Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Apr 2007 ff let god take u's the best way when u can die surrounded by angels telling u that u dun hav to b in pain no more :)
06 Apr 2007 A Friend Someone had posted the following statement on the Internet. The replies this person had recieved are from various other people

I am sick of my life and of this world. My life is really boring there is no thrill and excitement in it?

i dont mean something like jumping of a cliff or something i just mean that everything in my life has been the same from many years i need a change but i really dont know what to do i just keep dreaming about how my life can be but i cant do anything to change it

Reply: read some good books, change your friends, go to places where you havent gone before, eat new everyday, and still you get bored........mail me.....i'll talk to you!!

Reply: imagine killing yourself and then you are dead. now imagine living a different life now that you have killed off that old person who is dead. it is very liberating, you can do whatever you want now, because your old life ended and this is a new one.

Reply: Learn something new. Take up a sport. Meet new people. DON'T spend all day on your computer

Reply: Take a couple of month's off Go to asia like thailand , india, indonasia, etc. Especially india or indonasia. try to see and calculate how people live their life only with a couple of a dollar a month I bet you will feel lucky on your position

Reply: if you really want to change your life you will. break out of your routine! like when you get up tomorrow morning.... don't put on other clothes before you have breakfast or brush your teeth before you get into the shower..... make your daily routine different!! go out some new people.....or if you do that alot....get a few movies and stay up all night. travel...go see some new places. or go somewhere in town you've never been before like a tourist attraction you've ever been at. just do something... and be happy!

All I can say about suicide is that it is a permanant solution, to a temporary problem.
05 Apr 2007 A Friend Reader of this site. BEWARE. Don't be fooled. There is certainly something very strange about this person. The photo you see of 13 year old Mouchette in this site is not the actual person. After cross checking with the Internet service providers, I found out that this site is created and run by a woman older than 45 years. She is certainly not the 13 year old as mentioned here. Please try to understand that this person is alive and living well off and will continue to do so for years to come. While you who read all this material here may put an end to your self, the crazy nutcase who has created this site will live on. Suicide is a final solution to what? Its a final solution to a very temporary problem. Glorifying suicide is what you are doing. If at all you commit suicide, remember that you will have to relive the lessons that you failed to learn when you get reborn. When you get reborn again you will again go through the same nonsense untill you learn to live through it and get wisdom or enlightenment. Before you people commit suicide please read Just read it once for my sake. Then go ahead and commit suicide as you please.
05 Apr 2007 shelly jest to let you know everyone is different.I've tride to kill my self more that 20 times and I'm still trying I took rat poison 2 days ago and it takes 6 days to do it you want to die ...die I'm not going to give you some silly story telling you your going to go to hell... or your gonna hurt your love ones but don't do it cuz billy doesn't like you do it cuz you lost your vigernity to billy and he fucks you and your best friend < this is't real I hope jest an example> and yall been datein for 5 yr. or because you caught your gurlfriend sucking some random guys cock in the boys bathroom and you've been going out ever since 7th well my ex donnie fucks me over all the time and I've been hurt more before him he says he love me then leaves me he says he can't live with out me but stabs me in the back say he hates me but then aks for me back so I'm going to die to be a pure ass hole a big one....hey you don't love me Donnie fine then cry cry and my grave and I think its really cool that I'll get to haunt him till he dies hope I don't go to hell I jest want to bother ppl.

1. gun
2.posion <note rat poison takes 6 day at the most>
3. hanging..<for 10mins...>
4. slit your wrist.<you got to be pretty mad to cut that deep.oh and stupids it's down when cutting not across>
5.stabing your self in the neck <owwwwwwww>
6.moms or dads or even grandmas pills <make sure there sleeping painkillers or heart meds..>
7......lets see...sit in the care while its running put a sock in the muffler stupid.
8...wat eles have I tride well um...,.....the guns the best.......or like um......real posion like the shit you can't get.....

well Thats all I got oh and jumping but thats a mess...make sure you think about it 1st I've been tryin since I was 8yr. old and I'm still not dead and the pills they make you really sick so try to keep them down......I'm going to take more rat poison now hopefully it will speed up the processs and I'll die this week yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayyayaya

good bye internet....shelly
05 Apr 2007 Kelli D Hey guys its me again Kitty. Ive decided to change the name i write under cos so many people are using it. Anyway I guess good things dont always last. Me and the guy i met of her broke up but we are still realy good friends. My mates are always there for me and I got a new boyfriend. It looks perfect doesnt it. Well its not. All I've had since I started dating my boyfried is "He's going to cheat on you" or "He's watching other girls do dirty things on thier webcams." Its been said so many times that I've began to believe it. I dont trust him anymore because other people who dont know him or me are saying things. Ive started accusing him of doing stuff I no in my heart he hasnt but my head wont believe him. We argue all the time and hardly see each other. Its hell. I jsut want it all to end. As soon as I find my little bit of happiness something fucks it up. Is this how God wants us to be unhappy. Why cant I be happy? I see couples walking down the street and just wish it was me. I'm not allowed to be happy while I'm alive I know that now. Maybe I should end it all tonight. Maybe I will be happier in death. I no that suicide is a sin and I will go to hell for it, but can hell be anyworse then wat I'm going through now? I cant trust him. You cant have a relationship without trust. I dont wanna lose him I love him but how can I when theres doubts in my head.
If anyone can help me please please contact me. I hope your stronger then I am.
Love you all
Kelli x x
05 Apr 2007 will snow Mouchette LOVES me :P
05 Apr 2007 koen hi, i'm just mailing to say one thing.
it never was the intention of the creator of the website to convince people to kill themselves... if you (the people who blame the creator for convincing) think about it (why create such a website), you'll realise that it wasn't the intention... this is just a site where you can post you're problems, and to get help (it really helps sometimes, believe me) without being judged. although some get judged... all the people who go trough what they're going through, find it mostly hard to talk about, that's why mouchette created this site. it's a sensitive subject, and it's also hard to bring this up, and what's the best way to bring this up? yes, she did use the right line to provoke responses. don't blame her, but try to understand...
04 Apr 2007 Springs selcourt hell Ben u r a gud guy, i hear u out. Im a 15 yr old girl frm a christian home. I hav no reason 4 my twistd mind, iv neva been teasd abused nothin ppl used 2 lyk me i jst always hd a luv 4 hurtin myself i scratchd blud outa myself since da age of 5 de very 1st tym i tryd 2 kil myself was wen i was 7, nw 8yrs lata its stil in my mind. i rememba even beggin god 2 kill me im guna do it on sunday ben. Sory
04 Apr 2007 Caitlyn I'm 16 and I don't think suicide is the answer for anything. When I was 14 I felt like I had a bad life...I had 3 other siblings, Two brothers one was 23 and another who was 16 and a sister who was 25. That's not the part that I thought was bad. It was the fact that my 23 year old brother wanted nothing to do with me and my family. It took long enought to get my 25 year old sister to get involved. I found out that he wanted nothing to do with us which was one reason. I went to a different school than everyone else. I went to a catholic school. We had the same classmates every year and it didn't help when they all hated you. So I went through school being hated by other people for six years strike two. Then my aunt died from a fire in her house. She was of old age but she was one of my best friends. I would go and see her everyday after school and I really miss her still strike three. I had it with life and I though about suicide a lot. I was cutting myself a lot which I thought helped me but it didn't. I cut for about a year. No one could tell. My parents would worry about me when I was staying inside my room everyday. Constantly. Crying everynight. Thinking my life was horrible. I had to think of something to do. I would always try to keep myself busy and around other people because I knew that I wasn't going to be okay alone. The one day I told my mom how I felt and what I was doing. Then one day and she took me to the doctor to have a psych. eval. They found out I was bipolar and they put me on medication for it. Now that I am older I realize what a stupid idea it was, how I really didn't do anything but mess up my body, and how I effected everyone around me. But a couple weeks ago it hit me on what it would feel like to my friends and family if I tried to kill myself. My friend about two or three weeks ago I got a call from a hospital in the city. It was my friend. She was crying and she had told me she tried to kill herself. I started crying. She tried to hang herself. About a week and a half after being in there she finally came home. She came to visit me and she slept over my house two times in the four days that she was home because her and her mother didn't get along. She was home for three days and the fourth day she was at my house. She had slept over. She told me that she didn't feel good and that she wanted to stay home from school. I told my mom and my mom said that she had to talk to my friends mom to see what she says. My mom tried to get hold of her mom but it didn't work. So my mom told my friend to just go to school with me and go to the nurses if you don't feel well. She she went to school. The school had taken her out of class to the nurses and told them that she had to go home for "unsafe" reasons. She had called me that night and talked to me sounding fine. She said she would call me back. About an hour later she called me and said that she was at the hospital. I was like why and she said that she had tried to hang herself again. (her sister found her with the cord around her neck the first time, the next time it was her mom) I freaked out. I thought to myself, "Is she even thinking about how this would affect us, as her best friends, or her family?" I wanted to yell at her but I'm her best friend and I'm there to help her get through this. She didn't call me back that night like she promised and I haven't talked to her since. I am worried about her, and all this suicidal stuff that she's going through is all about a boy. Life's great, if your life is a mess, organize it, if you feel like you're going to hurt yourself, call someone to talk to, go to a friends house, go outside, do something to keep you busy. REMEMBER: If you're given something, cherish it. It's a gift and it's only given once. Love it.
04 Apr 2007 Aegnor Sérégon IF you are under 13 I really don't know. I tried to kill myself the first time in the sumer of 05. I was 30 then. I am 32 now. I have 2 back injuries, have to take massive amounts of pills to be able to get out of bed. I still hurt. I have been divorced twice. I was molested and tortured for several years starting at age 6. I recently met someone who fell in love with me. I wasn't looking for someone, but I finally let myself open up to her. We had the best times just hangin' out together and talking. I thought maybe things had started to turn around, and then she became more distant. I think she is having an affair. That is pretty much last thread to snap. I told myself if this happened I would kill my self. My parents are dead, I am in constant pain, and I have been hurt for the last time.
04 Apr 2007 Spy Mouchette is in love with me.

I suspect "she" is male.
04 Apr 2007 Vanessa You shouldnt kill yourself when your 13, younger or older.
It shouldnt even be a thought.
Life is a very precious thing.
You should live life to the fullest.
If you really need help,
Talk to your parents.
If you know your parents are not going to help you then talk to a school counselor or a freind.
There are even hotlines you can call to help you out like 1-800-273-TALK(8255).
They are there for you 24/7 and always willing to help.
Or if you like you can e-mail me if you want to talk.
My e-mail is OR Either is fine.
Whatever you do, dont kill yourself.
Someone WILL miss you.
Life will get better.
Trust me on this one.
03 Apr 2007 RA Thirteen is too young to die. When you are 17 you can join the ARMY and if your lucky some rag head will kill you and you will be a dead hero. I have lived my life and I am ready to die now. I used to enjoy life but now I hate every minute of it. I am ready to die.
02 Apr 2007 Violated and Betrayed im gonna do it right now. This will be my suicide note. im going to use this gun i stole from my friend's mother's house. im going to go into my stupid asshole mother's bedroom in the middle of the night while she's sleepin with her drugged out rapist fiance' and turn on the lights, till she sees me and then blow my head off. I should kill both of them but, i'd rather let her live with the guilt. She'll probably just be excited to get the insurance money. fuckin cunt. To mom: I hope u hate yourself forever bitch. u should have believed me when i told u. To the people that cared: I was a adventurous 12 year old girl who wanted to be and actress.

Sincerly, Violated and Betrayed

ps. the best way to kill urself is a gun (Duh) dont fuckin dick around. use a method thats certain to do the job. if u use some pussy thing like fuckin pills then u didnt want to die in the first place.
02 Apr 2007 Kevor Kian Yes, yes! I've been thinking of a sort of, as you say it, suicide kit myself. I wonder though, what should the method be to end one's life? Electrical? Chemical? I was thinking of an injection based around common house-hold product(s). Perhaps even something so simple as Raid? Maybe even through the nostrils so pain would be at a minimum? H-h-h-huff Raid?
02 Apr 2007 child of God suicide is not a game. the creator of this site shud b ashamed that hundreds of hurting children are being led to believe that it is. The blood of these people will b on your hands and i pray that you will c wat you are doing b4 its 2 late, otherwise i would hate 2 b u on judgment day. think about it and remember, God is watching...
02 Apr 2007 mike J If anyone knows pain, it's me. Growing in the harsh streets of west philadelfia born and raised
On the playground where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys said "we’re up in no good"
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said "you’re moving with your auntie and uncle in bel-air"

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the
Licensplate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the cabby "yo, home smell you later"
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the prince of bel-air
02 Apr 2007 Somebody. Well, ive tried taking cough pills, strangling myself with a rope and dog lead, holding my breath, jumping off the roof (I couldn't do it), putting plastic bags over my head, getting a knife, not eating. Yeah, buts theres still more. I HATE my f***ked up life. My life suxs. I hate my mom+dad+brother. I hate them telling me to go to some f**king doctor. To write to somebody. I HATE my life. My grades r ok. I got 1 a+ and the rest b's. I sux at sport. D- for it My work suxs and i hate every f**king thing. I want to DIE. Pleaz help me to die.
01 Apr 2007 its tearing up my heart... I'm not sure why i am writing this. jeez i hope my mom doesnt come in. well..basically it all started 8 weeks ago. i had a really close group of friends who i did everything with. i was the one everyone invited over all the time, but then...everything went down hill. i dont know why, and i didnt ask more than once. my "best friend" has serious family issues, and took them out on me. so looooong story short, i am excluded, not talked to, exlcuded, excluded, excluded. this isnt typical high school girl bitchiness stuff. this is mean, calculated, and cruel stuff. my parents are missing my sister already who is going to college right now. her vs. me: she holes up in her room and doesnt interact, i always want hugs. my parents get sick of it and rather hug my sister. they're sick of me talking about my issues and are telling me not to be the victim and to be strong. but it isnt that easy, i just cant do it anymore. i lost all of my friends and strength in a total of 3 hours. i dont have a gun, so i cant end my life easily and slowly. i ahve pills but who knows what to take and how much? what works and what will just ruin some part of your body but let you live? i dont want to die painfully and slowly. so basically...i dont know how to die. i get my liscense in november, and by then i can just crash my car purposely into a tree or something. but i cant wait until then, what do i do?

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