Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Jan 2007 kéké um bn jme prensente dabord jai 14 ans je ss tombé sur ce site par hasart donc voila jai trouvé des idéés astucieuse donc merci moi je tenterrais bien d'avalé une bouteille de javel ché plus trop ou jai péché cette idée mais bn jespert qu'elle sera meilleure que ma TS de cette été pourtant je crois y etre passé de pret jme suis tailladé ls veines et jai avalé tt ls medocs de ma mere dans la pharmacie jai fait passé tt sa avc du wisky mais kl qu'un est venu m'interrompre enfin encore merci a ce site pour tt ls idées qu'il nous offre
16 Jan 2007 Ugh! Oh boy... This is probly like the 4th time I posted here... well, I have a history (within the last 3 months) of suicide and cutting, first time, I swallowed 300mg of muscle relaxors, that really didnt do much at all, but it was all that was in the bottle... 2nd time I swalloed 1.3 grams (1320mg)of oxycotton, im suprised that didnt really fuck me up, the third time I slashed my wrist, but it wasn't deep enough because the knife I was using sucked.
well I doubt there will be another suicide attempt, but knowing how my moods change easy, I guess I have some mood swing problem... something like that, well the reason why I was trying to kill myself was out of boredom, and I thought I loved this one guy (im gay) but I was just attracted to him, and I still am, but I will probly always be, because hes soooooo hot. But anyway, I dont really know why I was trying to kill myself about it, but really its just the rejection (no I didn't ask him out, I know hes straight) and I felt ugly, because even if he was gay, I bet he still wouldn't wanna go out with a fat ass like me... but I do know, im not ugly, just fat =p anyhoo... fat changes, so its not a big deal, too bad I didn't think like that before, but anyway, I got back from the store, and my dad started drinking again, I fucking hate it when he drinks, he said he would kill me, over something stupid, I know its just his drunk side talking, but if he says that, you know he thinks about it alot, and that didn't put me in too much of a good mood. Oh well, I still didn't cut myself over it... (amazing, right?) if it were me about 1 1/2 months ago, I probly would have put on about another 100 cuts on my arm again. Or tried something, like swallowing pills, but its such a drag when u gotta drink charcol... I rarely have time to myself to attempt anything nowadays, but I am starting to just dislike dad... Hes so idiotic when hes drunk too, like he was telling me how lucky I must be to have a dad like him, because he was driving 80mph down a 35mph road and blasting this totaly fucking hideous song (something about rollin' on a river) and it was so horrible... Anyway, thanks for paying attention to my story.
16 Jan 2007 ryan y'all are some sick ass mutha fuckas why are you guys thinkin about killin yourselves you guys are nutjobs that need to get checked into a mental institute ryan was here 1/16/07
16 Jan 2007 pearl I always thought about commiting suicide!I never do it.why?Why should i?i fell depress all the time.Always sad about my life.didn't think any person cared about me!!asking to myself "what will i do if i live?or what will i do if i lived without No one to care for me,No future,No friends,No dignity.well that's stupid thinking about commiting suicide..i admit i hate my life..every little thing about it.but that doesn't stop me from thinging what is really dreams..and epecially life!!if you don't have a dream it's hard to live on only get one shot,one opportunity to be to have a life!others would die trying to get a life that you hate!lets just say poor kids or even african kids who are dying from aids every single day!i fell sad.Sad for them and sad for you if you every think about killing yourself!cus your so much more than they could ever be.And they want your 14 now.i just want to say don't kill yourself your ganna miss your whole life forever because your depress at an age!it's not worth it!!
16 Jan 2007 more suicide:) heiya....well u noe wat i hav left every thing and has started to live a happy life.....:)now i hav decided that i wont ever use those blades pills and that all fuckin stuff fuck up guys......and think deeply abt wat the hell u people are doing its totally wrong.......u noe wat now in ma school making scars on arms has became a fashion....HUH...funny na????well i really suggest u all to think abt wat u are all doin......hurting ur self is not the right way...........u should face this world.....u should fight wid this dun be self pity any more.....well if any ov u wanna tawk then u can add me....on
16 Jan 2007 just a guy I tried to commit suicide 2 times before. The first time I only took 20 tablets so I was ok. The second time I took 140 different painkillers because I really didn't want to be ok. But I didn't die and I was sick and I had to stay in hospital for 2 days on a machine. Please someone email me I just want to be friends.
15 Jan 2007 kyu everyone always talks about how they were abused and hurt and that is why they want to commit suicide. i dont have that defence. I'm trapped within myself, i have a world that i cant dissapear from, it wont leave me alone. no matter what i do i find myself in my world. this is perfectly normal for any young child, but if it still happens when you are 15 there is something wrong with you. i have been forced to move around the country 9 imes and everytime i start to like the place i live im forced to leave again. i was suicidal when i was 6-8, when i was 9 i started cutting and when i was 11 i became suical again. every attempt has failed. my sister is in treatment, so if i get caught ill end up with her. i have no purpose and i want it to end. the whole "my own world" thing sounds like crap but you have to trust me. imagine every time you try to get anything done, fall asleep, listen to someone, talk to some one (by the way ive also become anti-social and anti-trend) or even watch tv you cant. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
15 Jan 2007 Tia Russell well i think im about 2 go bac 2 olf habbits i need a friend not just sum1 2 talk 2 a real friend plzzzzz help this may be my last cry 4 help add me pllllllllzzzzz contact me
15 Jan 2007 ???????? No one knows it coming only the person who is doing it. Some people just don’t want to hear it. You don’t want it to happen to you or anyone in the world. But, its reality. You can’t ignore it. It wont go away.....get a fucking life...i am 25 i am a child and youth worker....i know what thses kids are going through...i have 5 kids i lost 3 of them from people like u being ass holes and posting sites like this get a life you fucking jack ass...i AM PISSED DETAILED THIS SITE OR I WILL FOR U UNDERSTAND....GET A LIFE AND OMG THIS THING IS REAL...UNDERSTAND...YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT ALL THSES KIDS LIKE )____ SIMTH...THEY SOUND LIKE THEY HAD OR IF GOING THROW A ROUF TIME GROW UP...GOD.
15 Jan 2007 Jon I would like some help from any one can give me advice, im not under 13, but still in my teens. I feel like running away from everythink i want to commit suicide but im scared. i am stuck on life. i fill so lonely in life it fills like i got nothink, still liveing at home with my mum and dad who are alcoholics and dont take an interest in me. and im scared of asking them if they are my real parents because i think im adopted and i dont know how or if i should ask them. I dont know what to do please help.
15 Jan 2007 Marcus Maximus Get a hunting rifle, attempt to assasinate some corrupt politician, and finally get shot in the head by about a million AK-47's. So in a sense its not really suicide, and at least you become first page news as well :) Heh, but all shit aside, rather than killing yourself try traveling on the road with nothing but a suitcase first. The shit you see, the places you meet, the drugs, women, alcohol... Sleep in sleezy motels and just move around for a while. You never know, it might help. MCM
15 Jan 2007 Breeg I'm from a fucked-up family, and i'm failing school.

My Grandfather is an A4 Psychopath, My Dad is bipolar and my sister and i both experienced my mom arguing with my drunken dad every evening.

I still remember the worst times, like when my dad said he would let us watch while he would hang himself and stab his right eye out.

I have never been succesful with girls, they seem to not want anything to do with me. I've tried everything- straightening out my curls, changin my style completely, doing well in subjects, making lies about myself...

Lately, i've been failing math. The only thing that I really care about at this moment is my friends and playing guitar.

My friends have seemed to ignore me lately, though.
I've tried to suffocate the pain by writing mellow guitar tunes and releasing my anger on emo-screamo metal tunes.

I also have a big problem with anger management. I used to scream and beat people who wanted nothing but to watch me snap, because they knew it would get me into trouble. And all people said, was that i should just behave myself. I've been bottling up countless anger incidents in my mind now along with my repressed memories, for more than 6 years.

My mother will take away the only joy in my life unless I get an "A" in math; she will sell all 3 of my guitars.
If it happens, which it probably will, i will have nothing more to live for.
15 Jan 2007 taylor I'm exactly 13, and I know sooo many ways I could do it. I just want it to be painless though. Painless and peaceful, so I think that maybe takign pills would work, but are pills painless? And if so, do you know what kind are the best? I want to do it this May. I'm goign to lay under a tree, take the pills, and start reading my favourite book while listening to my favourite pills kill you that fast? Gosh, could someone help me figure something out please? Thanks, you're all so awesome. =]
15 Jan 2007 Kharolys think of what youve acomplished in those 13 yrs...everyone u laughed and cried with...and if u cant remember then think of what you can acomplsh later on in life..u were just born yesterday give yourself a chance dont be dum and waste your life now you still wanna take ur life and the happines from the ones around you???
15 Jan 2007 manyu i read some of the archives.its sad people wanna give up life without wat if u wake up on the wrong side of the bed everyday.someday u will wake up on the right side and everything will change. if you guys need some help u can talk to me on
14 Jan 2007 sick and twisted my brother is on drugs it pisses me of so much i just want to kill him. i used to look up to him but now that he's on drugs it makes me feel so shitty i just want to kill him just so he will stop. his life is going nowhere fast i cant sit back and watch any more.

(this is not so much suicide but murder)
14 Jan 2007 Brandon Hi my name is Brandon! I feel very depressed! I agree with "Runescape101" people over the age of 18 really dont know how I feel or in his case how he feels! We all feel different! I am 12 years old! I cut myself and do marijuana and drink alcohol! My mother died when i was 6 years old! My father left when I was 3! My father used to rape me and my sister! (My sister has not commited suicide) I am very depressed! My father also abused us physically and sexually! He is an alcoholic and a drug-addict! I need help! I am going to hang myself tonight! Please pray for me

~Brandon~! also check out! Brandon

Brandon Michael Morgan ~~~~~~~
14 Jan 2007   Grow up... the majority of people on this site are probably 35 just like myself. At least I am not pretending to be 12. Stop playing games on this site and do kid things like play nintendo. You people make me fucking sick... making up all these hardships like it's a contenst to have a worse life than the last person... nobody believes you. If you want to kill yourselves, just go ahead and do it and stop looking for sympathy. A true suicidal person doesn't say a word, they just get on with it unlike you set of attention seeking loosers. None of you have the balls to kill yourselves you fucking cunts.
14 Jan 2007 sick and twisted Just a few things:
1)go to sleep inside a jet engine.
2)put your body parts into liquid nitrogen and smash them on the bench.
3)try to mummify yourself if you cant get a friend to help.
4)kill everyone you know and try to eat them all in one sitting (raw).
5)shoot your self with a anti-air rifil.
6)shoot your self with a rocket luncher.
7)drench yourself with race car fuel and sky dive with a box of matches.
8)dress as hitler in a jewish community.
9)rape all the hot chicks at school then shoot your self when the cops try to arrest you.
10)shove napalm in your ass.
11)read through this website.

well that's all for ever most likely its been one year and three months since I committed suicide. and unlike some of the dead bastards on this site I went to heaven witch means i get to look at porn 24/7 and fuck my sister who i killed in the progress of my suicide. (i used number 2 by the way).
13 Jan 2007 dead inside. you know what would really suck? if you spent your whole life hating yourself and wishing you were dead...and then one day life doesn't suck as much anymore. you find yourself smiling, and your happy. and then you find out that you have a terminal illness and your days are limited...

yeah, that would suck.
it would suck alot.

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