Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Jul 2007 kim1122 i cant b a part of you anymore mouchette. i have to move on. im in a part of my life where i need to b away.
im sorry there will not b any more comments on my part.

poeple who want to die, please know there is someone out there who trully love u, Jehovah loves u. count on him, not anyone else.

dead inside where ever u r, please know ur very sweet, keep holding on.


26 Jul 2007 baby slick i have a shitty involved in gangbang and shit...and to much shit starts between ma homiez and seeing them die infront of me....all ma homiez iz comin after me blamin me for that shit and im sick of life...aint no1 care about me so sum1 tell me an easy way ta erase maself
26 Jul 2007 Yuu would need to guess moo hahahahahaha Well, i'm in grade 9 now, grade 6 was THE MOST depressing year of my life, i look back into it and the past 2yrs , now i feel EVEN MORE depressed then i ever was, well lets see, gun, pills, bridge, ANYTHING at all could be possible for suicide right now, i feel SO OUTCASTED and LEFT OUT. here i am, just sittng in my room, lookin at this pistol with ONE pellet left, who is gona be killed? me, or the person who shot a hole in my heart and left with NOTHNG. times up, gone to smoke some hash =] lovees yuu world, suicide isnt that cool, it just makes yuu MORE DOWN, people talk MORE about YOU so peace mthfckrs srry x]
26 Jul 2007 Padraigh Im not under 13 qnd it does not make a difference, so best way to kill yourself....? Breath a big glass of water down your wind pipe and then do it again as fast as possible before you take notice of the fact that your dying.....good luck!!!
26 Jul 2007 king sad why are people against suicide?Let them try to put themselves in my condition and see whether there will not want to die the next minute.It is hard to live like this.Really sad and tough.we are going to die all someday,Why should I Live with this misery?I will go ahead but those who are behind are very bad.they did not help.
bye to all and try to change and help others who are in need
Sad King
26 Jul 2007 NATHALY jaja jumping to a road
25 Jul 2007 jerold steal your knifes from the kitchen cut your wrists and go jump off a bridge . okay no seriouslt don't listen to me . just eat till you die or something. or look up a solution on wikipedia.
peace out.
25 Jul 2007 jerold hihihihi. okay well i have been thinking about suicide since Febuary of this year. it was really hard with parents fighting, an abusive bf, and a lot of people in the community dying. There was so much going on and then i got kicked out of my house. I couldn't really take it anymore . So i tried many times to OD and shit like that but it never worked. I finally found relief in the littliest things. Like i had to stay here and see the movie before i die and things like that made me hold on. Slowly things started to get better in my life and i say okay with living again. Now i am back where i started with a bf who doesn't care about cheating and parents that fight constantly. This year has been super tough but please anyone thinkling about doing it leave it at just thinking. Just hold on for the littliest thing and i hold on tight because things will get better. I know i will always have these thoughts about killing myself but i try to leave them at that and surround myself with family and friends who truly care.
24 Jul 2007 just_a_guy Hi. I'm a 20 year old guy. I tried to kill myself 2 and a half years ago. Things were hard at school.. I didn't have any good friends. I had a lot of pressure from school work as well. If you want to tell me your story, I am here to listen. And I hope you will listen to mine too. I don't mind whatever age you are. Please email me. (I have MSN too.)
24 Jul 2007 Anne Titanic?
24 Jul 2007 Helping Hand My name is Dallas, I am a Pro from Lincoln NE. I'm hear to help, and I'm a good listener. If you need to talk, drop me a line.
24 Jul 2007 Judette don't you all know that you are God's children. Despite what this world ruled by Satan has done to you and what you have done to yourself. You are loved by him and though it may not seem like it he is seeking you wanting you to come and hand over everything to him. This world and the one who rules it only wants to destroy and will try every means to do so but Jesus wants you to live not only in this world but for eternity with him. Oh if you could only see the way he sees you. Even the bastards that hurt you he loves. He hates what they do and if they are not willing to turn their lives around and repent they will indeed go to hell. But he has given us all a chance to know him and be healed through and through by him. THis is the uncomprehendable love if God. It may seem impossible but that is what God is in the business of doing. I love you I don't know you whoever you are but I love you because like me you are God's creation wonderfully and uniquelly made. Please live
23 Jul 2007 Carmen Im 13 and I have tried to kill myself many,many times. Without my parents knowledge.No one knows the pain, horror and depression, so dont say how you feel about it if you have never tried it and dont know what its like to hate yourself so much that you would want to end it. So dont say its selfish, because honestly you dont know what suicidal kids are going through. But I do, I hate myself and i have been beatin up, bullied, cyber-bullied etc. I have no friends, no one talks to me, people start ridiculous rumors about me. My teachers hate me, i get mostly C's, my father is a Pediphile and rapes and beats me and my sister everyday. Yes, I lost my virginity to my father. My mother took her life away(in front of me)! Some life!! Is it worth living? NO!! So dont tell me it is, I am going to kill myself and no one will care, and i wont be missed. What im trying to tell you, if you have a good life, with decent parents, get good grades, popular you have no reason to do what i am going to do. If you've only been bullied tell someone who cares about you! Your parents who love you.
These are my final words to the public I am about to go in the bathroom and hang myself on the shower thingy i just got instructions on howe to properly tie that knot! Well bye
23 Jul 2007 Amanda okay, one, a suicide kit for children is a very inappropriate suggestion. Kids who are under the age of 18 and have had bad past experiences need to move on and need to be encouraged there is more out there but you dont find it sitting on sites like these. As for everyone else on here I totally understand, but like I said you need to get out there and find something more or better. I have had my suicide note written for 10 years and still haven't managed to do it. The thoughts of whats after is what scares me, Which proves It will never come to that. People who want to commit suicide dont think about it or talk about it, they just do it.
23 Jul 2007 PP I wish I had committed suicide when I was 13. Life doesn't get any better. I lost everything I had ever lived for in the past year & my life is just getting worse & worse. It’s not going to get better. It just can’t.

I hope we could all die whenever we want & I wish I lived in America where I can get a gun & that must be the least painful death. I’m looking for suggestions. The last thing I want is waking up finding myself still alive after trying to kill myself.
23 Jul 2007 Anne For all those people, childred, kids, teens, adults....who think suicide is the answer to something. I can tell you right now.. it isn't. I do understand how you feel though. By killing yourself all your going to do is make life a living hell for everyone else who cares and loves. And even if u think that no one cares about you.. Remember that people do care. I care.. Thats one of the reasons that I am writing this. When I was young.. I raped and molested by my own father. And i never said anything.. Instead when I was 12.. I started cutting myself. It made me feel better. But the longer i did, the more i did it.. because i guess i got used to it and just one cut wouldnt help anymore. . .
And during that time i did want to kill myself and i did try, but cutting my wrist.. That only left me with a permanent scar, that i may or may not have for the rest of my life. But its been here since i did it.
After that, when i couldnt do it anymore since my mom would always check me for it. I turned to bulimia and anorexia.. that only gave me more problems. I was doing well and i no longer had that sever depression, but at the same time i cant control the eating disorder, so from all the purging and lack of nutrients, My teeth are rotting,(literally), my hair is falling out, i cant go out for long periods of time because I get to weak to even walk. And now my depression is back.. because im loosing things that once mattered to me, Like my teeth..
So now i dont want to die but I going to. Ive tried killing myself other ways too, besides cutting my wrist. I tried pills, starvation, posionous liquid, ... I'm only 15, and i already threw my entire life away.
And for those of you who are under 13 and who are even older, I know it may not feel this way. But you dont need to kill yourself. Take all that wasted energy and use it on something useful. Go after a certain dream you have or something. Everyone has a dream, my dream was dancing, and now I have to kiss that dream goodbye forever, because I cant even walk more then a half an hour. Doctors say my body ever be the same, so it wont even matter anymore.... Im going to die soon and i know it. I can feel it. And i no longer want to..

So please. please. .. im begging u..dont do it.. i know.. i know for fact that everyone is here for a reason, i believe that now. But things werent suppose to be like this for me. I was suppose to be the pretty nice popular girl in school that every one loved and that loved her life, and had a best parents ever and lived in a gorgeous house.. I wasnt suppose to be this way.. but it is.. and theres no going back.
NOOO going back.. once you do something thats it, its no going back. So before you do something that may change the rest of ur life. Just think twice about it..
23 Jul 2007 flick if you will die,
on alcahol, dope and smokes.

thats one way to go out fine right?
23 Jul 2007 flick



sure you have time. give stuff a chance.
22 Jul 2007 i like pie pause. take time to look around you to see whats around you thats good. and then try just try to be thankful for it. what i mean is if you are reading this obviously you have electricity. thats a plus. im not trying to sugar coat life for you. yeah it probably will still suck but if you can think about something good for a moment maybe your problems wont be so big. i know it sounds like bullcrap but just try it.
22 Jul 2007 shawna alright so my dad committed suicide when i was thirteen, i am fifteen now, but i cry every night because im just like him. ive attempted suicide five times in the last six months using pills, cutting and trying to hang myself. i am a manic depressive and i hyperventilate at night and i am in therapy and have pills but nothing works. the first year and a half after he killed himself i pretended i was happy. fact was i wasnt at all. then six months ago i met my best friend, her mom abuses her and i was there for her when she told the child protective services. but she wasnt ready to tell them everything so it still continues. she is as suicidal as me and i can tell her anything except one thing, that my mom abuses me too, because i know if i told it would ruin everything, because she tells me every day that since her mother doesnt love her, my mom is going to be hers and my mom loves her back. but i think she just figured out that my mom does it because i was on the phone with her and she asked if the thing i was keeping from her was about my mom and i didnt say anything and she knew it was true. so i hung up and she called back twelve times already because she knows im going to do something. ive hurt myself in almost every way possible but i dont have enough strength to kill myself because i cant leave my best friend because i know she'll eventually commit suicide. i know there are people that have it way worse then i do thats why i dont tell any of my friends anything anymore because i hate attention. but i just dont know what to do anymore i dont think i can handle it any longer. chances are i wont make it to graduation.

and for all these people on here saying were stupid and that were selfish for even thinking about suicide, shut the fuck up. we dont choose to be depressed and we dont choose the things in life that happens to us. you have no right to say anything until you go through exactly what we do.

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