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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Dec 2017 hailey overdose.
im 13 n i want to kms
my moms life would be much easier when im gone. wala na syang babayaran na tuition tas di na nya aalahanin yun baon kung kumakain ba ako or what. she can start anew without me and be much happier. my dad is useless got another woman pregnant and is taking care of them dont get me wrong i love my (half) siblings its just that i dont want my mother to have trouble withe me as im getting older like money and my health etc etc so yeah im trying my best to not kms
03 Dec 2017 FYL What you should do instead of killing yourself is just realize one thing. Other people must pay for the bad shit they do. They should be so humiliated they dont even want to talk about it. They should experience continous pain. Its up to you to make them pay. Its up to you to stun gun them and chain them in a heavy duty wooden chair so you can hammer nails thru their balls/labia and leg skin and into the chair. Its up to you to heat the nails with a small blue flame torch to stop the bleeding and cause more pain. Its all up to you. No one is going to take out the trash for you. They deserve it. So go ahead and carve up some ones face and brand them like cattle. Make them beg you to kill them instead of being a scared little pussy and killing yourself. Make them take mopsticks in the ass and video their face and then make them watch and tell them this will happen everyday until you die.
03 Dec 2017 leg joining twitter is a good enough way
03 Dec 2017 .... i want to be a baby and not know anything and not remember anything and not do anything
03 Dec 2017 Co i want to die
03 Dec 2017 Judite veneno na coca-cola
02 Dec 2017 mac the best way to kms under 13 is climbing directly into a bee hive and THESE ARE WINTER BOOTS
01 Dec 2017 Phan watch full whisk porn on
30 Nov 2017 bava have one too many succs of capri sunn
30 Nov 2017 Haley Kate Psychocinema, I think being unable to love will surely kill you.
You then become unable to love by others so tell me why would you kill yourself when you are loved by millions of these cyber flies.
29 Nov 2017 Liesel My life is sadness. I am either filled with never ending apathy or and undertone of sadness. I hate myself, I hate my boyfriend. I want to be free. I hold on to the solace of possibly one day moving to Liechtenstein.
28 Nov 2017 Lonely girl trying to live Honestly the reason i am still alive is because my family loves me, my pet bearded dragon and food. The reason i wanna kill myself is that i have the worst grades ever. i have the worst score in my math class and I am to embarrass to think about living. I dont know whats the best way to die but I just wanna run away from the world for along time...
28 Nov 2017 Chingchang chong Enema overdose
28 Nov 2017 meat i want to kill myself so bad i never wanted to be alive this life is hell i want to die
28 Nov 2017 cat i want to die so fucking much. ive been wanting this since i was 13 lol. fuck this world man, people are just out here to hurt you and take advantage of just act nice and shit, but people dont even care. they find more ways to fuck you up and hurt you.
28 Nov 2017 MIRRORS make sure to go into gang territory a throw up some gang signs from the enemy gang boom you get a shot to the head P.S.
it helps if you live in a shitty neighborhood
27 Nov 2017 Jim Jump off of a tall building head first. It will quickly disconnect your brain from your spinal cord, making you die instantly. Just a few seconds of pain.
27 Nov 2017 Jim Jump off of a tall building head first. It will quickly disconnect your brain from your spinal cord, making you die instantly. Just a few seconds of pain.
27 Nov 2017 xxx im suicidal. i hate myself. everyday feels like the same.
ive even told my best friend once that i want to die, however she doesnt seem to care.
I have no one to talk to, not even my parents even though they would probably try to help me. i would just feel annoying.
i just want to kill myself without having to worry about pain or ruining the rest of my familys life.

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