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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Aug 2007 Brandon Im not the perfect person, no one is.We're all sinners and humans are weak.But God didn't put you on this earth and christ did'nt die on the cross for your sins just so you could end your life.Put your faith in God.For those atheist out there whatever you beleive is your choice.But im not here to judge but what im about to say I will ask God to forgive me for but it needs to be said.For those who have wanted to kill yourself,,your weak.Compare whatever makes you want to kill yourself to what jesus suffered.Did he kill himself,,even knowing he would die on the cross.No life is already short,,,why take the express lane.And dont think im trying to be a know-it-all,,im just a 15 year old boy,,hardly go to church,,wasnt raised in a church going family,,im just passing the holy teachings.I myself fear death.Sometimes I question if God exsits.Or wonder what happens when we die.But still I serve God.So if you think no one loves you,,then i love you fellow man or women and so does God and christ.Please dont do it.Please email me.
13 Aug 2007 Yusuf Hey, why dnt u guys/gals find good hobby to keep you occupied. Take bodybuilding for example, or martial arts.. Show these people that oppress you that ur made of something stronger, and that ur too strong to fall to self termination! Get yourself a role model, Arnold schwarzenegger, bruce lee, subzero even, u be the boss of ur exsistance. Remember your willpower can move mountains, so dnt take any shit from any1, u are the best! Fattiness or ugliness shouldnt stop u, a true warrior is nt abt good-looks bt action, success comes to those who bring it to them so go out there and test your might!
12 Aug 2007 Benoit La meilleure façon de se tuer à 13 ans (ou moins) est, justement, de ne pas se tuer. Laisser la vie faire le sale boulot, à petit feu, à long terme, à notre place.
12 Aug 2007 Dexter If you decide to commit suicide, do it right the first time. I tried to poison myself with monkshood, but didn't eat enough.

The worst thing is not to feel suicidal, or committing suicide. It's knowing, had you done it right the first time, all your troubles would've be gone already.
12 Aug 2007 Heinzzzzzzzzzz just stop breathing U bitch
11 Aug 2007 Voldemort Ask one of my death eaters to finish you.
11 Aug 2007 fred eat legos
10 Aug 2007 davide annegamento
10 Aug 2007 Sara I'm 19 now, and as far back as I can remember I have wanted to commit suicide, or at least hated my life. I live in a rich family, but you wouldn't know from my appearance. I have an older brother, who gets all the attention and love. For a good 6 years, my mom's friends didn't even know I existed. I wonder if I was an accident. For the past 7 years, my mom has put me down about my weight (she'll buy a pair of pants that are too small, say I can fit in them and when I can't she shows me she can and then starts telling me I need to lose weight), my intelligence, my height, my art (which I used to be proud of) and various other things. It's constant arguments about nothing at all. Right now, I am grounded because my brother hit me. My dad used to get so angry at me if I didn't understand something, he threw books or other items on the table at me. Once he tried throwing me down the stairs. Freshman year of high school, the school found out and he was forced to stop. Friends take advantage of me. They know I'll do anything for them, so the say jump and I do, but when I ask for favors they turn the other cheek. I just finished my freshman year of college, and had 2 room changes due to shitty roommates. My first roommate told me how fat and dumb I am along with when I can eat, sleep, do homework, turn on the fan, have a friend in the room, or be in the room in general. My second roommate was crazy. She spread rumors that my boyfriend raped me twice (which was false), and then threatened to kill me 5 days before school ended and finals began. I have never had a true best friend. When I think I have someone, I lose them due to something like I won't convert to their religion, in a grade below them when they move to middle school, or moved and decided life is better if they start completely new. Granted, this is not even close to the whole story, but it is unnecessary to write everything.

I know I just ranted, but I think I needed to write something down to help myself. We focus on all the negative things because in life we are told we are suppose to be happy. Society makes us believe life is always happy. It's not. Quote from a movie called 28 Days "No one adult human being is happy! People are born, they have a limited amount of time going around thinking life is dandy but then, inevitably, tragedy strikes and they realize life equals loss! The whole point of the game is to minimize the pain caused by that equation! Now some people do it by having kids, or making money, or taking up coin collecting, and others do it by getting wasted." Instead of suicide, I think we all need to find something that makes us truly at bliss. I haven't found it yet.
09 Aug 2007   the very best way is to use mass transit (subways,buses, etc.) and kill yourself for having such a horrible thirteen years on this earth, like my friend did. Or, perhaps, you can suck it up and live a little, past the 23 years my other friend was lucky to see before he was crushed to death in the trade center. both of my friends i grieve for to this day. so, go kill yourself,it will do everyone a lot of good.
09 Aug 2007 shawna you should not be on here if your saying you want to commit suicide when your thirteen just because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you. thats extremely stupid. chances are you wernt going to last anyway. you should only be on here looking for ways to commit suicide if you actually have something to die over.
09 Aug 2007 Sarah I guess the best way to kill yourself when your under 13 would be wait till no one can stop you and then jump in front of a car. You can hang yourself in a room if you want but then you would have to learn how to tie a noose
09 Aug 2007 Baby_Lebron_Girl I wouldnt know. but why create something to help children *play* suicide? Thats more serious than you will most likely ever know. No im not going to give you my life story. Nor am i going to tell you suicide is right or wrong. Its just that chidlren under thirteen, if they are serious about commiting suicide they will find a way to do it for them selves, not through some dumb kit with *DIRECTIONS* on how to commit suicide. All im saying is that, everyone before you commit suicide or attempt it..THINK ABOUT IT. make absolutley sure that you want to end ur own life....
09 Aug 2007 Nadia Life is fuckd up i kno u get challenges evry fuckn dy that u cnt deal wit, nd sumtymz u fel lyk u alone in dis big world dat no1 lvs u cares bwt u no1 der 4u U RONG sum1 does lv u sum1 does care dat he/she iz der 4u i wil b prayin 4u n i do lv u GOD LVZ U
09 Aug 2007 jess i know i cant exactly say you dont kill yuorself everythign will be fine cus i ent gonna lie, i dnt no weva it will be, but ill just say think about living, give life a chance. i hate life, its shit and mine is completely fucked up- i messed up the only chance i ahd for happiness when i gt moved to a foster family cus of the was my family treated me and i messed that up big time just cus my foster parents had rules. somethign i wasnt used to. i think everythign will be ok now but i messed up big time and i can never change wat i did. iv always felt different, lost unloved. my mum didnt give a fuck aobut me she ahted me cus my stepdad hated me. i love mum cus well shes mum but she dosent love me and i cant tell u how much that hurts me. the pain is unbelievable. one of my bests mates ever is in hospital- she slashed up her face neck and stomch and that reli hurt me. this site helps me everyday- iv met soem reli cool people, made some reli nice mates but helped loads of people. if you want to talk- ill try to help add me or email me
<3 you
09 Aug 2007   I'm so angry that Mouchette didn't post so many people's answers.
09 Aug 2007 Lynn Tell me that this is not real and that you kids don't realize that life, as hard as it is and it is hard does not warrent these tipes of communications towards eachother.
Life is hard on the teenagers and the older people both. Don't say these things. Rise above it. Please
09 Aug 2007 trying i tried to kill myself about two years ago i was 14.... my life from the very start has sucked the stuff ive seen and gone through is unimagineable and i finnally decided id had enough.. so i took about 100 tablets i really thought that itd all finnaly be over instead i woke up two weeks later in hospital....i had to stay for 3 months while a psychologist diagnosed me and i have to say i got better but it wasnt the doctore he was a complete idiot... i just finnaly had enough of having to tell ppl how i felt so i stopped i didnt take my medicine i didnt go to counselling and i prtended ntohign ever happened... and now verytime i feel like i cant go on i remind myself that in a few years time itll be different everything and everyone will be different it may sound stupid but its all ive got... doctors cant help me and i know somethings wrong but i honestly thinki can keep going and i know all of u can too.......................
08 Aug 2007 kayla hi. my name is kayla and i am only 12 years old,I have a great life, you do too you are just to stupid to figer it out,why would u want to comitte suicid its not like hells any better,you tell yourself constatly that you have a bad life...well if you stop saying that amd say you can do whaterver you put your mind to well anyway its up to you but whats the point??
08 Aug 2007 kaitlin For all you people that are thinking about commiting suicide please don't why put your family & friends through pain for the rest of their lives and if not for them for yourselves if you dislike yourself that much get surgery or anything.. Trus me anything is better than suicide i tried to hang myself once in my bedroom my mom came upstairs about 3 minutes later i was choking she cut the rope and she was absolutely crying her eyes out i felt really bad and have never done anything like it sinse i felt terrible watching my mom pour her heart out. And all you young people why the hell would you want to kill yourself you've got your whole life ahead of you and even if you *think* your fat and ugly there are worse off people in the world than you people getting torchoured everyday innocent people children adults its horrible. Youve got your lives ahead of you getting a job first boyfriends/girlfriends n stuff even if your ugly there's someone for everyone i hope this has changed your mind .. if not i really think you should seriously think about it before you do anything suicide is the worst thing in the possible world!!! to be honest i felt like this many of times but yourve just got to look on the bright side really least your on this earth one of gods great creations why commit suicide yeah it may seem good at the time but as soon as the blade or w.e goes in you will regret it trust me life isnt all bad even if ur an ugly bitch like me.. just put ur head up high and fuck the world were all equals were all the same please dont do it were all related some how if not by blood then by love so please dont harm urselves theres no point!! PLEASE!! Love you all xox

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