Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 May 2007   Mouchette is dead. She hasn't updated this site for ages...
10 May 2007 Jenova Well, get someone you really love to stab you or choke you, etc. Then you will feel that pain in the same place even after death.
09 May 2007 --V-- In my room after a long day at school...

An average day at school...

Some people go to great lengths for the worst...

Getting Picked on...

Being a loner...

Being Adopted...

Being dumped by someone you love.

I almost lost it all...

The question is...

Do I really want to leave the worse for the worst?

09 May 2007 nat-nat well, under 13, there isnt really a reason to kill yer self, yet..
so, hun, i would just wait it until yer at least 16 to make yer finnal choice.. if nothin gets better?? then sweetie, do wat you have to..

i am curently under the choice of life or death.. and i have a suggestion.. dont do it fer a guyy, and dont do it fer anyone else.. you have a good reason not to move on.. and actually do it with honour... dont do it cuz everyone hates you, and you cant stand the ppl around you...... if you are goin to do somethin like that, dont make it fer someone else.... do it fer yerself....
09 May 2007 Chrystal i just wanna say never give up on your life its dumb many rappers and movie stars has been through though times and look now they are famous and loved and rich hello. Never give up please god bless you guys but get these thoughts out show to everyone in the end you made it get back to them by living!!!!
09 May 2007 Someone who needed help How about hearing this from a thirteen year old? I am a ex-cutter. Look in the mirror and ask yourself is it really worth it? a lot of people will probably read this and not really care. but if this site saves at least one life, this is worth it.
09 May 2007 aBaNdOnNeD hEy..
WeLl I dNt KnW sO FaRr NoNe Ov MaH IdEaZ hAvE sUceEdEd.. i HaTe lYfE nD eVeyFiN In iT.. WeLl I hAvE a LiTtLe LiGhT bT SlOwLy JsT Az EvErYfInG ElSe ThT tOo Is FaDiNg.. i HaV sCaRz ThT lAcE mAh WrIsTz Nd ThIgHz A rOpE mArK Nd A bRoKeN hEaRt..
08 May 2007 --V-- Nothing here has changed my mind, until my parents kept me from doing it. I tried slitting my wrists, but I heard them fumbling with the door, and it shocked me soo much that I missed my veing and got a very tiny cut. They don't know about it, but now, I am going through social depression. I have only 2 friend that know me well and the rest of my classmates are real dicks. It's like I am crying myself to sleep, only without the effects. I JUST WANT MY LIFE TOO BE OVER!!! (If there is an Area 51 on this site, Sorry, I deleted your e-mail by accident thinking it was just stupid advertisers I receive like 50 of them every day... Didn't expect a real person to email me...)
08 May 2007 RA A 13 year old child should not be looking for permenant solutions to temporary problems. Virtus junxit mors non separabit.
08 May 2007 Mauve to eat ice cream until death
08 May 2007 philimeneski So I've recently read a few articles about the surge of suicide clubs in Japan. It seems kinda reasonable to me. How much easier would suicide be if you had someone to die with? If you didn't have to die alone.
07 May 2007 paru killing urself isnt as easy as u think.....sometimes there r phases in our lives where we totally loose all our hopes.....and think our lives are juss gonna b like tht....buh it is wrong....i went thru major depression...i recovered...i got to a phsycatrist....nothing parents started loving me ............i realised tht i needed love more than anything...and now im fine....ding really well......yet at times i hav tendencies to think about death n blood...buh yet...i have here....i aint telling ye not to do or try suicide...buh juss remember tht all bad things do come to an end...every cloud has a silver lining...aite?
mail me if u wanna talk....
07 May 2007 Lizzy I am a hurt person and I have been treated badly and I feel as if it is my fault . I know why all of you want to commit suicide, but that is not the answer.I feel hurt and I too am in despair. I have tried hurting myself, but I got help. You can too. Just think about your life. Your life is a sacred gift from God. Don't throw it away.
07 May 2007 Gone 4ever Dear all it concerns,

Dont look for me anymore. Im gone forever. I have done this which you see before you because you suck, the world sucks, my life sucks, my job sucks, and the whole world would be better off without me. There was nothing you could do to stop me because I had already made up my mind. I have been suffering most of my life. Friends turn their back on you, as they did on me. I had already threw away the receipt for the supplies of this very act, besides if I told someone you would have been too slow to do anything about it or you would try to stop me. I am happy now and I dont have any pain or suffering anymore. Please dont cry for me.
07 May 2007 id10T um i came here to find out how but people put up lame stories so yeh,,,........
07 May 2007 black rain. under the lotus
we dont die
black rain falls indoors and outside.
07 May 2007 Chellllllllllllly Get some real problems. Not some made up shit that rich "white" kids in upper middle class neighborhoods make up because they are bored. I mean real problems by financially, socially or physically....the parts where you have seen somebody shot to death or seen women sell their bodies or even more your mother/father sell themselves for drugs and percentage wise you are stuck in that for the rest of your life because the quota has already been admitted for the white people who feel they need to be cultured and taught by the people they fucked over.
06 May 2007 Just DONT Don't kill yourself - get some advice like
05 May 2007 Wanda Malone Who ever has started this site is so STUPID. I have just re-ead your re. read Oh my, do you have any manners? Do you have any self-respect? You know (and anyone thinking of it) sucide means you are going straight to Hell.And as for the perdon starting this site - mt direct number is 687-939-9380. Call me if if you more confirmation????
05 May 2007 Wanda Malone to kill you. You are an idiot. I will give you my name and my email address. So that way you will understand that if you kill (sucide) that you will BURN in HELL.

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