Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 Apr 2007   I should have killed myself when I was under 13. Might have saved myself a lot of trouble. Not to worry though; there's always tonight.
15 Apr 2007 dead inside. you exist behind your keyboard and then your gone in a flash....
15 Apr 2007 Abbie Serwood The best way to kill your self is to overdose. The best is alergie medicing because it makes you feel funny also with sleeping pills cuase you just fall asleep.
15 Apr 2007 dan dempsey Hi im 13 tall blonde wit blu eyes and hav been said 2 be goodlookin but inside i may aswel be dead . i have been sucidel since i ws 9 wn i was bein bulied 4 bein book smart . i tried 2 cut my wrists of a tap .it stopd 2 weeks ago wen i met dis girl but 5hrs ago one of mi bf's started goin out wit hr and he always gets da girl I like . not only dat but my da is an jobles , 35 yr old , kronic alcoholic hu left my mam b4 i was born and stil lives wit his ma so da only reasn im stil alive is mi ma hu i luv.
15 Apr 2007 LILY Im 13 my parents verbally abuse me and my step dads like the biggest bitch in the world. He needs to get a new life and i wish he would leave my family. my mom never defendz me when my step dad picks on me, she only joins in...and my parents act like they dont care about me. they treat my siblings better than me like im not even their child. I could be having sex doing drugs and cutting myself because they would never fuking notice but im to smart for that and i wont do that dumb shit. Sometimes i think of commiting suicide but i like living. I think about drowning myself when im taking a bath but i think about all the things i love and it makes me want to stick around. I love my dogs, drawings, movies, friendz anddd EATING. o yea and sleeping.......i dont think im strong enough to kill myself but i have always thought about poisoning my step father in which im not gonna do...i dont wanna end up in jail. but i might like make him get sick like make him pooop a lot or something. I JUST WANT REVENGE. i dont want to become a bad person because of the way my parents treat me because i care about myself. nothings fukd up with my school life except i get in trouble for cussing and funny stuff. im not an outcast or some shit because i have friends. andddddd yea. i wish i could just take some people out of my life. like my PARENTs. if they dont care about me then i wish they would stop trying to hurt me. its just a waste of their time. i have calld the cops on my mom one time but then i didnt have the guts to say anything. all i want is for them to learn their lesson. and i guess if im not capable of living happy then i might just find an easier way out of this hell hole.
15 Apr 2007 ironcrossofnyc wil i have over dosed 3 times that i counted and cut my self for years i know ur pain but its not the answer......
14 Apr 2007 Move on. To "I love you isf", it sounds like the guy you are talking about is an asshole, and if he loved you he wouldn't be hurting you like this.
14 Apr 2007 for the human race - females Have you ever noticed how caring some girls try to be?

Let me tell you about myself. I'm 20 years old, a guy. I've been suicidal before - a lot. I know what it means to be really unhappy.

What would make me happy? A pretty girl to love and to hold. And have you ever noticed how some girls try to be so compassionate and caring when they hear all the bad shit you've been through in life. But when it comes to down to making some changes and making you happy, scores of these girls would suddenly realise they don't give a shit about you, and sooner find some jerk who has everything in his life, and go sleep with him. It's BULLSHIT¬!! Women are EVIL. It's in their blood!!!

Because if she really cared that much, she would want to make me happy, and she would share her whole self with me. Funny how every single woman I've ever met doesn't care any more as soon it gets serious. It's -fucking bullshit-.
14 Apr 2007 J HI, Im 20, yes im depressed (it isnt just 13 year olds that get depressed you know). Been accepted into leeds uni, everyones really happy for me, i couldnt really care less. I'm dumped my boyfriend of 3 years cos i thought i didnt love or need him, i was wrong. Hes the most important thing in this world and he doesnt want anything to do with me and its all my fualt. You can shout t me all you like and tell me that there worse people out there than u and thet im just being selfish (i know i am) but i couldnt care less. Whether i was 13 or 33 it all comes down to the same thing. i dont wanna live anymore and i usally go to bed praying that i dont wake up
14 Apr 2007 scott I'm not preaching and trust me i know the counsellors and shit don't know anything, but u should think about your families and your friends think about the fact that someone is always worse off than you are i tried to overdose repeatedly i tried cutting my wrists and i tried hanging myself.
When my mum found me in my room hanging by a school tie it cut her up so bad and thats whats made me want to say this to you all no one could change my opinion on suicide wen i woz trying for it but please consider your loved ones pick yourself up brush yourself off if anyone laughs at you or calls you names stick your middle finger up and say fuck you same if anyone tells you what to do find someone to love and that will love u back and shit will get better just hold on for a little longer please.
all my love and hopefully a little ray of hope scott peace xx
14 Apr 2007 ihateme well.. hi. Im a 15 year old girl from Australia who has so many depressing problems. I've considered suicide, but I really dont think its much of an option for me. I don't want to put my family or friends in any pain, and honestly, i dont think I would be able to pull it off..

Sigh. Does anybody else know what its like to be so painfully shy that its hard to live like a normal person? I find it so hard to socialise.. im always sad and lonely. I feel like such a freak.. Ive also got very low self esteem and I have recently lost about 15 kgs. Its not like im overly fat or anything.. its just.. im not skinny. All of my somewhat "friends" are very skinny.. and i try so hard to fit in. Most of the girls at my school are very pretty and skinny. No guys like me.. i feel so unloved. I've had SO many fights with my friends, when i was 12 (in 2004) i had to have counselling as i was bullied and got very depressed.. My whole class that year hated me.

But really, my biggest problem is that i keep embarrasing myself. Its driving me INSANE!! I feel like im really unlucky.. i get hit in the head with balls, i do stupid things in front of the guy i really like.. i know this doesnt seem like much to complain about. but when it happens so often, it seems like it cant all be a coincidence.

Theres hardly anything i enjoy anymore. Life is hard. I have severe anxiety attacks.
I think many people in the world are just plain mean. I have a boring life and i am so afraid of the future..

Good luck to anyone that feels the way i do..
14 Apr 2007   Mouchette is the antithesis of suicide. I can tell she's been practing "Positive Thinking."
14 Apr 2007 Jessica No I take all that back..No I'am not going to that bullshit...
I will love my life when I get much older.
14 Apr 2007 Jessica Okay I wouldn't do it..But I'am doing it tonite at 12:00...I can't wait...No-one loves me anyway...But everybody knows that..I either get fussed at abused and I'am tired of it...Thats why I live in a foster home now...
Well see u at the other end..

LIVE, LIVE, thats the only thing you can see in nature for sure, any cell even when you know they aint conscious they do all they can to remain, nature teach us all we need to know,
13 Apr 2007 Amaury your lots of collorful hurting pills bag
13 Apr 2007 dead inside. i wish i could take all your pain away. i wish i could change the world so it wouldn't hurt you anymore. i'm sorry i'm not there right now. i'm sorry i can't make it better for you. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. just know that there will be a day, when i'll be right there next to you. and i'll do everything that i can possibly do to make you happy. that's all i want. for you to be happy. your all i want.
i hope your okay love. the thought of losing you makes my heart, body, mind and soul all ache. i hope your okay love. i miss you so much.

come back soon.
13 Apr 2007 crying I wrote something a few days ago but Mouchette didn't publish it. I am heartbroken.
13 Apr 2007 Sarah Robinson Slow and dont tell go in a bath room or your room somewere look the door and do it it will be fun ever one hates me my mom my dad even said they wont me dead my siter hates me so dose my brother You con KILL your selk by drugs i found that was ba ck in JULY evey day from then i wont to do it agin and agin over and over for ever I just wont to die HAY at lest I wont be haret broken one day right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 Apr 2007 Kate Hey ppl I'm 16 years old and I live in Israel. But even when Israel had that war with the Hizbollah and the Katyusha rockets were falling all over the north, and crashing the houses on my friends and nearly my own home, my situation was a lot, much better, than now.

I have moved to another city in this little, fucked up country to a city where I thought is the best place to live in, in Israel. I have a lot of caring friends, I have my family right behind my back and am studying in a good high school in an "excellent students' " class. I can't even say that I have problems with my self-confidence or over weight, not at all - I really love my appearance.

My life seems "perfect"?

For my opinion it isn't.

I can't say that my life is the worst life ever, because I have read few stories here and I can't compare my life to these horrifying stories.

I have these infinite disputes with my parents, my father forces me to work all day at home-help him. My dad always takes away the cabel of the monitor, so I won't be sitting here for too much. Doesn't allow me to go out when it's too late. etc.

I also have this shit, that I fell in love few times but never had a relationship, never had a boyfriend-I'm willing to have a boyfriend for so many years. Despite the fact that boys say I'm sexy, beautiful, etc I hadn't boyfriend yet.

A boy I'm in love with, for quite long time, rejected me twice, although he says that I'm pretty girl and all that stuff, he isn't ready for this responsability-being in a relationship.

It's so painful for me, to live like that-as my parents force me to do too many things, when I'm in love for too much time and when my grades in school suck-because of those reasons.

I know I can sound really pathetic-but these are my for thinking of commiting a suicide.

Please, talk to me people. Please.

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