Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Apr 2007 HansVonG. i know a few folks that hung themselves. sad really. couple of years later LIFE is still moving foward without them. no one remembers them. and thier suicide solved nothing. we where just kids. i played with them. ate and drank with them. cheated on school tests with them. got in trouble with them.
whats really bad about the whole thing is the reason they commited suicide was serious at the time but several years down the road it would have been a mere bump, a pot hole. something trivial. something that wouldnt naturally stop life.
im not gonna tell you not to kill yourself. its your life. you have to make your own way.
what i will say to you is this is my LIFES experiences. maybe they will help you. maybe you have already made up your mind. but i wanted to die many times already. and im still here. living. surviving. and yes suffering.
the cold hard matter-in-factly truth about life is that it isnt fair. i didnt make the rules. and these rules cant be broken or bent. accept this and it will get easier.
you cant change the weather. storms happen. whatever your storm is you survive it. it will pass.
25 Apr 2007 remember to feel real. if you just need someone to listen to you...i'm here for you.
if you need a shoulder to cry on...i'm here for you.
if you just need a hug...i'm here for you.
if you need some advice...i'm here for you.

i guess i can't really give you all a hug, as much as i'd like to. but i'll do whatever i can to make it a little better. if you need someone to talk to, please come talk to me. i want to help. if you've already added me on msn, then come talk to me, send me an email, or something. i want to help. i care. i swear i do. reading these posts makes me sad. i just want to help. please keep holding on. its all one can do. hang in there.

lots of love.
25 Apr 2007 ANSWER put a gun to your head and paint the walls with your brain
25 Apr 2007 Ame I have reasons to end this life. when I was around 8, my classmates picked on me about my weight, and when I was 10, I did something and they all hated me for it even though I have no consciousness about that incident,I didn't know what I was doing, and so I had no real friend up until elementary graduation, but I had one. Yet she turned back on me when I needed it most. When I was sick, i tried to overdose on different medicine but that only prolonged my hospital stay. I was really depressed that time. When I got out, I took an exam at a different school a long way away from them. I was happy that I passed. I thought I had a chance. And there's where I met my real friends. But on the next year, we were separated in different class. Call it shuffle system. And there's where my feel to end kicked back in me. I was in second year then, I have some of my old freshman students with me and others from different sections. I thought that they will be my friends but NO. I was happy that I could help them as much but one time, the entire class asked me for all the materials we needed. the materials can be easily bought. that's where I thought they abuse me. And so they did. I always do the hard work, and they dish out the credit. I only smiled at them but the pain and pressure severes me so. Then, when I visited my best friend, she called me by the name of her classmate. I was shocked, although I didn't show it. I just smiled at her and left. When there are events concerning our class, I get left out especially when it means pairs. I was the only one alone. I was always the one left out.But the face I show was not being pissed but a happy one, a fake one. To tell you the truth, all of my emotions are fake outside. Until someone realized it and has seen through me. During one of out camps, I tried to sleep face down on my pillow to stop breathing. Bad luck, that person was beside me. She tried to wake me up but no use. I passed out. Another time, when we were making bows and arrows, I pretended to practice shooting, the head facing me. Noone notices until blood spilled out. I missed by a few feet from the heart and shot my arm near the wrist instead. I felt alive.
They sent me to the clinic and left me there. No treatment. No first aid. Noone. I was alone. Again. I was muttering to myself,
I want to die
really, I do,
I can't live any further
It will only cause others pain,
If I die,
Then they won't be hurt,
because of me...
Now i'm 13 and about to enter third year high school( I knew you wouldn't believe me), the pain is only starting.

My list of reasons is a long way from what I have told. I hope that there can be a way to end everything, suicide is a permanent solution to an eternal problem.
25 Apr 2007 LK today was another fuked up day. im thirteen my lifes slowly falling apart and im trying to find some reasons to live. I'm to scared to cut myself and im not much of a fan of the hanging. but jumping off of a building seems the easiest way. My parents are the worst. They dont talk to me. They dont know whats going on in my life and they dont seem to care. They love my baby brother way more than me and they spoil him like crazy. and im guessing deep down inside they wish i was never born. Well im not an outcast and i have a lot of friends. i dress normal and im self concious way too much. i never have time to sit and think to myself about things and its tearing me apart. im always busy and sometimes i wish i had someone who was here to make my life easier. i think the main reason i want to die is because i cant handle all the pain and stress and i dont think anyone understands me.

i wish someone did. i know there are people who will act like they do but truly no one ever really does understand.

i know people will be sad if i killed myself. but i just want to make them realize how much they hurt me. and i want them to hurt as much. then maybe they would understand how it really feels to be in so much pain.
25 Apr 2007 SuicidalBob i helped kill my friend he lives in cali i got a gun and blew his brains out it was really fun he wanted me to do it. i did it 12 more times after that to other people :D. I started to get off on it. i found its my passion to help people committ suicide without them knowing it.
24 Apr 2007 Scott Wow i find this odd and interesting being an artist myself. As an artist i see that this is attempting to make people think. I find it sad to read the posts where people blindly throw up an answer and i also find it sad to see people takeing it for truth and ranting about not doing it. In both cases you are all missing the point and not thinking. which in turn makes this whole thing a waste. As an artist our goal in life is to analyze everything and make people see what they normaly wouldn't, or what they try to ignore. and that is all i will say about that. from here on out it's time for you to change your view and open your own eyes.

So my suicide kit is just an empty box. because all i need to kill myself is in my head and not using it to speed up my death.
24 Apr 2007 Marge I Don'T Think That GOD intended for you to Kill Yourself He Sent you to this earth for A reason, you really are here because GOD wanted you here For something,Please take the BIBLE And Read about GOD'S Promises, He Will Help you Get Through Everything in your LIFE If You Only Give HIM A chance. HE Will Fill Your LIFE WITH JOY AND PEACE> TRY GOD.If YOU Have any more questions Please email me, I Care About you TOO. LOVE YOU
24 Apr 2007 the killer when i was 8 my step dad beat me for 5 years. then he told me i was an actident. so i did him a favor i jumped off a three storie school. and 6 months in a nut house. then i got his gun but i did not use it. and now i am 21 and today i am going to kill him....
23 Apr 2007 scary looking freak. i think it is amazing all the different posts. the topics. some want to help. others well they want to help but just not in the right way. such a variety.

and yet this web site cant run itself. the show must go on.
23 Apr 2007 takethislifeandshoveit I am a mormon and I have always fought suicidal thoughts and they put me on anti depressants when i was 9 which i recently went off of but am thinking i should go back on because if i dont then i know i will take my life. I am just tired of being treated like shit and wish i could take my own life, but i have no supplies that would really work and i have in the past tried overdose and hanging, but that just landed me in a hospital and i would jump off the golden gate but i have no way to get there as i dont even have a license because i have NO desire to drive right now. So right now as my life turns to shit i sit here wondering what i should or could do to make it even better than it is. i tried to get another job but out here where i live is impossible, so i am stuck with one job and one volunteer position. i was going to college but havent gone in a year cuz i dot like the classes they offer because there is nothing that would get me through life so i am going to try and apply for admission to byu, and see what i can get thru them. id like to get an AA in english but maybe im too stupid to even do that. well thats whats been up with me feel free to write back if it doesnt waste your time.
23 Apr 2007 8-bit a good old fashion o.d. is the way to go.

how is this site "appalling"? human beings are scum, and we are inferior in both appearance and thought! death, is so much more beautiful than <u>birth,</u>
in so many different ways.
23 Apr 2007 Anonymous how do i kill myself? im 15. seeing a therapist..but it doesnt help...i still wanna kill myself...wut do i do? how do i kill myself...i really wanna shoot myself but i hav no gun...sum1 email me please n tell me how.
23 Apr 2007 alexis you talk to your mom and if u want to make her suffer u kill yourself in front of her own eyes
23 Apr 2007   felicia the great:

did you finnally get your tiffany diamonds?
22 Apr 2007 HansVonG. baffeling it is....

why people turn to people when they need help when people is the main problem.

healing is a process. i am working on my process. you could even say i am being processed.

my life is similar to drinking public toilet water in a gas station. i know about suffering so bad you just want it to end.

i also know that is not the answer.
i know that when all hope seems to be lost that if you just keep living that tommorow may bring something better.
i know this from living life.
in the gutter.
22 Apr 2007 the girl i tried to wed is dead. my girlfriend killed herself.
now i am so sad.
now i go to the cemetery and cry.
i only think about my lady
i want my baby back so now i pack a shovel.
i no she wants me cuz every night at 2:15 my baby haunts me.
your more than just a corpse to a psycopathic clown.
22 Apr 2007 Sable I have been suicidal for pretty much my whole life. I first hurt myself in kindergarten when I was obnoxious or something and was told to wait in the corner. I freaked out, thought I wouldn't be able to graduate, and dug a cut into my left hand with my nails. I am 15 (almost 16) and first thought about killing myself when I was in elementary school (maybe 3rd grade or so) and got in trouble for some stupid thing. I imagined holding a knife over my heart and dropping it in. Yeah, a pretty dumb, petty reason, but hey-- I was in 3rd grade. I have always feared (and now hate) my parents, especially my mother.

At this point, I have, obviously, a bit more of a serious reason to want to end my life. I have an eating disorder, I was anorexic and am now bullimic, my whole family knows and I am forced to see a therapist. I am depressed a lot because I am so ashamed, and angry at them. I have no privacy; my room is chronically ransacked; I have no friends at school; I am accused of purging even when I haven't, and can't defend myself because I have broken all trust by lying and don't trust my parents at all. My parents are now talking of putting me in a hospital...and if that happens, I will go through with suicide. As of now I'm probably too chickenshit to go through with it. Despite my antisocial personality, I like school. Not the students but the teachers. A very kind lady is teaching me Russian, and many of the other teachers I genuinely respect. I do not want to fail school because I am in a loony bin. I could not handle being in such a place anyway. I cry every night and fear this above all else; I pray to God or whoever may help me that I find independence, that I survive until 18 when I can leave all these people behind. I just want to graduate highschool but it seems so hard... I am so tempted to kill myself; I fantasize about it often.

As for the best way I guess sleeping pills and slitting one's wrists are out. They are ineffective--the former will leave you with permanent internal damage, the latter with scars so that everyone knows you tried to kill yourself. Hanging and drowning are likewise not the reliable. I would say a gun is effective but you have to know where to shoot. You could end up shooting a part of the brain not critical for survival and end up in a vegatative or brain damaged state, which, to me, would only exacerbate any problem I (or you, I imagine) am facing now.

Pretty much every method has some risk of failure, as evinced by how many people fail to commit suicide. The ratio of failures to successes is alarmingly high. My advice would be to research well before you take any pills or try to shoot yourself or jump off a bridge or anything. If you really want to end it, make sure your will is resolved and your method sound. And DO NOT commit suicide where someone is liable to find you quickly, because then you will just be rushed to a hospital and resusitated.

But most of all, make sure you have no other options. If your problems have just arisen, give it a while. I know it is hard but you should try for at least a week, if only in order to do shit you haven't done before and otherwise enjoy your last moments of life. Consider how your family and or friends will react. How much of your life's work you are leaving unfinished--how many goals and dreams unfulfilled. Consider who will find you and what state you will be in (bloody, with vomit around you, crushed and mutilated, with shit in your pants, etc). There are few less dignified ways to go than suicide. If you are under 13 or any minor I would strongly suggest trying to wait until you are an adult (when things will get better) or running away instead of committing suicide.
22 Apr 2007 Death If you're already dead inside then all you have to do is wait for the shell of yourself to rot and decay.

I, myself am suicidal and have been since I was 17. I'm 22 now. I cut, I like to bleed I guess.

I've been on anti-depressants and they did nothing for me. I quit taking them. They were useless.

I should be happy. I just recently got a job. After 14 months of looking, applying and rejection I have a job. The conclusion that I've come to:

I've wanted to die as badly as I want to now.

If you want to talk come find me on Yahoo: gothicgirl

or e-mail me

or look for me on myspace:
22 Apr 2007 megan i tried to commit suicide when i was 15 because of some family problems and problems at school...and its not the right way i tried to over dose and then i tried to cut my friends found out and went to the school counsler i missed 3 months of school becuase i was in a hospital.. im not 16 and i go to a new school my parents r devorced its still hard but i know im loved and cared about i still go to counciling 1 every 2 weeks...

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