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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jun 2007 dead inside. to "the bitter end"

no one's holding a gun to your head and making you read my posts. if you don't want to read them, then just keep scrolling down.
03 Jun 2007   In my mind's eye
You throw wickedness at me
I'm just a toy to you
I bring no real joy to you
The way I see it
You don't want me here no more
You want a hole in my forehead
And blood pouring on the floor
Cause I'm so dirty
Fuckin' dirty and shoddy
I wanna bother this body
That's hated by everybody
Sometimes I don't know why
I continue to try
It's so much easier to die
Than to get by
And to get by
And to get by

If I'm gonna die
I'm taking you with me
Get you and get me
We can be bloody
If I'm gonna fly
I'm gonna succeed
Take you and get me
We can be bloody
Sometimes I don't know why
I continue to try
It's so much easier to die
Than to get by
And to get by
And to get by

I don't wanna leave my house
Don't wanna open my mouth
Don't wanna read my mail
Don't wanna meet with pals
I don't wanna fuck shit up
Don't wanna fuckin' get up
Don't wanna take up space
Don't want your time to waste
I don't wanna fight this back
Just wanna fade to black
Don't wanna turn to faith
Or wanna burn at stakes
I don't wanna build my life
I wanna bloody my knife
Don't wanna grab the phone
Don't wanna leave this room
I don't wanna talk with you
I'm fuckin' stalkin' you
Don't wanna fix myself
I wanna nix myself
I don't wanna try to change
Just wanna fry my brains
Don't wanna slow shit down
I wanna throw shit around
I don't wanna run nowhere
Don't want no one to care
Don't want another crack at it
I'd rather be a crack addict
I don't wanna look for help
Don't wanna help myself
I don't wanna even try
To get by...
To get by...

And to get by...and to get by...and to get by...and to get by...
03 Jun 2007 The Bitter End "dead inside" - would you please shut the fuck up?
03 Jun 2007 Winny hi my name is winny and i am here to ask anyone who can suggest me thebest ways to commit suicide i think shooting myself is best i dont have a gun i am depressed so much that i am sick of living my life why dont god help me in killing myself anywaus i ll b waiting for answers do mail me the best ways i am die i am in a hurry i dont wanna live anymore oh god please help me out with death give me death as a gift sweet gift
02 Jun 2007 Liz well ring-a-ding-ding.
you poor poor kiddies! is this what you think suicide is? A GAME?! something to be disrespected and abbused. i talk from personal experience here! suicide aint a game! killing yourself coz your unloved, or you down pills aint in any way a justified reason for killing youself! we're all teens here! ofcourse we want self pitty! we want to blow our problems out of proportion and prey for the courage to use that got damn slipknoted-rope and hang from it. but your too young to even experince true pain. give life a chance babies! our bodies are a hormonal toilet at the moment, and this aint funny! going on a website threatening to kill yourself for no REAL reason isn't a joke! your abbusing your life! do you think this is cool! suicide is a new trend! instead of playing superheroes, and putting on your mums high heels and makeup, and daring yourself to ask out that guy youv'e been 'crushing' on for months, your threatening to kill yourself! i bet you'll get off this, go into your room, cut your wrist with a razor (razor, no a knife) and prey for the corage to press down.
THE FUCKING MEDIA IS MAKING THIS NORMAL! wanting to die aint a normal emotion! everyone on this site knows deep down that their only here to play the crying game for a while.
i know what it's like, only a week ago i was thinking about the cool idea of hanging in a local park, or lying od in the school bathroom. but its sites like these that put the ideas into your heads! when you fall inlove, and your lover is dead and you can't go on without him/her, then kill youself. look at sid vicious (bassist of the sex pistols) adolf Hitler (german dictator) Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana) they all died for something they believed in! if i remotley thought that any of these 13 year olds would seriously suicide, i would raise pitty. but no mater how much they cut, or how many pills they swallow, their only doing it for unjustified reasons and becuase they persure suicide as 'normal'! you can kill your body, but you'll never kill your soul unless you die for a REAL reason, not becuase 'your ugly, or no one likes you, or you think your depressed, or you mum and dad hate you'. Lifes great. it's a living work of art. go outside and look at all of the people, with their own movie, their own lifes! listen to the music that has been bistowed upon you. and i don't mean that stupid electronic crap thats on the top 100 of the week, i mean bands that stood for something! the cure, the sex pistols, marilyn manson, elvis presely, the smiths, the cars, alice cooper, black sabeth, def lepard, the ramones (to name afew). this aint cool and it aint normal.
so please, if you'r life is a true tragedy, and dying is the only way you can express you passion and fate, then please go jump infront of the train tracks RIGHT NOW! hand cuff yourself to the tracks just to make sure you don't chicken out last minute, but don't talk about slitting ur wrists and bringing other confused teens down! hey, if ur just sad and feel that life is useless, how about risk ur life for something else. y not rob a liquer store and give da funds to sum needy family, or even become a stunt man (or women)or donate ur body to science. if ur life really is worthless, you have nothing to lose, right??
u poor poor kids,this isn't how life is! don't let em brainwash u, don't become part of the mainstream emo trend!
xoxo Liz
02 Jun 2007 Liz Hi guys, if you are a common user of this site, than you will probably recognize me as Liz; the depressed angsty teen in need of love & care.

well, a week has passed. but not just an ordinary week, a significant week to my life.
I was sick of all the bullshit.
I finally decided to fuck over all who dared to fuck me over first.
I was in the bathroom, bleeding all over the fuckin' place. i wasn't crying though, i was all out of tears.
my mental pain was kind of numbed, and i felt so brave, like killing myself was the best thing i would ever do. i had it kind of planned. this time, i had twice as much painkillers and some good vodka. i was planning to cut up my hands, and wright something like 'no feelings', or 'virgin suicide' on the wall in my blood. Hey, if i were gunna die, i wanted to go out with a bang. i wanted something dramatic and hollywood style. after all, lifes always been a movie for me. i was actually gunna do it. i was gunna take the leap! then, i stopped and actually thought about what i was gunna do. this aint right. this site aint right, suicide aint right. dying for love, or passion, or a cause to believe in, thats true suicide! this, this is just teenage angst. i know we feel it's hopeless, and some people do have it bad. but i had hope. besides, i wasn't gunna give up. with this face and body, i could make a decent living. so anyways, i walked out of the school with my smuged mascara and cut up hands. i didn't care how i looked. i spent the day at the river smoking and writing. i got a call from jaime and rach. they asked what had happened to me, why i wasn't at school, and what was going on. i blasted! i told them everything. every thought, every feeling, every attempt i had made at ending my life, and how i was sick of it. i wanted to let them both know that if i were to go soon, it sure as hell would be becuase of them (partly anyway).
thay came to visit me. we hugged and talked like we used to. something rach said stuck in my head; "next time something like this happens, don't give up. never give up. it is NEVER hopeless".
the next morning when i woke up, i was me again. as if by magic. in only a week, i am as happy as ever. i went to battle of the bands on friday. i have my circle of friends back. they all understand me now. now everyone can see me. i went to my first party this year on saterday. everyone was glad to see me. i've got a new love interest too.
i can't believe that just 1 week ago i was writing into a suicide website telling about by angst, and now i can't wait for school tomorrow.
some things that helped me out; blasting! just blast everything out! be drastic and firm and take chances.
witchcraft, an unbelievable force i was always a part of, but now feel free to express.
fill your heart with love, that sounds corny but its true. i have more friends than ever before and it's all becuase i took a risk and let people see the real me.
wow, my life is almost...perfect.
don't be sad, we're beautiful, we're young, and we're reckless.
TAKE CHANCES! it works. so, if your gunna die DO IT, it might be the best thing you've ever done. but, i'm telling you, if you end up half as happy as i am now, you'll be glad you didn't cut that wrist or hang by that rope.
btw, feelin lonely? join a cult! i am part of covanant atm and it's like an instant family!

p.s- thanks mouchette for my own personal website! mouchette has made me a webpage expressing her feelings for the depressed and helpless. if you wish to view the page, go to,c056b62e6f1e4dfa5d6508955573d747
this will allow you to see what a tru 'saint' she really is. thanks for reading. xoxo Liz
02 Jun 2007 charlotte first let me say there is no good way,,once there is an end ,,theres an end,,doesnt matter how you do it,,what does matter is who gets left behind,,if you fail just enough to become a vegetable you leave everyone around you in pain for years to come,,waiting and wondering if you will ever come out of it,,and let me tell you what happends if you are sucessfull,,first thing is your mom gets the call,,heaven itself will hear her anguaish as she screams with all the strength in her body,,and she will scream for days,,,she will cry and puke and feel like shes walking through mud up to her hips,,,she will hate everyone you ever knew and will blame them for what you have done,,,she will cry alone into her pillow every night,,,she will wish she were dead too just to be with you whereever you are,,she will bargain and plead with God to let her trade places with you,she will wonder what she did or didnt do to make you feel like this was the only answer,,the light in her eyes will go out,,,and it will never come back,,her once joyous laughter will have a new sound and it wont be nearly as wonderful a sound as it was before you did it,she will wonder if she said she loved you often enough ,if you ever understood why she tried to control your every move,,,she will stand in the bathroom mirror after a shower and just cry,,and try to find the right makeup shade to hide the red and swollen eyes,,she will never be happy again,,oh sure she will have a smile from time to time but each smile will be riddled with guilt and it will fade quickly because she will know her child is dead,and she has no right to feel joy ever again,, The bright look to her face will fade almost over night,,and she will walk around talking to you as if you were still there,,she will roboticly try to arrange the best funeral she can for you that will show the world she saw in you,,,she will die inside just enough to make her feel like her life is not worth living anymore either,,she will see you in your friends,,,at the grocery store in the mall hell in the petals of a flower,,,she will slowely lose her mind,,she will most likely end up alone untill she dies because everyone she ever knew is suspected of having said or done somethng to make you feel like your only way out was suicide and if she believes in God she will live n fear for the rest of her life that the baby skin she pampered and powdered so carefully will for all eternity be in agaony beyond beleif and she will puke some more your friends will cry for a few days,,maybe even a month,,,but hen their lives will go on and one day you will be just a memory,,and then again,,maybe not,,Your father will seem strong and barely shed a tear,,for the sake of the mother but he will not cry in front of her but the things he does willhave far less meaning ,,,chances are if they are together when you do it,,they wont be within a few years,,they will blame each other and go their separate ways in the agony of uncertainty,,then maybe you will be burried,,,leaving a stone maker that they will visit regularly for several years ,placing flowers and talking to you like you were still there,,but their tears fall on deaf ears for you cannot hear them,,your dead,,only their pain remains,,,and a stone marker becomes you in their minds,,,you will have effectivly destroyed them as people in one shot,,leaving your grave each time they will cry all that day reliving the first day as if it were brand new again,,,and after a few years the pain will become too much for them to even go that much,,,it will then be your birhtday they will go or the anniversary of your death then as time goes by they too will die,,after that nobody will rememember your name,,,your grave will no longer have flowers or visitors and the stone will age and crack 100 years from now even the name wont show on the stone anymore ,,and you will be gone,,for good,,no children to mourne you no grandchildren to miss you,,,
Or maybe they will cremate your body,,and tke your ashes home to share with siblings or other family memebers or dump them into the sea,,either way ashes are easier to handle and far less painful than a wake and funeral but maybe they will sit in an Urn on the fireplace or shelf,,a constant remeider that you once were the light of her life,,,she will drink a toast to you on New Years but there will be no heart in it,,and once she goes again no one will remember or know who you were or how precious you were to her,the love she saved just for you went wasted thrown to the trash like a wrapper off a candy bar,,for you were not there to recieve it,,and eventually her insides will die,,even with other siblings it will be hard to show them love because she will be afrarid to do whatever she did that made YOU go will also make them go,,so she wont invenst that again,,amd pme night alone in her bed she will weep her last tears for you,,,and in the morning she too will be dead,,so many lives wasted away because of your one single act of uncaring cowardice,,,
How do i know this? take a wild guess
02 Jun 2007 alone in the dark sitting in the dark alone
searching for a hand to hold
no one to help no one at all
no one to catch me as i fall
pictures of happieness dance in my dreams
but bitterly they change to the sound of my screams
evertime i find peacefull place
its destroyed and riped away
rocking in the corned drowning in tears
falling apart through bitter years
02 Jun 2007 dead inside. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! i heard his voice! i love him. Keep holding on love...this distance won't be keeping us apart for much longer. Soon, I'll have you to hold.
02 Jun 2007 dead inside. to Kim1122

Thank you for your kind words, i find comfort in them. But don't worry about me. See down see what he said...he said he's holding on.....and as long as he's fine, i'm fine. Thank you so much tho. You are a good person. Thank you for caring. Thank you. I will send you an email too. I'd like to keep in touch with you. Thank you again.

Lots of Love
02 Jun 2007 itsneverover look im not really sure what to say becuase everyone has a different problem so send me and email if you want advice on killing yourself or if you just want to talk im willing to listen anytime
02 Jun 2007 The Bitter End Chris - Yes, she is. Congratulations.
02 Jun 2007 wise ass is anyone one here actually serious? it all seems a bit tongue in cheek to me! feel free to e-mail if you are serious!
01 Jun 2007 doesitreallymatter There are many ways to kill yourself but there's really no need to go off killing yourself because you upset about something go kill the person hurting you make things all better for you or you can do what i would do and ignore it make your life better by closing out all thats bad and looking at the good start smiling and having fun write a story about the person or thing thats causing you problems and kill them or kill yourself in the story dont waste the only life you have
01 Jun 2007 kim1122 Dead inside

do u realize u cared about another person but urself?

Now think about it for a bit n u will soon come to notice that is how many ppl feel about u.

U wanna die, yet, u dont want others to. Is a good thing, hope u the best, think about it n keep it up.
01 Jun 2007 lizz to cami.i'm so sorry your experience of God and people has been so terrible. please dnt end your life. there are genuine people out there who realy care. i'm 1 of them. please e-mail me
wateva way i can help i will x
01 Jun 2007 Chris are you kidding me?
31 May 2007   Little Miss Muffet, oh, she never had a clue
Of the psychopathic wicked clown is finna do
Creeping through the backyards underneath the moon
Only three blocks away, the joker looney toon
Listen to the loon, listen to the pain
Listen to the one they call the Violent J Insane
Watch me as I duck and I dash through the night
I can see the shadows of the moon in my butcher knife
Pretty little world has created this monster
See me living with a dead body in a dumpster
Laughing in your castle but I can't crush your moat
But then I take a boat and cut your fucking throat
31 May 2007 Lucky or Unlucky I am responding to my last post. All that was bs. I was trying to help by making it seem like it was worse than it was. So if you are thinking of sucide please don't! I exagerated the truth thinking that if my experience was worse than others, it might make them feel better. The truth is that I have tried to kill myself but it was the stupidest thing to do. If you are thinking about killing yourself, you need to trust those around you not to judge you or look down on you. They will help you get through tough times. I recently just got out of an adolesent in patient behavioral hospital. It was the best decision i have ever made. I talked to my parents and they had me talk to a shrink. He recommended I spend a few days at this place and it wasn't anything like you might think. I was taken care of and talked to counselors a lot. I feel sooooo much better now. I was put on seroquel which helps me with the voices i was hearing. I sleep better and have no interest or thoughts of killing myself. It was totally worth a few days there to get some help. You need to do the same thing and get help too. PS. the stuff about broken bones, ODing and the abuse from my step dad's was total BS too. The reason I thought about killing myself in the first place was because my bio-dad really did abuse me when I was 3 and 4. Please don't discount my words because I lied in my original post. This is the total truth. Don't hurt yourself!!!!! you are unique and are loved by someone. It would be selfish of you to deny others the love they have for you. You are worth the effort!! Take it from someone who truely KNOWS. No one can ever take your place or fill your shoes no matter what you think. Please trust me. Thanks
31 May 2007 jenny please dont go down this road, its not the answer, i have been there but i am a surviver its hard to believe things will get better but honest hang on in there cause its true, life changes you have to get back up ignore the people that tell you your no good there wrong,show them all there wrong you can make it through the darkness and you will get better whats worse is to give up, please believe your a speacil person with so much to live for and so much to give please dont ever give up show the world you can make it,unite with me and help others see through the black clouds build each other up, look for another hurting person and build each other up, please dont let the darkness win, from one surviver to hopefully many more email im 40 now with kids of my own if i can survive so can you

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