Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Apr 2007 marcus head pointed down off your window and fly off.
11 Apr 2007 chloe why do u people even comment on this shit, its ridiculous, your not doing anyone any favors.
11 Apr 2007 Lafawnduh Hahaha why do you wanna kill yourself people!If people call you names kill them not yourself who cares if you go to jail at least they wont be calling you names and you would feel better!Dont you think?
11 Apr 2007 flick i passed out after slitting my wrists at school in the bathroom when i was 13.
but im 16 now.

trust me. dont get mad get even
11 Apr 2007 skyla I need help.
I hate life more than anything right now. i need a way to commit suicide. I'm thinking about overdosing on anti depressants but idk if it will work.
someone please talk to me.
11 Apr 2007 leonard The best way to kill your self when your under 13 is... outside.
11 Apr 2007 Brandon Morgan I have been here before, I am Brandon Morgan... I now live with my grandmother... She is going through chemo-therapy, she has shingles, she has has over 3 surgeries in the past 4-5 months! My sister lives with her, and hse hates me and she hates my grandmother! I am 12 going on 13 in May. My Myspace URL is; and my screename for AIM is soberebos! I need help! I am about to kill myslef! Please talk to me ASAP!
11 Apr 2007 Tom I wish I knew.
I'm 17 and I'm in a fairly serious relationship with a girl. We've been going out for nearly two years and about six months ago we had sex. I wasn't really sure if i wanted to but I did it cos i knew she wanted it, and because i love her.
The problem is, I think i might be gay. I'm so confused, when i'm with her everything is perfect but when we're apart I find that i'm not attracted to her and my mind drifts to guys at my school.
Before we started going out i told my best friend i was gay, but she blabbed to everybody and i suppose i only started going out with her to prove i'm not. i was happy for a while but now it kills me to think of what all ths is gonna do to her. I just need to find out who i really am.
I can't sleep right anymore and i'm a recovering anorexic. and i'm beginning to get feelings for this guy who's a really close friend of my girlfriend.
i just want to die and leave it all behind. i don't want to have to worry about who i am anymore
11 Apr 2007 fuckubrent Meet Brent Portman. u wont only wanna kill urself but kill him too. hes a bakstabbing asshole!
11 Apr 2007 alex n dear god,

today i stopped beliving in you
i stopped because i just thought that how can you be real,
i have prayed and prayed asking you to heal my pain
and i have never got a responce, my heart is still broken as it ever was
so what will it take, i want to be in a relationship with you,
but i dont know what i am worshiping is real
i cry out to you almost every night in one way or another
how i long for us to be together
are you ignoring every word i said?
where are you now, as i am writing this with my heavy heart
where where you last month when i tried to kill myself?
why do you just sit back and watch me go though this emotional pain
when will it end?
because i need to feel happy again
and it feels like it will never happen
i cant see the light
all i can see i darkness
why are you ignoring me god
it feels like i am fighting everyday by myself
and i need somebody, maybe that somebody is you?
what happens after death
cuz i came close the other week
where were you, why wernt you there, helping me along though this shitty life?
pain, pain, pain, thats all i ever feel, and you are supposed to help heal this pain
but you never do, i pray and pray, so why are you ignoring me?
i have even prayed to you saying that i want to die tonight, in my sleep,
and wake up in the kindom, or limbo
why should i worship something that isnt real,
why am i loosing my faith
i was starting to believe in you,
but not anymore
i give up on you god!!!!
you dont want to know me
whats the problem, arnt i good enougth for you, is that it?
you do not bring me happiness,
you do not heal my broken heart
you just ignor ever word that i say to you
so god,whats the deal, i want to know you, i want to let you into my heart
so why are you ignoring me
i have tried, i pray, i go to church, i tell people how awsome you are
but not any more,
i am giving up on you, like you seem to be giving up on me
are you there now?
are you listning now.
i give up
i hate you
has that got your attention!!!!!
you need to make me feel like ive got somebody
you need to make me feel like i am somebody
not just a nobody
because that is what i feel like all the time
you seem to answer other people
so why not me?
why dont you heal my broken heart
why cant you end my pain?
oh, i know, next time, i'll pray to get ran over by a trian
fuck u god
fuck u
i hate you
i dont want to know you
i dont want to be with you
i suddenly feel happy when i rebel against you
whats up with that
im better off without you god!!!!!
i dont need you
i dont want to know you anymore
goodbye god, its been shit knowing you
now that i am giving up on you my life should get better
so ye, goodbye god, goodbye chirstianity
goodbye heaven
i was never good enougth to get into there anyway
fuck u god, i h8 you and i always will do, from now on,
11 Apr 2007 i love you isf. "i ask myself what do i have to lose?
the same thing hapens to us all.
nothing i do that is good will last."

what do those lines mean love?
i hope your not quitting on me.
you just need to hang in there.
i know you wouldn't just leave me like this....but then i think maybe you just wanted to leave...and not have me stop you...
you have to be okay love.
i don't understand why you wouldn't just email me or something.
i wait for you ever single night...and each night my heart breaks a little more because your never there....

please be okay.
i love you.

"we all flirt with the tiniest notion of self conclusion in one simplified motion. you see the trick is that your never suppose to act on it, no matter how unbearable this misery gets"

i'll always be there for you love.
please come talk to me soon.

i can only take this for so long...

love you and miss you so so much.
11 Apr 2007 erin go to the train tracks, wait for a train and run in front of it so it hits you
10 Apr 2007 HLM OK, I was in a bad mood when I posted on 4-10-07 about the guy who said girls should just leave guys who are mean to them. I'm sorry especially for swearing and spilling my anger all over the place. It was hard to read all the depressed messages from unhappy children on the message board and know that so many kids are suffering and so many other kids have died b/c of their pain and seeing no way out. I think that pretending suicide is a game is a bad way to go, b/c it's so very real and so very bad when it really does happen. I have been suicidal on and off a lot in my life and I'm mostly VERY GLAD that I did NOT KILL MYSELF. Some days are hard and some days are good. But I have seen what suicide does to the survivors and I do not want to do that to my loved ones, especially the ones who have already suffered such losses before. If you are in a situation where you feel like killing yourself is the only option, please reach out to other people for help; find a safe adult to talk with, call a suicide hotline, write in a journal, go to sleep, play with your pet dog or cat, listen to music, write music, do any thing you can think of that is safe and keeps you from taking away your own life. I do not have the answers for why we are on the planet, but I do believe that each person is unique and special, but most of us think we are lower than dirt, just for things that other people also do or think or feel. We have these mean messages in our heads and these awful pains in our hearts that tell us LIES about ourselves and these feelings and thoughts are very powerful, but that does not make them accurate or correct or even "real" as in "true" so we have to find ways to dismantle their power, to build up friendships and good things to do and say and think and feel in our lives. If you cannot stay alive for a whole day, then break it down into little manageable pieces, like 1 hour or 1 minute, and just keep adding up the time until you get past the feeling and thinking of wanting to kill yourself. I think it's important not to "play" suicide, but I also think a lot more people under 13 are thinking about it than grown-ups want to recognize or let on, and we have to find ways to make it okay to talk about feeling that bad. Childhood is not all easy and happy and shiny and fun like some people pretend it is when they tell you it's the best time in your life, what are you complaining about. But suicide is not the answer, especially when you are still a kid and you haven't even gotten to live on your own yet, b/c sometimes that can make things a lot easier on your mind and heart, when you are no longer under the control of people who do not have your best interests as their goals. I have also read that most of the methods that people use to attempt suicide are (1) VERY PAINFUL, and (2) OFTEN UNSUCCESSFUL, so you should not risk it unless you are willing to end up paralyzed or with other problems b/c of brain damage and stuff from what you did to yourself. Again, it's not the best choice to make; you can find so many other things to do with your time and energy, including reaching out to other people who are hurting and helping them understand that they are not alone b/c you know what it's like to feel bad too. And you can play video games or read books or sleep or swim or make friends or go for walks or make art or poetry or sing or study or play sports or hang out with your siblings or meditate or pray or make jewelry or friendship bracelets or play frisbee or get a job and save up money to do something cool in the future. And you can ask for help from teachers, friends, parents, peers, hotlines, support groups. There is NOTHING wrong with needing help; I think that's why we are on this planet for one reason, is to be there for each other, b/c we are not meant to do it all alone. If you are hurting so much that you want to die, you probably have a good reason to feel that way, usually b/c of something bad that someone else did to you or that happened to you or that someone or something made you believe about yourself. Some people want to die b/c they masturbate a lot or are gay or lesbian or because they have been sexually abused or had someone break their heart. These are real reasons to feel really bad for a while, b/c they are hard things to cope with in this world, but they are survivable things too. No matter what you have done or had done to you, you can make a difference in your life right now by choosing not to hate and/or kill yourself, by choosing to believe that you really are already okay just who you are. That I can promise you. Life is hard, I won't lie; and it's not often "fair" either; but it's worth the risk to stay alive. Please have compassion for yourself and understand that you have are not crazy to feel pain or to think you want to die; and that you can choose not to die even when you feel like you want to die; you do not have to act on these feelings. You can find ways to stay alive for another hour or another day and you can find people and things that will help you heal whatever made you feel so awful. I am so amazed by the open and honest sharing of so many kids and adults about their suicidal feelings and the terrible pain of losing a sibling or friend to suicide. You all have inspired me to keep going and I hope I have helped you a little too.
10 Apr 2007 dead inside. please keep holding onto me.
10 Apr 2007 dead inside, check your gmail.
get back to me.
i am so worried.
love you forever and always.
10 Apr 2007 i love you isf. i would never hurt you.
you know that.
why are u hurting me then.
if you love me, then you won't leave me here alone.
you made promises to always be there and to always be okay.
you have to keep those promises.
if you leave me, then i am going to come after you.
you should know that already.
i love you so much.
please be okay.
i can't do any of this without you.
10 Apr 2007 isf, don't do this. i swear to god if you leave me alone here i am coming too. isf don't leave me. i don't want to do this without you. don't go. please. why are you hurting me if you love me. don't do this please. come back to me. i love you so much. please keep holding on to me. don't leave. please. please.
10 Apr 2007 i love you isf dont go
don't leave me
i can't do this
if you leave me
i am coming after you
don't leave
i love you
i love you
talk to me one more time please
i don't understand what your trying to tell me
please come back.
i love you so much.
don't leave me.
10 Apr 2007 HLM Okay, I am totally pissed off at the guy who said that women who stay with asshole men are just stupid and should just plain fucking leave them. Obviously the ideal thing to do is to leave the asshole, but it's just not that fucking easy, or people would just up and fucking do it already. You obviously have no idea what it's like to be stuck in a relationship and not know how to get away and not even know if there is something wrong with you or with him or with the world or life in general. Women and men who are in relationships where they are being abused get confused, scared, lonely, depressed, often think they deserve the abuse or don't recognize it as abuse. They may feel trapped b/c the other person has convinced them that they are incompetent, or threatened to kill them or someone else whom they love if they leave. Yelling at them for not leaving is NOT going to help the situation. If you really want to help women (and men) who are being abused, then contact some rape and abuse crisis shelters and resources lines and educate yourself about how to be really helpful instead of just judgmental and pissed off.

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