Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Mar 2007 no one hi all,
i am not 13 or 17, right now i am 24 , my parents love me and me too love them, however, 4 yrs back i met a gal she is 5 yrs younger than me, we had sex many times, and later on 14th feb this yr, she said to me that i look bad, and she has never felt love for me,and this valientine she has met someone else whom she loves, i feel like abused,however, one thing i am sure now is i really look bad,and i can not change the physical app of mine, i can not write here the excat resons, however, i suffer from some disease which internally is empting me, i decided to commit succide and was here to get an answer for the eaisest way, mind it i am a scholoar at school and college level,have enjoyed my life alot. but now have lost hope , i can not see myself in the mirror, i see the body,i just cant bear it , i feel the physical pain 24x 7 , i have a great job,a job wat ppl dreamt of , btw i am an engineer working with one of the top companies here, have got a nice career ahead,but now wat i have decided is not to commit the crime, coz now i feel its not the right solution , because i am not a coward ,i will face life to with max energy, see, u guys , just imagine are u tht weak that u are goona end ur life, i am going thru mental as well as physical pain 24x7 .. if i can cope with it, why can not u??? fuck off. fuck off the life hard, see there would be something unique in ureslf which only u do at the best , so reliaze it,and go for it, i wont tell u further , its ur fucking life, and every body has fucking life , see US prez abhram lincon, lost his wife,failed in buisness lost the elections one time, stood again and won... and u now see him on $ right u morons...and for me, he too was not physically attarctive right? so, just identiry ur problems and think deeply the best possible solution and then give rest of the world a damn fuck and start working on the solution...u get it, hug life, just read this..
AND tell to me wat the heel u read?
life is nowhere
life is now here..
i hope u have got the feel, eveybody feels depressions, nobody is perfect u ppl have to think that life is now here...fine..
and belive me its here.. all tht we need is to start it.. just think there are soo many ppl below u , and u are better,,just work out for the best possible option.. and when u have thought enough...give rest of the world a damn fuck....and fuck hard the life..belive me it will be better...i have felt the pain from so many yrs, the physical one, however, the mental one too.. but now i wont kill myself .. why would i?? wat for?? look out for other options, u do not like the city change it. do not like ppl get away, and do not take any pills, if u are internally strong u do not need pills, fuck of u ppl, start loving urself doesn not matter how do ya look? wat o u feel, after all its is u who is unique okay... bye .... and yes i have given a fake mail id too... :) all the very best in fucking the life ahead and once more LIFE IS NOW HERE..take care...
29 Mar 2007 tara yikes
29 Mar 2007 hoho this website is fuking discracefull
29 Mar 2007 seb lol, you think you can kill yourself? you think you have the power? it takes more strength to die than to in hell-on-eath is easy, just lie down, dont move, just think of what a miserable life you must remember that everything happens for a purpose, and if you're destined to live a life of shit, then its over, why fight? because its your only option and suiciding is just impossible you.....yes you....try'll see. and dont say: "i nearly did it"
29 Mar 2007 NOTwritingfromtheothersideANYMORE Mouchette, I know I have posted on here in the past but I am completely through with this site. People killing yourself is NOT the answer there really is SOMETHING to live for even if you dont have anything now you WILL soon. I KNOW. PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO EMAIL ME PLEASE DO EVEN IF ITS JUST TO TALK OR IF U NEED HELP EMAIL ME AT I WILL BE THERE IF u need to talk at all even if its just once. PLEASE dont kill yourslef.
28 Mar 2007 gerard wow all these little kids wanting to kill them self is making me pissed. (to all the little kids) FUCKING GROW UP(litterally)!!! you havn't even lived long enough to know whats bad about life. i have had some friends that have killed them selves and what did it do? it made people sadder, and made other people depressed. i hate reading about suicides. why would a person want to take there life. im not gona lie my life is fucking awesome. and i've never thought about suicide. kids once your about,hmm say 90 and suck at driving then kill yourselve. not now. live life. have fun. have sex!!! its great.

27 Mar 2007 DL I have no clue how I would kill myself or how anyone else would go about it either, but I do know that life can be horrendously unbearable. It can be fun at times as well but that doesn't cut it for me, because I want to find a point or reason to life and self pleasure doesn't justify living for me. Helping others is a good point of life but I still have the problem of my own happiness. It is very hard to help people when you pretty much despise them. I can't stand how people treat each other, which is a hypocrisy in itself. People make me sick and instill huge resevoirs of rage in me. I am not happy most of the time and certain times, I am extremely unhappy and really question why I would still be alive if there is a God. I would think he would either take me out of this misery- or end it somehow at some point, but it seems day after day I am still here and unhappy. I do not get it. I first started flirting with the idea of suicide when I changed high schools in Freshman year because my family and I moved to a different area. This was part of the reason I am sure, as I had the same friends for over 9 years in the same elementary school. I'm sure part of it was hormones which instigated another part of it - bad acne. It sounds stupid but I was horribly ugly in my eyes. I couldn't see how any girl would like me, bottom line. It really affected me because I had always wanted a girlfriend since I was about 10. I've lived my life doing what I wanted in terms of self-pleasure(masterbation) since I was 11 years old. I've probably masterbated well over 5000 times and have only had sexual contact with women around 10 times total to this day. To me that is a really depressing point. Around the time of high school I really started to kinda blame myself and my masterbation and introversion (on top of my ugly outward appearance)for not having a girlfriend. But I figured if I couldn't do what I wanted and have the simple bodily pleasures of life - then life was truly pointless and I may as well commit suicide anyways. Unfortunately I am still living my life this way, and no surprise- nothing has changed. There are a few things that have changed though...I am 24 now with no acne and people tell me I am very handsome at 6'3" and about 190 pounds, although I probably look closer to 28. In my mind I truly am still the 15 year old ugly masterbating-no girlfriend introvert. This fact alone makes me sad. Not to mention it has been more than a year since I have had sexual contact with a woman. I don't know how to change this, and I am pretty sure it is what keeps happiness away from me. All I have really wanted to do is what was right,and to be rightfully rewarded for it. Of course I have messed up along the way, so maybe I just need to get it right. I just don't know but I really don't feel like having to deal with this life and every single piece of shit person in it I encounter virtually everyday. On top of that I don't want to deal with all this mental turmoil and strife anymore. There is tons of good in the world, but I can't seem to touch it. My one saving grace is my friends and family which are the reasons why I could never go through with suicide. Every time I think about it all I see are their faces.

In closing, I probably wrote this to help myself in some way, but I wouldn't mind talking with anyone else about their problems either. Email me if you do want to get something off your chest and think you have no one else to turn to because that is how I was feeling as I wrote this. I check this all the time so I will try and respond very quickly.
27 Mar 2007 lalala hey im 12 years old and I've tried to end it about 5 times. Everyone hates me all my friends are traitors and my family doesnt care about me. I always make mistakes and end up in shit.
but I learned from everything that things will get better some day , and you'll have to wait , but in the end it will come.
whoever sees this please don't do it.
It makes me so sad to read everything. just hang on , there is someone out there that really cares for you and you are his world.
27 Mar 2007 dead inside. i want to do hurt myself again. the only thing thats holding me back is a promise that i made. i want to bleed. i want to bleed. i want to bleed.

i wish you were here.
i need you.

27 Mar 2007 Danielle EVERYBODY STOP.
My best friend killed herself, and i wont ever be able to get over it. Think of how many people out there want there lives and want to live it, but cant because they have a fatal illness etc.. && will pass away. Dont think of ending ur life, get some help! & also just think of all the people ur leaving behind..
27 Mar 2007 well. Well its been 5 year since i first considered suicide and i am still alive and my life is more fucked up than ever.
26 Mar 2007 Garrett Fun time in the medicine cabinet,and in a place where your parent's might not find you for a while so you're nice and smelly when they do.
25 Mar 2007   It's been a year since I firstly considered suicide. I'm still alive. Why?
25 Mar 2007 remember to feel real. i have been feeling really bad lately. i was just listening to cd that a friend burned for me, and i came upon this song. i've been listening to it over and over for the last 2 hours. i think you should all give it a listen....i'm pretty sure you will all be able to relate to it in one way or another. i hope it brings you some comfort, like it has for me.

"Self Conclusion" by The Spill Canvas

Fade in, start the scene
Enter beautiful girl
But things are not what they seem
As we stand at the edge of the world

"Excuse me, sir,
But I have plans to die tonight
Oh, and you are directly in my way
And I bet you're gonna say it's not right"
My reply:
"Excuse me, miss
But do you have the slightest clue
Of exactly what you just said to me
And exactly who you're talking to?"

She said, "I don't care, you don't even know me"
I said, "I know but I'd like to change that soon, hopefully"
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

"You make it sound so easy to be alive
But tell me, how am I supposed to seize this day
When everything inside me has died?"
My reply:
"Trust me, girl
I know your legs are pleading to leap
But I offer you this easy choice-
Instead of dying, living with me"

She said, "Are you crazy? You don't even know me."
I said, "I know, but I'd like to change that soon hopefully"
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

I would be lying if I said that things would never get rough
And all this cliche motivation, it could never be enough
I could stand here all night trying to convince you
But what good would that do?
My offer stands, and you must choose

"All right, you win, but I only give you one night
To prove yourself to be better than my attempt at flight
I swear to god if you hurt me I will leap
I will toss myself from these very cliffs
And you'll never see it coming"
"Settle, precious, I know what you're going through
Just ten minutes before you got here I was going to jump too"

Yeah we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets.
25 Mar 2007 OKPIL ARAT i am 14 years old. i am suicidal for some erasons i dont kno. i have a boyfriend thats 15 and we've been together for about a year. he's hurt me really bad and i sumtimes wish i dint feel so emotionally attached to him. i wish i was nORMAL. but thats never gonn ahappen. craziness runs in my family in all the wrong ways. i dopnt think anything can or will help me now. sumtimes i just wanna die. i tried taking a whole bottle of pain reliver pills and a bunch of other tsomach pill and then drank some beers and veigermeister, but it dint work. i ended up basically hugging the toilet in pain while my boyfriend held my hair back, preety damn disappointed in me. i guess he never really realized how i feel about my life. tho i promosed to never take pills agin i do plan on finding the next best wayt to kill myslef. if only i had gun, this misery could all end
25 Mar 2007 dead inside. everytime you leave me like this, my heart breaks apart. it gets hard to breathe. i wish you wouldn't stay away for too long. now knowing if your okay is the hardest part. please be okay. i don't what i'd do if you leave won't be good tho.....
25 Mar 2007 Ben You shouldnt take your life because you are the most important person to you!
Ignor the cunts who mock you, they are beneath you!
Don't give in to you self!
At times your dead, at others you hate all.
Then you get the bastards who shoud be shot telling you how much your not worth!
Now, im 15, and Ive been around suicude twice now... I lost my Little brother to suicide and my best friend ever also killed himself.
You can turn to god for help, just pray to him, talk to him...
If you dont belive in god or that crap,
seek help, tell someone.
People are not all the same!
Seek help,
seek help,
There's a better world for you if you help yourself to it...
25 Mar 2007   I think this site is amazing... some people suck at life and really need to end it so stop being haters... some people obviously don't deserve to be in this world... including me..... so whatev... fuck the world.... peace out hope you all have a good life cause i didn't....
25 Mar 2007 Nobody Why would you want to kill yourself when your only 13 and have lived so little of a life? I'd wait and see if things get better. Right now I am 22. I have never experienced these feelings of suicide until now. I feel so weak, so unloved, so ignored and I feel like practically nobody cares about it. I feel like everything I say or do is wrong. I feel like I'm stupud half the time. I'm only 22. Some people probably think this wouldn't be so much of a problem...but I have held a bunch of sleeping pills in my hand and just looked at them and wish I could swallow them all. I couldn't do it though. I've this once or twice while I was home alone. I just got to thinking about everybody in my life and wondering where would I go after this? It just scared me. So I put them back and decided against it. I don't want my parents finding out or any of my friends...well I don't even have any friends right now. I am too scared to tell my mom that I feel like killing myself because I don't want to scare her or anything. I do have so many feelings bottled up inside me though and I think those are tearing me apart. I feel like I'm just struggling to get through...but I have looked up suicide and I am surprised at how many people want to do this. I also found some of the stories on here inspiring and helpful. I will try...try...try to move forward as best as I can and try to believe that God is wanting me to survive and remain in this life.

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