Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 May 2007 The Bitter End Nyasha -

No mistakes there, eh? Except you.

Jason -

It will be ok. It'll get better. But before it does it's going to get so bad that you won't be able to take it. And no amount of pleasure that could possibly come your way in the future would be worth living through the immediate pain.

Fat Albert -

Kudos on your immensely unoriginal answer. Good luck with your dazzling wit in future.
01 May 2007 why not there are so many things people say that they actually think will help you, "it will get better/easier", "it will help to talk", "think about all the loved ones you will be hurting". and maybe even you yourself start to believe these sayings, maybe things will get better. maybe theres an afterlife? maybe suicide will help stop the pain? there are so many questions and absolutely no answers but f**k god and f**k all the people you know and all the s**t they give you. maybe suicide is your option and if it is then it will happen one day and i just think that f**k it why not do what i want now? steal something if you want it, punch someone if they diserve it, run away and see what happens. get high and start a fight with someone you know can kick your ass. who gives a f**k seriosuly why the f**k not? you may think the saying "live every day like it your last" is unrealistic and yeah to be honest it is but say you have a month to live what would you do then? would u smash someones house in? or even just refuse to do anything at all and just sleep for as long as you want? what are they going to do? think about all the people who are working all their lives so when they are OLD they can enjoy themselves. i mean come on they raised the age of retirement now to 70 or something f**k that the worst that can happen is prison and yeah so fucking what you can top yourself then or you can have the time of you life. end up homeless? great begg by day mugg by night or WHATEVER you want. f**k school. wtf is it for? so you can get a better job to earn more money to buy shit they tell you that you want. do you think a man who has worked in a job he hates all his life to buy him things that he doesnt need or use is happier than a man who only has a bagfull of stuff and goes around doing ANYthing he wants. if it involves money there is always ways to get there. want to win an oscar fkin steal one? want to get on a personal jet? sneak on one? if you want to do something enough theres is a way. hell if i wanted to travel to america and kill george bush enough i could find a way. so seriosuly WHY THE FUCK NOT? just do it and who gives a flying shit
01 May 2007 misssexy OMG don't kill yourself! (I am almost 13 i will be in 1 month) I remember the first time i attempted suicide i was barely 7 years old!.... I was so scared i remember coming home from school and picking up a kitchen knife... I had the TV on and there was a poker tournament on. I heard them say something about a fake smile... a poker face. It made me smile if only for a moment in such a long time... Then i looked down at the knife in my hand and some voice inside told me not to that i had to live for something else... I used the poker face i had just learned about and i fake smiled fake laughed faked everyhting happy for a year... Then one day i guess i had just faked too much and now i can't tell the difference between my real smile and laugh and my fake ones. I'm not even sure if i have "real" ones anymore. When i was 10 i got depressed again tried again i just did the same thing only i stopped myself because i remembered how scared i was the first time. I'v never told a soul.... nobody but this site. I never forgave myself for that. O yeah and then at the end of sixth grade i was considering trying again and once again i thought of how scared i was the first time... Now i beat myself up a lot because i never forgave me for trying to kill 1st grade me! And 4th grade me! and considering it about 6th grade me! Now i have not felt depressed for a while maybe faking happy worked... don't do it i don't think you really will and if you try and don't it will haunt you forever i always think about it... everyday! I think that you are probably older than 7 so you may not think it as scary but yeah....
01 May 2007 FuckingRetard4Life My Life is hit and all my mail i send gets deleted. No one cares anymore, i get no emails nothing and im tired of this shit called life i plan to kill myself tonight at midnight. good bye fucking world
01 May 2007 skeezicks Stick your fathers twelve guage shot gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, don't try to suck it off, it's a gun.
01 May 2007 jess i hate life
im pregnant at 12
my boyfriend killed himself
my best friend killed himself
i was sexually abused
i was bullied all trough primary
i hate life
im depressed
i used to cut
ive tried to kill myself at 13 time
but iv pulled through if i can you i was hard
01 May 2007 robert iam in foster care people boss me a round and i hate that if you have any ways to kill me
01 May 2007   Mouchette is my wife. She loves death more than me. I'm jealous.
30 Apr 2007 epic suffering a suicide kit is a child born into the world destined to fall thru every crack.
its the world around you grinding slivers of broken glass in your head.
its knowing your totally fucked and its going to get worse.
its the atmosphere crushing your chest.
its the wickedness of man oppressing others.
your already set up.
if you want to die keep living.
it will either get so bad you cant take it anymore and you go ahead or it will become bearable or even enjoyable. but even if you live your biggest dreams you still die.
the same happens to all of us.
and no one remembers and any good you do while hear will adventually die off.
this is a sad thing in your life you probably didnt know about.
you see there you didnt even know how shitty you have it.
what i am trying to say here is your gonna die anyway. you arent realy doing anything else so just sit back and relax.
you are going to get what you want for once.
30 Apr 2007 nyasha lindiwe I have had suicidal thoughts eversince i was a chil, i was raped several times and i have always been quiet. I have tried it once and i failed, i drank poison but my parents rushed me to the hospital, the secong time my cousin stopped me. I feel like she was the only person who understood me, she died od pneumonia i wish that i could have traded places with her. My life sucks, i have tried changing for my boyfriend of 4 years and he dumped me cause i tried to change for him, he doesnt notice the change. I feel like shit everyday, i am always in my room i cant even gather up the strength to go to school cause i feel sooo numb, i am in university. I don't feel worthy to live here, everything just doesnt work out. I called my boyfriend cause i feel closer to him and i wanted to talk to him cause i ahve been having suicidal thoughts, he doesnt care he told me to shut up and he said that he didnt want anything to do with me. My father cheats on my mum and that hurts me alot, There are sooo many reasons to it, and id love to be with my cousin again cause she made me feel like i was worth it. I don't feel loved, i am going to kill myself and the best way is to shoot yourself right in the heart cause thats where it all lays. If my family is reading this, you didn't help me when i asked for help, allen hwengwere you told me to shut up when i wanted to talk about my depression and you ignored shall feel the pain i went through soon.
30 Apr 2007 nyasha Make sure that everyone hates you, and take your fathers gun and shoot yourself in the heart...its the best mistakes there
30 Apr 2007 Nathalie Sicard Eating an overdose of sleep pills.
30 Apr 2007   Why is human's life span so long? Longer than I can possibly bear?
29 Apr 2007 Clair Hold your breath.
29 Apr 2007 Jason life is just hard. just want someone to tell me that its going to be ok and its going to be better but it wont. just lonely and cold in life
29 Apr 2007 richard also, don't kid yourself theres no such thing as a god or afterlife if you kill yourself its not gonna be any better... in fact you wont exist at all anymore
29 Apr 2007 richard there is no best way... you shouldnt do it... what really that bad has happened to you, ok... so the minority here may actually have big problems but that still leaves the vast majority being kids jus unhappy that their parents told them off or wouldn't buy them something... yeh it can be hard being a kid, but thats part of growing up and becoming stronger... if you're one of those kids who see suicide as a game, well simply i hate you, i lost my sister to suicide but before she went she said that it was stupid...

I'm gonna tell all you whiny little kids a tip now, i think you should all take loads of paracetamol and die a horrible death if your serious maybe by the end of that you'll have learnt life has value, maybe you'll learn theres more to life than that hoody you want "daddy" to buy for you... you kids make me sick...
28 Apr 2007 fat albert eat yourself to death
28 Apr 2007   Ask these people: 1-800-Suicide. I'm sure they can help!
28 Apr 2007 wise ass climb up an electricity pilon is always a good one, at least you get a great view!

or take the other option and live! yes your parents are idiots and you hate them but you'll forgive them later in life and if you don't who care's they'll be old or dead! yes all those good looking, popular people at school hate you but they're the ones who'll have kids with a person they hate, be up to their eyes in dept or doubled in size by the time they'er 22!

take it from someone who stood on the roof of their house wondering if they should jump at the age of 12 life gets better! im now 23 and happier than anyone i know!!

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