Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Mar 2007 Nobody Why would you want to kill yourself when your only 13 and have lived so little of a life? I'd wait and see if things get better. Right now I am 22. I have never experienced these feelings of suicide until now. I feel so weak, so unloved, so ignored and I feel like practically nobody cares about it. I feel like everything I say or do is wrong. I feel like I'm stupud half the time. I'm only 22. Some people probably think this wouldn't be so much of a problem...but I have held a bunch of sleeping pills in my hand and just looked at them and wish I could swallow them all. I couldn't do it though. I've this once or twice while I was home alone. I just got to thinking about everybody in my life and wondering where would I go after this? It just scared me. So I put them back and decided against it. I don't want my parents finding out or any of my friends...well I don't even have any friends right now. I am too scared to tell my mom that I feel like killing myself because I don't want to scare her or anything. I do have so many feelings bottled up inside me though and I think those are tearing me apart. I feel like I'm just struggling to get through...but I have looked up suicide and I am surprised at how many people want to do this. I also found some of the stories on here inspiring and helpful. I will try...try...try to move forward as best as I can and try to believe that God is wanting me to survive and remain in this life.
24 Mar 2007 rain s. take a gun to your mother fucking head!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Mar 2007 Joelius dont... I Just lost one of my good friends to suicide 4 days and I have not stopped crying. she thought she had to die to make the pain stop but she caused so much pain for all the people that love her.. and there are alot more than she thought. she hung herself, and her mother had to walk in and see her daughter hanging there. I cannot sleep properly It hurts everytime i breath. think about the people you are leaving behind, the words they may fire at u are not how they feel inside. prove that you are stronger by living... choose life and if any of you need help I am here... my name is Joel and I am 19 I live in australia and I miss my good friend Jenna one of the beautifulest nicest caring people in the world... My heart died on tuesday the 20th of march 2007 when at just 16 Jenna decided to take her life... I will never be the same I will never recover. I will always love her and always miss her... ALWAYS... my email is if u need to talk... I am here... <3 RIP JENNA
24 Mar 2007 a friend Jesus loves every single 1 of you wether you except it or not. Remember when your life gets to hard to bear he is there with you. Talk to him x
24 Mar 2007 james the coffin maker hang on a train bridge
24 Mar 2007 George Hi everyone,

I am one of Anna's friend and she helped me a lot to see the good things in my life and not to give everything up by commiting suicide. Please give yourself a chance I know you might see no point at the moment but if you give us a chance we will help you be more strong and successful people in life.

All my love to these lovely and poor people xXx (Email me at when you need a helping hand or contact Anna as well!)
24 Mar 2007 Do it What would you do if you woke up one day and realized the only thing standing in your way was yourself? The one person who had walked out on you every time, was the one person you had to everyday of your life with. Would you fall down like me, and think about all the people
you hurt. Would your heart ache for some friendly notification from a familiar face a thousand times forgotten as your mind awakens in pause of drug douses. Between me and anything or anyone, it will always be myself that will get in the way. That is why I'm not here today,
because the only thing strong enough to take me down were my own hands. I leave this world with one thing, the relief that they will never hear the screams of terror echoing from my with in my blackened heart. Those that loved me, loved but an image drawn from the empty promises of a sickly twisted creative mind. Those that mourn me, mourn but an idea of a man with no shadow or soul. I was never missed, and nor should I be missed. For in all truth I am a poison that you should never take. In my death I live endlessly through hatred, and regret, as my rage clouds every last inch of my eyes. I choose all eternity in suffering. I choose pain. Be wary of your dreams for I shall eat them whole. Run along now, forgetting is the best thing you can do.
24 Mar 2007 Intrigued You are very brave if you have ended your life. I respect those that have had the courage to take that step.

Death is the sleep you've always wanted. You don't know how honorable it is to be the one to end your own life.

For it does not matter how long you live, or what you do, in the end all is erased.

Listen not to the greed of humanity. It will fail. We are not the perfect disease. Those that tell you to live only suck on the sugar tit of life. Born to endless fear of ever losing what they will ultimately lose.

The ultimate sacrifice is everything you own. Redeem yourself.
24 Mar 2007 autumn Well when i was 12, i tried to hang myself. my advice, dont try that it didnt really work, best way. Cutt your wrist.
23 Mar 2007 Muzzled Living is imprisonment for me. Death is the only way to break free.
23 Mar 2007 beckah the best way to kill your self is to simply cut, hang, starve, drink shampoojump off a building stuff toilet papper downb your throat till u chockdrown yourselfbut if you were smart enough you would not even thin of suicide
23 Mar 2007 priscilla what the hell is wrong with you people?
I came here to find the best way of suicide,and all i got was " oh dont kill yourself people love you" and shit.i dont care if you have been through it because if you are saying that then you must not be feeling it now,i am. i have no intention on telling you mt in councelling for depression and my mother is giving me medication-she wont tell me the truth about what it really does to me-. someone made this website to find out the best suicide!im not getting the answers i want! please! i just want to know.../ if anyone else is just writing these things to purseude people "not to commit suicide" DONT. fuck,i want my answers! stop telling us not to kill ourselves because I WILL ANYWAY!
23 Mar 2007 em im 23 years old. my partner gassed himself in our car 5 months ago. i had a miscarriage a week after. 10 weeks before my uncle died in a motorbike accident. earlier in the year a good mate od off of pure adrenalin and inbetween my uncle and my man another mate had a dirt bike accident and broke his neck.

My partners 6 months is coming up in 3 weeks, which falls on the day after his birthday and 2 days after that is our 2 and a half year anniversary.

My time is up. i will be doin it on his 6 months cos i cant handle life without him anymore. Im at least doin the right thing and writing letters and catching up with everyone i give a shit about...
23 Mar 2007 rachelle you shouldn't kill yourself at any age. if you do you will break so many other peoples hearts!
22 Mar 2007 Carlos it is true we live in a fucked up world and its full of dispair and inequality but you have to think about this for every shitty thing there is going on your life a new day might come one day you will look back and say to yourself what a fuck was i thinking i could have lost all of this being poor is a reality im not rockefeller but i have worked in school to earn scholarships and educate my self and as for girls the only thing you need to do is get out there they sure as hell wont show up in your room asking for a quickie lol suicide is a thing i ve contemplated but the thing that stops me is what if there is no after life what if this the only shot we get what if there is no heaven or hell and when u die thats it nothing i rather live here than in nothingness

" dont ever leave a room without looking back"- Ian Curtis Joy Division
happiness is something you work for not something given remember that shit and check exitentialism out good stuff college is good for sorting things out and change damn you change i try to change the way i look and talk and write and live life every two years monotone creates boredom which creates the mundane and this fucks you up
22 Mar 2007 Melanie grow the fuck up!!!!!
22 Mar 2007 A Bitch Named Melanie what the hell! you guys are fucking dipshits!! what the hell would want to be all emo for?? you guys need to grow up and get over selves! why the fuck would you want to die?? im in no way going to tell you how to kill yourselves!!! you guys are hella stupid! lifes a bitch get over it!!
22 Mar 2007 nicole the bet way to kill urself when ur under 13 is take a handfull of mommys sleeping tablets then go sleepy byes in the bath tub
21 Mar 2007 Justin I have read damn near all of the stories on this site. For some, I feel very sorry for you, for others, I am glad that you offer help and the optimistic outlook on life. I am a 19 year old guy living in a shitty little town. Of course i have thought about suicide. And I can tell you right off, no matter what you think your problems are, killing yourself won't solve them. Every problem that you encounter in your life in only a temporary one. No problem will every stick with you forever. For all the women on here that are with the drug infested piece of shit boyfriend that beats them, and you don't leave his sorry ass, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?? The two answers that I get the most are "He loves me, I just screwed up," or "I know I can change him." You aren't going to change him. Killing yourself won't do it eitther. I have had a fairly rough life so far, I have dealt with It all and now I am better off than most 40 people in the world. I proved everybody in my life wrong. I have thousands of dollars, no debts, a house of my own, and have started my own business. If I can do all of this in three years, so can you. All I can say about suicide is the it is a permanant solution, to a temporary problem. And the best of luck to all of you out there
21 Mar 2007 mahala wherein front of everyone u care about so that they know its what you wanted
when: on any special occasion
how: knife through wrists,or gun to head

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