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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jun 2007 Breezy eat mushrooms, find them in the woods, you'll start tripping out really nice then bam ur gone

but consider this

you have options

if you tried hard enough in ten years you could live in new york on top of the world, or be in Australia researching amazing animals, do you really wanna cut your options just like that????

the answer is no- suicide is a sin and im not religious but i know enough to tell u that you wont be in a better place when you die, whether you believe in god or not- it was fate you found this message, and head the warning, pass it on and help someone else get over there suicide thought- DONT DO IT
08 Jun 2007 susi the best way is still is probably to take an overdose of drugs mixed with alcohol. I feel like doing it right now. My life is so fucked up and i dont know what to do anymore. i think the best option would be to kill myself right now but i dont think i have the guts to do it.
08 Jun 2007 the greatest of all. the only thing in life you have any control over is your mind.

if you have a defeted outlook on life ur life is gonna be miserable.

if its positive ur life may still suck but you arent making it any worse for ur self unecesarily.

the way you think refects outwardly. in speech, body language, the way u dress, and so on.

this will affect your interactions with certian people which could create a positive enviroment.

your enviroment has a lot to do with how you feel. on the inside.

your mind is where it all begins. your thoughts. this is where you will wage war with your demons. your thoughts will drop down into your heart and become not only you but what u speak. adventually your actions will be ruled by thoughts you had many many brain farts ago. so make sure what u r putting in ur brain is positive. or at least try to balance it out.

but most importantly you have to have love in your life. love is the only thing worth living for. everything else well you just have to tolorate it untill you can put distance between you and it OR you can love it. whatever your it maybe. the other option is negativity and misery.

many people dont have a clue what true love is. even fewer practice it. i try.

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant. does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not keep records of wrongs,does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
love never fails.
07 Jun 2007 Ricky Im 26, have no job and live at home. I'm really bad with people. I feel sick to my stomach sometimes and ashamed of myself. I'm worthless.. I read this and it helps..

"If your in the middle a storm, don't stay still or it will tear you apart. Never stop moving forward, you must never give up. Keep going toward land and you WILL make it, just keep moving forward."

This was writen by a man that got HIV from a bad operation at a hospital. He went from depressed, lost and fat to happy and a bodybuilder with a hot wife. It took him a while to transform his life but he is now happy...
07 Jun 2007 dead inside. Dear The Bitter End.

First of all, it was not me who wrote about the sand. Anyways, this is a pathetic, taking cheap shots at eachother on a suicide forum. Tell me tho, what is it about my posts that bothers you so much? What is so wrong if need somewhere to vent my feelings, and i do it here? Isn't that what these things are for? You suggested so kindly that i was attention seeking....well, i come here to vent, just like any one else comes here....but you are here to start some sort of fued with a namless, faceless really, who is seeking attention? I think its you. I don't know why i bother you. But i'd like to end this. You started it, and I want to end it. No more cheap shots. And if you want to thoroughly discuss this with me, let me know and i'll let u know how to contact me. Something tells me that u could care less about what i have to say tho. Oh well, I am not about to let you make me feel like crap. I go all day without saying a word sometimes...and I just like letting out my feelings here. I am sorry if that is so wrong. I don't want anyone's attention. And I don't want anyone's love. I have one person. He's all i need. Anyways, sorry again for being such a nuisance to you. I will continue to post here, and I apologize for any discomfort that causes you. Wish you all the best in life.

07 Jun 2007 Heartbroken ok so i love someone, with all my heart. she is amazing in every way. a truely great person. she used to talk to me all the time. make me feel like i was someone, someone really special.
i thought, i cant lose anything, i will tell her. so i said i really really like you. enfact, i dont like you i love you. your great. your everything and more. now she doesnt talk to me. i scared her away. i never thought of suicide. but since i told her she broke my heart, killed me inside. i want her to know i love her, but at the same time i dont want to hurt her. ever. i want to leave her a suicide note but not sure whether to or not.
i love her, and she is all i can think about. i cant get her out of my head, believe me i have tried. i have tried everything, but nothing seems to work.
one thing i have learnt though. Life is cruel. there is no such thing as love, it is a delusion. to occupy oneself. well it no longer has any control over me. i thank you for letting me tell you, and i hope that this may be read by someone, so that they can learn from my mistakes.
Good bye. i decided not to leave a suicide note, but to tell her i love her one last time, just in case.
07 Jun 2007 Anna I dont know the answer. I have been trying to kill myself with drugs since I was 12. I was a herion addict for 6 years. Now I am on methadone. I have 4 sons that got truly fucked by my and their fathers addiction. I want to die to pay back the pain I caused everyone I hurt. I deserve it. The little girl who started this topic--- I am her long ago. This is how it ends. You grow old and ugly and hate yourself even more.
I dont know a solution. I was in NA, incest survivor, counseling, therapy, for years but was even more insane off drugs. The depression drugs make me more suicidal.
My life sucks. Some peoples lives dont suck though. I know some who are truly happy people. I have asked how they do that. I used to think happy people were sort of retarded in some way. But they arent they are just well adjusted in their brains. The chemicals I suspect. Mine are altered, then add drugs to that and you get fried altered.
I have a truly good job for someone who is on parole. Good jobs are hard to get with criminal records. I had a chance a few years back, to work in an office with a view of the mountains in Colo. 135,000 per year with benifits as a network admin for a huge ISP. I lost it after one month when they found my history.
Read this kiddies. If you dont do something to help yourselves now you will end up like me. Living in the hall of shame trailer park, on methadone, few teeth, with 4 sons and husband dead of overdose. This could be you little girl.
Go find an NA group if you have drug problem. Go find anything that gets you out of your own head.
Do something now or you will try to cure your illness yourself and end up dead on earth living in the hell you created and living with the consequences of your bad choices.
06 Jun 2007 askforit look, that is one hard question. i mean there are plenty of ways to commit suicide but you might want to do it less painfully. i've attempted suicide by trying to starangle myself with a rope. but if you have even one reason to continue living, stay.i've been through alot of shit myself. my dad left when i was four, i visit him, he has kids and a wife. he beats the shit out of me.hes an alcholic. to top it off my mom died this year, and i lived alone with her. so instead of going to my dads i live with my grandparents. two days after i moved in with them, which is upsetting bc i've lived in the same house all my life with just my mom, my boyfriends SISTER calls to tell me that hes dumping me for another girl so he can fuck her. then about two months later[one month ago] my one true bestfriend that ive been bffls with my entire life, decides to stop being friends with me for no reason.oh, my mom died in december. right before she died, maybe aeek or so, i almost did commit suicide. this kid stopped me. i was very thankful. now after this shit im close to doing it aghain, and he doesnt even care.AND yesterday i got arrested for shoplifting.i'm fifteen even i was disappointed in myself.[that i got caught not that i stole] see thats the thing with me, people show interest for me at first but then once they get to know me they just wish id go away. and i thought my bffl would be the one person that would never dio was i wrong? so yeah ive done a few things, like cut ,strangle...etc..i feel so much pain, but sometimes i think i do these things just to get the guy that saved me once to care enough to save me again..but he never will.if anyone wants to talk to me you can
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. mouchette edited the post i had for "the bitter end." she left out all the fun parts. :[

shot down by strangers whose glances can cripple the heart and devour the soul.
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. to person.

Thanks! Maybe mouchette will consider the idea, who knows. :P
06 Jun 2007 dead inside. I'm attention seeking. Someone love me.
06 Jun 2007 Winny hi i threw out and posted it yesterday but still i feel low is anybody listening come here to me and punch one sharp knife into my heart for 49 times so that i should bleed to death or shoot 28 times in my head with 9 mm and blow the damn brain out
06 Jun 2007 amadna your a fucking sicko
06 Jun 2007 ___l___ I Love you Liz!
Where do you live?... I want to know if you are close to me.
I love you!
I liked your first entry then realised that life can get better!
I love you!
E-Mail me:
or just click on my name!
Love ya!
05 Jun 2007 The Bitter End to dead inside

sorry about that last post. yeah i had a lot of sand in my puss.

its out now and im fine.
05 Jun 2007   if u keep asking why ur asking the wrong question.
the question is what. what the fuck am i doing wrong.
or when. when am i gonna do it.
05 Jun 2007   is your life like mine???

just when u think its safe to come out it aint.

it aint safe to come out ever.
its so sufficating.

i am disturbed. deeply.
i want to drain my inner rage in a bucket and use a paint brush and paint you. it will burn you like acid(HCL).
the only thing that makes my headache go away is your deafening screams.
i hate u so bad and all i can do is kill your body.
i wanna cut ur name in two.
i wanna make ur soul bleed out any love in there so u can see what its like to be me.
and maybe u can catch me slippin.
slipp in my neck.

you muther fucker.

ok i feel better now. thanks for listening.
05 Jun 2007   you know why everyone likes forums?
cuz its the one place you can go and say what u want and not hear any lip about your point of view.
well im going to the graveyard now to look for money and gold and silver teeth. rings and necklaces. n other shit.
also i am looking for a female to dip her boobies in fruit punch and slap my face wit em.

oh yeah dont kill urself.
WHO DOESN'T LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 Jun 2007 person to dead inside
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