Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 May 2007 James How dissapointing. I was hoping to find the best ways to do it. Oh well, I guess practise makes perfect.
30 May 2007 Tom I Want To Kill Myself But i dont no which way to do pleasse help me :(
30 May 2007 Shannon Don't I know that life can be hard. I have not had an easy life,but it has not been as bad as some peoples.My 19 year old uncle killed himself in Jan.2007. He was stuck on drugs and had his heart broke to many times to count. I loved him so much we grew up together. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think about him. I know that you might think that this life has nothing to offer you but if you hang in there it will show you that you are suppose to be here. Please just DONT DO IT
29 May 2007 The Bitter End I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went--and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chill'd into a selfish prayer for light:

It's a dark and hollow universe around us. Stars erupting into waves of flame in their dying throes, but silent and unobserved. Heavenly spheres align in harmony like beads of dew on a spider's web, inwards, inward, to where the darkness waits. Our moon, our loophole, punctured in the canvas, is closing, shrinking, blind to us and ours and all that is. And through all this, this reverberating bass note, inaudible, untouchable, we humans find a truth, a hope, in what we know and feel in our hearts to be the case; that 90% of the universe is condensed in Blackpool.
29 May 2007 peters is this life worth living?I want to kill myself.After all we shall one day die.why live and withstand all this nonsense from this gay step dad of mine?
he wants to fuck me
29 May 2007 cami Life is sad and I have not had a bit for about two weeks.I live in the streets and have no and mom were killed in a car crash but i survived.
gone to churches to ask for food and no one iw ready to help.all they can offer is prayers
the best thing to do is to kill myself
i will do it in about four days
you people should know that this world is weicked and not for everyone.All I need is food and cloths and no one is offering and yet they talk about GOd.Shame to all and see you in the nextr world
29 May 2007 Tesla Take you string
let you lips meet with the dwindling thread hanging limp in your hands.
Pay your respects to it
as soon you body will be so
until rigamortis.
Tie it so slim
circle your neck just right.
And say goodbye dear,
its the last one you get
28 May 2007 Heather If you want to plz dont it hurts many people two of my bestest friends commited suicide not to long ago an di miss em greatly you dont know how much someone loves you
28 May 2007 dead inside. I swear
If I could take your pain and frame it
And hang it on my wall
Maybe you would never have to hurt at all
I'm painting pictures in red and blue
A portrait bruised just like you
28 May 2007 dead inside. but i don't want you to die.
28 May 2007 alex N why?

why am i still here
i dont want to be here,
why cant i just die
and not another tear will fall from my eye

i wish i was dead
i just wanna stop all these thoughts going roundmy head
i dosent matter what you do or say, cuz i am never going to be ok

im broken deep down inside
and the only thing i have left to decide
should i stay, or should i go
this pain i am feeling, no 1 will ever know

how i hurt
how i wake up in the middle of the night feeling so alone
im broken, broken to the bone

i just feel so wrong
and to this world i do not belong

i cant take it
i just dont wanna b here anymore

so tonight i will go
and i'll leave u all alone

so as i finish writing this, i close my door
and lay here on the floor
only to be in this more
28 May 2007 Lauren I wish i knew the answer to that question so much...ive wanted to sommitt suicide since i was 13 and was 16 now and have moved schools and moved county and ive been adicted to all sorts of stuff to try and make things better. i have tried ODing 3 times but i never know how much to take. i end up takin like 15 paracetamol and like 10 nurofen or something but i just end up puking for 2 days. ive also been self harming since then which does help a bit but i dunno ...please seomeone tell me like how many pills i should take. i dont want to committ suicide right now...i just want to know in case. its good to have a plan rather than just not knowing. please email me with the answer. i need help with this relli bad.
i wish i could answer that question.
28 May 2007 every day i die. I tried to visit Shaggy, I stepped up off of my porch
And it was dark as fuck I couldn't see, not even with a torch
I hear the streets talkin, and they aware of my move
They whisperin, and swingin, from the trees above
I hear the loons
I try to jog a little, crow eyes, glow like cats
Demonic zombies runnin' up on me, I slap 'em with the bat
But my eyes keep bleedin', from the rays of the darkness
They powerful, and burn you somethin heartless uh!
I hear a giant thumpin'
Some kind of ogre, or somethin'
I see the phatom screamin, as this giant behemoth, is comin'
And it swung at me, I felt a rip my head went spinnin'
Flippin and rollin, and finally landed in position
I could see my body, still standin, headless as fuck
It finally fell, but what the hell, still got my nugget, but I'm stuck
I can't move, fuck i'm only a face, why even try
On top of that, it's a centipede crawlin' in my eye
I wanna die
27 May 2007 Hannah I hate my life. I don't like were i am living.. I don't like most of the people around me.. its so bad sometimes i just feel like getting up and killing my mother or anybody that is around me. I have had inuff, I have tried killing myself before.. but obviously it didant work.. i took 16 pills and overdosed.. i ended up in hospital and luckily i didant have to have a pipe down my throat because i had thrown up most of the pills. I am still thinking of doing it again.. but i want to make shure i don't live this time.. i am not going to school at the momment.. there is a psycholagist coming to see me every monday and i don't like her at all. I was being sexual abused my my cousen.. but nobody knows that, I want to tell my family but we are so close i don't want it to rouing us. I just hate life, End of. What the hell should i do?! Man this sucks so much.
27 May 2007 Yelhsa Nedrow Over dose, Hang your self, jump of a tall building/clife, cut your rist/neck, sleep in the middle of the road, put a pipe in to a car connected to the eauste and trun the engin on (gas your self),

i go with the tall building

in my kit:
5packs of pain killers

I wish ever1 on this world a happy life better then mine i wish this world good bye a good luck in the futre, maybe the war will stop who knows.
my note will be found were i drop.
27 May 2007 cynthia Ive feelt the same way about life, but u know one thing suicide is not the answer and if anyone needs to talk u can im me or email me because i may not know anyone here but i know what ur going threw and i care
27 May 2007 Liz well, i'm 16 (i know, a little old to be playing the self pitty act). i have no real answers to 'how to kill yourself'. i merley just need an escape from reality. as i mentioned; i'm 16, i'm smart, i have a great family and, yeah i guess i have 'friends'. apparantly i'm pretty, from what people have said and what those nuaghty boys try to do to me, i gather that people see me as some kind of a sex symbol or slut in my little home town. slut, pfft i aint even KISSED a boy (there all so dirty and pathetic, i want myself a sid vicious or marilyn manson). my life was perfect, i had two best friends; jaime (a runaway from home, a saint, my best best friend. could tell her everything, including my disturbing dreams and vissions of what i thought was a ghost) and Rachael (an 'emo', an outcast, a co-pilot for my life). we did absolutly EVERYTHING together. and, since we had no boyfriends, we stuck together. on the summer holidays, something happened. i'm still not sure what. firstly, i fell inlove with a boy name kyle. secondly, so did jaime. jaime and i spent everyday together. we would stay up all night, just to watch the sun rise in the morning. suddenly, my tast in music changed. i abbandoned my love for hip hop and rnb for i had a deep passion for 'other things'. ROCK.certain songs (such as if love is a red dress, or paint the silence) would make me feel as if i were inlove. the movie sid and nancy shook me heaps (love story between sid vicious sex pistols bassist and junkie nancy spungen). i was obssesed with rock, love, and cult movies. i grew bizzare interests in subjects that would later have me reffered to as a 'satanist' . well,i went insane. jaime and rach betrayed me, jaime got the guy and moved in with rach. now i'm left out of everything. i think i scared em away. we r still friends, but theyv'e seen me suffering for months and havn't even asked me 'whats wrong, can i help'. they tell me that they love me but they want the old me liz back (liz being my name). THEY KILLED THE OLD LIZ! i've started smoking, and lately iv'e been burning myself with cigerette butts. ofcourse i don't expect the butts to kill me, and i don't hate myself. to me, slitting and burning is like the all time f*** you! I HATE EVERYONE HAH!!! i don't want to die, but i don't want to live. the truth, im too much a coward to kill myself. besides, if i were to kill myself, it wouldn't be becuase i hated myself. it's be becuase i wanted to hurt those that did me wrong. i'd like to hurt jaime and rach. hurt em for forgetting about me, and for leaving me out, and for not helping me, and becuase i still love em and i know that i'm probably da last thing on their minds. and, if i did suicide, i'd only hurt my family. on no! what if i didn't hurt anyone? what if no one really cared. i get so deep in my thoughts dat i can't get out. now, i'm a weirdo. a creep. da last text message on my phone was 4 months ago (besides my parents telling me to get home before sun down). i wish that everyone could see all the tears, all the pain. i want to meet someone like me. i want to be understood. my nightmares are my favourite dreams. the dreams in wich i die are the best kinds of dreams. at sxhool, i'll put on my ipod and imagine all the things i'd like to say, all the ways i'd like to die, all the love that i could have. but then the bell go's and i wake up, i'd i'm still here in this cruel world, and i go and 'hang' with my so-called 'friends'. and everyone sayd "oh, liz is so beautiful, i would do anything to have her life". and i can't stop shaking! i can't take it sometimes, last week i mixed painkillers with a few cowboys (the only alchahole i had lying around). i was sick all night, and i think i passed out once, but besides that nuthin happened so DON'T TRY IT! i think if i were to go i'd pick soe=mething quick, painless and uterly dramatic! i think i'd definatly hang. my corpse, swaying in the wind near some playground. hopefully i'd be found by some little girl walking her wittle puppy dog. "AHHHHHHH A DEAD GIRL" the polic would saydid she have any reason to kill herself?" mum would cry "i shouldn't have called her fat!" rachael would cry "i should have called her up the night before to ask her why she spent so long in the school toilets yersterday!" jaime would say "I should have been there for her and helped her when i saw the bruises and burns on her arms and neck, and i should have loved her, and i shouldn't have abandoned her!". but in reality, i'll just sit on my bed, listen to some mazzy star music, cry, burn, and go to school tomorrow wondering if anyone will notice the blank seat that lizzy use to sit in. god i'm pathetic!
26 May 2007 evil hippy. wow. boys and girls, mouchette All bare witness. It's funny how complex people are and though you can beleive it... it's hard to acualy find beauty in ugly. The modern internet/pop culture revolution has put a fashionably hip eye on the so called beauty of pain and suffering. suicide has become sort of an icon for those of this generation. the darker the better. people keep over looking ugly dirt and grime of pain and only look for beautiful models posing to have problems. All and all be happy, and be posative live your life to it's fullest and enjoy your self. if you don't try to do that then you're still fucked. all you need is love, fuck you beautiful. hmph, well peace and ta ta for now children.

btw i've been reading and spooky p. is a very interesting fellow, though misguided i like him.
26 May 2007 riley I hate to tell everyone...but I'm 32 and it doesn't get better. I have constant anxiety b/c I know I'm completely alone...and I know that I will die matter what age. I've been through it all, and I've been waiting for something to live for...but it hasn't happened. Everytime I think that I might open myself up and let someone in...sooner or later they turn and run...and I'm left with nothing but another broken soul. I think I'm finally done....although if I would have know what I know now when I was 20, I would have ended it all then instead of withstanding the tourture and loneliness! Sorry that I can't say that it gets better...but it hasn't for me....and I've finally realized that I need to say goodbye and walk away!
26 May 2007 irma dont kill your self...SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER...if you kill urself you know where will be u are,.hell,absolutely..i ever tried 2 kill my self for twice and guess what.. i regret it and i thanks god 4 gimmie a chance to live with everyone who love me..

with love..please dont kill urself

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