Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jul 2007 hettie sleeping tablets.
22 Jul 2007 Rana. kid, you are DISTURBED!!!
overdose some panadol.
dont do it, honestly. you need a psychiatrist.
21 Jul 2007 none I hate you stupid people that want to kill yourself because your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you. Guess what, I'm 20 and I've never had a girlfriend, ever. I've never even slept with a girl. That's right I'm a virgin.

I'm fat and no matter what I do, I can't get skinny. That is why I think of suicide.

Some days, I have good days. Good times with friends, etc. Other days, I get crap about my weight from my parents (dad mostly)...or I get looks by other family members because I'm heavy. Family gatherings are the most awkward. I try to avoid them. I am also not financially secure like most of you. I've had a job since I was 14. I've had to pay for everything I own since I could remember. It really pisses me off that these rich kids want to commit suicide. wtf, you are rich, nothing to ever worry about, don't have to get a job, or pay for a car.

(in case you were wondering, I'm 5'11', 265lbs.)...yes I'm fat. I know it.

Anyways, I'm rambling now.

Some days I really want to kill myself, other days I don't. It's hard decision you know? It just really pisses me off that these rich/varsity football/good looking people want to kill themselves. You have such a better quality of life than most.

Well that's my view anyways.

I'll go crawl back into my hole now.....
21 Jul 2007 david well the least painfull i imagine would be to shoot urself in the head, or you can some some weed and then get totally wasted, cause with the weed, you cant throw up, and u die of alcohol poiosning , but dont let anyone find you , cause thly pump ur stomach at the hospital which realy is disquting.. but the second least painless is to hang yourself, jsut make sure that the noose is tied so tht the knot is on the back of your neck NOT THE SIDE, if its on the side, then it strangles you, thats waht hapend to me, wne i kicked out th ladder, it was terrible, i almost suffocated to death. but i freed my hands and was able to save myself.
if your gonna hang yuourself, just do it right the first time, and dont screw up, ... it hurts if u screw up,. if yuou get it right, it simply snaps your neck and you shouldnt even feel a thing, , but make sure the drop is at least 5 feet, and straight down. ive tried to kill myself before many times, , im treated now, but , this is waht i learned from my failed attempts, . oh and dont take pills cause then the pump ur stomach and boy that is the most disgusting feeling you can imagine.
21 Jul 2007 Jayson If you truly feel that life is worth giving up then do it. its not selfish..its not dumb...its you...but do know that it is very hard to kill yourself...and congradulations to the people that have done it....strength is what it takes ..and most people don'y have enough to do it.... I didnt untill now.....this will be the 8th time that I try to kill myself...but this time its it....I will never see the light of day again..and that makes mne happy.....I have never been happy..but that thought makes me to anyone who says its dumb and can all go fuck yourselves really hard...cause you didn't give a fuck while I was leave me my death....
we are all gonna end up there one day anyways...why put yourself throught the sufferening of a lifetime....I dont have the answers for everyone..but I found I go.......
21 Jul 2007 snow whites apple dont kill myself cuz it will make other people sad? waht kinda guilt trip are you trying to lay on me?
and just think if i was dead would thier pain matter to me?
i didnt come on here to whine about my problems. im just trying to point out what assholes do that DOSENT HELP, only adding to my woeful existance.
ohh boo hoo. you dont see me crying about it.
well i have wasted enough of your life. thanks for reading though.
does that make you feel better about it? ( me saying thanks.)
21 Jul 2007 jackie im 13 and my mom has a fatal diesease that has no cure shes ben dying since i wuz 1 year old my dad wuz on illegal drugs so he didnt care and he still dusnt and my sis is so caught up with her own probs taht shes 2 busy 4 me i hav sat on the roof and tryed 2 jump off but i wuz 2 chicked i wuld shoot myself but all the guns in my house r in a gun safe slitting my wrists seems like it wuld hurt 2 much i havent tryed pills yet but i mite soon really i think i just want sum1 2 understand my point uf veiw i want attention but i dont no how 2 get it at skool i get great grades and evry1 thinks im perfect i need help i dunno wat 2 du
21 Jul 2007 robyn can i just ask you what is it whats making you want to kill yourself?? i myself am feelinf extremely suicidal ive had a pritty hard life but in comparison to some its been good, im not suicidal because of my past im just extremely extremely bored with life. but i wont commit suicide because i dont want to hurt my younger sister, who is very badly hurt by death, and my mum, whose hole life is her kids. but as soon as there gone, im gone. my mate tried overdosing and it failed, somethimes when it fails off pills you end up paralised or brain damaged and then you realy are stuck in this world in the worst way possible so dont do it with drugs, i also know people whov shot themselfes in there heads and its failed, hanging is not good either, it leavs too many doubts in peoples minds like ur parents will think its something theyv done its a harsh way to leave the world, and plus it takes time and duing the rope and everything you will be crying alot and its a lot of pain to go thou and when u do finaly start hangin to death u might change your mind as alot of people do but then its too late, your eyeball come out there sockets you poo yourself and tongue comes out, its mingin and remember someone has to come and identify wouldnt want your family seeing you like that. what i sugest if you reali have had enough of life. is just do what you want when you want..all the time do mad things anything on impuulse chanses are youl die..itl look like an acident, people wont think its there fault and youl have abit of fun in the process
20 Jul 2007 charlie im scared i cut again today what do i do i wana die but i cant seem t do it im in love with this girl and i cant hurt her what do i do
20 Jul 2007 Society's Failed Child I used to be full blown suicidal. The scars are still there from failed attempts. Life got to be so fucking hard that I started not giving a damn about anything. Now I just kill myself off with drugs, insomnia, loneliness, and aggression and dwell like the black widow I am in my own personal hell in dreams and wake.
20 Jul 2007   Hi, I dont know but for the last bit there has not been many days where I am too happy anymore, eveything has been coming at me at once... fiance passes away to cancer, dad has stroke, grandfather passes away, loss of my last 2 relationships, school and work have stresed me completely out, my friends want nothing to do with me anymore, most of them never call anymore, i joined a suicide group that I tried to stop going to but cant because it helps take the pain away, i started cutting, been called countless things in the last 2 months,

thats just some of things and reasons why i have been really depressed.. theres more but too much to write... i just wish things would get easier and not harder... so far nothing has been easy... specially the loss of my relationships...
20 Jul 2007 Ellen I am 49 years old and I regularly think of commiting suicide at some point in the future. I will definately not do it while my mother is alive because we've already lost my dad and my sister and she doesn't need to go through any more stuff.
I also am in a quandry as to where and how I'll do it. I don't want to do it in my room. (I live as a housekeeper with a family with young children so this is not the place)
I think I will go camping and try and find some kind of lethal concoction and hopefully just fall asleep.
Also I will fast for a few days and clean out my system so I don't leave THAT kind of mess either. The body I leave I'm afraid cannot be helped.
Why? I have complex reasons. I've never believed in life at all costs.
Mainly, I am just a total failure. I have never been able to maintain friendships or a decent job. Even as a child I never had friends and the lonliness has carried over into adulthood. Some day I will not be able to work and I refuse to end up on the street or in a nursing home. I am not able to keep a good job either because I fail at everything I do.
Even when I've come close to success I always do somethig to ruin it for myself. I don't mean to but I do. I am talented and consider myself intelligent but I just don't have a decent quality of life.
Now before anyone calls me selfish keep in mind that all I have is myself. I really have no friends and so I try to be my own friend and therefore I am first in my life.
Heaven and hell are not an issue with me--I am an agnostic. I think the concept of heaven and hell is a man-made tale to keep people in line. I guess that makes me a communist since I think it was LENIN who said "Religion is the opiate of the masses."
Anyhow, I feel like I have no control of my life so I seek control of my death. Everyone dies. I would rather choose my own method thank you. I'd rather kill than be killed. Thanks
20 Jul 2007 Rene Hey, if you are here maybe you feel there are no more chances or life is too hard and you can't go on, don't think I'm tryng to judge you, but think of me as a friend, if you feel that you want to talk or you want to find some help please count on me. We can talk about anything and write me anytime, just remember we can try to get out of that situation no matter how hard it is or we can be friend and if you don't want to talk about that right now. Rene
20 Jul 2007 nciole

sort it out!!!!!!
19 Jul 2007 Jori ok people listen commting suicide is NOT selfish its just dumb i understand people that want to do it but its ur life do what u want to liosten my dads brother commiteed suicide when my dad was 15 his brother went to his room layed on the bed found his dads gun put a pillow over his head and shot himself in the head i dont control u but think twice im only 12 but trust me its not worth it hopefully u will take my advice please i love u all and hope god blesses u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 Jul 2007   Hello, I am new to this site. I just wanted to tell you my story. It's not a suicide story, but a story of my life and the ups and down's of it. You see I am a british pakistani muslim who has been brought up in england. Ever since i was young i have experienced some sort of racism, i remember in year 3 a guy taunting me and shouting "did you fall into a mud puddle you dirty thing". As i grew older and moved onto secondary school, the racism grew and i started to get bullied. I hated every minute of school and was very angry and upset person inside. I was then molested at 12 by my 40 year old cousin. my parents were very strict with me being muslim and didnt let me go out much or have a boyfriend. I felt like the most ugliest person alive and my only friend stopped talking to me and i was all alone. I remember sitting in the toilets at lunchtimes because i had noone to hang out with, i felt like such a looser. thats when i started feeling suicidal, i really really wanted to die. the thing was i just wanted to dissapear, poof, but just not go through the whole process of suicidal; i guess i was just scared. anyways i then went into year 10 where things started to get better, they werent great but just better then they were before. i got a boyfriend but then my parents found out and went crazy at me. i got beaten up, and they still hate me for that now. i finally started to get a bit more confident when i was in 6 form, but the thing was i couldnt completely be happy as i was still in the same enviroment and around the same people as i was when i was depressed and suicidal. i came out with brilliant a levels (well for me ABB) and i am now studying pharmacy at uni. when i went to uni, it was great because it was like starting fresh again, i could be who i wanted to be. at uni i have started to use drugs, it first started off with just cannabis smoking, which lead on to ecstacy and mdma, and then coke and mushrooms and ketamin. i know that drugs shouldn't be the answer, but the drugs have let a part of ME come out. its a me who is amazing and strong and lovely (sorry if i sound pathetic). i know i will never be able to be myself around my parents because to them religion comes first before children and i have been threateened to be disowned. i dont want to loose my family so i keep as good as i can, but my parents still manage to find flaws in me. when i went to university i found out that a lot of my friends had insecurities. one of the most popular and amazing guy at uni, i recently found out self harm. my bestest friend in the world who i found at uni self harmed and was suicidal, i look at her scars and my brain goes into shoked mode. the thing that i have learnt from my life is that, life in general revolves around people and interactions, and thats what keeps us all going. if you are suicidal, then it could be a combination of enviroment and possibly a mental illness such as depression. 13 is too young to be thinking of killing yourself, and that was around the age i wanted to kill myself. But i look back and i do think that if i had ever gone through with it then i wouldn't have found myself. the advice i can give you is just change your environment; change schools, start fresh, when you start fresh you can be whoever you want to be. drugs are bad, but good at the same time. ecstasy, coke and mushrooms (however never take mushrooms when you are depressed) have opened up my mind and made me see things in a different way, which is much more healthier. in all honesty when people say shit makes you stronger, it does but then it doesnt, infact sometimes it makes me weaker. but i just hope that one day i will be rescued. when i look back i didnt TRULY want to commit suicide, i just wanted attention. i wanted to scream at the top of my voice to everyone "YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! I AM A PERSON TOO! WHY DON'T YOU PAY ME ANY GOOD ATTENTION, WHY DON'T YOU TREAT ME LIKE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING! I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!"
looking back, i do feel like a completely different person. Suicide is never the answer.
19 Jul 2007 Voldemort don't kill yourself until the final Harry Potter book comes out.
18 Jul 2007 live this site makes me sick to my stomache. grow up and live you life folks
18 Jul 2007 chris shot your self in the head
17 Jul 2007   you dont know shit do ya? you think you know what its like to suffer while you come on here typing about people caring about me and how they will miss me? you stupid fuck. no one gives a shit about me. including you and your lip service. i got real mutha fuckin problems. and no conversation with you or any highly qualified professional is going to warm my heart.

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