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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 May 2007 a friend response to xxx
have you ever truly asked god into your heart? if not you cant say that he is not saviour. i only write what i know to be true. he saved my life and he can do the same for others. they deserve that chance. so do you
19 May 2007 lizz theres so many conflicting comments on this site i doubt you'l even read this, let alone remember. everyone is so willing to offload their problems onto this site. they use it as a way 2 vent their frustrations, and share their problems. but what you all need 2 remember is that 4 some of the people who read this stuff, its the final straw. deep down they are looking 4 help, even though they wont admit it, and instead your handing them the rope. passing them the pills. STOP and think about what you want 13 year old children 2 read. do u realy want to help a child end their life? what if it was your child? or your friend? STOP and think. instead of writing all the bad stuff try 2 write something positive. something that will give a child hope. i have 1 of the worst backgrounds your likely 2 have heard and i too have tried 2 kill myself. but i wont go into detail, because that is in my past. and focusing on the past is what causes the depression. YOU are in control of your life. even if it doesnt feel like it. your present state maybe 1 of utter despair, but please hold on. their are people who can help. believe it or not their are people who truly care. if you are seriously planning 2 end your life plz e-mail me. if i dont get back 2 you for a few days its because my hotmail is at my friends house and i can only read them once a week. but i will respond.
19 May 2007   please dont kill your self....i hate my self im the real loser...ima scrub...i feel like everybody and everything is laffing at me...skitzafrania is not koo with me....these voices wont leave me their violating my ears and putting me down...theres ghots haunting me and raping uncle commited suicide in front of me...i never had a real father juss one who abused moms geting possed and shes acting weird...i need love...i need more then a hug....
wuts wrong with me im so sad....i think its cus they dont know how to love me suicidal now...

being suicidle aint koo...
19 May 2007 STEVEN dont commit suicide... :( ive suffered alot and im not doing to good now...theses demons are molesting me and these voices wont go geting possed and feel like somebody else from time to time....i hate it....this world brings me down...i feel unloved....never felt wut its like having a real uncle commited suicide in front of me when i was a kid....and more its to sad....somebody please love me....

steven the archangel
19 May 2007 dont wanna say I have no idea to the best way but i need help with that question to. I have gonethrough too much shit and all of it is not worth it. I am pretty and pretty popular, yet my hime life sucks. I've been abused by my mother been pushed down flights of stairs stabed. If i get under a 90 on a test i will be beaten. i was recently switch to live with my father but its worse. He opnely admits that he loves my brothers more then me. And that i should go back to my moms becasue i piss him off. I cut myself and i take pills. My father is a dr. And i want to know what pills i should perscribe myself, for a painless death.
I will turn 12 next week.
Thank You!
18 May 2007 GW Bush Join the army volunteer for Iraq, tell a Marine he's gay or try to screw a camel.....
18 May 2007 JESS I was honestly just thinking about killing myself, i was looking on the internet to see if a knife i have at my house could really work, i went to google and ended up finding this page, even though i'm 16 i figured why the hell not. well it didn't help me answer my question at all but for some reason it did make me come to my senses and one of the comments made me realize that i don't need to be the doing this, it's a bad idea, and things really will get better, although i thought those the words didn't really mean much before, they do now, something just made all the difference in that person comment and filled a swicht that made me change my mind, i just want other people to know that you shouldn't do it, take just a little longer and think about it, please! it helped me maybe it could help you!
18 May 2007 wilma aka locha My friend miriam just comited suicide and I feel like shit I miss her so much we were so close but now that she's gone I have no1 to talk to

Ppl don't kill urselfs its not worth it ur just making someone else feel alone
18 May 2007 locha R.I.P miriam
U will be missed I wil never forget u
U were and are a good friend
Meet me at the gates bcause I don't want to walk in by myself

Ppl IM me my sn is itsmelocha on aim
17 May 2007   it makes me chuckle when people living in survival mode only talk about thier "clinical" mind problems and disorders.
they use this as a shield from life.
17 May 2007 locha Life sux I wish my life was over already I hate my life its so stressful too many problems I can't deal with anymore

Well if u wanna aim me my sn is itsmelocha
My yahoo sn is hyperlocha
17 May 2007 kristy when ur young and stupid which u r i hated hearing that when i was in ur place but u must know that some of ur buddies on here r just talking shit i was put in the hopital for 2 days because of a suacide attempt that would have worked if my mother hadent got me to the hopital so fast when ur at that place and time ur not worried bout how much its gonna hurt ur worried bout how much better ur gonna feel i am now 22 i was 14 when i did it i just want to tell u i dont know how i got where i am today but i love where i am now i have 4 kids and live for them everyday and it feels great to have somthin or someone to live for
but when meds or docs dont work for u find somtin or someone to live for
but dont bring kids into ur fucked up life or group of friends untill ur better
in the head cause its all in ur head please write back and let me know what u think
17 May 2007 udth i love a girl that i cant have forever...
you know why
because im a girl.
she s the world for me...
its been almost 2 years now.
but i cant found a world instead of her.
i wish she knew.
that i will trade all that i got for her.
but now that she s gone.
i got nothing here...
what should i be here...
i wish i'm braver than this.
16 May 2007 Ellen This is a delicate question. Now that I'm over 13 and actually survived I'm not sure. Since I've been depressed lately I've turned my thoughts to suicide..but hey, I'm a cop-out. Going to go to a shrink. I can say from the experience of working in a critical care environment, pills do not work. To truly hang yourself, you have to make sure nothing breaks except your neck. Even then you could end up a vegetable. It's actually hard to kill yourself when I think back on all the suicide attempts I've taken care of...but on the flip side, life can be a lightbulb and blow out like a matchstick in the wind...13? How about taking a page from the Victorian Age? Sew a lot of heavy rocks into your clothes and head for some deep water when no one is looking.
16 May 2007 jess there never is a gd way
as i was told when i was at my lowest you i have to forfill your duty and then you will die but i have to forfill that duty i cud be anything at all every1s is different and it could be anything
i find life a battle everyday is a battle and sometimes its just too hard to fight soo i harm myself but i make sure i dont do anything that cud seriouly hurt me or kill me because ive got 2 furfill my duty and i will
im not going 2 cut my life short anymore no matter how much i want 2 be brave and strong and you will do it its hard i no but it is possibe
if you want to talk email me or add me on msn at
i hope you live!!
16 May 2007 Debbie Im not going to tell a child how to kill themselves. Im 22 and i want someone to tell me.
16 May 2007 sara I dont believe we should prevent others to kill them selves, cuz if they really want to do that, its the best think to do...
I donnt wanna live anymore but i dont need compasion or pitty...I dont need people to saying shouldnt done it!!!
Fuck it!!!
If you somebody want to kill him self: GO AHEAD!!!!
Nobody can convince other to do it or not do to it!!!
This is a personal desicion of those who have shity lifes!!!!
Ohhh...and beside pills is also very afectively alcohol, jumping from high buildings, drogs...
15 May 2007 swinford WANTED:

suicidal person. i breed pit bulls so i need a live human to teach them to attack people. so just email me at
15 May 2007 dangelo im 17 years old, i have no friends except 1, 1 girl, i love her more than anything in the world, and she loves me. but she has a boyfriend and shes pregnant with his kid. me and dana have made love many times. we have held eachother and stared into eachothers eyes for hours. but she went to visit her boyfriend in bootcamp on family day and she stopped loving me. i guess she relized how much she missed him. Id die 1000 times over just to be with her. that bad part is that we still hang out but just dont do much and then everyother couple days well kiss for awhile and hold eachother. but the next day she thinks it was wrong and my heart is broken again and again everyday. i am constantly picked on by people in school. im actually not a bad looking guy but my opinions and views on things are mature and intelligent and god forbid someone in highschool sound intelligent. i am constantly mentally abused by my father each night. i am screamed at every night by him. over things like biting my fingernails or not shutting the garagedoor. anything at all im yelled at from the time i get home from school till about 2:00am. i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont do drugs, all i do is i love. thats the only thing i know how to do, and i cant even do that. i think i would be fine and wouldnt have thoughts of suicide if i had 1 friend but because the only friend of mine is constantly confused about who she wants to be with, me or a guy who isnt here and treats her like shit. i really just want someone to talk to. really i lived with all the arguments with my dad, failing every class in school cause i caant seem to focus cause im stressed out about everything, having no friends, and alot more. but i cant live with all that but what i cant live with is not hold the only person i know how to love in my arms. i know its really stupid to kill urself over a girl but i cant live without her and i know im just going to endup losing her. at times of when i think about suicide sadly it makes me feel better. i get a smile on my face when i think about suicide. it makes feel good then i start thinking of ways to do it. its just im waiting for the right time, i guess. i think when the girl completely ends it just like she almost did today. i think thats when ill do it. the one that makes me feel the best is taking a whole bunch of oxycodone from when i broke my arm, and then pulling the car in the garage and starting it up. i figure maybe if i take 4 or 5 pills itll knock me out long enough for carbon monoxide poisoning to set in. and really i wouldnt have to say goodbye to but 1 person, because most of the people at my school tell me to go kill myself anyway, even when iv never said anything about killing myself nor have i ever acted like i want to around people. i know this all is very out of order and probably hard to read im sorry about that but my mind is all over the place to where i just cant comprehend much right now.



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