Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Aug 2007 xTerrix i am 13 but uhm ive tryed to killmyself wow. it sucked ass my life is still shity. what ever sucks in ur life just email me and uhm i will try to find a way to look around it . my life sux ass. btw.
28 Aug 2007 hidden in plain view. I hope this terrifies you
a moral suicide which burns inside you
and it never lets you out
Until you realize youre knee deep
or buried alive in lies

Go, go, go believe
Its everything you need
Take everything for granted
Distorting every memory
when you take them as your own
'cause You like it when you know
Just what i'm thinking

I hope this terrifies you
a moral suicide which burns inside you
(and it never lets you out)
Until you realize your knee deep
or buried alive in lies
This time I wont let you win

when you scream like a child
we act like children
who run from their problems
Blurring the visions we set in our sights
So open your eyes

and The kids are screaming at the tops of their lungs
While they are pointing their fingers like theyre loaded guns
Behind the curtains and backdrops
the fire sparks
if these bridges burn we all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down

I hope this terrifies you
I know it terrifies you
I'll be ok just go just go
just go just go
let the bridges burn
we all fall down
28 Aug 2007 Julian, a boggled mind, a befuddled soul, and a curious inquisit Mouchette, can you please tell me your purpose of creating this site? Is this some way of expressing your hatred to the world, or is it something you've done cuz you're bored, or is it something that you've done because you're really trying to find out how best to kill yourself?
28 Aug 2007 Alex A Drown yourself, I'm going to try it tomorrow.
28 Aug 2007 Alex A Drowning yourself, I'm going to try it. My friends have attempted it.

It'll work with me hopefully.

Don't slit your wrists, it just feels electric and doesn't seem to work.

Pills are shit, hanging made my head feel like it was going to explode. I nearly died, pity I didn't.

Drowning it is, then.

All of you wake-up, and just give her/him tips.

It'd be dearly appreciated to myself to, seeing as I don't have any other option.

Life sucks, you suck. I fucking hate you.

28 Aug 2007 Sonless Mother Sporkette There is no best way to kill yourself, only the best result from the attempt. May God bless us that have suicide ideation; and give us strength to endure our mental imbalances; and heed helpful advice when offered in good faith and love--in Jesus name, Amen.
27 Aug 2007 The way I see it. Please post this:

I am nearly way too old for this site but for some reason I keep coming back to post, and read what others have wrote. I just read someone's post and it honestly made me think harder than I ever have thought about life, and my being here on earth. Do you believe there is a God? If not, I am partially with you. Sometimes when I pray I never ever, I rarely ever get an answer and I was told since I was very little that God hears and answers prayers. I prayed hard the other day quite a few times and as of late have not gotten any answer to that prayer. Well, I am going to write about my life experiences which means I am using this site as a blog site for right now, so if this gets boring just scroll down and move on. My life started to change and turn to shit when I was about 11 years old. That's the age I was when my parents divorced. It is not easy growing up through a divorce. Anyways me and my older brother lived with my Mom because my father was whacked. So my life was shittier than you could imagine. I never had friends, and never got invited places. I was ripped away from my mother because the courts believed my father when he said my Mom was estranged ... it was the other way around. Mom took us away because my father was abusive, and whacked out. He would always threaten to kill the pets and us if so and so ever happened. Anyways, so CPS took us away where my brother and I were sent to live out of state for a few months to live with our grandparents. We came back later in June 1998. We had just started high school and then we were taken to a group home so many miles away which didn't work out so then they took us to a foster home where we gave clues to our Mom so she could come see us when the courts said she couldn't because of my father. Then a few months or so later we got moved back in with our Mom. I still have no friends at school so I am a loner wandering the halls and quad areas, and locker rooms aimlessly waiting for classes to start. After school was nothing but dreaded days because it was homework time until I finally realized how to get it done in school. When I was about 14 I adopted my greatest dog ever who became my only friend. He was there for me when no one else was, I loved him and he loved me back. He was a loyal pet and never put me down like the many people I came into contact with. He trusted me and I trusted him. Then came the day that we had to move because we were low on money again because my father never once paid child and spousal support so we had to give my BEST friend up. MY dog and I were good friends. I miss him to this day and wish with every breath that I take that I could find him and re-adopt him if he is still around somewhere! If anything was almost as hard as growing up through a divorce it was the day I had to depart with my dog! We lived out of the car for a month or so with 2 cats, and 2 dogs too. We had to move into a motel for 3 months. Then we move again. The cycle never ends. I am now a h.s. graduate with some college and I still am not employed, I thought I had made friends 2 years ago but those friends just walk all over me, and don't care like they say they do, I moved back to my fathers house because otherwise I literally would be living on the street if I didn't. Before I moved back I was in the job corps until they kicked me and some other people out. Sometime after I moved back I met my fiance through his dad in 2003 when he was sick with cancer. He lost that battle in February 2006. Again I thought my life had ended. One year and a few weeks later to his passing, our dad (his dad) had suffered a major stroke. I joined the dark/gothic side of the town I live in so am heavily sedated with dark clothing, black nail polish, chains, and the works. I am also a full-time volunteer/backup worker for an animal organization. I fell in love with another guy whom is the world to me but hasn't been able to see the same way yet he tells me he is in love with me and cares about so much but doesn't ever calls or returns my email. So I am to think he is playing with my heart as well. Then there was another guy that had cheated on me before he gave us a chance. He is the wheelchair bound dude that is a hillbilly redneck. Now that I reread that statement about the redneck, I think I am ok not being with him. Now my play with my heart guy comes crawling back and wants to give us a chance ... again. Im at a loss at what to do because I don't know want to be hurt again. So then my ex-friend wants to set me up with a guy who turns out to be a jerk too. Ii still at this time love Mike Westerman and want to still be with him so I think I will take him back and see if he really has changed and if so will stay with him. I could go on but I think I will stop writing now.

So if life gets you down do some hard thinking before you settle with suicide! Its a permanent solution that seems like it will work but really will leave your current problems for other people and then some. If you want to talk please feel free to email and we will be in touch.
27 Aug 2007 jordan Overdose on anti-depressants?
27 Aug 2007 Jonathan Im 18 and i had a girlfriend for 1 year and i knew here for 2 and a half , i tried to kill myself 2ice but the first time i took pills but this time i am going to take pills and hang myself is that pain less you think
27 Aug 2007   wait till ur 14. it will be easier then.
27 Aug 2007 Cathy Estep I wrote that message as a message of hope for anyone that may be thinking of harming themselves. I'm perplexed as to the purpose of your site. If you are encouraging people to harm themselves then shame on you. If you are giving young people a place to vent or look for hope then good for you.

I am in anguish myself over the things that I have seen in the last week. If I can reach out to ONE person and let them know that there is hope, someplace, somewhere, anywhere then I intend to do so. I stumbled across your site on accident while looking for help for myself. I believed that I had an opportunity to reach out to someone else that may be in a dark moment. As email messages can be misunderstood because of the absence of body language and tone, could you please inform me of the true intent of your site?

I hope with all my heart that you are not actually encouraging people to harm themselves. The death of my friend (whom I was the unfortunate one to
find) has left me scarred. I refuse to believe her death was without meaning. She will always be with me. I intend to give others the hope that she had lost and will not pass up an opportunity to share that with others.
Having had suicidal thoughts myself since adolescence I have empathy for people who have been to that dark place. I have now been shown the other side, the aftermath, the tragedy, the pain and suffering that such an act causes. I place no blame on her for what she did, it was her choice. But, I wish she had taken one moment to look beyond the temporary pain of the moment. There is much to live for. Life is truly beautiful and VERY worth living. I realize that now more than ever.
27 Aug 2007 just a girl. I would just like to say anyone who wants to kill themselves because of there parents beating them or they hate their life. Please don't. I don't know you but it makes me sad to read these and hear how bad your life is and how you want to die. But if you just keep on living then when you can go out and make yourself a huge fortune and success. Then you are showing everyone that you are better then them and they should have never treated you like shit. And to the people whoes parents beat them tell SOMEONE. I bet you hear that all the time...well you know what its true stop being stupid and getting yourself pleasee tell someone. If you kill yourself thats pathetic. So don't. Okay. By the way I only found this site because I am looking for a picture of a duck because I think they are cute...[I want one for my myspace]...and I accidentally typed in fuck and this popped up. And I was like huh what is this.
Okay....well you probably think I am a loser or something but I am 13 and I know what I am talking by me have killed themselves because they think no one loves them well let me tell you something they were wrong you should have seen HOW MANY PEOPLE CARED ABOUT THEM!!!
thanks thats all I have to say.
27 Aug 2007   LOVE(n.)- unrealistic feeling of warmth, security and a sense of companionship (see lies)
26 Aug 2007 Sandy Stand in the kitchen and tell your mom on New Years Eve that you figured out the perfect way to kill yourself. She's heard these kind of comments before, she looks at you annoyed, and shakes her head. But you go on, and say that carbon monoxide poisoning is the ideal way. She recalls a real life story of a friend who is still haunted by the death of her mother and sister. Mother was in an enclosed garage with the car running, her sister found her and tried to save her and died trying to save her. Now she takes meds to deal with the pain and even thinks of ending it herself, It seems like the only way to escape her pain. I am the mother of that 19 year old daughter in the kitchen. Her 20 year old cousin shot himself in the head and died. She was close to him and his death ate at her. She was only 12 at the time, but his death consumed her. Whenever life got rough, she thought of him, and the way he solved his problems. Jan 1 2005 Lauren Eileen McDowell died. Today is August 26 2007. On September of this month it will be 2 years and 8 months since she died. I die every day thinking of that evening in the kitchen. I regret so much. I am full of should of's, and could of's. Why didn't I call her and say Happy New Years that night? I would have heard the pain in her voice. I would have known somehting was wrong. I could have stopped her. I could have saved her. I wish I had the chance, but then again I guess I did. She did after all tell me that night. Why didn't I hear her call for help? I miss her so much. I cry daily,
26 Aug 2007 dsdff i wish i was at the point where i just didnt give a shit anymore i wish i was jaded already i cant stand crying any more this is too much for me
26 Aug 2007 karma im 13 and i want to commit suicide Sooo bad im sick of ym fucking life i got raped when i was 12 by my step dad my mom doesnt beleive me and he does it to my older sister as well my mom doesnt beleive any shit that comes out of our mouths shes on his side when i get back from school my sister is always crying her eyes out she left home like a week ago now im just wanna die end my life and go to a better place soo the world can just get fucked i hate you all no one even cares if i tell police they will just give him a fine or something he also cheats on my mom i saw a women walking out of the house with cash in her hand fucking slut he does it all the time he comes home drunk my moms a slut everyone i know is a slut... im so depressed im gonna hut my fucking hand off
26 Aug 2007 marshall fisher hey its me again (the one tear away kid) is final, life sucks but not for long cuz im breaking my window consume al the mother f¤¤king meds in the house cut my wrists with the broken glass and jump. i want to die so bad please talk me out of it.
26 Aug 2007 hanging on I've been suicidal since i was bullied at school for guess what??????? being pretty! i tried everything and even tho im not like totally over trying to take my life, I KNOW its not the way out and at 13 you really only just need people to talk to...i dont have anyone who understands me..i never really have but trust me if i can live this long knowing each day when i wake up that i have no one n so many problems then u can. I suggest (if u can't talk to ur folks im assuming) u try to get an appointment with a consellor of some sort and just let everything out, and even though u never go back to see them..that one day can help u live through the problems ur having. Like someone said before, u have someone even if its just one person in this whole world that actually loves you please hang on to that.
You probably have a great future ahead of u...most people from my former school who were bullied like me are now popular teens that everyone just wants to hang out with. Life's like that, u could be the king of the playground in kindergarten and a street sweeper as an adult, and in most cases the bullied, no friends, standing on the wall unnoticed kid in skul becomes mr/ms so successful as an adult.
I know i sound hypocritical as i am suicidal myself but i must know life gets better coz im still here...n planning to be...
26 Aug 2007 Everyone's Mom I am a 41 year old mother of 3. On 8/16/07 (Thursday a week ago) I went to check on a friend that did not show up for dinner and found she had committed suicide. It was HORRIBLE beyond anything I've every experienced myself. I will NEVER be the same. She chose a violent end to her life, the big F-U to everyone. It has changed my life in so many ways but all of them are for the better.

As a teen, young adult and even as long ago as a month ago, I had considered this same path for myself. I WAS WRONG! There is NOTHING in this world worth leaving it. Tomorrow is a better day and if not the next day gets better. I've stood in my front yard screaming at my friend for leaving me with this horrific image in my mind to carry, alone for the rest of my life. My children have had to watch me hallucinate and sob for days over this but as I come out on the other side, I realize, and I have shared with everyone around me, that there is KINDNESS in this world. There is beauty in EVERY step we take, every breath we breath, every tear we shed.

My friend was consumed with rage, anger, hopelessness. She bathed all of us in it with her passing. If she had thought with the part of her that cared for others she NEVER would have left this burden behind for the rest of us. She left me a note. Her soon to be ex-husband won't give it to me because he's a jerk (one of the reasons she chose this path). I refuse to let it bother me. I refuse to let this man make me miserable the way he did to her. I know she loved me.

If you are considering leaving this life, please take a moment to think about your future. You can and will escape those that have wronged you in the past. Especially if you are young. The BEST revenge is to live well and prosper. You can, but you have to make the concious decision to do so. You are worthy of this life. You are here for a reason, you have hope and beauty whether you believe it or not.

I've chosen to channel my grief into making sure that EVERYONE who crosses my path knows that they are WORTHY of life and value. The fact that you are here means you still have the chance to make a difference in the lives of society. Hang on to your future. There is HOPE.

I came to this site hoping to find a way to cope with my own loss and I see that there are others that have shared my own pain and thoughts of leaving this world. Now that I have been touched by someone who has I can tell you that IT'S NOT WORTH IT! You will never be able to "SHOW THEM" from the grave. You CAN show those who have caused you pain by walking away from them, step by step into the bright light of THIS world. Don't leave us. Whether you actually feel this from the people close to you, there are those of us that truly understand your pain. We have had those moments of despair and RAGE. Ending your life will not exact revenge on those that have hurt you because they still have life. They will move on. Stay here, with us. SHOW them that you are of value. I don't even know you but right now as I sit here I'm telling you that YOU HAVE VALUE! Go outside, look at the full moon. Look at a sunset, look at your child, look at yourself. Words and hurtful actions of others cannot bring you down. There's someone out here holding on for you and you don't even know it.

Please, please, please, don't leave us. This life is worth living and your are worth living it. Whether or not you realize it you are loved, you will be loved and life will go on.
26 Aug 2007 Lady I wish I was die...I have tryed some many times and nothing each time I wake up the next day and cry because I am still here...

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