Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jun 2007 Peter Most likely whatever way you kill yourself will echo through your mind as you die sort of like a dream. This is the electrical signals in your mind slowly fading out. If you kill yourself in a way that takes a long time, that pain might be harder to bear in those dreamy last moments.

If you can make sure you're alone so no one can find you and pump your stomach, try overdosing on sleeping pills. Jumping off a very tall building is another good one although there is one instant of shock.

Make sure your mind is prepared and that you really want to do it.

I'm 22 and I still wish I'd killed myself when I was 14, or earlier. If you know that you want to kill yourself so young, good for you.

People say life gets better, but it doesn't. There's just more responsibilities. If you have an unhappy childhood, life isn't going to magically be easier for you. You're not going to win the lottery. Your best hope is to have children, work your whole life and die slightly richer than your parents after indulging in the fantasy life that movies and books and games provide. If this doesn't sound like you, don't bother with it.

I still have a silly dream I want to fulfill but if you don't have something pulling you forward, there really isn't any reason to live.

People ultimately serve themselves. There is no "true love", that's what sell's disney movies. If there is a god, its an all encompassing force and not something that cares whether thousands die in wars or you kill yourself because you're sick of it all.

People tell you not to kill yourself because it makes them feel good inside, it makes them feel like they contributed to someone else's life. Its ultimately selfish.

True happiness comes from within. It has nothing to do with anything or anyone outside of you. It can never be lost or gained.

If you can be happy at the instant of your suicide, as your falling off to sleep or falling off that building, then what's the difference between that and toiling for years and years and dying in bed in happiness? Be happy wherever you are and if you don't feel like going through all the hassle, take the short cut of suicide.
24 Jun 2007 JKate It's realy odd since you know, if you find so many people giving tips on how to kill yourself, you'd think that it'll make you more depressed or more inclined to attemping suicide. But even though I thought that's what it was going to do to me, instead, I have somehow been empowered by this site. I have never seen so many people, not complaining like you see everywhere else, but leaving comments that are really raw, without any regulations to limit them. It's somehow eased my pain.
24 Jun 2007 Depressed Hi. I'll soon be 16 yrs old. I started cutting myself when my father left us, about 4 yrs ago. I got so angry at him. My mum was always crying and unhappy. It was awful.
Now when im older, i have an issue with talking about my problems. I keep my feelings inside. I get upset for almost everything. I have no real life. I've been gaining weight this last couple of years. I hate it.
I don't feel like i have any true friends. The ones that's ALWAYS there. She who i thought was my bessie, were willing to leave me because she didnt like one of my other friends. She was willing to not speak to me and just completely ignore me.
I've tried to kill myself. By cutting so much that i get really cold, and by taking pills. I steal pills from my grandma, mix them up and take them, hoping its enough to end this life. I've tried to drink many dangerous alcoholic drinks, and mixed it up with pills.
What im really trying to say is that IT'S REALLY NOT WORTH IT. We all have downtimes. It's not like i dont have any joy. I have a big family who i love very much, and i dont think i wanna miss out on their lives.
So dont miss out. Dont leave. Enjoy what you can enjoy. Its worth it.
24 Jun 2007 untitled Im 13... and afer 4 attempts of suicide... (that have failed).... i don't know the best way... i fucking up fed up with this shit.. seroiusly if life's shit wus like realy food.. i'd be frigin obese... and i dnt realy noe myself anymore... 3 years being suicidal and slitting of wrists.. i think i'm fed up... idk i feel so confused.. and this cuttinghabit is like now part of my brain or shit... the shrinks told me to be positive.. fucking imposible... i've beccome slightly mental cus of this suicidal busines... one day its gna like ruin me.. o well... the best way to kill yourself.. idk stabbing? suffocation? idk they all fail... if you're better than me in life... stay alive.. bdw its hard enough i don't know my biological parents... shit i sound gay ass... but i think its important... to believe in yourself... keep your desicions right... i mean... just dnt die... idk lol i feel so shrink-like. cya
23 Jun 2007   try tickeling yourself
23 Jun 2007 Rachel Well I used to want to kill myself all the time. I was depressed because everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. It was that middle school level, thats where it hits you the hardest. I was one of those people who everyone thought couldn't ever be sad and they always brightened peoples days...yah, that was because I didn't want to dump all my problems on everyone because I thought they would be annoyed. So I would act happy in school and talk to everyone and people came to me with problems. All the hard times in my life kept building up inside of me wanting to burst out but I kept it all in...big mistake. I know this answer kind of sucks but the thing that you have to do to get through this depression stage is to just live through it. Go on lots of websites like these and read everyones cases and survival stories. It is good to hear that people overcame it. I was so close to death it was scarry. I didn't want to go to a therapist, I didn't want to just talk it out, I thought that will never help. Believe me...just talking it out helps. Just tell someone how you're feeling. I bet alot of your friends want to get stuff off their chest too. Certain ages are just always hard for people. When you read stories like this they're almost always in this age. It may seem like you can't make it through and it will never get better, but it will. Now I know you're thinking well ya thats just you, special cases. Why should you trust someone you don't know? You've never met me before. Thats true, but what will it hurt to get things off your chest to a friend. I'm not saying go tell them you're thinking about suicide right off the bat. Just say, "I've been having a few problems with life that I really just need to vent to someone, is that alright?" Maybe eventually you will tell them. Also with the whole, special case thing, good results don't happen for everyone...well that is true. There have been alot of suicides. However, this is one of a huge chain of suicide websites. When you go to the websites you find it filled with survival stories. Reading some of those will help you too. When I told the guy that I was depressed over that I was thinking about suicide, I thought he would be sympathetic and try to help me through it. But he told me that I was a big coward. He asked me how I could ever do that to anyone I love. I told him that no one did love me, my family hates me and I don't have many friends. Now I was exaggerating big time, but I didn't know it. Even if you don't have any friends which I'm pretty sure almost everybody has at least one, you will still mess up all your peers if you comit suicide. People that go to school with you, your neighbors, you will effect your whole community with your action. So decide to grow up. Get old and wrinkley and have your boobs sagging and be happy. When you get through this hard time, your life will be so amazing and you'll appreciate it so much more. Good luck.
23 Jun 2007 dead inside. fancy that, so am i.
23 Jun 2007 steph hey, me again. just wanting to let you know that anything youve been through i probably have too. if youre feeling down add me on msn or email me. i tried to kill myself a couple of times and i used to cut myself. mainly because of bullying and the fact that i was sexually abused when i was about 6 for about 4 years.

talk to me if you need me. email me anytime and ill ALWAYS reply as soon as i can which is usually within a day or so. maybe a couple of days. but i will always listen and i give great advice about problems.

anyway, add me if you need to talk.

i wont judge

23 Jun 2007 georgie ermm!!!!cdont do it i say, ive tried many times and in the end i ealised i would be killing my family at the same time of killing myself.
23 Jun 2007 warped soul. a suicide kit is a mothers womb with a lil dash of sea-m/s-on salt.
little bundel of joy gets to live hell.
thanks mom, thanks dad.
yeah right you wanted to fuck.
im an accident right?
well maybe when u find my body they'll say that was an accident.
then they will find the note i mailed today already.
the fucking note reads:
did i finnally make you happy dad? i did what you said would be doing the whole world a favor.
i didnt want to do it but i wanted to make you happy daddy.
at least this way i wont feel it if you beat me anymore.
end of note.
whats even better is since you sleep so soundly i am going to put your finger on the trigger and make you pull the trigger. you will wake immeadiately to see red mist splattered on your forearm and fist and a nice little cloud disapating. you will see what you have done. and i already called the cops and said help me my dad is gonna shoot me.
you fucking bitch.
you take my childhood from me and i send you to prison.
what kinda man are you?
you murdered your own child.

you see kids this is the kind of creativity you need to play on my level.
22 Jun 2007 Life Is Over I will be gone tomorrow at 12 noon. I will be killing myself to end the misery I have encountered on a daily basis. Im done with this shit called life. Where is Kim and people like her when u need them???
22 Jun 2007 The Bitter End I'm eighteen.
22 Jun 2007 dead inside. to back stabbed and hurt: wanna talk?
22 Jun 2007   you need to consider the source on things.
what im trying to say is when people tell you about thier problems and ur like sheeeesh.
yeah stay away from those people. the only thing they will tell u is thier problems. they dont have solutions becuase they dont know it.
you need to associate with people who live in the sewers and pimp you out.
you see how great life is now.
22 Jun 2007 kim1122 Dead inside

Is really nice of u to answer n tell me ur ok n although u didnt have to do it u did it, so thanks :)

U see the way u said it before i thought u wer givin up and it made me sad so sorry if i got carried away.

Thank u so much for sharin with me.

22 Jun 2007 kim1122 NO! BACKSTABBED AND HURT!

I aint getting off this site!
Why would i do that!
If you dont wanna see me post here
then i suggest u get off!

And ur right u know ppl say they gonna b our friend n then hurt us i know. But i aint a baby about it. I just accept thats the way life is.

Im not gettin off so get use to my commentes cuz they'll b here every single day. And u say suicidal like is something from another world, well is not fyi. We ALL go through it so get use to it or let it KILL U is ur choice.

Good day.

ps: leave dead inside out of this!
22 Jun 2007 hahahaha. Today is an ugly day. I'm depressed. And I can't stop thinking about that one person who I know I'm not good enough for. Even tho they tell me I am I feeeel like I'm not. But I know suicide isnt the answer to anything and blahb alnbhj i dont feellike talking anymoree
22 Jun 2007   The best way to kill yourself is to live.
22 Jun 2007 brittney the best way to kill ur self is putting a bag over ur head and sleeping. i tried it, its easy when u tie it. another is the acid bath. fill the tub wit cleaning products and sit in it an inhale.
21 Jun 2007 Peter Heron Don't kill yourself yet. Please don't ever kill anyone else because of your own anger. I'm an old fuck. Fifty two. Now I have cancer.
I'm not saying like is easy, and, yes, you'll meet lots of assholes. But there's a lot of interesting things still to come for you, that'll you'll like. Sure, they'll be bad times again. And lots of good times, too. Just handle the bad times best as you can. You'll pull through, trust me. I have, many times. I thought of suicide all through my life, as a teenage, adult, now getting kind of senior. Always had bad times. And good times that make it worth it. Been a cab driver, cop, con, and general working stiff. Found life is worth living most of the time. In the bad times, try not to listen too much to negative people, or negative messages in books, movies, videos, etc. Try not to let adults or kids put you down. You'll always pull through. You'll always have good times again. Okay, pal, do it for you. You don't know me. But do it for me. And, please, like I said, don't be one of these selfish people who kill others because of their own pain. If someone robs, rapes, or tries to kill you or family, sure, do what you have to do. But never kill innocents out of your own pain. That's the lamest of things, don't you think? Take care. I wish you happiness, and, yes, luck. We all need it. Remember me when you have good times in life. I think you'll find to your surprise that you'll remember me a lot. Peace.

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