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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jul 2007 Rene Hey, if you are here maybe you feel there are no more chances or life is too hard and you can't go on, don't think I'm tryng to judge you, but think of me as a friend, if you feel that you want to talk or you want to find some help please count on me. We can talk about anything and write me anytime, just remember we can try to get out of that situation no matter how hard it is or we can be friend and if you don't want to talk about that right now. Rene
20 Jul 2007 nciole

sort it out!!!!!!
19 Jul 2007 Jori ok people listen commting suicide is NOT selfish its just dumb i understand people that want to do it but its ur life do what u want to liosten my dads brother commiteed suicide when my dad was 15 his brother went to his room layed on the bed found his dads gun put a pillow over his head and shot himself in the head i dont control u but think twice im only 12 but trust me its not worth it hopefully u will take my advice please i love u all and hope god blesses u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 Jul 2007   Hello, I am new to this site. I just wanted to tell you my story. It's not a suicide story, but a story of my life and the ups and down's of it. You see I am a british pakistani muslim who has been brought up in england. Ever since i was young i have experienced some sort of racism, i remember in year 3 a guy taunting me and shouting "did you fall into a mud puddle you dirty thing". As i grew older and moved onto secondary school, the racism grew and i started to get bullied. I hated every minute of school and was very angry and upset person inside. I was then molested at 12 by my 40 year old cousin. my parents were very strict with me being muslim and didnt let me go out much or have a boyfriend. I felt like the most ugliest person alive and my only friend stopped talking to me and i was all alone. I remember sitting in the toilets at lunchtimes because i had noone to hang out with, i felt like such a looser. thats when i started feeling suicidal, i really really wanted to die. the thing was i just wanted to dissapear, poof, but just not go through the whole process of suicidal; i guess i was just scared. anyways i then went into year 10 where things started to get better, they werent great but just better then they were before. i got a boyfriend but then my parents found out and went crazy at me. i got beaten up, and they still hate me for that now. i finally started to get a bit more confident when i was in 6 form, but the thing was i couldnt completely be happy as i was still in the same enviroment and around the same people as i was when i was depressed and suicidal. i came out with brilliant a levels (well for me ABB) and i am now studying pharmacy at uni. when i went to uni, it was great because it was like starting fresh again, i could be who i wanted to be. at uni i have started to use drugs, it first started off with just cannabis smoking, which lead on to ecstacy and mdma, and then coke and mushrooms and ketamin. i know that drugs shouldn't be the answer, but the drugs have let a part of ME come out. its a me who is amazing and strong and lovely (sorry if i sound pathetic). i know i will never be able to be myself around my parents because to them religion comes first before children and i have been threateened to be disowned. i dont want to loose my family so i keep as good as i can, but my parents still manage to find flaws in me. when i went to university i found out that a lot of my friends had insecurities. one of the most popular and amazing guy at uni, i recently found out self harm. my bestest friend in the world who i found at uni self harmed and was suicidal, i look at her scars and my brain goes into shoked mode. the thing that i have learnt from my life is that, life in general revolves around people and interactions, and thats what keeps us all going. if you are suicidal, then it could be a combination of enviroment and possibly a mental illness such as depression. 13 is too young to be thinking of killing yourself, and that was around the age i wanted to kill myself. But i look back and i do think that if i had ever gone through with it then i wouldn't have found myself. the advice i can give you is just change your environment; change schools, start fresh, when you start fresh you can be whoever you want to be. drugs are bad, but good at the same time. ecstasy, coke and mushrooms (however never take mushrooms when you are depressed) have opened up my mind and made me see things in a different way, which is much more healthier. in all honesty when people say shit makes you stronger, it does but then it doesnt, infact sometimes it makes me weaker. but i just hope that one day i will be rescued. when i look back i didnt TRULY want to commit suicide, i just wanted attention. i wanted to scream at the top of my voice to everyone "YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! I AM A PERSON TOO! WHY DON'T YOU PAY ME ANY GOOD ATTENTION, WHY DON'T YOU TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!"
looking back, i do feel like a completely different person. Suicide is never the answer.
19 Jul 2007 Voldemort don't kill yourself until the final Harry Potter book comes out.
18 Jul 2007 live this site makes me sick to my stomache. grow up and live you life folks
18 Jul 2007 chris shot your self in the head
17 Jul 2007   you dont know shit do ya? you think you know what its like to suffer while you come on here typing about people caring about me and how they will miss me? you stupid fuck. no one gives a shit about me. including you and your lip service. i got real mutha fuckin problems. and no conversation with you or any highly qualified professional is going to warm my heart.
17 Jul 2007 shane kenny i dont think you should..
i have wanted to die for about 10 yrs now
i remember occasionally when life got fun or gf of 2 yrs left me 4 my ex best friend,my parents havent got meor even helped me get a car or job
man i could go on for ages but you probably wouldnt want to hear about it
17 Jul 2007 Josh soooo...i stumbled across here because i google searched "best suicide method." i cannot believe that people say that suicide is selfish in a bad way. first of all, no fucking shit. secondly, it an individuals prerogative. lastly, if people only lived life for the sake of other people, what would be the point in living. and how can people assume that they know what this persons going through? if your so self-righteous you shouldnt even be giving advice to people. at least have a little bit of empathy. well at least most of your incentives' are good...but if your going to give advice, have more decency with your responses.
16 Jul 2007 Gabriel To all those people who want to commit suicide at the age of 13, do it.You're better off, I would have been. I was a victim of child abuse, was neglected, beaten the crap out of and eventually fucked by my " dear" older brother for the hole duration of my childhood. The worst thing about it is that not even my mom believed me when I told her, I still don't know why I thought that would help.I'm 22 now, never had any friends, I was always alone, quit High School in the 3rd year beacuse I could not take the other durtbag kids laughing at me. I am 22, no friends, just another anonymous face in the crowd,everything I try seems to turn to shit. The one thing I like is Winter, always felt that the cold was somehow comforting. It comforts me the fact that I wont live to see 23. I already have a bottle of sleeping pills, that combined whit the cold should make an easy way out.
16 Jul 2007 Kim I know how everyone feels on this site..I tried to kill myself severaltimes. My mom just killed herself 3days ago by shooting herself in the mouth, and I really just feel like doing the same. But I have a 19 month old son and I'm really trying tohold on for him..but my mommy was my best friend and its SO hard to live without her..If anyone even knew half of how i felt rite now u probally would appreciate ur moms alot more..
16 Jul 2007 kim1122 Sleepless Night

When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
it seems like nothing is going right.
I toss and turn and think about my future,
wondering if my dream will ever come true.

My tears start to roll,
weeping quietly as I hold my pillow.
Many sleepless nights I've prayed,
hoping for God's touch from heaven above.

Tears drop like falling rain,
Still holding my pillow to ease the pain.
Holding my love deep in my heart,
wondering why I fell apart.

Who will be the one to dry my tears,
who will chase away my fears?
Needing GodÂ’s love was like a guiding light,
that kept me safe all day and night.

Without Him in my life,
I'm scared, I'm lost, nothing is right.
Still having sleepless night,
wanting to hold someone so tight.

I sit here and I start to cry,
since the day is coming to say good-bye.
Fighting to keep my hope alive so much
you just don't know. The hours I've cried
feel like days, the days feel like years.

As I bury my face in the pillow,
and cry my heart out and grieve,
I tell myself, never again will I cry!

Buried six feet underground emotionally,
for all the love to work on and help I thought I found.
Sleepless night will end only if i can find my way
through the twisted path that leads directly to losing faith.
16 Jul 2007 fang75 TO JUSTKILLME: I am kind of kinky. I would not mind having a girlfriend like that unless she is real fat and/or real ugly. I think you have it pretty good. email me and maybe we can work something out.
16 Jul 2007 Anonymous I am 43 and I want to die. I am a christian and I know that I will face Hell and that still doesn't deter me. I believe that Hell can be no worse than what I have been through on this planet. Some people don't undestand the deep,hollow,empty,tired,lonely and unending feeling of wanting to die due to the life you have to live. Some people have great lives,with rich parents who give them everything and they get to go to college and become whatever it is they want to be because their potential was not stunted by abuse. I was raped by my grandfather at 8 and my mother passed us kids around to relatives and then foster homes for a few years because she wanted to party. I kept running away form children's homes because I hated the abuse I got there. A judge ordered my mother to take care of me because she was financialy able. My dad split when she was pregnant with me. My mother kept me awake all night,drugged me with her psychotic meds and wrapped me in a blanket and told the doctors wierd stuff like masturbate in public. the locked me in the dungeon of horror from 10 to 13, then I went back to live with my mother again and she began to prostitute me out to old horny men. My brother was abusive beyone all comprehension and he joined in on the raping me. I still to this day do not speak to him. My mother forced me to marry a 27 yr. old man who raped and beat me for 3 years. I left him when my older sister died of a brain anneurism. It was the worst pain of all. Did I mention my mother used to lock me in closets and go away for days at a time when I was a kid? After my sister died at 19 and I was 17 I came home to find my x husband in bed with another man. Then I left him , and went to the city where my mom lived>still wanting her love, she then told me I was only worth my looks and when they were gone I wasn't worth anything. She told me to become a prostitute adn I did. I got busted when I was 19 and I tried to kill myself with an overdose of xanax, flexiril, valium, weed and jack daniels whiskey. I made the mistake of calling a my best friend to tell her that a key to my condo was under the mat and I passed out on the phone in my hotel room. She called the police and they came and busted the door in, found me naked and all the drug bottles and the weed, charging me with posession.I ended up in the hospital, getting my stomach pumped and then sent to another mental hospital in shackles. I still had to go to court and face everyone and I was so embarrased. I went through two terrible marriages that were violently abusive and several boyfriends that cheated and lied and broke my heart. I tried lesbainism and that sucked, the girl was bipolar and tried to kill me. Although I did end up being semi successful as a nurse and hospital administrator, I had a nervous breakdown at the age of 38 and could no longer work and now I am on social secrurity, grieving the loss of my family (I gave up on them ever loving me) and I now live off near nothing a month, I cry at the drop of a hat and feel sad and lonely every day. My boyfriend is 29 and he was molested when he was young so he is emotionally unavailable as he stays on video games and the computer all the time. I am tired of being lonely. I am tired of being hurt. I am tired of not being noticed and trying to compete with video games and the computer all the time. Today I told him I wanted to kill myself except I have a cat to care for. He went wild, yelling and slamming doors and said he couldn't believe I was just living for my cat and not him. I will end this by saying that life is hard, at best. People will always dissapoint you and if I knew a way to kill myself easily, quickly and painlessly I would do it today. I found this site today because I was looking for a way. Life will always suck. Look at what they did to Jesus! He never hurt anyone or anything and they just hung him on the cross with nine inch nails. Again, I am a 43 yr. old woman and I have wanted to die since I can remember. I am just too much of a woosie to do it again. but...I am getting closer to doing it, my cat is 19 yrs old. I'm waiting. Good luck , I don't know if this will help or not. I do understand what is like to want to die and to feel so tired of life you don't want life anymore.
16 Jul 2007 marynouchka sauter de la fenetre
16 Jul 2007 Silverwing Ok, Right now, the woman I love is wanting to end her life. I have spent the last 4 hours off and on trying to talk her out of it. She found this site, and it has helped make her decide against it. She is the only thing in this world that makes me want to stay in this world at all. Im 27 years old, and I have already been to war for the US, even though that wasnt our role in Bosnia. I have seen horrors and had to commit horror's alike. But what drives me to keep wanting to go on is her. She is the love of my life and ill give everything for her. It took me this long to find her and I wont let her go. Please, beleive in the fact that there is someone out there that loves you, even if you haven't met them yet. I had nearly given up all hope till this year. Then we met, and i haven't wanted for anything else than to have her with me.

So if you see this site and think of suicide, please reconsider. Take it from a man who nearly gave up his own life. Life does get so much better and you will find someone who will love you for you.
15 Jul 2007 Melinda To: Alex
Don't take your life. God only gave you one time around. Use it to help other people. When you help others, you help yourself feel better. I am 40 years old and deal with depression every day of my life. I have though of suicide as well. It's not that we actually want to die, we want the pain and the depression to go away. I believe in God and I know that if I take my own life I will end up in Hell. Why don't you read the book 28 minutes in hell. People have to deal with different illnesses in their lifetime, ours is depression. It's hard to make someone understand what we're going through unless they have gone through it themselves. Don't give up. You are too young to waste your life. Find a church and go to it. Heck, don't wait for the church doors to open. Fall on your knees, where you are, and cry to God to help you. He will hear you when you pray earnestly. Know that he loves you and know that even though I don't know you, I care about you and don't want you to do anything to hurt yourself.
15 Jul 2007 SizzerZ Guys... there is no reason to kill yourself under thirteen. If the world is screwing you over, screw the world. I went through the whole suicide thing and i found that after i stopped thinking about it and learnt to move on it got so much easier. why kill yourself so young?!
15 Jul 2007 anonymous i'm 30 & i've bin obsessed with suicide scince i waz 10!
I tried swallowing every chemicaly perscribed pill in the house (not knowing what they were) that didn't work all that happened waz that i just went a little funny in the head. i found my comfort zone in grave yards.
My mother never noticed there were 5 kids 2 take care of people just thought i was weird & tossed me aside 99.9% of the time.
I tried swallowing rat poison when i was 15 it was a wet white powder form i rolled up in tiny balls & swallowed it has no taste my father was a pest controller.
All i remember of swallowing that poison was feeling incredibly drunk & trying 2 drink tea then all of a sudden i'm in a hospital bed being wheeled into a room so that didn't work either i felt no pain but i was saved, that pissed me off.
I tried alcohol poisoning at 16 & that didn't work! sniffing petrol at 17 & that didn't work.
I never stopped wanting 2 die I've bin depressed my whole life!
from age 22 - 30 my mum died & i broke up with my boyfriend, i tried 150 Ziabams (or how eva ya spell it) & a whole bottle of vodca.
I ended up drenced in a puddle of my own vomit & chocking 4 air & a suicide note i couldn't even read it was so wobbly my pen barely touched the paper when i was high.
I made 2 attemps of slashing my wrists after another two relationship breakups, 1st one left scars but wasn't that deep but the last & final time i felt it like an electric shock & ended up in hospital 4 a night, lack of sleep & shrinks comming 2 my door every day.
i'm lucky i didn't do any nerve damage but for a while my two middle fingers on the surface were numb so needless 2 say that didn't work either after 30 years & all that hate, rage & suffering i'm alive 2 tell those that want 2 kill themselves that it's probably not going 2 work & nobody cares anyway i'm normal looking i have a normal job & a normal education nobody suspects a thing i could be your check out chick at the grocery store or good looking nextdoor neighbour with the awesome car the world is full of ghosts of the past and it's frightening but if ur thinking of killing yourself make sure u give urself time first don't end up like me, single, alone, angry & closed up.

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