Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Apr 2007 kelli my brother screwd my life my mom did too. i remember coming home and just starting to cry alone in my room. my brother would threaten me with steak knives. my mom would take her anger towards him out on me. her words hurt more than anything. they still do. my father beat me. i was crying one night and he came in and started hitting me really hard. it bruised me good. i suffer from severe depression now. i try to kill my self every night. it never works. i used to stab my arms. a couple hours ago i slit my wrist. but im still alive. only one person know about this. she is my friend. i tell her everything. i talk to her every night. i dont talk to my parents anymore. they scare me. im 14. i wish my life would end soon. i pray every night it would. but no. she said God wants me here with her. so i listen to her. she told me about a website that could help. of course she read it first.she gave me numbers and places to contact. but i dont. im afraid of wat they would think. thats just the way i am. and i dont think it will change.
21 Apr 2007 dead inside. I don't think anyone gets it. They don't understand why I care for him so much. They don't understand why I love him so much. Maybe, they think I'm naive. I guess one could say that I am. But you don't know him like I do. You haven't heard the things he tells me. You don't know anything. And what, just because we're so far away and unable to meet just yet...just because we're on two sepearte ends of the continent...your going to tell me its not real??? I think thats fucked up. I don't need to know what he looks like to love him. I don't need to know where he lives to love him. I don't need to know anything....all I know is who he is on the inside. I get a glimpse of the person he wants to be. The side of him that not many others see. I get to know who he really is. And thats why I care about him so much. Because he is a beautiful person deep down inside...he's just been hurt over and over again. Sometimes I don't think he even knows just how special he is. So the next time you decide to tell me that this isn't real. That I'm being taken advantage of or that I'm wasting my time....please think again. Because you are wrong to say that to me. You are wrong to make assumptions about him when you don't even know him. On a regular day to day basis, I don't do much for myself. I'm always being told what to do....but this time...I'm following myself just this once. Because I know its worth it. I admit I'm naive...but when something is worth going go for it. And he is so so so worth it all. Even after I was certain he would hate me for something...he didn't. His reaction was the complete opposite. He is so special to me. Please don't try to take him away from me because I won't let you. I love him. I love him. I love him.
21 Apr 2007 paru i dunno y...wen i take the fucking blade in ma hand juss doesnt go into my flesh...wht to do mouchette?
help me pls?
21 Apr 2007 Felicia The Great It's Felicia the Great again!
I guess it's safe to come back here. Some idiot was posing as and it didn't really phase me.

Where have Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak gone? Nobody knows.
20 Apr 2007 Kill Me wow suicide i think im ready no one cares my girlfriend just broke up with me she doesnt give a fuck a week after we broke up she got another hoe i thought she loved me but i guess not she fucking hates me so this is the life that im going to start wow im really looking forward to it well if i happen to die today then consider this my suicide note bye guess
20 Apr 2007 paru finally i spoke to him...after a long time.........i didnt feel happy rather i felt the everything around me.......i juss feel like closing ma eyes and dying...whenever i close ma eyes i can see myself slitting ma wrists and lying down on the cold floor.....evrything seems to enjoy around me except me
he is the one killing me............i noe it.............evry second....its juss happening.......i smell blood......can feel it trickling down my hands.......i can feel the pain too......yet i feel numb....i bite myself to stop myself from doing something else....i aint scared of anything now......all i want is death............and thts wht i am not getting......sometimes jusss a song is enough to bring tears to my eyes,,,,sometimes juss words.....whts happening to me?
i love cutting my hands and hurting myself coz i feel happy when i am going thru pain..............blood.....evrything about blood makes me so happy....thts the only thing which makes me happy now.....fed up of i feel light hearted....nothing in this world can bother me now...nuhthin...
i am not alone rite now...i have so many people around me..people who cannot feel pain juss like me...they cannot....becoz...they r not alive anymore....we walk together as siblings ....feeling the same numbness....and they are happy to have me with them unlike the alive world...
20 Apr 2007 Bob Take your teacher's apple on the first day of school and shove it down your throat
20 Apr 2007 _ERa. the best way to kill urself is the way that u see fit.

reading this depresses me.
i used to be like that.
now i choose to live.
and i have fun.
enjoy life even though it was a bitch at times.
people suck.
just cuz u kill urself doesnt mean it'll change.

wanna talk.
find me on myspace.

every1 just needs a friend. [-:
20 Apr 2007 Dexter I have tried poison when I was twelve. I made I mistake that time. I chewed and swallowed the leaves of monkshood. Terrible taste and not digestible. I started too feel ill and it came all back out. The doctor had come for me because I felt terrible cramps and was sickly looking. He misdiagnosed it as flu. Since then I have learned a lot about preparation.

Never take poison pure. Mix it with red wine or tea to cover the bitter taste. It also becomes more digestible.

I've actually started writing a book on this. Dexter's guide to suicide. I'm at 129 pages. It is both about ways and preperations for suicide, as about places where you can find help.

I've been looking for publishers already but no one dares to publish it. They have moral objections. There was one publisher who would have done it but he would have put a label on it for 18+

This is not acceptable. Younger people need it more.
19 Apr 2007 Kate At 13 you should not want to kill yourself. Suicide is a permanant solution to a temporary problem. I am almost 19 and i attempted at 15. I have a mental disorder. I'm BiPolar. At 13 I was so confused about what was going on in my life. Many times I have thought about trying again. But then I imagine my funeral. I think of who would be there. What would they say? What would they do? Then I think of my mother, and I see her weeping. I know she would blame herself. Then I turn to my brother. He wishes that he could have saved me. He becomes even more confused about his own life. And i realize, that no matter what the problem is right now, there is always SOMETHING I can do to make life just a little bit better. I feel so lucky to be alive. I have been through abuse, rape, and loss. And every time it gets bad, I just say to myself that what doesn't kill me, will ALWAYS make me stronger. I do not believe in God. I am not a religous person. But life is a gift. And everyone deserves to live it. If anyone needs to talk, please contact me. I will not be biased in any way. I will just listen. Peace and Love yall!
19 Apr 2007 BEKON the best way to kill yourself if your under 13? Start watching television. It will take your life away from you one episode at a time.
19 Apr 2007 Charles There is nothing in the world that is so bad that you must kill yourself to get out of it.


To prove this, when you feel you want to commit suicide, wait a while. It could be six months or a year, but just wait. You will understand then that suicide is a ridiculous concept, and that nothing is so bad you can't get out of it.

19 Apr 2007 Pamela I need help my name is Pam and I been wanting to kill myself every since I was 13 now I'm 20, and I still want to do it. I don't have anyone to talk to about this and its killing me inside. My life has been difficult and I can't talk to my family cause they want understand and they will say that I want attention I don't want attention. I'm trying to get help and no one will help me I hate this world and this earth and I can't take it anymore will someone please give me advice.
19 Apr 2007 xxx remember that jesus was just a man, he was just a leader, he was not divine because divinity does not exist. i know you may find this insulting, but i find it insulting when you try to sove ery problem with jesus, that is not the way for everyone. religion is a false hope
19 Apr 2007 gangstagurl ma answers r not being put up in the forum and i am realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy pissed at this female....
fuck off....
18 Apr 2007 thatkidovethere so i tried when i was 15, i think. With sleeping pills and some pain killer. Didn't work, probably because i left a note and my parents already suspected i was depressed. Seeing as how i had to see a damn therapist who knows crap about me so why should i tell him anything? So, i passed out when i got to the hospital, then came back out of it i think like couple hours earlier. Then had to drink charcoal to throw up the toxins. Missed 4 days of school, and no one knows but my immediate family and maybe grandma. So things got better sorta then stayed constant better than worse, better, then worse, basically a roller coaster ride. And today for some reason it has hit a low point. I just feel very depressed and i don't know how to become undepressed...nothing really works, its always temporary, and when you die its a permanent i mean why not die?
18 Apr 2007 PARU sometimes i wonder whether god really i a fool believing in god?
it hurts me so much to noe tht i am literally crying in depression....i noe i need help but i aint gonna go for help...i wanna die...i wanna feel the blood trickling down ma hands......and then show the world...tht i hav achieved something i wanted long bck..............
loosing ma 2 best frends and ma grand dad...was more than enugh for me.......
now...i live to die..............
i h8 god............
he created me so ugly n shitty and doesnt even listen to ma prayers..........
i gave up on ye or did u give up on me?huh
i am juss 15...but i noe wht life has in store for me..........
so i noe...i aint worth i am fucking off
18 Apr 2007 Bonzo_The_Bunny Y'a pas photo c'est de faire un joli saut de l'ange d'un immeuble, En plus à l'aterissage ca fera une belle oeuvre d'art sur le trottoir! (astuce plus l'immeuble est haut plus l'oeuvre sera grande) Donc met un immeuble dans ton kit.
Sinon en cherchant sur internet y'a tjrs des guides pour ca j'en ai trouvé un que je lis tout les jours car j'ai pris un gout soudain pour l'humour noir(bien que le guide soit complètement sérieux)Nan t'auras pas l'adresse parce que suis méchant, hé na!(oui stupide aussi)
18 Apr 2007 kumar there's nothing more hurtful or anyother way than living when ur already dead inside.
18 Apr 2007 rae baby First off why do you want to know? Second why but out imfo that gives people ideas to take their lives. Even worse take other peoples lives. I am a mom of 2 daughters. Now 22, and 18 my youngest wanted to kill her-self. Because at age 12 see went to school to find out that an 8yr old who see tutored was killed in him sleep. Some-one shoot into his room thinking it was some-one else. See could not handle his death. See is now doing great. But april 14th was 5 years since his death. He is still missed. As anyone of you. Your life is worth so much more. Use your experience, your sadness, your hurt to make this a better world for the up coming children. There is people outthere who wants to help. I am one. Please don't let some of the remarks wrote in to heart. Remember there are also people out their that want to hurt also, or just think they are being funny. But litle do they know their remark could send some-one over the edge. Think about that people when you choose to put out in-put on such a serious subject. Suicide is never the answer. Cry out to God because I promise you he does love you. I don't know any of you put I do care and love each of you and promise to keep you in my prayers. Stay alive, always ask for help, even if one person don't keep asking.

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