Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Apr 2007 kumar there's nothing more hurtful or anyother way than living when ur already dead inside.
18 Apr 2007 rae baby First off why do you want to know? Second why but out imfo that gives people ideas to take their lives. Even worse take other peoples lives. I am a mom of 2 daughters. Now 22, and 18 my youngest wanted to kill her-self. Because at age 12 see went to school to find out that an 8yr old who see tutored was killed in him sleep. Some-one shoot into his room thinking it was some-one else. See could not handle his death. See is now doing great. But april 14th was 5 years since his death. He is still missed. As anyone of you. Your life is worth so much more. Use your experience, your sadness, your hurt to make this a better world for the up coming children. There is people outthere who wants to help. I am one. Please don't let some of the remarks wrote in to heart. Remember there are also people out their that want to hurt also, or just think they are being funny. But litle do they know their remark could send some-one over the edge. Think about that people when you choose to put out in-put on such a serious subject. Suicide is never the answer. Cry out to God because I promise you he does love you. I don't know any of you put I do care and love each of you and promise to keep you in my prayers. Stay alive, always ask for help, even if one person don't keep asking.
18 Apr 2007 sara, the twin of ' a fool'. i have copied and pasted a post from this site that was written in jan. my reason for this is the peroson who wrote the post was my twin sister, please read:

you all wana know about hopelessness? if i'm actually lucky enough that i get 2 fall asleep then when i wake up i think oh shit, here we go again. i dont often get to sleep though. when i was six my older brother devised a game called the list. it was basically his way of getting to molest his baby sister. my parents let him get away with it. i'm 19 now not far from being 20 and although it was 13 years ago i still remember, and of course have never had the chance to talk about it with any1. since then i become a very sick and twisted person, i dont blame my brother, i probably would have been this way anyway. first of all i lie, i mak stuff up for sympathy, i dnt like lying but i cant seem to stop myself, but i'm not lying now cos i dnt need 2. none of you will eva know who i am. second of all, i hurt myself, i'm a fool like that. i dont have any1 anymore, and i never will have. i've dreamt about killing myself for as long as i can remember, i've tried a few times 2. i plan 2 try again, and this time i will suceed. i am of no use to this world. i am of no use to any1. why am i writing all this crap on here? well because my life is that lonely that i have no1 else to tell. to all of you out there who do plan on killing yourself, think first, because if you suceed then there is no turning back, and if you fail your life will be even more fucked up than it is now because people will know and will always know that you're another kid that tried to kill themself. please think. dont end up like me.

she died on 5th jan 2007. i beg all of you reading the posts on this site. don't do it. my sister needed help and our parents ignored her every cry. she was a very unwell girl and felt she had nowhere else to turn. she would never have put the burden of her life onto anyone she loved but she should have done. she was my twin and the very moment she died i felt half my heart and half my soul slip away, never to be recovered. i myself have had the same suicidal thoughts as she did, even more so knowing that i now have to live my life without her. but i feel this intense need to live, to say fuck you to the rest of the world and live my life as i want it. i force myself to hold my head up high and live the life i am meant to, with all its ups and downs. i do this because i dont want to give any1 the satisfaction of thinking that i failed, and now i need to live life for my sister aswell. i need to make her look down on me and feel proud that i have carried on where she could not. please, i beg you all, do not give up hope. i know at times there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel but please believe me there is. just reach out to someone, anyone and they will help you cope, help you see. don't become another statistic, become a surviver and join me in saying fuck you to all those who put you down, make you feel bad, and use you in ways that are not meant to be. don't give up and let urself down as that is worse than death. there is always some1 who cares, even if they are a stranger. thank you for taking the time to read my message, i hope it may be of some help. my love goes out to you all.
18 Apr 2007 annabelle I'm not sure-
I just swalled 4 razor blades
its hard to breathe and blood is
coming out of my mouth,
but I'm not dying!!
Why?!.. I don't wanna call the cops and I need to find my needle, I have 409...
17 Apr 2007 Concerned Old Fart Such a sad 13, life has only just begun. As a police officer, I have seen the results of suicide (on family and friends) and the results of failed attempts (missing majority of face, coma, etc.) and it is not worth it. Find Jesus, read the bible and talk through your problems. Suicide is never the answer. Remember that Jesus died so that you may live!
17 Apr 2007 lea i am complete and done with the day to day things that no more can i or will i handle...i have had such a horrible life that has left me in desperate well as desperate to end it...i have tried once and it had seemed to fail for the results i am still alive....
17 Apr 2007 dad suivre un cours de fatnassi
17 Apr 2007 Cindy This past weekend our community lost another teen to suicide. It is the second in less than two months. Our local high school is filled with grief and dismay. The kids are in a confused and sorrowfilled state. The adults are left with the questions, what did i miss, where did I go wrong.

Kids are my life's work. They flock to me me and open their hearts to me without even asking. I always make myself available to them, at school, Church and give my phone number freely to those in need.
I have helped many kids but the ones that stand out in my mind the most are the ones I missed. I too was once thrown into a pitt of living with my own misery. I refused medication for a long time but finally gave in. My life story could probably be somewhat shocking to believe that i made it through but i won't go into detail here. I care for those who need someone to care for them. I don't care if I don't know you, I don't care if you have done horrible things, I want to be able to help show you that no matter the hand you have been delt in life, YOUR LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! Had I ended my life some of those kids that I have helped might not have had anyone to help them through their hard times.

You may think that at this momment your life has no purpose but I assure you it does. It may be years before you realize what that purpose is but it will one day be shown to you. Don't throw your life away because of today's temporary adversity. You may be the person that will save another's life one day. Please write to me anytime. I try to check my email everyday but because of my envolvement with the youth in my community I can't always do that. If you talk to me and get to know me you will see that I am not just some old person trying to pry. I am 35, yes i grew up but i never left my youth behind me. I look forward to talking to any of you who need a listening ear. Please talk to me before you make this perminent decision. Let me help you through this horrible time in your life.

17 Apr 2007   Mouchette is a positive thinker and the ultimate optimist.

She believes in love, happiness, peace, kindness, and every good thing in life.

She wants to stop everyone from suicide.

What a happy-go-lucky gal!
17 Apr 2007 Heather I WANT TO HELP-
and from every entry I have read on here, I made a group on myspace called
" Better Solutions"

PLEASE, If you don't have a myspace CREATE ONE
Get a hold of me asap
or email me for a myspace invite
to create a profile

PLEASE, I'm reaching my hand out
to anyone that will grab it-
some of you have already gotten invites from me..
I'm NOT a therapist, I'm not a counsler, I'm just an individual who use to be just like you... I"m also only 19.

17 Apr 2007 Heather Mouchette-

Here is a message for you:

I read some of what the people were calling you, and what they were saying about you.

I would have to disagree with what they said, all the rude comments, THEY can go to hell, the don't know what it's like for people like us..

You are a genius for creating this website because you probably have saved over 1,000 lives, from people posting or people just reading... even if someone never posted on here, they might take SOMEONES advice and not do it..

If you didn't make this website, there would be 1,000 more people that have died from suicide

I <3 you
17 Apr 2007 sam i'm really not sure, i think maby each of us has special thoughts about such things.
17 Apr 2007 Heather Suicide isn't the answer, and trust me.. I know how you guys feel when you read that. You get disappointed because you wonder, " so what is?" or " will I ever find a way out?".. I still have suicidal thoughts to this day, and I also use to be heavily into self mutilation..

I just figure the hard days of when you have the urge to slice, or the urge to pull the trigger, or OD or anything you have in mind, just remember some days are worse than others- and you just have to push through the bad to get to the good. If your life has started out pretty shitty, it's only going to get better, you see all these teens and young adults getting everything they could ever ask for while you are being made fun of, or being abused- or whatever you are going through.. just remember, that IS how you will be one day, and your time is soon to come.

The saying " what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" is true to every letter in the quote...

I've had alot of suicidal deaths in my life, and even though I don't know anyone on here- I would hate to see one more person go down like that, especially let alone a 13 year old =-( My ex boyfriend committed suicide in 8th grade and needless to say I didnt find his body but we broke into his house because he never came back and we heard a bang.. his bestfriend found him, I called the cops, and all I could see was blood, that will always haunt me. He was only 15 and to see a life taken like that.. omg...

Everything you guys are going through, is only for the moment, and it doesn't seem like it, but things WILL get better- it hasn't for me entirely yet, and I've been going through these things since I was 12, I'm now almost 20 years old. But I am a hell of alot stronger than I was.. just remmeber, the people who push through all of what life throws at them, are the winners.

If anyone ever needs to talk-
and whatever you need to talk about, if it helps you in anyway, I will be more than willing to listen- anyone.. I don't care who you are, I won't turn you away.. whether you are 8 years old or 99.. just please, before you do anything to hurt yourself.. get a hold of me.
or email me
also have msn messanger on that name and yahoo is

Thank you
16 Apr 2007 dead inside. let me help you.
16 Apr 2007 dead inside. i don't hate you love.
what happened? how did you get sick? why would i hate you? are u going to be okay? i don't hate you. if i hated you then i would never worry about you. please, just send me a real email or something. please. i hope you feel better soon. love you so so much.
16 Apr 2007 miranda. hey everyone. my names miranda. even though im only 15 i think that i can make a differance in alot of your lives. im here to just put up my email. ive spent hours on here reading so many peoples stories and sending emails to ones that i could relate to and try to help. please talk to me if you have any suicidal thoughts or even if you just need a friend. i dont care if you are 5 years old or turning 80.. ill be here for you to talk to and try to help you. a friend is alwyas great to have.
16 Apr 2007 emily i have experience with a very close friend who i love with all my heart in the suicide department. she tried to kill herself by overdosing. when i heard the words come out of her mouth when she first got out of the hospital, she said "i kill myself" i will NEVER forget those words. they gave me the worst feeling i have ever felt. ever. to this day i have a huge fear that something will happen to her and i am constantly checking up on her. i do NOT suggest killing yourself. it will most deffinately cause pain in your friends, and family as well (even if you dont think so). i think her suicide attempt effected me more than it did her. i am still suffering from her attempt to kill herself and i thank God everyday that she did not succeed.
16 Apr 2007 Sad Depressed Emo Maybe theres no need 2 kill urself ...
If u lot wernt a bunch of moshers who always complain about life then stuff like dis wunt happen , just get over it and enjoy life
16 Apr 2007 isf i am sick. im sorry you hate me now. im sorry it turned out like this.
16 Apr 2007 elite soldier you are all some sick fucks , ho deserve do be shoot twice in the head what the fuck is this text you putting out fucking retards

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