Need help i dont want to die..yet i feel its the only way out... 3 and a half weeks ago i've never think this migth think its stupid the way all of us thinks... but its just so many problems all at the same time... i thought my life was ok...but it all came out 3 weeks ago when the only person that cared for me (My GF) or at least i thought it cared for me told me that the real reason she was with me was 'pity' and so i've began to think..and think...and she was right my life = shit..she just was with beacuse of pity...made me so sad.. because im ugly as hell she was right no need to blame her... i still haven't forgot about her...but she's only the person that i actually care for and the person that made me see how shitty my life was and i had never realized that before..not in the 2 hole years she and i have been thogether...
i have absolutely no friends whatsoever
no even a person to talk to...yeah i haver family but they dont care at all..
if you think you can help me by either telling me how to do it painlessly or how to get out of this hellhole.. i would appreciate it...bye
07 Jan 2007 EmMa hi im emma (age 13) i cant take it any more pleaz help every 1 hates me i have no friens when i come home from sleepin all day at skool where every one teases e for bein different and willin 2 speak up i get straight on da pc or i go do drugs and shyt i hate it i dont give a flyin FUCK about life noone will go out wit i asked 1 guy out and he almost fuckin peed his pants 4 laughin god I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE (AND I HATE GOD DAMN THERIPISTS) HELP MEEEEEEE T__T email me wit help pleazzzzz and no god damn docters pleazzzzz ( ps im fuckin adicted wit myspace >_< damn it my life suxxxxxxxx
07 Jan 2007 Tom Unfortnatley I cant say as I've ever been greatly succesful in killing myself, otherwise I wouldnt be telling you, but if I had all the options available to me, I'd hang myself (with a drop big enough to break my neck), almost certain, almost instant, job done...
07 Jan 2007 Christine Dobreva I've already been here. Not once - explaining how my life is or something. Things change, boys and girls - tomorrow always comes - if you want it.
I was depressed, very down, very hurt.
I was out of order, I was slitting my wrists for months and months, over the healing scars, again and again. I was 17-18. 1,5 years later I am here - alive and partly happy. I say partly, just because getting rid of suicidal thoughts was VERY tough, very difficult. Now that almost everything is ok with me ( I am a student @ the University, I managed to somehow overcome my dad's death in 2006, I will get married soon ), I think that it's high time I offer my help to each one of you who feel they're stuck in the middle, that there's no way out. I can help those of you who feel lost and sad, depressed or want to attempt suicide. No matter how old you are. I am here to help you by making you believe that life is in front of you and that things do change - it's just a matter of time. I'm also working on a project in Social Psychology and my topic is: Suicidal actions by people aged 10-18.
Just click on my name and contact me. I will answer to each one of you.
Believe me, I've been through all this - I am ok and happy now. You can follow me, just have a little faith and trust those who have seen all this sadness and pain!
Bless you all!
07 Jan 2007 fat henry The best way to kill yourself is to live like you will be dead tommorow, so dont be healthy, eat like its your last meal everyday, burgers, fries, cakes and crisps, drink beer, smoke your till your little lungs are content! it wont be a fast death but atleast you'll enjoy yourself and get to die afew years before you would naturally

anyways take my advise and enjoy the simple pleasures in life which are killers but damn they are nice killers, dont take a shot gun to yourself...oh ok if you have to then ok i wont say a prayer for you as i dont think anyone will be listening. you people have it all so wrong and mixed up life is worth living you just have to find that out though but if you want to go and die then atleast make sure it will work and thankyou for cleaning up the earth its way to overcrowded as it is anyways atleast suicide is doing its bit for the world even if it isnt a huge bit it is still something so thanks! lol i doubt this will get mouchettes stamp of approval as a good way to top yourself but you never know

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