Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 May 2007 shout out i would l;ike to thank my parents. with out the two of you i couldnty have experienced what living life below rock bottom is like.
this was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for me.
i just want to know why do you hate me?
but i am sure i would only waste my time and breath by asking.
so you will never get the oppurtunity to tell me.
04 May 2007 growup you shouldn't even want to be killing yourself EVER. life has so much more to offer than just looking at all the things wrong in your life. i used to spend my days feeling sorry for myself and wondering why all the bad things had to happen to me, & when was it my turn for things to FINALLY get better. but then i realized, sitting there isn't going to change anything that's going on. it's not going to un-do anything that happened or do anything that needs to be done. i didn't even have much hope for things to get better. all i had was tomorrow. & the knowledge that everything can change when it comes.
04 May 2007 Day I have only tried to kill myself once, tried to jump out my only window, a skylight, couldn't fit. By the time I figured out a way to do it i had lost my need to. Reading all of ur stories makes me think my life isn't that bad. I mean i have had crap happen, havn't we all? you people who have a reason to slit your throat or swallow pills are lucky. I can't say I want to kill myself coz i was abused, but only coz i fucking hate myself. It wierd isn't? Everyone always say what a loving person i am. I'm not really. I love everyone in i know coz i blame my misery on myself, but i'm not a loving person, i hate myself so go damn much. I hate everything about myself. I don't mind the people who make fun of me at school coz im quite, i hate myself for making them not like me. I don't hate my sisters and brothers for stealing my parents attnetion. I hate myself for not deserving their love. I don't hate my sister for giving my nephew away to strangers, I hate myself because i feel like it's my fault he is gone. I miss him so much but its my fault. I dont know how it just is. I hate my life, but i can never take. I hate myself for not being able to. I fear the pain i think. I wish i could take a gun and shoot myself, but i cant. Because I made stupid promises to stupid cruel people and i love them. i wish i didnt. I wish i could find a way to hate them so i could slit my wrists. I have my top five though. So if ur 13 and your going to do it i wish i were you. I wish i had your courage or resolve or whatever the fuck you have. but if you one shed of doubt in ur mind remember ur only 13 so give urself another year. If ur decided here is my top five: pill, gun to the throat, slit, drown, hang. i wish all of u good luck in weird dark sort of way.
03 May 2007   drink and eat your bodies own wastes.
03 May 2007 --V-- Hi! My name is ----- and recently, I've decided on trying suicide. My life is too perfect, and I think I am causing my family trouble. I don't want that! I don't even know if they are having financial problems or what. They hate my grades, too. Most of the time, I get around 78% as an average. My mom wants me to do better. I understand why, but it's getting harder and harder each time we go through this. I bet their life would be better if I dissapeared from the face of earth. But one problem is I can't find a meathod that won't hurt horribly, and if I don't die, I coul become some cripple and suffer for the rest of my life. I really don't deserve this wonderful life, others do. Well... this may be the only thing left of proof that I actually existed... So, Bye! (P.S. I love the simpsons, who doesn't?)
03 May 2007 dead inside. breathing is the hardest thing i do. i'm not the only person in this room. its hard for me to feel like i'm perfect.

it still hurts on the inside sometimes.
03 May 2007 hor Ask your gardener to help you through his chipper shreader while its running
02 May 2007 happy the clown. find the cleaning cabinet. drink all fluids inside.
02 May 2007 mr me Hi:
Still suicidal? Best thing I could recommend from personal experience is group therapy; no matter how bad a person's sh*t is, there's always someone with worse sh*t and somehow that seems to help. Personally, I think we'd ALL like to die sometimes (sometimes quite often!). Hell, I'm 55 years old and still don't know what exactly I'm supposed to be living for. Maybe it'll come to me eventually.

Please disregard this if you've already commited suicide. ;-) And, if this is being read by the next of kin, forgive the insensitivity (unintentional!) of that last statement.
02 May 2007 megan just do it you losers im gona kill my self because i am a bunch of pussies god get a life or just take from your self hay wanna die hears something jump infront of a car while it is going 60 miles per hour or jump of a bridge or be a pussie dress in black like you little fags would go to school get made fun i dont care you losers
02 May 2007 to bennyboi Global warming is killing the planet any way why have others suffer by taking their oxogen??? Let thyem live whan you die
02 May 2007 To Richard Some of the people on this website have problems some don't you are wrong about it being simple. i don't know why you would think it is something like not getting a Hoody. Suicide is much deeper than that is is something that can not be explained. it is the stupidity of others. i want to kill my self because my giflfriend moved away for no reason ans just left me there. When I called her the phone said something like this person has been disconected. Thet have moved or gotten a different phone service. That is why she loved me too because she left one lats phone message saying she loved me.

It goes even deeper than that.
01 May 2007 Amber I too would like to kill myself I am 24 yrs old my mother killed herself when I was 16 sometimes it really seems like there is no body that does care or love me and dont even mention shrinks I've been there and done that I dont trust them you only pay them to hear what you want to here plus you cant trust them for the somple fact that they are being paid no one really listens or cares because when it comes right down to it they only care about their self I've been this way since I was 14 now 10 yrs later I feel the same way and I still hate myself and it will never change I've cried out for help so many times but nobody ever listens not even my bf he pnly makes it worse I cant tell you any reasons why you should'nt but I can say that its not too late for you you have a lot of years to live so do your best to live it up the best way that you can hopefuly later you wont feel that way
01 May 2007 death I know that she loves me, I'm the one thing on everybody's mind. They are so sure when they figure out the perfect plan that I'm exactly what they want. It is only when my icy fingers touch their skin that they cling to the hope that they may stil be alive. Nobody really wants to die. Those that do do so quietly, they don't shout about it. They flicker like a weak flame and then they get blown out. I am the absolution.
01 May 2007 The Bitter End Nyasha -

No mistakes there, eh? Except you.

Jason -

It will be ok. It'll get better. But before it does it's going to get so bad that you won't be able to take it. And no amount of pleasure that could possibly come your way in the future would be worth living through the immediate pain.

Fat Albert -

Kudos on your immensely unoriginal answer. Good luck with your dazzling wit in future.
01 May 2007 why not there are so many things people say that they actually think will help you, "it will get better/easier", "it will help to talk", "think about all the loved ones you will be hurting". and maybe even you yourself start to believe these sayings, maybe things will get better. maybe theres an afterlife? maybe suicide will help stop the pain? there are so many questions and absolutely no answers but f**k god and f**k all the people you know and all the s**t they give you. maybe suicide is your option and if it is then it will happen one day and i just think that f**k it why not do what i want now? steal something if you want it, punch someone if they diserve it, run away and see what happens. get high and start a fight with someone you know can kick your ass. who gives a f**k seriosuly why the f**k not? you may think the saying "live every day like it your last" is unrealistic and yeah to be honest it is but say you have a month to live what would you do then? would u smash someones house in? or even just refuse to do anything at all and just sleep for as long as you want? what are they going to do? think about all the people who are working all their lives so when they are OLD they can enjoy themselves. i mean come on they raised the age of retirement now to 70 or something f**k that the worst that can happen is prison and yeah so fucking what you can top yourself then or you can have the time of you life. end up homeless? great begg by day mugg by night or WHATEVER you want. f**k school. wtf is it for? so you can get a better job to earn more money to buy shit they tell you that you want. do you think a man who has worked in a job he hates all his life to buy him things that he doesnt need or use is happier than a man who only has a bagfull of stuff and goes around doing ANYthing he wants. if it involves money there is always ways to get there. want to win an oscar fkin steal one? want to get on a personal jet? sneak on one? if you want to do something enough theres is a way. hell if i wanted to travel to america and kill george bush enough i could find a way. so seriosuly WHY THE FUCK NOT? just do it and who gives a flying shit
01 May 2007 misssexy OMG don't kill yourself! (I am almost 13 i will be in 1 month) I remember the first time i attempted suicide i was barely 7 years old!.... I was so scared i remember coming home from school and picking up a kitchen knife... I had the TV on and there was a poker tournament on. I heard them say something about a fake smile... a poker face. It made me smile if only for a moment in such a long time... Then i looked down at the knife in my hand and some voice inside told me not to that i had to live for something else... I used the poker face i had just learned about and i fake smiled fake laughed faked everyhting happy for a year... Then one day i guess i had just faked too much and now i can't tell the difference between my real smile and laugh and my fake ones. I'm not even sure if i have "real" ones anymore. When i was 10 i got depressed again tried again i just did the same thing only i stopped myself because i remembered how scared i was the first time. I'v never told a soul.... nobody but this site. I never forgave myself for that. O yeah and then at the end of sixth grade i was considering trying again and once again i thought of how scared i was the first time... Now i beat myself up a lot because i never forgave me for trying to kill 1st grade me! And 4th grade me! and considering it about 6th grade me! Now i have not felt depressed for a while maybe faking happy worked... don't do it i don't think you really will and if you try and don't it will haunt you forever i always think about it... everyday! I think that you are probably older than 7 so you may not think it as scary but yeah....
01 May 2007 FuckingRetard4Life My Life is hit and all my mail i send gets deleted. No one cares anymore, i get no emails nothing and im tired of this shit called life i plan to kill myself tonight at midnight. good bye fucking world
01 May 2007 skeezicks Stick your fathers twelve guage shot gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, don't try to suck it off, it's a gun.

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