Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?

LIVE, LIVE, thats the only thing you can see in nature for sure, any cell even when you know they aint conscious they do all they can to remain, nature teach us all we need to know,
13 Apr 2007 Amaury your lots of collorful hurting pills bag
13 Apr 2007 dead inside. i wish i could take all your pain away. i wish i could change the world so it wouldn't hurt you anymore. i'm sorry i'm not there right now. i'm sorry i can't make it better for you. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. just know that there will be a day, when i'll be right there next to you. and i'll do everything that i can possibly do to make you happy. that's all i want. for you to be happy. your all i want.
i hope your okay love. the thought of losing you makes my heart, body, mind and soul all ache. i hope your okay love. i miss you so much.

come back soon.
13 Apr 2007 crying I wrote something a few days ago but Mouchette didn't publish it. I am heartbroken.
13 Apr 2007 Sarah Robinson Slow and dont tell go in a bath room or your room somewere look the door and do it it will be fun ever one hates me my mom my dad even said they wont me dead my siter hates me so dose my brother You con KILL your selk by drugs i found that was ba ck in JULY evey day from then i wont to do it agin and agin over and over for ever I just wont to die HAY at lest I wont be haret broken one day right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 Apr 2007 Kate Hey ppl I'm 16 years old and I live in Israel. But even when Israel had that war with the Hizbollah and the Katyusha rockets were falling all over the north, and crashing the houses on my friends and nearly my own home, my situation was a lot, much better, than now.

I have moved to another city in this little, fucked up country to a city where I thought is the best place to live in, in Israel. I have a lot of caring friends, I have my family right behind my back and am studying in a good high school in an "excellent students' " class. I can't even say that I have problems with my self-confidence or over weight, not at all - I really love my appearance.

My life seems "perfect"?

For my opinion it isn't.

I can't say that my life is the worst life ever, because I have read few stories here and I can't compare my life to these horrifying stories.

I have these infinite disputes with my parents, my father forces me to work all day at home-help him. My dad always takes away the cabel of the monitor, so I won't be sitting here for too much. Doesn't allow me to go out when it's too late. etc.

I also have this shit, that I fell in love few times but never had a relationship, never had a boyfriend-I'm willing to have a boyfriend for so many years. Despite the fact that boys say I'm sexy, beautiful, etc I hadn't boyfriend yet.

A boy I'm in love with, for quite long time, rejected me twice, although he says that I'm pretty girl and all that stuff, he isn't ready for this responsability-being in a relationship.

It's so painful for me, to live like that-as my parents force me to do too many things, when I'm in love for too much time and when my grades in school suck-because of those reasons.

I know I can sound really pathetic-but these are my for thinking of commiting a suicide.

Please, talk to me people. Please.
12 Apr 2007 don't die don't kill yourselves. there is so much to live for. you just have to find it.
12 Apr 2007 sedated mess i died on the inside a long time ago.
12 Apr 2007 steve-o eat pie till u explode.
12 Apr 2007 The Bitter End Ego loaded and swallow, swallow, swallow.
12 Apr 2007 Peggy Later on in this message, I will tell you the easy, painless way to "do the deed", but, I want you to really, really listen and think first.

You all say that you have nothing to live for. You are all wrong! I firmly believe that we were all put on this earth for a purpose. We have all been exposed to horrible lives and childhoods. Have any of you thought that there may be a "higher" reason that you were chosen?

In this world, there are millions of people who are going through what you have. You aren't alone. Instead of sitting there, wallowing in the pain, get out there and try to HELP someone else. You have knowledge and skills, that came about through your experiences; that people who merely get that knowledge through books (at college) will NEVER understand. I'm sure you all know others who feel like you do. Start a support group. Spend time at a homeless shelter or a battered women's shelter. See a doctor about getting on anti-depressants, and TAKE the medications.

You are probably saying, "She doesn't know what I am going through". You're wrong. At one time, I felt the same way all of you do right now. I went through repeated physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child. My dad was psychotic and my mom turned a blind eye. I was told I was useless, had no friends and felt isolated. I saw the world as a gray, ugly place and felt it would be better without me.

Then, long after I moved away from home, someone told me that, "God put you on this earth for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is "shown" to you early on. Other times, you must look beneath the surface to find that reason. But, when you DO find the reason, it is like a light bulb turning on. Suddenly, your life has purpose, and, if you follow the signs, you will find your purpose in life". They also said, "God NEVER creates a child to commit suicide. He ALWAYS has a reason". Look for your reason and you will find it. It may come in a dream. It may come while you are in your room. It may come while you stroll among nature. You will know your reason.

For me, the answer was going to college and getting a Social Services degree. I wanted to help children who had gone through/were going through the same kind of childhood I did. I got on anti-depressants, and now am realizing my "calling". That's not to say that God does not have other "callings" for me. This is just the first.

If you are still set on doing it, then I told you that I would tell you how to do it. I hope that you will think twice or three times before you end your life. Someone also told me "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem". They were right. So use nitrogen gas if you want to do it. I won't tell you how it works. If you really want to do it, then you will have to research this method. I did a report for my speech class on the death penalty in college. I stumbled upon this little known way of ending a life. I suggest you go to the library and look it up. I won't make it easy for you to turn your back on God's wishes, or easy on satan's plans (which is what suicide is).

I am hoping that you will choose life. I don't know you, but I feel for you. Perhaps we can talk online, once you start your path towards the goal(s) that God has for you. I check my email once or twice a day you can reach me at:

Choose life, we'll miss you if you left this planet. So would those people you were meant to help!

God bless!

12 Apr 2007 Stop Heyaa Well DONT COMMITE SUCIIDE i have never done it and even when live gets ruff i still wouldent dream off it you never no later in lyf you could be tha nxt beyonce or hale berry!!!
I am not saying your stupid might av been or going through alot but hasent or doesent every1?

Well I would like to think that you relise u av a whole life ahead off you and remeber people that have tryed doing it before hav regretted it so just think what you could be missing out on you never no what lies ahead for you x most people with terrible lifes come up 2 be the next superstar or actor well hope i elped xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :):):):):):):):P
12 Apr 2007 suicide. it is ur fault all u pathetic emo kids u wana die? Jst To the creator of this website u r an evil and sick thing ur a heartless bitch and il curse u til kingdom come. Im abt to murder myself at mid nyt 2 nyt and im fuckin scared ! bt b4 that i want u to know that all these ppls misery and suicides wil be on ur conscience til ur damned in eternity on judgement day wen god asks u wat u did wit ur lyf u can say u whole heartidly led hundreds of people to
12 Apr 2007 marcus head pointed down off your window and fly off.
11 Apr 2007 chloe why do u people even comment on this shit, its ridiculous, your not doing anyone any favors.
11 Apr 2007 Lafawnduh Hahaha why do you wanna kill yourself people!If people call you names kill them not yourself who cares if you go to jail at least they wont be calling you names and you would feel better!Dont you think?
11 Apr 2007 flick i passed out after slitting my wrists at school in the bathroom when i was 13.
but im 16 now.

trust me. dont get mad get even
11 Apr 2007 skyla I need help.
I hate life more than anything right now. i need a way to commit suicide. I'm thinking about overdosing on anti depressants but idk if it will work.
someone please talk to me.
11 Apr 2007 leonard The best way to kill your self when your under 13 is... outside.
11 Apr 2007 Brandon Morgan I have been here before, I am Brandon Morgan... I now live with my grandmother... She is going through chemo-therapy, she has shingles, she has has over 3 surgeries in the past 4-5 months! My sister lives with her, and hse hates me and she hates my grandmother! I am 12 going on 13 in May. My Myspace URL is; and my screename for AIM is soberebos! I need help! I am about to kill myslef! Please talk to me ASAP!

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