Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 May 2007 Dead_Already Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 Dead_Inside Can a 23 yr old female go to a pawn shop to purchase a gun and bullets? What do i need to take in with me..SS card,ID,what?

I'm sick of life and i don't see it geting better. Nobody will hire me,i'm stupid,i have no car,no friends,i'm ugly,still a virgin. I just want to end it all before next year. I can't stand it anymore.

Somebody tell me how i can purchase a gun without problems? Can i get one off Ebay?
14 May 2007 angie. this is awful. lets please stop encouraging someone taht young to take their life.
last year i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, OCD, tourettes, paranoia and insomnia.
my dad is 63 and on the verge of death, do to him being deaf, blind, bipolar, ADHD, narcaleptic and also suffers from post-traumatic stress due to an abusive father, and falling off a three story building while firefighting.
my mother is severely depressed and fights with me and my dad every single day.
i was raped less than a month ago by a man i had met taht same day.
i trusted him.
i started smoking a month ago and have suffered with alcoholism for nearly a year.
when i was younger whitnessed my best friend raped by her older brother and she whitnessed him shoving hangers up inside me.
i have attempted suicide 6 times.
pills, hanging myself, high jump, alcohol, cutting my wrists.
and every fucking time i got close enough until i knew i had to stop.
i knew that the only reason i was doing it was because i was crying out for help.
for someone to hold me and whisper in my ear to tell me everything is okay.
and 7 monhs later it came across to my mom that i needed someone.
i will be 15 next week.
i cant imagine if i had actually been gone from this earth.
now i have good friends, a wonderful thearpist and ive limited myself to a pack a WEEK and drinkning only on weekends.
and soon enough il realize i dont need any of that.
i dnot need to feel pathetic and feel worthless and afraid.
i have to love myself and all i have.
to all the kids under 13, and to everyone else in the world:
just keep wishing on stars,
and think of a "better place and a better time".
its actually a song.
look on myspace or something.
"better place, better time" by streetlight manifesto.
listen to the whole thing, its 6 minutes long.
whoevers out there who thinks their life is so awful that things can never get better......
dear jesus christ just give yourself one more chance...
you can do it.
i beleive in you.
and i know out there someone loves you and someone will always love you and beleive in you too.

the only thing you have to do now is beleive in yourself...
and love yourself...
because you only have one life.
live and love it.
ill do it if you do it.
good luck.
14 May 2007 Neekie I want to die..most of the time. Especially when I think abotu my life. It's been one big nightmare. Sexual abuse, twice before the age of 18. Betrayed by my mother. Neglected by my father. Obstacles arising and stomping my goal of being a nurse into the ground. I failed college algebra..I suck @ math. The person I've invested nearly 3 years of my pitiful life in has all but dropped me completely. I am a slave to sin. I have gained alot of weight..I get new scars all the time. I lost some of my singing ability. I'm in debt. So many reasons to take my own life, yet something holds me back. Not of this earth..existing before time began. God and music are the only things keeping me alive. I cry well more like sob and wail and moan and scream so much. As bad as I want to die..I want to live. Death is the easy way out. If I'll be at the hands of someone else..not me. I am a tortured soul do you know what it feels like?
13 May 2007 Terry There is no reason to do think of suicide, I have been thru it all. If anyone wants to talk, contact me at
13 May 2007 Joe Give up your life. Give it up to Christ.
And you will find you have realy found life.
Did Mother Teresa consider suicide?
No. But she gave up her life for love. And found life abundantly.
All who remember he call her blessed.
We are all here to love, and forgive.
That is life in a nutshell.
Give love to even they who do not deserve it. And you will find more love than you will know what to do with.
13 May 2007   pliars can stretch a tounge farther than you thought possible.
unless you saw what i saw last night.
13 May 2007 my vic's early run. quickly grab him from behind,
round his neck with fishing twine,
keep him still and pull the string,
watch his head go bobble-ing,
listen to my riddle song,
even though my crime was wrong,
murder me just for your law and i'll be back for all-a-yall
13 May 2007 men without hats we can dance, we can dance, we can dance
if u want to.
everythings undercontrol.
everyones taking a chance.
doing the saftey dance.
13 May 2007   there are many ways to say it.
karma, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around.
all these different circles of people cant be wrong.
people who oppress you or take advantage of you will pay in everyday life for what they do. but justice will be served.
hide and watch. they will adventually find out how it feels.
dont let them win.
13 May 2007 locha Ok so I'm not 13 but I am 15 and the best way to kill yourself is pray to god and tell him to take your life away I tried killing myself 2times but it didn't work I needed some1 to kill me I needed a gun its the easiest way my life SUCKS at this point in time and it CAN get worse I'm failing school and everyone is fucking being assholes to me I need help but can't afford it I pretend that everything is ok when its not I hate my life and want to die
Anyone wanna talk aim me at itsmelocha
12 May 2007 grey rainbow well what to say i found this site by chance and from the outlook it seemed like it was trying to promote suicide now readin the things within i m not to sure what to make of it!!!!

well a little about me im and 18 year old bipolar with a schiziod disorder anger issues and avoidant personality disorder, i am going to be like this foever and it will never change i can only try to come to ways wth dealing with it!!! if your wondering why i am this way my bipolar is part genetic and the rest is interlinked and based on stuff i have been through in my life yes i have been shit on but so have many people which makes it so much harder because i often think shit people have it worse im such a bitch for fealing this way!!!!
if or when i die i wnt the people i loved to no i loved them i want to succeed, i want my eternal slumber and rest my weary eyes and lay my soul upon its bed to sleep and rest its feet being here is killing me im dead inside!!!

but if anyone wants my advise dont do it not suicide the mess left behnd is somethign unbearable and if you dont succeed it makes things worse please help yourself before you are like me dreaming of the day you can die!!!!
12 May 2007 Tally Hi every one iv thought about suicide in detail but never been brave enough to try and honestly havnt had good reason although im 17 n since i was 4 untill i was ten i was systenaticlly sexually abused by 4 differnt uncles at differnt tymes none of them knowing about the others and i didnt have the courage to speak out because i didnt think any one would beliveme and i didnt want to hurt my mum by telling here this of course over the years admitting these events to myself so i could get over them has caused suicidal thoughts and i have tryed cutting my self but saw teh hurt it caused people around me and becames extremly thin for a person of 5 foot ten i think i have found an answer, well it helps ease the pain and gets you through each day, get a diary and write down every bad thing that has happened to you all the negative thoughts then wen its full up burn it its like cleansing yourself because il tell u what i now have a b/f who knows about my problems but doesnt mind is loving caring and looks out for me a new job and a new bunch of friedns nothing is worth dying for except love if ure rescuing some one from danger but just think of this even if its 1 person in the whole world who cares about you even a tiny bit think how much they will blame your death on themsleves please dont do it take care all of you xoxoxo
12 May 2007 flick eat me
srsly you cant take this srsly.

woo this is an emo site methinks.
yes screw you alli said emo. come flame me if your one of them cos damn those "emo" scene kids.
dam you to hell. :]
12 May 2007 chendi potresti tagliarti le vene con la forbice di tuo papĂ 
11 May 2007 Scors-b I have been coming to this site for 2 years. I have seen SO much in those 2 years of my life. So many things. So many websites. And I have still always come back here. I guess the good things in life you don't let go of. And this website might not seem a good thing at first, but you've just got to look deeper.

I met my most serious girlfriend on here. I have spoken to so many people via email... had my mind broadened by reading so many posts about things that boys and girls go through. Many many good things have been spawned as a result of for me, and for that reason, I want to thank the creator. It gave me the opportunity to have experience in so many helpful things, and I have met so many great people. This website helped to make me who I am today! And, it helped to keep me ALIVE!

THANK YOU "Mouchette"
11 May 2007 Billy Talk to your parents, are you guys fucking serious?

GG on being an arsehole. Do you know how much funerals cost? Do you know how upset your friends/family will be? Do you not see how fucking lucky you guys are?

Get over it, life's too short.
11 May 2007 helpful hint!!!! I think that all of you even thinking commiting suicide should stop and think. There is someone that loves you and cares about you and killing yourself is very selfish. My uncle did it and it solves nothing!!!! God should be the one who decides your fate. I'm not saying this because i'm churchy or something, because i'm not. I'm saying this, because when i read all of your stories or information it saddens me. If it will help you then i'll tell you that i care about you all because your families will be in worst pain than you are now!!!
11 May 2007 Amanda Spikerman Put razor blades on the inside of a hula hoop. Hula till you reach Hades.

(don't know if previous post made it up... computer problems)
11 May 2007 John Life can be extremely beautiful. I have experienced very beautiful periods, but also lots of and very long depressing periods. The last years things were getting better for me. Until a few months ago I got a serious set-back. I was on the very edge of suicide. When I would have had an instant way out like a potassium cyanide pil there was a 99% chance I wouldn't be writing this anymore. And actually that would be a shame because I know how much I can enjoy life. But a major problem keeps me from being happy today. I cried out for help. My family an girlfriend offer me help as much as they can. A person I have met on this site helps me too, which I very much appreciate. With the help of my friends and God I'm trying now to get my major problem solved. Sometimes I get little signs, that I will find a way out. But it remains very uncertain today, and that scares me. I need a lot of courage, perseverance, luck and the help of God.
All help is welcome to get me through, because I want to live, but it's damn hard

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