Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Aug 2007 nicole dnt, honestly it dusnt help ne thin
solve ur probs thers nothin u cnt solve
u weird weird kid..
01 Aug 2007 dana if you want to die at 13 God bless you because your heart is already dead at such a youg age.please reconsider?
i am 39, and grew up an only spoiled rich kid. parents split when i was 16, remarried my mom screwed my bf at the time and i now have a brother from that.
my father never speaks to me, and lives 5 miles up the road.
i have ocd and now i know when i was 8 and afraid to sleep, and had weird thoughts and feelings, i wasnt crazy like dad said i just had mental issues and they have mutated into some form of malignant craziness.i have a great bf, who has taught me to love myself, even tho my parents still, old as they are, kick me down every chance they get and focus only on their new kids and could care less about me or my kids,their grandkids...
life is tough, i have lived in cars, moved 35 times since 18, and now at 39 live in a beat up trailer with holes in the floor, and am on ssi because i cant cope with the public.the rest of my family is rich,but they would not buy me a band aide if i was bleedin.i just dont care anymore..

but you know what? i dint wanna die. i love my home and my life, i love my family even tho they dont really give 2 shits about me. im a black sheep never got the college the rest of the family got.dont want it. im learning to be happy every day with what i have and i know in the future with Gods help and some luck ill be just fine. and you will be too. anyone can die it isnt an accomplishment,living is a true quest.
31 Jul 2007 anon i have been suicidal for some time now,nothing is goin right in my life,i lost my family in a house fire,and hen things strtd 2 get bak on track i met a girl i was mad about,we woz together for a yr,i woz thinkin o proposin 2 her wen she decided to have an affair,i am in massive debt tht i cnt seem to get out of,i have no1 2 talk to and im just sik of life,i wil b ded soon
30 Jul 2007 Anthony Shoot urself in da hed u wont feel nething and death will come quickly
29 Jul 2007 jenn F I am going on 34!!I have had a hard life!!When my mom concieved me she was told for sake of her health to abort me!!Obviously she did not!!growing up her family use to say"you little bastard you deserve to be shot and pissed on!!" Never knew why until 5 years ago when my dad expalined she was suggested to have an abortion!!This was explained to me just after my mom died 5years ago!!My life with her was not easy she was mentally and emoyionally abusive!!See she was abused in sme manner by her mom so she didnt know different either!!Her brother sexually abused when I was 4!!I told her but she decided her family was more important than my safty!!his sexual abuse didnt end until i was 14years old!!In school i had no friends!!No guys liked me cuz Im a dog!!I have ADD so i struggled with school but was just told I was stupid!!Wasnt diagnosed with ADD until I was 27!!My mom had a spinal disease that I have as well and have pain everyday,every moment!!My spine will fuse together at 60 or 65!!When it does physical pain will end but maybe disformed back!!I had to look after my mom when I was in high school and hardly ever made it there!i got married to a man that is from a christian family but he is mentally,and financially and emotionally abusive!!I have been stuck for 13 years and cant escape!!Everyone just says leave but not that easy!I can go but without money and my two sons!!he uses my past growing up against me!!My name is on the deed to house but I have no say!He knows I have no education so I cant support the boys and not forget my health!He has ay opver everything!!Im known as stupid bitch!!I had to ask for a dollar for a coffee and he decide if I was worth it!!I have to watch what he wants even though I pay the cable!I work at a grocery store getting minimum wage!!He sits home when Im at work and does nothing!!granted he works and his work day ends at 1:30pm but he will sit in his recliner from the time he comes in the door to 11pm!!Boys are lucky if they get supper!!he leaves dishes for me,laundry-all house hold chores mine cuz it is womans work!!He handles the money and paying of bills but things dont get paid!!he will hand $20 over to feed t4 people for groceries for two weeks!!I have ran my credit up just to buy foood,clothing for boys,and heat house in winter!!I end up sleeping on the couch,getting up every hour and half to put wood on the woodstove for warmth!!He wont carry wood in so I have too!!Everything I seem to touch goes wrong!!Even having children diddidnt go to well!I was soo sick with both kids and strict bed rest!!Oldest chil almost died as baby due to a stomache problem youngest followed with samething!!I just wish somewhere along the line id find happiness!!I cant leave him,I have no where to go!Yeah shelters but I cant care for the boys with my health!!I am truly a loser!!I remember a sign in grade 7,it read....I KNOW IM SOMEBODY CUZ GOD DONT MAKE JUNK!!"Id stare at it and go yes hes does im living proof!!I swear my im alive to prove that if there is a good he has me as a joke!!I want happiness!!I wouldlove financial freedom(not to be rich just to have bills paid and know my boys can have some experiences)I want to be loved!!I attempted suicide many times in high school!!Shows you how much of a loser I am cuz I couldnt even kill myself right!!Tried to over dose but just ended up puking and sick!!I have thought many times of just speeding my car up on way home and nailing a pole!!I dont because I worry about my boys!!My pain is becoming so strong I dont know how much longer I can go!!Lately my emotional pain is stronger!!I try to talk to my dad but he trows out how well my brother is doing!!I asked my mom if my brother was her favourite!!She replied of course he holds a dear spot to my heart he is my first born!!Why didnt they just stop at him!!They would have had it all,her perfect child,and her health and life!!when will I dont dream anymore!!I dont pray because I have lost a belief in god!!heaven and hell!!My life has been hell canit really be worsewhen im dead!!????
28 Jul 2007 reverse mortality. i feel as though i am growing old watching everyone else living a good life. a life that getting up in the morning is desirable.
i feel like i fallen thru the cracks of socioty. like socioty is burdened with my ability to breathe. i am in a bubble. you cant hear me scream and the hole i have fallen into is so deep echos would distort my cries for help. this world, socioty, isnt for me. not anymore.
when my family ousted me as a young child i lived as a wild dog in the deep Forest. i remember the day i went feral. it is almost a revelation to become as a wild animal.
you become free in a whole new way. to be wild means you would rather starve being free than be well fed in captivity. to be wild means no cop can take you to jail. being wild means you are not afraid to die.
a older wiser friend of mine spoke once to me about the worst kind of dog is one that has gone wild because it doesn't appear to be wild. it has been around man before. and it can walk right up to, and amongst a crowd of humans and no one has a clue the nearby animal has developed a taste for fresh meat.
as i walk amongst the humans i pity them. they are slaves to this socioty. they have not had their inner beast awoken. few know what freedom is. i am a danger to socioty. but if i seek help and i tell a counselor they will lock me up. (there is no help for me.)
I'd rather starve to death.
i have had pet wolves. have you ever looked into the eyes of a wolf looking back at you. the gaze is cold, silent and piercing. penetrating thru you. as if you are not there. they are studying you. they are studying for the exam of do or die. eat or be eaten. live or die. freedom is beautiful.
my family and everyone i have ever had any association with has turned their back on me.
life has taught me many things. my life has been very hard.
have you ever used a tree root for a pillow? have you ever been blamed for a bad drug deal and had people hunt you even in your own neighborhood as you are a man eating bear? have you ever tasted the bitter flavor of rotten tomatoes inside a burger you found in a dumpster? ask yourself if your life is so unbearable you want to kill yourself? I'm not saying i went thru this you can to. maybe you are as strong as i am. but if i didn't find someone finally, that loves me i would be dead now. maybe my fate isnt completed yet. maybe my purpose in life is to be a serial slaughterer. i feel it growing in me. the desire. the one i love is teaching me well i dont know what to call it. but it soothes my inner beast. maybe one day i can have balance in my life. i wrote this to show you that no matter how bad the world is against you maybe, maybe there is hope. maybe if you live long enough you may even find love. i wont tell you its a for sure thing. maybe your fate is to be counted among those who make the suicide statistic head count. i would say i hope not but i dont care. i wrote this more for me than you. after all i am kinda like you. a walking human steak.
the Forest is calling to me.
28 Jul 2007 Sam I'm not gonna say don't do it, im 13, im heartbroke, and i feel like shit, i wanna commit suicide, because i feel its the best way to go, God hates me i think, he has given me a life of shit, so i fucking hate the cunt for it. My closest uncle commited suicide, and so did my idol, Kurt Cobain, this makes me go fourth and think "yeah, i wanna do it" i dont care what others think, my gf told me we were taking a break, and then later signed my website "im sorry to say we are not going out", how does that make me feel, some people may think "you sad cunt, my mom has died, or my dad killed himself" but that's you, this is how i feel, at the moment, i have my plans of hanging myself from my bannister, the same way my uncle did. Or overdosing on drugs, either way, i fucking hope i will die soon.
28 Jul 2007 ask if you really wanna know you should laugh your self psychodically to sleep and dream of other peoples death lol
or you should email me and have a good conversation ask me anything you want
28 Jul 2007 anonymous i am 13 and i am one tear away from suicide i hate this word, my parents, sisster (only 10 but a real bitch) and frankly myself. i looked up how to tie a nooce, COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!! i am sorry anyone that has do deal with everday life and not get through one day without crying.
27 Jul 2007 ony hey guy who want to kill them selves , why do u want to kill urselves u know everything can be solved but killing urself isn't that good answer.......i wanna tell u a story about a boy who is 16 years old .he was udopted about 20 times but every time the parents say that he is insane caz he loves collecting tooth brushes and then finally i gets udopted by a family that offered happiness. but they didn't, in every time he does just a simple mistake he gets beaten up while he was nacked until bruses and scares were all over his body and he was forced to stay nacked in winter nights for days .see he was abused for over three years and he has never thought of killing himself or even running away ,he always felt that there is a way out although he knows in deep inside him that there isn't. he is the most beautiful boy i've ever seen he is so handsome .by the way he is my best friend. anyway i hope u learn something from him and plz pray for him to have better luck and mercy from these people.
27 Jul 2007 kim1122 i cant b a part of you anymore mouchette. i have to move on. im in a part of my life where i need to b away.
im sorry there will not b any more comments on my part.

poeple who want to die, please know there is someone out there who trully love u, Jehovah loves u. count on him, not anyone else.

dead inside where ever u r, please know ur very sweet, keep holding on.


26 Jul 2007 baby slick i have a shitty involved in gangbang and shit...and to much shit starts between ma homiez and seeing them die infront of me....all ma homiez iz comin after me blamin me for that shit and im sick of life...aint no1 care about me so sum1 tell me an easy way ta erase maself
26 Jul 2007 Yuu would need to guess moo hahahahahaha Well, i'm in grade 9 now, grade 6 was THE MOST depressing year of my life, i look back into it and the past 2yrs , now i feel EVEN MORE depressed then i ever was, well lets see, gun, pills, bridge, ANYTHING at all could be possible for suicide right now, i feel SO OUTCASTED and LEFT OUT. here i am, just sittng in my room, lookin at this pistol with ONE pellet left, who is gona be killed? me, or the person who shot a hole in my heart and left with NOTHNG. times up, gone to smoke some hash =] lovees yuu world, suicide isnt that cool, it just makes yuu MORE DOWN, people talk MORE about YOU so peace mthfckrs srry x]
26 Jul 2007 Padraigh Im not under 13 qnd it does not make a difference, so best way to kill yourself....? Breath a big glass of water down your wind pipe and then do it again as fast as possible before you take notice of the fact that your dying.....good luck!!!
26 Jul 2007 king sad why are people against suicide?Let them try to put themselves in my condition and see whether there will not want to die the next minute.It is hard to live like this.Really sad and tough.we are going to die all someday,Why should I Live with this misery?I will go ahead but those who are behind are very bad.they did not help.
bye to all and try to change and help others who are in need
Sad King
26 Jul 2007 NATHALY jaja jumping to a road
25 Jul 2007 jerold steal your knifes from the kitchen cut your wrists and go jump off a bridge . okay no seriouslt don't listen to me . just eat till you die or something. or look up a solution on wikipedia.
peace out.
25 Jul 2007 jerold hihihihi. okay well i have been thinking about suicide since Febuary of this year. it was really hard with parents fighting, an abusive bf, and a lot of people in the community dying. There was so much going on and then i got kicked out of my house. I couldn't really take it anymore . So i tried many times to OD and shit like that but it never worked. I finally found relief in the littliest things. Like i had to stay here and see the movie before i die and things like that made me hold on. Slowly things started to get better in my life and i say okay with living again. Now i am back where i started with a bf who doesn't care about cheating and parents that fight constantly. This year has been super tough but please anyone thinkling about doing it leave it at just thinking. Just hold on for the littliest thing and i hold on tight because things will get better. I know i will always have these thoughts about killing myself but i try to leave them at that and surround myself with family and friends who truly care.
24 Jul 2007 just_a_guy Hi. I'm a 20 year old guy. I tried to kill myself 2 and a half years ago. Things were hard at school.. I didn't have any good friends. I had a lot of pressure from school work as well. If you want to tell me your story, I am here to listen. And I hope you will listen to mine too. I don't mind whatever age you are. Please email me. (I have MSN too.)

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