Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Feb 2007 vincent to realize there's not any afterbay more than death
16 Feb 2007 Von$ also you people prly don't even know how to cut yr fucking writs correctly,
16 Feb 2007 Von$ i just wanna say, that you fucking kids are fucking dumb.. do you really think if you die it will make the world bettuh? yeah maybeh like no.. it wont. why don't yall stop being SELF FUCKING CENTERED PREMA FAGGOTS. and THINK ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. yall are just consided bitches, that only care about yrself.. and yah dowit for z attention. NOT cause you hate yrself. cause in reality that is all "DEPRESSION" is.. BITCHES BASICALLY SAYING "LOOK AT ME I HATE MYSELF I JUST WANNA DIE CAUSE EVERYONE HATES ME" grow up. if you really hate yrself you don't tell you do the stuff you do. 'razors, rubberbands..ect' wuhtevuh and shut the fuck up. you want help? GO TO A FUCKING DOCTOR. don't go to this comment bored shit and say what should i do?

YAHHH ALLL AREEE DUMB. grow up and think about what other people will say.. you wanna be remembered as a faggot drama king/queen that killed(ect..) them self for attention?

yah want help? come to muh fucking house and i'll fucking kill you! just ask i'm more than happy to help a dumbass. but then i'll prly store you in muh fridge and eat you. yeah ahahhahahahahahhahahahah i'm a Necrophiliac.
16 Feb 2007 suicidalstupidfuck hang yourself from a tree over a pond and wait til u drop in the water and drown. or maybe take a hella lot of street drug mixed all together. or u could take a gun and just do the simple old blowing your brains out.
15 Feb 2007 ange pills
15 Feb 2007 janelle Hey, I'm 22 yrs old n I had a really fucked up life..... but so did everyone in the entire fucking world. Everybody goes through things in their lives that make them sad and make them feel like they have the worst life ever. No ones problems are bigger than anyone elses cause everyone takes shit differently. What's devestating to one person could be no big deal to another and visa versa. Its all about how one can handle a tribulation. I read a lot of these things on here, and a lot of people blame a mental illness on why their suicidal. That's straight up bull shit! I have bi-polar and there were many times in manic phases where I did shit I regretted, but I did it cause I wanted to... I've been off of my medication for 6 years, and I've learned to control myself on my own. I have a 2 year old daughter, and my own business. I still get a lil crazy from time to time, but so does everyone else. Only you can help yourself. Shit happens, and you can't change it, so why let it bring you down. And another very true thing, although it may be a lil cruel, is, if you were serious about killing yourself, you'd just do it. You wouldn't tell anyone, you wouldn't be reading shit on the internet, you wouldn't even be writing about it. You'd just do it. So stop talking shit, cause you're not serious. I hope some of you children take heed to what I'm saying.
15 Feb 2007 Paul I stumbled onto this site by mistake, but I'm glad I found it.

I'm depressed. I take medication for it. I always thought I had it bad, but after reading these problems, I realize so many people have it much worse. It makes me feel selfish, but I guess no matter how bad something seems, it can always get worse.

I don't want to vent my problems on here. I want to help people in any way I can. I mean, if there's at least one person who cares about you, that should be enough reason to live... right?
15 Feb 2007 Dan D'cotta I think this is a very disturbing site and in the mind of a child makes suicide seem normal and acceptable.Why would u create such a site asking for methods of children to kill themselves??
14 Feb 2007 ??? I am 12 and reely depressed day after day i feel myself slipping further into a depression drowning myself in sorrows. My sisters hate me and so does my dad i dont want to kill myself but i soon think i will have to. But if you do want to commit suicide i do not recomed slitting your wrists it hurts and has no effect but it does pump the adrenaline fiersely around your body making you feel stronger and better... I wish you all a happy life this is the last you may ever hear of me...
from --not 2 be known
14 Feb 2007 Johnny Thank you Dora, I think that's actually the best thing you and I can do. Like you, I was deeply shocked to read from people who are so much younger than me, that they actually want to commit suicide. Well, I wrote my relationship with this topic below, I lost two really, really good friends this way, and I would like to offer anybody my two ears, even though I know that's not that much, but it's what I can offer you. So again, don't hesitate to contact me!

14 Feb 2007 Em I haven't been out of hospital long and I still want/need to kill myself!! I have a lot to look forward to and a fiance with cancer to support but its constantly there at the back of my mind!!!!!

I think I have to kill myself and its always been there. I dont know if I want to but I think about it constantly!

I've got a lot to throw away but its a constant battle to stop myself thinkin it doesn't matter I should just give in to it all!!

I want to die. Every day I fantasise about killing myself! Everyday I contemplate it!
13 Feb 2007 dfd i always wanted to die. Nobody ever liked me, i am always a failure no one ever
13 Feb 2007 alex n hi my name is alex n i have tried to commit suicide 13 times now, i fuckin h8 life, god dosent exist ive tried all the god stuff, went 2 church n al that shit, n believe me god sucks, u pray 4 1 fuckin thing, 2feel loved, n fck all happens, our god sucks, if ppl say that he cre8ted everythin then he created cancer n aids n suffering, and pain. god, wot a joke, dear god PLEASE KILL ME!!!! i wish i was dead, i am gonna try again soon and this time it will be a sucess, im not gonna bang on about my problems cuz that would just depress u, anyway if u wanna spk 2 me my email n msn is and my myspace is
13 Feb 2007 britney Well first you should do it in your room while noone is paying attention...then you take a sharp object such as a knife or a piece of glass and cut you are from they wrist towards the shoulder and bleed to death
13 Feb 2007 Aryianna I don't know the best way, I actually feel like commit suicide lately myself. I am 7 months pregnant and my husband use depression as an excuse to stay out and drink all the time since the pregnancy started. If I call him on the mobile phone, he would never picked up the phone when he is out. He keeps saying he needs his space right now and that he feels nothing inside at the moment. What about me then? I feel that I am going through the pregnancy entirely by myself and he just doesn't give a damn even though it was both our decision to get pregnant. I am tired of a life like this! I want to kill myself and I don't think he can take care of the baby himself, so the best way would be kill myself before the baby is born, take it with me instead of letting it suffer with the father when I am dead. What is the best way to commit suicide really....?
13 Feb 2007 Hates Flamer Why don't you kill yourself Flamer? Your words could cause someone to kill themselves because they see someone who says, "Yes please kill yourself because you have problems that can't be fixed and it will release your anguish, at the cost of hurting the people that really love you and care."

Believe it or not Flamer, but people actually care in this world. And I would wager to say that at any given time there is at least one person that cares enough about you (you being the place of anyone) to be deeply hurt and anguished by your death, to the point of feeling guilty and possibly saddened enough to want to take their own life.

Oh yeah another thing Flamer, if you were to have enough affect on someone who is suicidal to push them over the edge, you could be held liable for their death and be at legal risk of lawsuit and possibly criminal indictment (of course I can't rule out the fact that the suicidal person in question would had to have made some reference to you being the final push, which in oyur defense is very hard to do. There would also be the matter of tracking down your IP, but thats the easy part).
12 Feb 2007 andrea well my life was really hard since i was borned..
my mother allwasy blamed for anything..
she would miss treat me and had a really bad infancy..
i was a LOSER when i staerd i my school nobody liked me i cried averyday i came from school..
my father is the only person that defend me...
my grandfather is dieng he has cancer..
my aunt allmos died 2 weeks ago..
my grandpa abused my mother..
i have been through alot lately ..
drinkign and smoking..
i really dont like my life and i cut my wrist but...
i feel so empty
and dead inside
like if nobody loved me and i cant love nobody

my mom hates me..

and i really want to die!

12 Feb 2007 Erin I am 12 years old,I started cutting a couple of months ago.After my grandpa died.All because of my step mom.She has made my life a living hell.Like a week or two after my grandpa died she ran off with my 2 half brothers and I havnt seen them since.Then my grandma and I started to not talk to each other.Just to let you know I live with my grandma,my dad,and my sister.Well then my dad got depressed and my sister and I got in fights alot and it has been going on since my step mom left.Everything has been harder at school too.I find it harder to concentrate on my school work,so I now have a F in english and a D in math.Well plus the fact that I have been cutting myself Its even harder.I just feel like I need to punish my self for that reason and it is not a very good one.I mean about everything.Now like all my friends now that I cut because news travels fast.I just started thinking about taking a handfull of pills and crying my self to DEATH.
12 Feb 2007 Dora hey, i am 19, but i was reading how a lot of you guys are feeling, and a lot of you want to talk to someone, and i gess thats why posting helps, bcos other people who know something of what you are feeling will read it, and it makes it real if yo usay how yo uare feeling. Well i DEF dont have any answers, but i DO have two ears, and so if yo uwant to chat, then i will listen, and not judge, because who i am i to judge you?!
seriosly, you have nothing to loose, and talking sometimes helps, brings compassion into a very significant pain.
12 Feb 2007 Johnny The only thing I want to do, is hugging you, and everyone else who wants to kill himself. Thank God, I've never (well, almost...) been in a situation like this, even though I would have had reason to, but I don't know why that is, maybe I'm just very damn lucky, but my will to life has always been quite strong, no matter the stones that lay in my way, and there were some big stones, believe me.

Well, if I could do anything, I would hug you, hug you all and would never let you go. I have seen two very close people commit suicide in my short life (18yo) and the pain it did to me, and others, I couldn't do to others. It's been a pain, but I tried to let those people go, don't judge them, hold them in love and think of better days, don't imagine them hanging on a rope (which is actually the way they both did it, and in my opinion it is one of the most gruesome ways to do it).

I hope you get my point, if there's a point to get indeed, No matter the circumstances, I don't think that suicide is the right thing, but I don't condemn or judge people who see no other escape. And I definitely will offer a very big hug and a deep talk to anyone, asking for it, so don't be shy, ask for it!


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