Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2007 i love you isf. i would never hurt you.
you know that.
why are u hurting me then.
if you love me, then you won't leave me here alone.
you made promises to always be there and to always be okay.
you have to keep those promises.
if you leave me, then i am going to come after you.
you should know that already.
i love you so much.
please be okay.
i can't do any of this without you.
10 Apr 2007 isf, don't do this. i swear to god if you leave me alone here i am coming too. isf don't leave me. i don't want to do this without you. don't go. please. why are you hurting me if you love me. don't do this please. come back to me. i love you so much. please keep holding on to me. don't leave. please. please.
10 Apr 2007 i love you isf dont go
don't leave me
i can't do this
if you leave me
i am coming after you
don't leave
i love you
i love you
talk to me one more time please
i don't understand what your trying to tell me
please come back.
i love you so much.
don't leave me.
10 Apr 2007 HLM Okay, I am totally pissed off at the guy who said that women who stay with asshole men are just stupid and should just plain fucking leave them. Obviously the ideal thing to do is to leave the asshole, but it's just not that fucking easy, or people would just up and fucking do it already. You obviously have no idea what it's like to be stuck in a relationship and not know how to get away and not even know if there is something wrong with you or with him or with the world or life in general. Women and men who are in relationships where they are being abused get confused, scared, lonely, depressed, often think they deserve the abuse or don't recognize it as abuse. They may feel trapped b/c the other person has convinced them that they are incompetent, or threatened to kill them or someone else whom they love if they leave. Yelling at them for not leaving is NOT going to help the situation. If you really want to help women (and men) who are being abused, then contact some rape and abuse crisis shelters and resources lines and educate yourself about how to be really helpful instead of just judgmental and pissed off.
09 Apr 2007 kitten hello i know i aint 13 i am 19 last year in summer when i was 18 i took about 42 paracetamol and went out for the night with my friend i was taking more while out with alchol and i collasped on the floor at the nightclub. I was being picked on because i was clever and people were jealous so mum said, also i was sexual attacked when i was a little younger, At the hospital when i woke my friend mum and dad was their it was awful to see their face i felt awful. However my life changed for the better and i was ok after that i regreted doing such a thing. Now again my life as got worse i had a good job and this lad who i was good friends with me suppose to have been really liked me and he got me in trouble at work because he worked their to and i might end up getting sack now because of him this is the job i always wanted to do aswell all my life and because he picked me up one night when i was downtown and i was drunk he tried to have sex with me while i was asleep and i wouldnt let him and i told him to take me home so he got me in trouble. so basically because of his lies and he couldnt get what he wouldnt the job i always wanted to do might end, the job i have evolved my life round so my life as got worse again and i want to die once again but i just do not want to hurt my mum again like before. theres other reasons to but do not want to say
09 Apr 2007 no1 To It's tearing up my heart
You can't be sure you will die if you crash most people get injuries that hurt for years, and the worst part is your family and "friends" all know what you tried to do and talk about it a lot that is even worse, so don't kill yourself
E mail me at TBA

Anyone else who needs help can E- mail me too
09 Apr 2007 Svante I dont feel anything anymore. Its like somebody ripped the part that feels happiness right out of my body. My life is meaningless. School is fucking up. I cant see why i should struggle so hard to live if life isnt worthwhile? Is there any reason that i should not commit suicide?
08 Apr 2007 im tired of life i've always been like the happiest girl in the world and even when i was sad no one could tell b/c i'd put on a fake smile and act like er thing was ok, that was until i got into high skool. I've had to deal wit er body sayin im bi and then my grandparents both died then after that my dad died then my best friend started doin drugs and pretty much stopped talkin to me, a few months after that the boi i love broke up wit me and lately i jus wanna die.I used to think those ppl who cut themeselve and talk about suicide were crazi but now i am that person. I started cutting jus recently and I've already wrote the letter to leave 4 my friends and family i'm jus so tired of all the dissapointment and hurt in my life and im soo ready 4 it to jus be over...
08 Apr 2007 joe I too am thinking of ending it all. I have lived 45 years on this earth and I have had enough of it. i am tired of the struggles with money ,relationships and just society in general.I developed acne during my teen years and it left some scarring on my back and face ...the emontional pain is far worse. say what u want about personality it does not matter all anyone can see are the scars. when u are 45, short, bald and overweight, broke,with a scarred face the choices are downright none. it affects jobs(which i have had too many to count although none at the moment)i see people talkin about me in public, no one makes eye contact if they do they quickly look away. no dates, nothin tired of borrowing money from my parents now they too have turned their back on me. my best friend is my dog and he is aging 15 years and getting crippled so when he dies i am going out with him. life sucks i can only think of 3 or 4 good moments in my life in 45 years. no one will give me a good paying job b/c i dont have that college ed. my parents could not afford for me to go to college but i am as smart as any those types just never given the chance. in 45 years i have never heard my parents say one good thing about me. my dad once said the biggest mistake he made was bringing 2 kids into the world. i want ed to get some help but i realize when u do u lose certain rights(gun ownership) so thats not an option.i dont want to die but i have no choice i am at the end of the rope so to speak when my pet dies so do i!!!!
07 Apr 2007 ----- best thing to do is find somebody who you love. doesnt have to be of opposite sex or sexual at all. just someone who wont judge you and you can talk to anytime. about an hour away from death mine started talking to me and i pulled through. i hope you ppl are as lucky as me
06 Apr 2007 i love u mina twisted minds reflections
suspended in time.
empathy nurses me weak.
frozen in my only window.
i am not who i want to be.
you are my fuel.
oppression compressing
i ask myself what do i have to lose?
i speak outloud.
the same thing hapens to us all.
nothing i do that is good will last.
maybe life is to hard on purpose.
06 Apr 2007 ff let god take u's the best way when u can die surrounded by angels telling u that u dun hav to b in pain no more :)
06 Apr 2007 A Friend Someone had posted the following statement on the Internet. The replies this person had recieved are from various other people

I am sick of my life and of this world. My life is really boring there is no thrill and excitement in it?

i dont mean something like jumping of a cliff or something i just mean that everything in my life has been the same from many years i need a change but i really dont know what to do i just keep dreaming about how my life can be but i cant do anything to change it

Reply: read some good books, change your friends, go to places where you havent gone before, eat new everyday, and still you get bored........mail me.....i'll talk to you!!

Reply: imagine killing yourself and then you are dead. now imagine living a different life now that you have killed off that old person who is dead. it is very liberating, you can do whatever you want now, because your old life ended and this is a new one.

Reply: Learn something new. Take up a sport. Meet new people. DON'T spend all day on your computer

Reply: Take a couple of month's off Go to asia like thailand , india, indonasia, etc. Especially india or indonasia. try to see and calculate how people live their life only with a couple of a dollar a month I bet you will feel lucky on your position

Reply: if you really want to change your life you will. break out of your routine! like when you get up tomorrow morning.... don't put on other clothes before you have breakfast or brush your teeth before you get into the shower..... make your daily routine different!! go out some new people.....or if you do that alot....get a few movies and stay up all night. travel...go see some new places. or go somewhere in town you've never been before like a tourist attraction you've ever been at. just do something... and be happy!

All I can say about suicide is that it is a permanant solution, to a temporary problem.
05 Apr 2007 A Friend Reader of this site. BEWARE. Don't be fooled. There is certainly something very strange about this person. The photo you see of 13 year old Mouchette in this site is not the actual person. After cross checking with the Internet service providers, I found out that this site is created and run by a woman older than 45 years. She is certainly not the 13 year old as mentioned here. Please try to understand that this person is alive and living well off and will continue to do so for years to come. While you who read all this material here may put an end to your self, the crazy nutcase who has created this site will live on. Suicide is a final solution to what? Its a final solution to a very temporary problem. Glorifying suicide is what you are doing. If at all you commit suicide, remember that you will have to relive the lessons that you failed to learn when you get reborn. When you get reborn again you will again go through the same nonsense untill you learn to live through it and get wisdom or enlightenment. Before you people commit suicide please read Just read it once for my sake. Then go ahead and commit suicide as you please.
05 Apr 2007 shelly jest to let you know everyone is different.I've tride to kill my self more that 20 times and I'm still trying I took rat poison 2 days ago and it takes 6 days to do it you want to die ...die I'm not going to give you some silly story telling you your going to go to hell... or your gonna hurt your love ones but don't do it cuz billy doesn't like you do it cuz you lost your vigernity to billy and he fucks you and your best friend < this is't real I hope jest an example> and yall been datein for 5 yr. or because you caught your gurlfriend sucking some random guys cock in the boys bathroom and you've been going out ever since 7th well my ex donnie fucks me over all the time and I've been hurt more before him he says he love me then leaves me he says he can't live with out me but stabs me in the back say he hates me but then aks for me back so I'm going to die to be a pure ass hole a big one....hey you don't love me Donnie fine then cry cry and my grave and I think its really cool that I'll get to haunt him till he dies hope I don't go to hell I jest want to bother ppl.

1. gun
2.posion <note rat poison takes 6 day at the most>
3. hanging..<for 10mins...>
4. slit your wrist.<you got to be pretty mad to cut that deep.oh and stupids it's down when cutting not across>
5.stabing your self in the neck <owwwwwwww>
6.moms or dads or even grandmas pills <make sure there sleeping painkillers or heart meds..>
7......lets see...sit in the care while its running put a sock in the muffler stupid.
8...wat eles have I tride well um...,.....the guns the best.......or like um......real posion like the shit you can't get.....

well Thats all I got oh and jumping but thats a mess...make sure you think about it 1st I've been tryin since I was 8yr. old and I'm still not dead and the pills they make you really sick so try to keep them down......I'm going to take more rat poison now hopefully it will speed up the processs and I'll die this week yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayayyayaya

good bye internet....shelly
05 Apr 2007 Kelli D Hey guys its me again Kitty. Ive decided to change the name i write under cos so many people are using it. Anyway I guess good things dont always last. Me and the guy i met of her broke up but we are still realy good friends. My mates are always there for me and I got a new boyfriend. It looks perfect doesnt it. Well its not. All I've had since I started dating my boyfried is "He's going to cheat on you" or "He's watching other girls do dirty things on thier webcams." Its been said so many times that I've began to believe it. I dont trust him anymore because other people who dont know him or me are saying things. Ive started accusing him of doing stuff I no in my heart he hasnt but my head wont believe him. We argue all the time and hardly see each other. Its hell. I jsut want it all to end. As soon as I find my little bit of happiness something fucks it up. Is this how God wants us to be unhappy. Why cant I be happy? I see couples walking down the street and just wish it was me. I'm not allowed to be happy while I'm alive I know that now. Maybe I should end it all tonight. Maybe I will be happier in death. I no that suicide is a sin and I will go to hell for it, but can hell be anyworse then wat I'm going through now? I cant trust him. You cant have a relationship without trust. I dont wanna lose him I love him but how can I when theres doubts in my head.
If anyone can help me please please contact me. I hope your stronger then I am.
Love you all
Kelli x x
05 Apr 2007 will snow Mouchette LOVES me :P
05 Apr 2007 koen hi, i'm just mailing to say one thing.
it never was the intention of the creator of the website to convince people to kill themselves... if you (the people who blame the creator for convincing) think about it (why create such a website), you'll realise that it wasn't the intention... this is just a site where you can post you're problems, and to get help (it really helps sometimes, believe me) without being judged. although some get judged... all the people who go trough what they're going through, find it mostly hard to talk about, that's why mouchette created this site. it's a sensitive subject, and it's also hard to bring this up, and what's the best way to bring this up? yes, she did use the right line to provoke responses. don't blame her, but try to understand...
04 Apr 2007 Springs selcourt hell Ben u r a gud guy, i hear u out. Im a 15 yr old girl frm a christian home. I hav no reason 4 my twistd mind, iv neva been teasd abused nothin ppl used 2 lyk me i jst always hd a luv 4 hurtin myself i scratchd blud outa myself since da age of 5 de very 1st tym i tryd 2 kil myself was wen i was 7, nw 8yrs lata its stil in my mind. i rememba even beggin god 2 kill me im guna do it on sunday ben. Sory

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