Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Jul 2007 Silverwing Ok, Right now, the woman I love is wanting to end her life. I have spent the last 4 hours off and on trying to talk her out of it. She found this site, and it has helped make her decide against it. She is the only thing in this world that makes me want to stay in this world at all. Im 27 years old, and I have already been to war for the US, even though that wasnt our role in Bosnia. I have seen horrors and had to commit horror's alike. But what drives me to keep wanting to go on is her. She is the love of my life and ill give everything for her. It took me this long to find her and I wont let her go. Please, beleive in the fact that there is someone out there that loves you, even if you haven't met them yet. I had nearly given up all hope till this year. Then we met, and i haven't wanted for anything else than to have her with me.

So if you see this site and think of suicide, please reconsider. Take it from a man who nearly gave up his own life. Life does get so much better and you will find someone who will love you for you.
15 Jul 2007 Melinda To: Alex
Don't take your life. God only gave you one time around. Use it to help other people. When you help others, you help yourself feel better. I am 40 years old and deal with depression every day of my life. I have though of suicide as well. It's not that we actually want to die, we want the pain and the depression to go away. I believe in God and I know that if I take my own life I will end up in Hell. Why don't you read the book 28 minutes in hell. People have to deal with different illnesses in their lifetime, ours is depression. It's hard to make someone understand what we're going through unless they have gone through it themselves. Don't give up. You are too young to waste your life. Find a church and go to it. Heck, don't wait for the church doors to open. Fall on your knees, where you are, and cry to God to help you. He will hear you when you pray earnestly. Know that he loves you and know that even though I don't know you, I care about you and don't want you to do anything to hurt yourself.
15 Jul 2007 SizzerZ Guys... there is no reason to kill yourself under thirteen. If the world is screwing you over, screw the world. I went through the whole suicide thing and i found that after i stopped thinking about it and learnt to move on it got so much easier. why kill yourself so young?!
15 Jul 2007 anonymous i'm 30 & i've bin obsessed with suicide scince i waz 10!
I tried swallowing every chemicaly perscribed pill in the house (not knowing what they were) that didn't work all that happened waz that i just went a little funny in the head. i found my comfort zone in grave yards.
My mother never noticed there were 5 kids 2 take care of people just thought i was weird & tossed me aside 99.9% of the time.
I tried swallowing rat poison when i was 15 it was a wet white powder form i rolled up in tiny balls & swallowed it has no taste my father was a pest controller.
All i remember of swallowing that poison was feeling incredibly drunk & trying 2 drink tea then all of a sudden i'm in a hospital bed being wheeled into a room so that didn't work either i felt no pain but i was saved, that pissed me off.
I tried alcohol poisoning at 16 & that didn't work! sniffing petrol at 17 & that didn't work.
I never stopped wanting 2 die I've bin depressed my whole life!
from age 22 - 30 my mum died & i broke up with my boyfriend, i tried 150 Ziabams (or how eva ya spell it) & a whole bottle of vodca.
I ended up drenced in a puddle of my own vomit & chocking 4 air & a suicide note i couldn't even read it was so wobbly my pen barely touched the paper when i was high.
I made 2 attemps of slashing my wrists after another two relationship breakups, 1st one left scars but wasn't that deep but the last & final time i felt it like an electric shock & ended up in hospital 4 a night, lack of sleep & shrinks comming 2 my door every day.
i'm lucky i didn't do any nerve damage but for a while my two middle fingers on the surface were numb so needless 2 say that didn't work either after 30 years & all that hate, rage & suffering i'm alive 2 tell those that want 2 kill themselves that it's probably not going 2 work & nobody cares anyway i'm normal looking i have a normal job & a normal education nobody suspects a thing i could be your check out chick at the grocery store or good looking nextdoor neighbour with the awesome car the world is full of ghosts of the past and it's frightening but if ur thinking of killing yourself make sure u give urself time first don't end up like me, single, alone, angry & closed up.
14 Jul 2007 hans Life has no meaning.i have seen darkness.i can say I have been to hell and back.Why should I live when there is no love for me?I must go to the other world maybe I will be happy there
14 Jul 2007 nick This is no place for the living. God exists but not "here." Do not allow this world of illusion to fool you into thinking you are something you are not. You are not a body. You are light. Don't you think if this "God" that others talk about exists, he would have helped you out by now. Or does he enjoy watching you suffer? Maybe he is busy? I tell you he is not involved with nightmares that torture his children. That is all that this "world" is. He is waiting for you to wake up. Do not fear. You are safe in him as you have always been. You are only in a type of sleep. If you are one of us who lives forever, nothing can harm you and you can never die.(I'm not talking about your "body" that you dream you are so attached too) I promise, you will wake up and you will never have to sleep again. Haven't you ever had a dream so real you were sure at the time it was real? That is all this is! Don't let it fool you!
14 Jul 2007 -Black rose- "I highly reccomend pissing yourself, followed by a course of praying to your impotent god." Afterwards, I say that you Just slit your wrists like a plain old emo, have another person gauge out your eyes, and another rip out your heart. You'll die sooner or later..more painfully than not. -The Black Rose Alchemist-
13 Jul 2007   U still have not posted my post i submitted on july 8th about cutting?? this site is bull shit if u dont
13 Jul 2007 Kunst jumping from Building
12 Jul 2007 bee my darling, do not play that way - you have yet to feel the best of life.
12 Jul 2007   this site is my home, the only place where I can fit in. If it were shut down, i'd kill myself immediately.
12 Jul 2007 G. Callie F. Walk through cougar country covered in cow blood, crawl into every cave and snake den you find, throw knives high up and run beneath them without looking up, stroll through the worst part of the city at midnight, hold an umbrella during a thunder storm, wander into the wilderness and stare at the sun until it doesn't hurt anymore, play cops and robbers with real cops, play cowboys and Indians with real Indians
12 Jul 2007 Rebecca (Rhoda) Look, ths is the most ridiculous thing you could ever do. You leave behind your folks, people who really love & care for you. Remember YOU are bigger than your problem, not the other way around. Always be positive, it's easier said than done but would you rather leave heart broken family behind or one day when you look back at this - you are going to think what a fool you have been for considering it. live your life to the fullest & meet amazing people and friends. Don't forget there is someone out there thinking of you, praying for you and LOVING YOU! God is.
12 Jul 2007 sandra i havent tried, but i am possibly on the brink of losing my mind. windex? or clorox? i hate my life. my mom brought me all the way here, making me leave my whole life behind.
one day, one day i WILL lose my mind.
12 Jul 2007 ferdaous lorsqu'il sent qu'il n'est pas accepté, rejeté par son entourage
11 Jul 2007 Xena dont do it your life is something you should not take, have faith and believe in yourself, you will grow and become strong, you will face alot of problems life isnt easy but suicide isnt the answer. long.
11 Jul 2007 Helper Talking to your friends (true friends, I mean); they can make you happy, at least temporarily out of the suicidal mode.
11 Jul 2007 kim1122 I'm a poet with a mental block...
my words written down on paper tend to hide behind the lines
where they are, my words i can not find!
maybe the wind took them away
what's to write now?
what's to say?

All my loves in words were they!
now they faded like the leaves from a tree in autumn,
not the same ones grow back and
there's no memory for the tree to remember them in spring!

They faded with my memory for my words taken away
by a mental block in my in lines written words and now
i've got nothing to hide! !

Miserable girl that i am! !
I'm a poet with a mental block!

We may all feel like this at some point. No one is safe from it.
11 Jul 2007 silver sparxxx the best way you could kill your self whould be to have a drug overdose. drugs must be widely available in the US and i know your only 13 and under (mostly) but this was the best solution i could come up with coz jumping out of a window or some shit like that definetly does not work. neither does walking in front of cars on a highway. it just hurts so much more.

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