Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Jul 2007   Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.
10 Jul 2007 asdf i tried jumping from my window. It didn't work so i tried taking pills. that didn't work either. Im sick of this i want to die. No one cares about me. Im trying a new thing putting pills and alcohol together.
10 Jul 2007 Maureen Oh my God, Aren't you all just pathetic...shut up and do it!
10 Jul 2007 emma kelly obviously the best way to kill yourself is to insert a large black (as this is the colour of death) umbrella into your mouth and push as far as you can down your throat. once inside you open the umbrella and feel the spokes of death puncture your organs. your blood will spray in all directions so make sure you do this in a small white bathroom for a dramatic effect. do this and you will surely not see your 13th birthday and die
09 Jul 2007 kaila I dont want to make myself sound anymore pathedic than i feel, but i am too, severly suicidal. I have nothing... to much, to complain about in my life. Except for the fact i live every moment wondering if i'll still be here tomorrow, and if not, how will it end?
In the past year ive gone down to one somewhat ok friend. That meaning even if i were to talk to someone, i wouldnt have anyone to talk to. Though thats not a real huge issue, only because i have no intrest into talking to my "friend(s)", parents, or a theropist. Dont tell me its not true because i know that, but i would almost feel as if they would think i was doing it for the attention. And feeling anymore jugde than i am now, i wouldnt be able to take it.
My life since 4th grade until now, 10th grade, has just been getting worse. Ive read the internet pages, and they say depression and suicidal thoughts go away. Its been 6 years already, and yes i know all teens get it, or whatever. But for me it isnt just about saying "i hate my life" or "i wish i was never born" No, i dont say anything at all. Although i cant say i dont try to make it completly unobvious, because i once in a while will, hoping for someone to just give me the help with out me asking first. And i dont just say im suicidal because i think about committing it. I have tried. Too much. And everytime i try a little harder because everyday it gets a little more painful. Im scared of myself. And for the first time, i'm saying that.
08 Jul 2007 The Bitter End. This site's gone right the fuck downhill in the last year. There are less and less suicide 'promises' which later turn out to be a pile of shit; surprise, surprise. Mouchette's less discerning about her editing. There was a time when you considered yourself lucky to see your name plastered up here in red or black for all the world to see. But now.. now, it's just a mouthpiece for the untrained masses. An outlet for those who can't command attention in the public sphere.

I'll make myself heard, even if no one listens.
08 Jul 2007 freak show join the circus.
do the trapeze. i think thats what u call it. when u get way out there let go and do a swan dive in to the crowd.
for a little spice sing a song. one of my favorites is he's got the whole world in his hands.
you know the one right.
08 Jul 2007   Mouchette hasn't updated this site for a few days. I miss her.
08 Jul 2007 lax jump of a builing
07 Jul 2007 alex N hey, i really wanna die, i feel that this is the end of my life and i just dont see the point in going on, i mean, it only gets worse, i am 16 and i have already tried 2 kill myself 18 times, even 90 aspirin didnt work, a few months ago i was diognosed with server clinical depression, i am on prozac but that doesnt help at all. i just wanna die. can someone give me some tips. i wanna know what the best way 2 slit ur wrists is, or how does antifreeze kill you, is it painfull. i live in plymouth uk, so it is pretty impossible for me to get a gun. im stuck on the edege of this ball and chain, and im on my way back DOWN, Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach.
this is the end for me, the only think thats keeping me here is a girl who i really love, but she will never feel the same. im on the edge of breaking and i just want to die, to end it all. goodbye to me............and my life
07 Jul 2007 tap I often think about this.dont kill yourself please. thats so wrong. and its not fair to your familiy who wil be terribly depressed.
07 Jul 2007 y2n77794 Hi! PipZ! Im a 15 yrs old nd im sick of my life so i just want 2 die...
Seems so simple but its not...
ThiS NIgHT Im hOpinG thAt I Can Kill myself w/ a Knife....
Stab MYself At The Heart...
Make It Fast aNd As If It Doesn't hurt....
ConTroL My StaTE Of MynD...
And Dat's IT!
I Tried nd StiL Im Trying....
07 Jul 2007 killdude69 (This only works if you have depression.)
Think of your past, wish it was as happy as it used to be. But then try to realize, that you can't change it. You will think that thought for a few days maybe. Then you will realize, you have nothing to live for. Then you will definetly be determined to end your miserable, pathetic life.

When you are convinced to kill yourself, go to a distant place (you don't want anybody to feel guilty, or atleast I wouldn't) and commit some srimes steal a few things(you wont have to pay for it), make sure you get a gun. Then, gently press it to your temple, and pull the trigger.

Oh, and if you were wondering, my email is a valid address, it's real, not fake.
06 Jul 2007 cami are u people crazy?maybe this website is good and bad at the same the fuck can u take life so easy...there are people here who really need a helping hand just to tell them that they can do it....and not to think about crazy shit.and u people that mock the problems of others, maybe it doesnt seem so big to u but for them are the worst...try and have some simpathy, u know death and killing yourself is not a joke...try to remember that and try thinking that the person u might encougare to kill him or her self might be your brother, father, sister or mother...or maybe one of your best friends for whom u r so fucking busy to help...stop being so hypocrits and start giving some good advice.
for whom ever has the need to talk to somebody and have no one to turn to...i will be here...try talking to me...maybe we can work things out somehow, life is given to be lived ..not for us to take it away...
my adress is
hope i can help u
06 Jul 2007 Eve All you people are absolutely crazy! Have you lost your minds getting on here and helping children commit suicide....All of you have impacted the lives of others so much - how selfish of you to sit back and think about only yourself in taking that away! Every single one of you are on this Earth for a reason, a purpose, even if you do not know what it is yet! God does answer prayers, in His time, not ours - and He also knows what each and every one of you can handle and would never put more on you than you could carry .... As I sit here and read some of what you have written, a part of me is very sad because some of you have been through so much, a part of me is mad because some of you are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong and helping a child take their life is wrong, and a part of me is shocked that a website of this nature even exists - I stumbled upon on it on accident looking up lyrics for a song that has just hit the radio ---- I don't know whether I'm here for a reason, writing this so someone will see it and it might chnage their mind or if its pointless and some of you wont think twice about what I've said here. Out there, somewhere, somebody loves each and every one of you, even if it doesn't feel like it, and the consequences of ya'lls actions affects more people than ya'll think. Before you do something stupid, talk to God, and really wait for Him to answer, because He might be talking back, even if it is not what you want or expect Him to say!!!
05 Jul 2007 A-Town Just fucking shoot yourself. Timeless classic.
05 Jul 2007 ada well, as i am planning to kill myself soon as well, i'm not gonna say a bunch of shit. i think the easiest way would be to jump or pop pills.
05 Jul 2007 The Executioner I would suggest that the person ingest around 75+ml of Anti-freeze. Anti-Freeze is a very sweet substance but very toxic so it would be easy to kill yourself with it. Another good suggestion is the classic weapon approach. Most weapons such as knives and pistols don't pack enough punch however, so if you do decide to kill yourself with a gun make sure that it is 7mm or above and that you put the barrel to the temple of the head pointed towards the center. Shots through the mouth rarely work. Finally the top option that one could take would be motor suicide as this question was for kids under 13 I will say that you take your parents car find a long stretch of highway push the gas petal to the floor and don't let up. This works best if you take a knife and make an slice in the airbag so as to have a clean view to be thrown from the vehichle. Best of luck on having the worst of luck, and have a happy rest of your life however long that maybe. Don't forget to leave a suicide note so no one gets blamed for your death. You may now die!
05 Jul 2007 Thorsten A Mouse on the skyscraper

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